How Much She Can Take 2 [CORTEZ]

How Much She Can Take 2

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How much she can take – 2
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Posted July 31st, 2004


Susan screamed as the two soldiers gripped her wrists, wrenching her arms away from her body. Enjoying the game they’d played many times before each one stretched and twisted the arm he was holding so the girl was forced to bow forwards. Holding her easily with one hand apiece each man reached under her body and took a nipple between forefinger and thumb, pinching cruelly so she screamed again, writhing and fighting as they walked her back to the chair and forced her to bend over the back once again.

‘Gaaaah…let go you fucking bastards…yaaaarrrgh…aah-aaaarrgh! Oh God no, no please don’t….noooooo you can’t, pleeeeese!’

The screams became a mad gabble of desperation as Susan suddenly realised that both Corporal Mutu and Kipengi were naked. The two men just stood there, Kipengi with his arms folded, grinning at her. Jonas Kipengi’s body was thin and wiry, a deep soft brown against the gleaming black flesh of the big Corporal. Each man was hard and erect, just waiting for the guards to hold her in position.

The Corporal’s fingers stroked the thick, veined shaft of his cock, his thumb spreading the leakage from the slit across the purple head so it gleamed with an oily sheen. The grin widened as he heard the girl’s sudden, terrified pleadings; he waited until she was looking at his groin then bucked his hips forwards, fucking his fingers so she could see the full, ridged eight inches of black meat she was going to ride in a few more moments.

Jonas Kipengi’s cock was longer; the nine inch shaft thinner and smoother but flaring out a bulbous helmet; the wide flange showing just the hint of pinkness under the rim. Susan Brown’s eyes following the way the upcurved horn bobbed gently with each step as he moved closer. He clenched his hand in her short hair and turned her head up. ‘Not the first time you’ve done this…let’s see how talented you are.’

‘N-n-nuh…p-p-please I c-c-can’t…yiiiiiii!’

Kipengi’s fingers clenched tighter, twisting her hair so her words became a single squeal of pain. ‘Oh but you can…and will…remember the cane…?’

Another agonised gasp was forced from the girl as the two soldiers holding her pinched her nipples harder, twisting the sensitive peaks flesh as a reminder of her total helplessness. ‘Oh…oh G-God!’ He mouth opened and she smelt the fishy tang of Kipengi’s cock as the glans touched her lips.

‘Ha-haah…noooo…p-p-please…s-s-slowly…d-don’t push….pleeeese’ The rubbery head of Jonas’s Kipengi’s penis bumped her cheek as she jerked her head; distracted by the pressure of the Corporal’s cock probing between her thighs. ‘No-no-no…b-big…s-s-stop…i-i-i-it’s too big it’s too….gaaarrrrgh!’

Her mouth gaped in a wide O as she felt the thick bulb stretching the opening of her vagina. She panted her breath racing in dread anticipation as he drew back a little then…


Despite the gripping hands and the cruel fingers wrapped in her hair, Susan Brown still managed to arch forwards hard enough to make the chair scrape across the polished boards as the thick, black shaft slid deep into her body stretching her vagina unbearably. She screamed again and again as the big man drew back before thrusting forwards; each stroke impaling her with the full length of his cock until the mat of harsh, wiry hair at his groin scraped and scratched against the raw weals lacing her bottom cheeks.


Soon, her cries matched the rhythm of Corporal Mutu’s thrusts as he enjoyed the tight, warm embrace of the girl’s cunt. Kipengi let him fuck her for a minute or so then twisted his hand to bring her mouth round until his cock was just touching her lips once more.

‘Show me you can use that flapping tongue for something useful…but be careful…very careful,’ he warned. She tried to turn away but Kipengi’s fingers tightened even more and her lips parted. With his other hand he guided his penis between her lips and slowly pushed forwards.

The two soldiers roared with laughter and yanked down on her nipples, stretching her breasts into taut cones and doubling her over even more so her head was forced down onto their boss’s cock. Jonas Kipengi smiled down at the sight of a white girl’s lips wrapped around the bulbous head of his penis and brought his other hand across to grip the hair on the other side of her head. ‘Oh yes, yes…lick hard you white cow,’ he murmured as he felt her tongue lapping and swirling across the sensitive glans. He looked at the two men. ‘Put a tie round her arms… just above the elbows. Then you can let her go…Mutu’s got her well speared now.’

