Roman Cruelty [MR. KANE’S]


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The flight of the warrior queen comes to an end; exhausted and surrounded by the fearsome legionaries, she decides to surrender.

What a shame, says the prefect Grifos Roscio, while looking down at her from his mount. For a while, I thought that I could take you as a sex slave in my house But you are too dangerous; you have killed too many of my men Instead, I shall enjoy your torment, while Lescia pleasures me with her voluptuous tongue


posted July 14th, 2004

The female prisoners were subjected to the most painful of tortures all over their naked bodies. They were then taken to the place of execution, where they were exhibited to the common people and to the soldiers. They were tortured again to the limits of their endurance. Their bodies were left for all to see…

Arconte masturbates into his tunic while Helen dies in agony on the stick. The magistrateТs reputation for cruelty is well-earned. He has always hade the full support and confidence of Rome, and has used his powers to wipe out his political enemies. Helen, daughter of the rebel leader Glaci, is the latest victim of his reign of terror and physical abuse.

The girl had refused to submit to his filthy perversions and is now being punished for it. Araconte first raped her as often and as painfully as he could, and then sentenced her to a slow and terrible death on the pointed stake. He is masturbating in a slow, distracted manner.

You really have surprised me, my dear, and not only in bed. I never thought you could please me so much. But you do. Watching you impaled like that gives me more pleasure than your cunt, your asshole and mouth all together, believe me. Ha! ha! ha!

Ilona was forced to carry the cross to the promontory. She had iron balls swinging from her vagina and from her much-admired breasts. The warrior chieftain of the Gallic tribe has been on the cross for several hours now… She preferred death to the only other option she was given, that of handing over her people to the hated Romans. She has been tortured and raped for two days and two nights, and has been sentenced to death on the cross.

The Roman Tribune ordered the cross to be set up where it could be seen from the village, the village that would soon be razed to the ground.

Consider, my pretty noblewoman, how our common soldiers will leave no stone standing in your village, and no woman unraped. The villagersТ spirit will break as soon as they see you up on the cross. They wonТt put up much of a fight. You have chosen death, a noble sacrifice it is true. Noble, but useless… Ha! ha! ha!

Tamarina, queen of the Oscii, was overthrown and publicly disgraced. She was obliged to walk naked through the streets, tied to CaesarТs chariot by her large breasts. She is being taken to the circus to be tortured to death

The common people are shouting and jeering. They cannot wait for the show to begin. The woman is tied firmly to a post. The torturers tie a rope to the straps around her breasts and they tie the other end to a mule. The mule is beaten mercilessly and pulls the unfortunate TamarinaТs breasts off… Caesar alone knows what happens next. The common people will be allowed to decide the fate of the Queen of the Oscii. They will vote with the traditional thumb gesture…

After the battle Welvera was hung up the tits and flogged without mercy in revenge for her warriorsТ victory at Dubrinis. The Tribune did not authorize the raping of the prisoner. Instead, he decided that as a warrior she should have a military execution. However, she was also an enemy of Rome and as such he ordered her breasts to be tied tight together so that they should serve as a clear target for the archers… It would be a slow, cruel death.

Silence falls on the wood. The legionnaires leave. Not a leaf stirs. The mist lifts and Welvera dies slowly…

Lidia Lascia is dying on the stick. Lictor watches and waits. He is hoping that the brutality of the torture and the imminence of her death will lead to the Madame to reveal the name of her accomplice in the assassination of the Senator. The whore had a quick trial in which she was sentenced to impalement while hung by the breasts. It had been considered wise to pass sentence quickly in this case. The Senator was much loved by the common people, and a popular uprising was feared. Lictor Albio is well aware that this woman did not act alone. He knows too that she may take her secret to the grave…

If you talk, I shall have you taken down and lifted off the stick. There is still time. My personal physician will cure you. You will live.

NOOOOOOOOOOO!!! You will send me to a dungeon! Or to the circus! I… I will never… AAAAAAGHHHH!!!…

Then you may take your stretched anus to Hades!!! Perhaps somebody will fuck it for you!

At the height of the Roman Empire, each military campaign ended with another glorious victory. For the women taken prisoner by the legions, however, there was little to celebrate. They were of all social standings: patrician ladies were enslaved together with women from the lower orders, and all, rich and poor alike, were held together with the captured female warriors and subjected to unlimited physical and mental abuse. In some cases, the women in the families of political enemies – wives or daughters – were also used as sexual slaves.

