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Difficult daughters. Problem girls with bad attitudes and a wildcat’s temperament. Hillhaven Reform School takes them all and turns out well behaved young ladies, docile and submissive to anyone in authority. Their record of rehabilitating beautiful young women is exemplary, and no one looks too closely at their methods. Once they pass through the iron studded doors of the school they are under the complete control of the institution’s administrators. Their every action is watched and judged, and punishment is swiftly applied the second they step out of line.

Isolated from their friends and families, the girls must face the brutal staff on their own.



“AAAAIEEE! P-please mister! That hurts! AAHHH!”

“That’s the point, Amber! Your parents have tried to discipline you with words, and failed. Your teacher’s have tried their best and gotten nowhere either! Giving your naughty bottom a rosy glow is the only way to get through to you!”


“AAAHHHHH! No more! It hurts too much! PLEASE!!! Stop mister, I’m sorry!”

“You will address me as ‘Sir’, tramp! I told you when you’re in my class you sit quietly with your skirt pulled up to your waist and your knees spread! Not five minutes later, what do I find? You’ve got your legs crossed and your hands in your lap! I won’t stand for such insolence from a spoiled little brat like you!”


“AAAAAHHHHHHH!!! I’m sorry, Sir! It won’t happen again! –SNIFF!- I’m so s-sorry!”

“You’ll spend the rest of the day bent over my desk with your pink ass facing the other students so they can see the price of your disobedience! I’m going to raise so many welts on your smooth tush that you won’t be able to sit properly for a week!”


Each girl had a lengthy file listing areas needing special instruction. Young women with strong personalities and bossy natures were singled out for ‘helplessness training’. Tied in humiliating postures their flesh exposed to the teacher’s hands, they soon learned that they were unable to protect themselves from any order or command no matter how degrading.

Karen struggled to breathe but the tape sealed her mouth so tightly it might as well have been superglued to her fair skin. She gave a soft grunt of pain as the ropes dug into her wrists. She yanked them as hard as she could but only succeeded in making her elbows crack painfully. She was flushed with anger, but felt a surge of fear gnawing at her stomach. How dare they do this to her! All she had done was talk to her girlfriend in class!

Mr. Bowden patted her head like a favorite pet, and chortled when he saw the flash of anger in the young woman’s eyes. “You’ve got a sharp tongue in your head, slut. That’s going to get you into trouble! Young women are expected to remain quiet unless spoken too. Even then they are only to reply with ‘Yes, sir.’ or ‘No, sir.’ Anything else out of your pouty mouth will earn you extra days in the closet!”

The administrator gave her a soft pat on the ass. He ran his hand over the firm mound and gave it a possessive squeeze.

“You’ll stay in the closet until tomorrow without dinner or breakfast so you can think about how you deserve this punishment. When I return in the morning you can apologize like a back-talking whore should. By crawling on your belly like a worm and kissing my feet and then sucking my dick off. If you do a convincing enough job, I may let you out. For your sake, I hope you’ll learn your lesson or by the time you get out you’ll be nothing but skin and bones!”

Karen heard the door slam and lock behind him. Her muscles cramped and she felt her joints creek in protest. She’d never last like this. Swallowing her pride she blushed in shame knowing what she’d have to do. She sobbed in the darkness and waited for the morning.

Jenna felt her cotton panties being pulled down to her knees and her short skirt lifted, exposing the downy thatch which covered her warm cunny. She clamped her eyes tightly shut, blocking out the leer from the old man who probed her young body. How had this happened to her, she thought. SheТd just turned 18! Sure, she fought with her mother and father but what determined young woman didnТt? Her mother was always threatening to send her to the Reform School, but she never imagined in a million years that sheТd actually do it!

Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt the manТs wrinkled hand cup her soft mound and give it a little squeeze. Horror surged through her and she felt hot tears run down her cheeks. The man lifted his fingers to his nose and inhaled deeply.


Ah! The sweet smell of a fiery young tart in heat! Your mother did the right thing by sending you here, Jenna. Shameless young women like you end up in the gutters cruising for a snatch full of cum, or giving blowjobs behind dumpsters in a back alley. IТve seen it before. ItТs sickening how immoral young women will surrender to their pent-up lusts and become streetwalking whores. But weТll control your wanton passions, missy. YouТll learn that itТs not up to you who takes your snatch, or how your body is used


TeriТs eyes burned with tears as she looked up at the two school administrators. SheТd been sent to the Reform School two weeks ago and in that time had changed into another person even her best friends wouldnТt recognize. Once she was known as the town flirt. She loved to squeeze into a tight miniskirt and strut down the main street, swaying her full hips with youthful joy. Seeing men try to cover up the bulges growing in their pants was so funny! She had a strict rule. Look but donТt touch. Guys got turned on by her shapely curves and large bust, and she always gave them an eyeful. But that was all. She got a thrill out of teasing, but deep down she was still a good girl with a big heart.

But when she ended up at the Reform School for her outrageous behavior, everything changed. Now she was afraid to look men in the eye. They could use her whenever they wanted, and she was helpless to resist.