Susan writhed and struggled uselessly as the two grinning guards bent her arms round behind her back. At first there was even some relief that the horrible pinching fingers had let her nipples go…until she felt the new, throbbing pain building up as the blood flowed back in their bruised and swelling tips. One of the men easily held her wrists whilst the other pulled a white nylon fastener from his pocket. The loop was positioned just above her elbows and then yanked tight, wrenching her arms together.

The nineteen years old’s struggles and cries of protest were totally ignored as the two naked men continued their slow, pleasurable fucking. The big black Corporal was rocking to and fro in a driving, relentless rhythm; digging his fingers into each flank, jolting her against the chair back with every thrust. His master just stood there; content to let the big man do all the work since each thrust rammed the girl’s head down onto his cock. His hands, working like an expert rider using the reins, moved her head from side to side, guiding her so that she gave him the most intense pleasure with the frantic wriggling movements of her tongue against the full length of his penis as it slid deep into her throat and back again.

For long minutes the only sounds in the big, bright room were the steady slapping of flesh on flesh, the heavy breathing of the two watching guards and the girl’s wet, gobbling noises as she tried to cope with the gagging fullness of Jonas Kipengi’s cock against the back of her throat; the burning pleasure pain of the thick penis filling her cunt…and the helpless torment of the double rape.

Her muffled cries intensified as Jonas Kipengi’s fingers wrenched at her hair, forcing her down until her lips were buried in the coarse, wiry hair at his groin. Struggling frantically for air she bucked and jerked as he held her, strutted forward and letting the girl’s spasms make him come. Susan choked uncontrollably, retching as her mouth filled with warm, sticky cream, spurting again and again.

Jonas Kipengi tightened his grip in her hair, enjoying the feeling of her mouth and tongue working against the length of his cock as she struggled for air. Finally the sensations became too much and he twisted her head back so just the slippery glans nestled between her lips. He let her breathe for a few moments, watching disinterestedly as she gasped and hacked uncontrollably, her mouth slack and dribbling trails of semen and saliva onto the polished floor.

‘Lick it clean…all of it…’

There was no fight left and Susan’s tongue lapped the thick, sticky mucus as she tried to obey. But there was another, unwanted and growing distraction; an itching heat and excitement as the relentless friction of the Corporal’s cock continued rubbing and fretting the tender membranes of her cunt bringing her towards the brink of coming too. The gasps slowly changed their tone; desire and need changing pain into pleasure for a few short moments.

‘Aaaaah Glog…pleeeg…pleeeeg…muh-muh-muh…pleeeeg!’ Her legs trembled, her feet jittering on the wooden boards as Corporal Mutu’s long slow strokes drove her wilder and wilder.

Satisfied at last with her efforts, Jonas Kipengi disentangled his fingers and walked back to the settee where he’d placed his clothes. Held over the chair only by the pressure of the Corporal’s weight as he thrust his cock deep into her body and his fingers gripping her flanks, Susan Brown flailed and twisted, fingers writhing in the air as her pinioned arms strained against the nylon tie cinching her elbows together. She tried to respond to the maddening slippery friction in her cunt; tried to bring on her own climax as she felt the big man jerking violently on the brink of coming.

‘Nooooooo…pleeese…noooo!’ The wail of disappointment and frustration echoed round the room as Mutu deliberately pulled free, his fingers blurring up and down on the shaft of his penis as he jacked himself off; adding to her torment by denying her the satisfaction of coming too. Thick white jets spurted across the girl’s whipped bottom as he milked the last sticky strings of semen from the slit and smeared them onto her tanned skin. Like his master, once finished he simply walked away leaving her bent across the back of the wooden chair

Before she could straighten up the two guards were there, their black, naked bodies forcing her down again; one held her by the back of the neck whilst the other rammed the thick meat of his own cock into the already wet and slippery opening of her vagina. Almost immediately, her screams of outrage and frustration was again reduced to slobbering, liquid noises as another hot, hard cock filled her mouth

Jonas Kipengi watched in amusement the sight of the tanned figure of the white girl once more bucking and straining between two gleaming black bodies as they rammed into her without mercy. ‘Find me something to drink, Corporal, a whiskey I think…’ He lolled back in a comfortable armchair and lit a cigarette, enjoying the show as he waited for his two men to finish. He took the cut glass tumbler of whiskey the corporal had looted from the sideboard, ‘alright have one yourself, I’m sure our host won’t mind!’