Young Antina is led before the man in charge of the infamous mines of Amasia. She has been sentenced to spend the rest of her life in the mines, where she must serve as a whore to satisfy the needs of the night guards. By day her tasks include cleaning out the toilets with her bare hands.

“Get on your knees and smile, bitch… you’re in the presence of your Lord and Master!”

Her father, the Great Satrapa, was overthrown by his own guard and handed over to the Tribune Claudius Emilius.

Satrapa’s guard raped and tortured her, and then branded her with a hot iron. She was taken to the mines on the orders of the Tribune. Satrapa himself and his wife have been taken to Rome, where they will be exhibited naked and tied to the victory chariot.

Cimela is of little use as a sexual slave. She is awkward and clumsy in her movements and Cardosus the merchant does not know what to do with her. Constant floggings and brutal rape have done nothing to improve her. The daughter of the chieftain of the Danutes still refuses to swallow her Master’s semen.

Ordos, one of her jailers, suggests shutting the young barbarian in the stables and forcing her to serve the studs with her tongue and lips. Her only food will be all the semen she can get… Ordos guarantees that the young noblewoman will soon beg to be allowed to swallow her Master’s semen, without spilling a single drop…

“I’ll leave her in your hands, Ordos. But if she does not swallow, sell her to the Picts. She will not find that pleasant, I am sure… ”

Aurelia is forced to stand up. She can hardly walk in her heavy fetters. She is supported by two guards as she waits for Lictor Sardonius, the prison governor, to decide her fate. Aurelia, the daughter of the traitor Famelios, has already been sentenced to death. The precise manner of her death remains to be decided: will it be on the cross or in the circus?

Meanwhile, the guards terrify her with tales of the terrible tortures to which Lictor Sardonius will subject her before the day of her execution, for his own amusement. Lictor Sardonius has the reputation of being cruel and merciless.

The central hall of the prison is enormous. It contains filthy cells in which the female prisoners wait for their destiny.

Lictor Sardonius arrives with his court and his torturers. He dictates the punishment and the women are dragged off to the torture room or taken down to the well, screaming and begging for mercy. With a slow, indolent movement of his hands, Sardonius orders the women before him to be flogged to death, and turns round to leave. His court follows as the women are dragged to the whipping post.

This time Aurelia has not been punished, but that will not prevent the guards from abusing her all night… the same as every night since she was captured.

“Lift those big tits, you slut! Give my cock something to look at! I’ll be down to see you tonight… and I want to find a juicy, warm cunt. If I don’t, I’ll be taking a big stick to your tits! You’ve been warned.”

Dantana, the fierce warrior, struggles with the heavy cross on the muddy path that winds through the wood. Marcius, the legionnaire in charge of her, practices with his whip and flogs her again and again. She is exhausted and covered in mud. She has been cruelly raped over and over again, lying on the ground and tied to the cross. She cannot take much more.

Each day she is tied to the same cross and forced to carry it through the wood that surrounds the Roman camp. She carries the cross to the grim cliffs where prisoners are executed. When she reaches the cliffs she is humiliated and raped again. Then the cross is raised. She hangs from it for hours until she believes that her end is near. Then soldiers take her down and lay her on the ground. They rape her again, and this time she does not reward them by struggling. More dead than alive, she is forced to drag the cross back to the camp…

And so it goes on, day after day… When will it all end?

Claudia cannot understand why she is being treated in such a humiliating way. After all, she is Roman, and a woman.

But the Prefect wants to teach the rebel city a lesson.

Claudia is led through the streets of the conquered city behind the Prefect, totally naked and with her nipples chained together.

Claudia, the young wife of Patricius Antonius, is tied to a lancer’s horse by the nipples like a Barbarian slave. She has no choice but to follow the horse’s trot. At the end of this public exhibition of her nudity she will be sentenced to life as a sexual slave.

The Prefect has decreed that the girl should be handed over to the soldiers, to serve them in all their physical needs. But first he will use her himself as his own sex slave, for as long as she pleases him…

“Get ready to trot and bounce those buttocks and those tits for the crowd. They all came to see you…!”

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