Family Business [HINES]


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Mandy Petersen was heading back to college when her car broke down on Highway 5. It was late at night and there were very few cars. The battery on her cell phone was dead and she was all alone. In desperation she decided to try and hitch a ride. She had barely stuck her thumb out when a long black car pulled over and a rear power window rolled down. “Car trouble young lady?” said a woman’s voice from inside the dark interior. “Y-yes,” responded Mandy a little afraid to get too close to the car until she had gotten a look at the lady inside. “I was going back to school after visiting my boyfriend up north and my car just quit. No power, nothing. It just died and left me stranded out here in the middle of nowhere.” A n overhead dome light came on inside the car and revealed a beautiful woman with a benevolent smile lounging in the spacious back seat. “My name’s Freda, hop in Honey,” she said still smiling. “We’ll be glad to give you a lift to the next exit where you can call for help.” Mandy decided to trust the woman. She seemed so kind and obviously wanted to help. The woman pushed the door open and scooted over to the other side of the car. Mandy climbed into the warm leather interior and never saw the hypodermic needle until she felt its sting going into one finely muscled thigh. She looked up at the kind woman’s face and saw that the smile had turned into an evil leer. The world began to swim before Mandy’s fearful and confused eyes as she began to slump forward. “Get her things Manfred” said the woman to the driver. “She’ll do just fine…”

Freda crushed Mandy’s tit with surprising strength and whispered harshly in her ear. “Listen well little bitch. I run a small business here, we rent out little bitches like you to a very select and sadistic clientele. Your first client is waiting there behind the curtain. He inspected your drugged body while you were still knocked out. He liked what he saw and so did I.”

Mandy began to cry and was about to start begging when the man revealed himself and smiled broadly. “Ahhh! I see you’ve decided to join the land of the living once again. You’re even more beautiful when you’re awake. Such pretty green eyes! Oh but where are my manners? I am Herman Goring, and you now belong to me for the next 48 hours.”

Freda pushed the girl into his waiting arms and soon Mandy found herself manacled and chained by her wrists and ankles. “We decided to leave your clothes on until you awoke.” said Freda smiling. “It’s so much more humiliating if the clothes are stripped away when the subject is awake, aware, and struggling.”

And struggle she did when she saw the knife the man produced from a nearby table. He began to slash at the defenseless girl whisking away shreds of fabric as her clothes were cut from her body. The dyke helped to hold her in one place as the knife slashed and shredded her clothing. Soon she was naked but for her bra and panties. She stood quivering before the two sadistic people. Mandy was speechless and filled with fear. The dyke popped the strap of Mandy’s bra and ripped it from her slender shoulders. Mandy’s firm tits bounced free from the constraints of the sheer lace bra. As she reflexively covered her naked breasts with her hands, Herman quickly grabbed the fabric of her panties and ripped them free exposing her most feminine flesh to the leering eyes of her two captors.

“This just won’t do,” quipped Herman sarcastically as he surveyed the horrified beauty who stood trembling before him. “See how she tries to hide her warm flesh from us?” Without another word Freda grabbed Mandy by the hair and dragged the whimpering girl down a stone hallway with Herman coming behind to kick her if she walked too slowly. Mandy saw other women and three girls along the way. “Looks like you’ve picked up a little fresh meat for our favored clients,” said a pretty middle-aged Dominatrix. She stood over the three young girls whose heads and pussies had been clean-shaven. “Yes, and a beautiful one too, dear Alice” said the man as he landed a savage kick against Mandy’s right buttock to keep her moving. “Come by the lower dungeon later on and we’ll have a party with our new bitch.”

Mandy was pulled down a flight of long stone stairs stumbling and tripping because of the short chains around her ankles. She was pushed through a door and fell sprawled across to cold hard stones of a huge underground room. Lights flickered on and revealed the nature of this room and it’s contents to the horrified girl. It was a torture chamber right out of a medieval nightmare. But here there was electricity for the lights and for a few other shiny devices as well. Herman stood looking over the body of his new slave.

“You know what I want Freda,” he said to the dyke. “What say that we get things under way.” Mandy was hauled to her feet once again by the lesbian’s firm grip and forced down over a block of wood about the size of a large suitcase. She was fastened lengthwise across the side of this device and fitted with a collar. Freda chained Mandy’s collar to the floor then stood back smiling. “P-please,” Mandy stuttered, “why am I here? What have I done?” She pleaded with Freda from her bondage on the whipping block.

“It’s not what you’ve done, bitch,” sneered the dyke, “but what you’re going to do that matters. I think we’ll let you start by screaming!”

Confused, Mandy started to reply when she heard the whoosh of something cutting through the air a split second before the man’s belt landed across her pretty heart-shaped ass. “AAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEE!!” The firm ass quivered as Mandy let loose a scream of pain. “NO! PLEASE STOP!

GHAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEE!” The belt slammed across her quivering flesh over and over again. Finally when Herman dropped the belt he gestured to the dyke. “Time for phase two Freda. You should enjoy this nearly as much as I will.”

Freda knelt down beside the frantic girl and roughly pulled her tits out and to the sides of the wooden block thus exposing Mandy’s soft brown nipples. Suddenly Mandy heard a zipper behind her and realized that Herman was stripping off his clothes. She glanced back over one shoulder and saw the huge erect cock spring free as he stepped out of his trousers. “Face front cunt” Freda said, “there’s nothing you can do or say to keep this from happening. The only freedom you are allowed is to scream and howl to your heart’s content.”