The two men watched the girl being fucked relentlessly for a couple of minutes enjoying the taste of the stolen whiskey. ‘When you’ve recovered, Corporal, give her another ten…in case she thinks we’ve forgotten.’ Both men laughed, then silence fell broken only by the rhythmic slap of flesh on flesh and the muffled, choking gasps from the girl.

The soldier fucking her mouth suddenly pulled the wet glistening length of his cock free and twisted her head to one side. Like the Corporal had done earlier he wrapped his fingers round the shaft, masturbating furiously as he held the head of his cock pointing at her face. Second later he shouted and bucked his hips as thick, white jets spurted over Susan Brown’s face, coating her cheek and eyebrows and adding to the mixture of tears, semen and saliva already forming a sticky glaze across her blotchy and puffy features.

The two watchers laughed because Susan’s eyes were closed, her mouth gaping as her cries took on a different kind of frantic pleading as the other guard slamming into her cunt harder and harder.

‘C-c-c-c-cumming….nuh…nuh…h-h-harder…oh fuck…fuck…please…please fuck me harder…harder…please!

This time the extra brutal stimulation on top of the Corporal’s initial fucking were more than enough and, despite everything that had happened, nineteen year old Susan Brown suddenly jerked and squealed with pleasure as the first shudders of her orgasm began. The three watching men grinned at the words; enjoying the sight of her breasts swinging and bouncing as she wriggled madly. The chair chattered and danced against the polished boards as she tried to force herself back even deeper onto the thick, black shaft.

‘Hold her still for him,’ Kipengi said quietly and the naked soldier grinned in understanding. He stood in front of the chair, straddled his knees then clamped the nineteen year old’s head between his thighs. He pulled up on her pinioned arms and grinned into the sweating face of his friend.

‘Oh yes, man…fuck her good…make her wriggle against my balls…’ He chuckled; enjoying the sensations of riding her neck despite having come only moments before. Her hair caressed the soft weight of his testicles and her sweat-soaked skin slid deliciously against the half-hard length of his cock. All he got in reply was a white toothed grimace of effort as his friend slammed into the girl’s buttocks, driven to the brink of coming by the wonderful muscular spasms of her own orgasm clenching his cock in a tight velvet grip.


‘Aaaaaah! Yesssss….YESSSS! Oooh that’s sooo gooood!’ The man jerked violently two or three times as he yelled then grinned back at his friend as he too pulled out and slid his own pulsing cock along the cum-spattered groove of her bottom so they could both see the fluid spurt from the glistening wet head of his cock. He milked the last few drops from the slit, stood up and laughed then brought his hand round to land a smacking crack across her bottom so the girl bucked and squealed as he walked away.

The guard astride her neck held her easily then leaned back, twisting her arms against her shoulder joints so she was stretched even more tightly over the chair back as Corporal Mutu stretched and padded over idly flexing the slim rattan rod between his thick fingers.

‘Now pay attention Miss Brown…since you chose to disobey my instructions, Corporal Mutu is going to finish the rest of your punishment while you are held in position, just as I promised…can’t remember how many more you were due but ten more seems a nice round number…don’t you agree?’ Jonas Kipengi’s mocking words were only half heard by Susan because the guard’s muscular black, sweaty thighs were clamped either side of her head and neck. ‘Lay them on hard, Mutu…she’ll feel them across the old stripes really well by now.’


Garrrrrgh…nooooo…naaa-aaaah…pl-pl-pl-please…nooooo…no more…aaargh!’

Jonas Kipengi stretched, took another sip of whisky and a long, luxurious drag on his cigarette. The crisp wet sounds of the caning were overlaid by the girl’s increasingly loud and agonised screams as Corporal Mutu carefully crossed the older weals with a vicious series of slow, deliberate cuts. After each stroke he waited…letting the heat and pain build up to a maximum before slicing the whippy rod across again.

Starting the last five strokes Corporal Mutu aimed a little more carefully, deliberately cutting short into the crease of her bottom so the tip of the cane seared across the plump, exposed outer lips of the girl’s cunt like a burning brand.


‘Excellent, Mutu, excellent,’ Kipengi laughed. ‘She nearly unseated Henry then…see if you can do it again…’



This time Henry was ready for the heaving convulsion as the tip of the thin cane snapped viciously against the girl’s labia on almost exactly on the same place as the one before. Now the big Corporal took his time…waiting for the convulsions to stop before striping two more agonising weals right into the cleft of her buttocks. Each stroke brought another desperate convulsion and more wild screams from between the guard’s thighs.