Today the administrators pulled her out of bed and forced her to kneel before them. They gagged her mouth with a grimy rag and laughed at her terrified expression. Stroking their cocks they made it clear what they expected from her. She choked down a sob of shame as she felt herself starting to get wet. TheyТd changed her into a submissive, cock-loving whore!

“Gonna take that gag out and you bitch won’t say a word. You just moisten your lips and then our cocks with long, lovingly licks … the you suck and deep-throat us as if your fucking life depends on it…”


Get in there, cunt! You must love being paddled because thatТs twice this week IТve had to send you to detention! The headmaster had to order a dozen new switches for your ass. At the rate youТre going through them, heТll have to send away for a dozen more before the end of the month!

Vivian was white as a sheet and her knees shook. She collapsed on the concrete floor next to the other young woman who had been assigned to detention. What a horrible joke, she thought. Detention sounds like punishment for chewing gum in class! This is just a holding pen where weТre kept until the guards want to use us! She felt sick to her stomach remembering the last time she was here. The greasy janitor got to her first and made her his personal slave for the day. SheТd scrubbed out all the toilets with her hands, and then had to give the bloated oaf a tongue bath. He slapped her every time she missed one of his sweaty folds of blubber. She could still taste his rank body on her tongue.

The dorm warden saw you sleeping under the covers, bitch. You know the rules! All the students are to sleep naked on top of the covers, on their backs with their legs spread! You never know when a teacher will wake up with a massive boner aching for a wet twat He licked his withered lips. He was old enough to be her father, grandfather even. His eyes raked her sexy body. He had no doubt that sheТd be impaling herself on his knob, eager to avoid another round of punishment.

Vivian cowered before him. B-but Sir, it was so cold The dorm mistress doesnТt allow us to turn on the heat. I I could barely feel my toes

Talking back to a superior? ThatТs another dayТs detention for you, whore! Do you want to try for three? When someone gives you an order, you obey instantly! Just be thankful the mistress didnТt tie you up outside like a disobedient mutt! That would be what a brainless tramp like you deserves!

Abandoned and alone, Sarah wept at the thought of her predicament. Bound and gagged, she couldn’t understand why the administrator insisted on such harsh punishment for the supple young thing. Yes, she had made bad choices before in her life, but nothing that deserved THIS!

“Stop looking at me, whore,” said the burly security guard, “unless you want a taste of some delicious dick.”

Sarah let out a loud muffled cry, unable to contain her fear and exhaustion.

“Is that what you want, sugar tits? I think it is. I think a good spurt of cum will dry those eyes right up. Now, be quiet or I’ll give something to really cry about.”


Dolores was never one to listen to authority. Since she began skipping public school to go smoke at age 13, she could care less about rules and pleasing her superiors. That is, until she was sent to Hillhaven.

Things were difficult for Dolores at first. Every time she felt threatened, she would fight back. Her sassy mouth got her into as much trouble as her fists. Hillhaven had to take more severe methods with Dolores.

Every time she took a swing at an authority figure or any student, she received extensive punishment, be it with the paddle or the belt. Nothing fazed her.

Finally, Dolores was sent to the basement to work with Sasha, the sexy school mistress who only handled the violent cases.

Now gagged and bound, Dolores is under control thanks to Sasha, who treats her like the deviant she is.

“Now I’m going to remove that gag and you’re gonna eat momma’s soaked and smelly cunt for a long while, won’t you, little whore?”


Poor Kitty. She was never supposed to even be at Hillhaven. Kitty was framed by a classmate for defacing school property.

“I never spray painted “COCKSUCKER” on the front of school,” she pleaded to the judge. But Judge Mike Simms was the father of Kailey Simms, a slutty hellion who did commit the crime and deserved to be at Hillhaven. Judge Simms made sure that pencils and books with Kitty’s fingerprints were found at the scene, thus clearing his daughter and damning timid Kitty.

“All evidence points to you, Miss Kitty,” Judge Simms said. “You deserve the harshest punishment a young girl should have. You are sentenced to Hillhaven. That will straighten you out.”

Kitty sobbed uncontrollably in the courtroom, just as she is sobbing now.

Gagged and strung up by her hands and feet, Kitty could replay the last words she heard before heading to the attic of Hillhaven. They were from Judge Simms spoken to the headmaster.

“See that her punishment fits the crime,” he said as his large pot-belly shook with laughter.

“See that she gets what’s coming to her.”

Jayne usually liked it when men touched her beautiful, soft tits. After all, she had been seducing men for years. Love them and leave them, she always said, and it ultimately got her into a lot of trouble. Finally, she met her match with the Headmaster at Hillhaven.

Jayne had been seeking a school for her troubled daughter, Jessica. She visited Hillhaven and found the depravity to be beyond her belief. Though, during her visit, she was the one seduced, by the Headmaster. After drugging her water, the Headmaster forced her to sign a contract. A member of her family had to attend Hillhaven.

