Dirty Rider [MR. KANE’S]


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Karim shudders. The lights go on without warning and the much-feared Muza walks into the dirty, damp chamber.

She has lost all notion of time. She has no idea how long she has been tied by the neck to the punishment post.

Karim does know why she is there, however. She is there because she did a poor job sucking the member of an important businessman, a good friend of the Big Boss. Marla, the whore-house madame, rang The Gypsy, and his reply was immediate: hand her over to Muza!

Muza releases her from the post and begins to beat her. He takes one of her breasts out and ties her pony tail to a hook on the ceiling. He does not want it getting in the way when he punishes her.

“Well, you little whore,” Muza says in his strong Arab accent, “they say you do not know how to suck a man off… That is easy. I will teach you myself.” He grabs her tight by the throat. Karim coughs and splutters. He is choking her…

Half-choked, and still wearing her collar, Karim is pushed roughly back against the post.

“No air, eh? Is that what you do not like?” the Arab asks, laughing. “What you need is more practice. You need more big fat cocks in your mouth, right?”

“Yes, yes! Uuuggg!” Karim splutters as her face and breasts are pushed onto the wood.

“You mean, yes, boss. Say it, you slut! Yes, boss!”

Karim repeats the phrase, still coughing and choking. The cruel Arab lifts her skirt eagerly. He grows even more excited when he discovers that she is not wearing panties.

“Filthy infidel slut, where are your panties? Did your old customer take them off or don’t you wear any?” Karim is about to reply when Muza interrupts. “By the beard of Efrain, you are impure. You are a pig! This is another of The Gypsy’s jokes”

Muza is suddenly irritable. He has discovered that Karim has her period. He intended to rape her, but now he feels only deep repulsion in the presence of menstruation. The infidel was already impure, he thinks, and now she is filthy!

“I was going to give you a good fucking, but now I can’t. I’ll give you a good flogging instead. I will give you a beating that will leave you marked all over your naked body for months to come… and when a customer asks about the marks, you will get hold of his cock and open your mouth and take his cock in, right down into your throat. You will swallow his cum, all of it! If you fail to do this, you will be brought back to me, to learn more about pain!”

Muza stretches Karim’s arms upwards with hooks and straps, leaving her breasts pressing against the post. Then he ties her ankles with straps and rusty chains. Karim is too terrified to offer resistance. She stands panting, hoping for pity from her cruel torturer.

Muza the rips her fine clothes off, leaving the prostitute almost naked.

“Take your clothes off, you slut!” he says, giving her an impossible order.

Muza brings the spiked whip down again and again onto Karim’s naked buttocks. She twists and turns in her bondage, screaming as the metal bites into her soft flesh.

“That’s the way, slut, move your ass around,” says Muza, losing control. He is no longer counting the strokes now. He cannot take his eyes off her tender white skin. He is fascinated by the way it takes the marks, deep red and purple welts around the punctured skin…

Muza is excited now. He is troubled by his erection, but knows that he cannot sink it into the girl. This makes him even angrier and he hits harder and harder…

The points of the little ball go deep into Karim’s flesh, marking it, perhaps for ever…

Not satisfied by this brutal beating, Muza begins a new session immediately, this time hitting the unfortunate girl all over her back.

Karim sobs and begs for mercy, but in vain. Muza only stops when he is tired.

It is not the first time he has got carried away and left a girl terribly disfigured.

Karim does the only thing she can do. She loses consciousness.

When she comes to, she feels the terrible strap tight around her neck. Her skinned buttocks are resting on the floor. Her back stings terribly…

“That is good enough for one session,” the Arab says. “You will probably agree to suck cock, now,” he says, “even if it is big, dirty cock?”

“Yes, Sir, yes…”

“It’s not me, it’s a stick. While you were sleeping, I rubbed this stick in your infidel’s cunt blood. Now imagine it’s a client’s big dick, and get sucking!”

Karim opens her mouth, but cannot bring herself to do such a disgusting thing…

“You mean, you want me to beat you again? No? Well open your mouth and suck. If not, you won’t get out of here alive!”

Muza realizes that his prestige as a whore trainer is at stake. He decides to subject Karim to especially cruel and dirty punishment. The girl is almost out of her mind from pain as she goes to the torture chamber. She is placed on a bed of hard, rough wood and her limbs are stretched out in the shape of an X. Her most intimate parts are exposed, ready for anything that the torturer may decide to do with them…

The wood hurts her back unbearably…

Finally Muza walks in grasping a horrendous lead phallus. Karim screams when she sees it…

Muza says nothing. He penetrates her savagely with the phallus, making it slurp and suck around in her menstrual fluid. Then he takes it out and puts it into the girl’s mouth, forcing her to suck on it.

Karim is overcome by deep disgust. She splutters, she chokes, she feels her stomach turning over, but she sucks on and on until, finally, the phallus is removed. Then she has to lick it clean…

Muza examines the shining phallus. “That’s better, you big-cunted slut!” He is pleased with his work.

He is so pleased that he puts the phallus into her sore, suffering cunt again and again. It causes Karim terrible pain. Again and again, she opens her mouth to take it all in and suck it clean.

Her terrible suffering goes on until nightfall…

Muza’s cell phone rings. He leaves the phallus in Karim’s mouth.

“Yes, I think so. She’s ready now. If you give her a good shower she can work tonight. No, I didn’t go too far this time! OK, come down and get her. You can send her back anytime!”

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