Mandy felt Herman’s hands caress the flesh where the belt had landed. Freda, meanwhile, had begun to pinch and pull on one tender nipple making it hard and erect. Mandy pulled uselessly at the leather and steel that held her firmly in check. Freda held something shiny and golden in front of Mandy’s face. “A gift for you, sweet one, a trifle to take you deeper into the world of slavery.” Mandy focused her tear filled eyes and saw a pair of small golden rings of ingenious design. There was a hinge and sharp point that disappeared into a sheath like a small sword. When snapped into place the ring locked closed and the sharp point was fully hidden making the ring appear to have no beginning or end. At any other time Mandy would have found this to be a thing of mild wonder because of the craftsmanship but now, with it’s purpose laid bare, the hinged ring was only a new source of fear and loathing.

Freda wasted no time now. Licking her lips and smiling she pulled Mandy’s nipple lower and pinned it against the side of the wooden whipping block. The gentle caressing across her ass was forgotten now as the open ring that neared her stretched nipple riveted Mandy’s full attention.

“No No NOOOOO! AAAAAAAAAEEEEEEE” she screamed as the point of the ring sunk fully through the tender flesh of her tit and firmly into the wood of the whipping block. Freda left it there pinned to the wood as she saw to the other nipple. Soon Mandy’s tits were both pulled down and pinned to the block. Herman poured a liberal amount of lubrication into Screaming girl’s rear crack and began to insert his hand slowly into her ass. Mandy seemed to develop a palsy as she shook frantically. Afraid to tear the flesh of her tortured nipples she dared not jerk or buck too far, but the intruding hand that slowly bored into her tight hole was too much to bear.

“Go on Herman,” Said Freda, “make this little bitch suffer.” Mandy’s eyes were wide open and her mouth formed a perfect “O” in a silent scream as Herman’s hand slipped painfully past her grasping sphincter muscle. Finally Mandy found her voice and the scream began to build. “A-A-AAAGH! STOOOOOOPPP! TAKE IT OOOOUUUUUUUT! YOU’RE TEARING ME APART! GHAAAAAAA NOOOOOOO!!!!”

Freda unpinned the two nipples and snapped the rings shut after Herman had managed to insert his complete hand into the screaming girl’s rectum. “Don’t take on so sweet young Mandy, those two don’t hurt nearly as bad as the next one will.” As she spoke the Dominatrix Alice they had met in the hall came into the dungeon. She had the three shaved slave-girls with her and another Dominatrix with shorter hair. “Lady Alice come in'” shouted Heran over the screams of the tortured girl, “I see you ran into Madame Caroline. You’re just in time. It’s time for the clit ring to go in. Caroline, would you care to participate?”

Madame Caroline mocked a curtsy and took a ring from Freda. She silently knelt behind the now sobbing young girl. Herman pulled his fist out of Mandy’s ravaged hole with a popping sound as the vacuum seal was broken.

“Poor dear” Madame Caroline said tenderly, “have Freda and Herman mistreated to you?” Softly Madame Caroline began to caress the girl’s cunt lips pushing one finger between Mandy’s labia and into her defenseless pussy. “My my, your still a virgin. You were saving yourself for just the right man I’m sure.” Mandy felt the woman inspecting her vagina for a moment longer then she felt the probing finger slide wetly to her clit. Mandy, totally humiliated now, bucked once as the woman’s fingernail softly scratched and began to massage this small mound of flesh. To her growing revulsion, Mandy became aroused despite the fear and pain of her pierced nipples and her torn asshole. She squirmed a bit as Madame Caroline leaned forward to lick the warm moist slit of the defenseless college girl

“MMMMMMM” she said smiling, “so young and tasty you are Mandy. And so easily aroused. Your clitoris is actually quite responsive to the touch of another woman. Oh for shame!” Motioning to the others to observe. “See how it grows…” Mandy was a slave to her own growing lust as she felt her clit swelling. Freda, Herman and Lady Alice who vied for the best position to watch as the young girl neared orgasm soon flanked Madame Caroline.

“Ungh – ungh,” grunted Mandy, “I – I’m going to…please no…I…Unghhhh!”

What Mandy couldn’t see was the third golden ring that Madame Caroline held poised and ready in her other hand. Closer and closer the young girl’s orgasm came as the Dominatrix stimulated the moist cunt flesh of her prisoner. Then, as Mandy’s toes began to curl, as her teeth clenched, and her eyes rolled back in her head; as her orgasm began to release and flood through her body; Lady Caroline pressed the point of the third golden ring into and through Mandy’s engorged clitoris. “GGGHYHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEIEIIEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAUUUUGGGHHH!” Mandy’s screams were both primitive and ear shattering. The three bald slave-girls cringed and shrank against each other as they saw their new sister being introduced to the greatest pain she had ever known.

The rest of the afternoon involved repeated rape and torture. Mandy was beaten, whipped, and penetrated over and again. She saw one of the bald slaves forced to eat a live rat. She watched as another was hung by her wrists from hooks in the ceiling and stroked with a cattle prod. The screams of the girls were frequent and genuine as the pain-filled minutes slipped into hours. Mandy began to feel her hold on sanity slip away as her body was violated over and over again in more ways than she could ever have imagined.

Finally, when the Dominants grew tired and hungry, they hung Mandy by her ankles and left her swinging slowly from the ceiling. As they filed out through the dungeon’s large wooden door, Freda gently spoke to the barely conscious Mandy, “Don’t worry my dear, your new life with us may not always be fun, but at least it won’t be boring…Ha ha ha…”

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