After waking up, Jayne realized the horrible mistake she made. “I can’t let my daughter go to this school,” so she agreed to go to Hillhaven instead of Jessica to avoid being sued for breach of contract.

On her first day, the Headmaster caressed those supple boobs and told her, “Whore, you will be my plaything. A cock in you a day keeps the lawyer away, that is my motto.”


Those sweet, succulent nipples were now red and raw, and bruises covered Jayne’s entire body. She was undergoing a strict daily schedule of discipline, dick and more discipline.

“Please, no more. PLEASE!” she thought one day as the Headmaster’s tiny dong squished in and out of her overstretched pussy. She had become the school mascot, if that mascot was a plastic blow-up fuck doll.

“I’m sorry I ever laid eyes on that disgusting man,” Jayne thought. Maybe it was the challenge that appealed to her, the thrill of the chase. But she got caught, all right, and now she was in the trap.

The headmaster pulled her hair and snapped her back into the present.

“Bitch, quit moving around and concentrate. This is your daily fucking and, if you fail this test, you are going to have to take it again and again.”


It was Friday afternoon, thank goodness, and all the lessons were over for the week.

Jayne has been through a grueling first week at Hillhaven, being subjected to many levels of humiliation and sexual deviance, all to keep her daughter Jessica out of reform school.

Just as Jayne was relaxed as she thought of her daughter and of one day seeing her again, the school’s weekend security guard, Gus, showed up in her cell. Gus was a muscular, big-dicked stud who loved roaming the halls of Hillhaven on his days off at the coal mine, selecting a different student each weekend to make his sex pupil.

Gus stopped at Jayne’s cell and stared for a long time, moving his leery eyes all over her shaking, battered body.

“You’re a little old to be in here,” he said. “I mean, you must be what, 26?”

“That’s right,” Jayne whimpered.

“Well, well. Looks like we got a graduate student at Hillhaven,” he said as he entered the cell. “I hope you are studying big cock this semester, because you are about to get a lesson.”

“No, please,” pleaded Jayne. “It’s Friday. I can’t take anymore. I have suffered all week.”

“Too bad, honey,” Gus said as he grabbed her hair, stuck his fat dick in her mouth and whipped out his black dildo. “The school week may be over, but you forgot about DETENTION!”

Hillhaven’s perverted weekend security guard, Gus, was at it again. This time the object of his lust was poor Heather.

Heather was weeping quietly in her cell when Gus came strolling up to inspect her firm, young body.

“How are you spending your Saturday night, whore?” Gus spit at the innocent young thing. “Laying in your cell wishing you were somewhere else? Well, it ain’t gonna happen, bitch. And I’m tired of hearing you blubbering.”

Gus then picked up some duct tape from off his desk and wrapped Heather’s wrists and covered her mouth.

“Now that you’re quiet, you little slut, it’s time to get down to business.”

“MMMRRUURRR,” Heather struggled to respond, unable to express her disgust.

“No need to say anything, honey. I’ve got something to put in your mouth, anyway, you dirty cunt. But let’s get started having a good look at that hot body of yours… when was the last time you got your cunt pounded, bitch?”


Kristin thought she had caught a break. She had been arrested and sent to jail at 18 for stealing a car with her boyfriend. She was granted early release if she agreed to spend at semester at Hillhaven.

“One semester at some school to erase three years in jail. What a joke!” she thought. Little did she know, the joke was on her.

Kristen’s only class was study hall, the most strict of all the classes at Hillhaven. Eight hours a day, five days a week, she was subjected to degradation and paddling with rulers.

Each morning, Professor Clease, who liked to be called Professor Sleaze, bound Kristen to a pole in the classroom and began her daily dose of humiliation.

“Good morning, Kristen,” Professor Sleaze said to the nubile beauty. “Did you complete you homework last night?”

“You didn’t give me any, Professor.”

“Wrong answer, whore. You were supposed to list all the reasons you were a dirty slut. Now, you must be punished. You are going to feel this ruler against your firm bottom if it takes all day. Of course we’ll take a break every now and then to relax and enjoy a good fuck. I’m going to turn you into an ‘A’ student no matter how much it hurts!”


Claudia knew she was in trouble when she was sent to the headmaster’s office. She got caught cheating on a test and was frightened that she would be spanked using the school’s big paddle.

“Please, sir,” Claudia begged the perverted headmaster. “I didn’t have time to study last night because I was getting fucked so hard. I promise I’ll never do it again.”

The headmaster leered at her over his glasses and snickered.

“Oh, Claudia. What am I going to do with you? How can I make you understand that cheating is not tolerated at Hillhaven? Should I chain you to the sofa and gag you and make you the office pet?”

“God, NO! Please.” Claudia said as she fought back tears. “Anything but that. I only cheated. Sir, PLEASE!!”

“Yes, that’s exactly what we must do,” the headmaster said coolly. “That is simply the only way you will learn. Maybe being ass-up and bound on the headmaster’s couch will give you time to think about what you’ve done. Time for your cunt check, Claudia, and then your punishment, and then a sound fuck!”

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