‘Oh, you dirty little cow!’ Corporal Mutu stepped back hurriedly as a thin stream of liquid trickled down her legs. ‘She’s wet herself, sir,’ he said, and slashed another vicious stroke against the unprotected bulge of her cunt. ‘Shall I give her another ten for that?’ He grinned, amused by the success of his skilled torture.

Jonas Kipengi looked at his watch. ‘No, Corporal, no that’s enough for now. Hood her then get her into the back of the car. Miss Brown has an appointment with Sergeant N’daga back at the compound.’ As he spoke the guard swung his leg away letting her up and Susan straightened up with another cry of pain. For a moment the was silence apart from the girl’s racing, gasping breathing then the two guards grabbed her pinioned arms and, before she could start to struggle, the Sergeant had pulled a black, cloth bag over her head. Her squeals of protest were efficiently silenced by the guard who’s held her down ramming a fist into her stomach. As she doubled forwards the two of them dragged her out and down the steps to the dirt road.

Susan Brown was bundled into the open trunk of one of the waiting, black Mercedes and the lid slammed shut. A few minutes of shouted orders and instructions then doors slammed, engines revved and wheels scrabbled for traction on the dirt road as the convoy spent off into the midday heat haze. Behind them a few papers fluttered in the dirt; inside the house wreckage and shattered possessions littered every surface.

The journey to the compound took half an hour; five minutes after that she was standing in the glare of the lights in the hot, stinking chamber.

Jonas Kipengi casually flicked her head to one side and turned to the two guards standing behind her. ‘Undo her.’ Fingers fumbled at Susan’s elbows, there was the snick of a blade and the plastic tie sprang loose. Susan grunted at the pain of returning circulation as her arms came free and she was able to bring them in front of her body. She covered her breasts with her arms as she rubbed the angry, blood-flecked purple weals above each elbow.

That was when she heard Jonas Kipengi say ‘Let her see…’ and, as the hood was stripped away, she realised that her real agony had not even begun.

Under the lights, so bright that the rest of the underground room was in dim shadow, the central area was bare. As her vision returned and desperate not to look towards those grinning, watching faces behind the lights, Susan looked round, peering at her new prison. The floor was just smooth concrete, once painted red but now worn to patchy grey, empty apart from two simple, crudely made pieces of interrogation equipment.

Just beside the quivering girl was a pair of short, horizontal bars set parallel with each other about three feet apart. Each bar was three inches wide and some two feet long and mounted on top of two thick upright posts bolted into the concrete so they were just below waist height. Straps dangled from near the ends of each bar… heavy, leather straps that looked battered and stained from long use.

A little to one side of the straddling bars, there was a single four feet high metal pole sticking up vertically from the concrete floor. A short length of angle iron was crudely welded to the top, edge uppermost so it formed an inverted V. a few feet away, on either side of the pole, Susan could see that thick metal rings had been set into the floor. She shuddered, only too well aware what kind of use could be made of such a device.

‘Put her up,’ Kipengi ordered.

For a moment she thought he meant the angle iron saddle but the men pushed her across to the bars. Her frantic efforts to struggle and resist ended almost immediately. Lashing out at the guard on her left she smashed her right foot against the base of one of the posts. Distracted by the agony in her toes it was easy for the men to lift her so she was kneeling astride on the bars. She twisted and wriggled in vain as the men tightened the straps behind her knees to hold her in place.

Susan writhed and yelled, her voice ringing round the room as they tightened the ankle straps before cinching each buckle up yet another hole until the toned, tanned flesh bulged out round the black leather, clamping her shins against the rough timbers, her thighs splayed wide so the moist pink slit of her genitals gaped obscenely.

‘In front to start with,’ Susan heard Kipengi’s instructions but didn’t understand until the men grabbed her wrists and yanked another of those horrible plastic ties tight round them. One of them pulled the nylon band another notch tighter so the flesh bulged over the thin white strip while the other knotted a rope between the bound wrists and threw the other end over a beam a little way in front of the bars.

They both walked away and she knelt back on her thighs, terrified at what was going to happen next. Suddenly, the rope snapped taut and her arms were jerked up…and Susan Brown realised that she knew all too clearly what was happening next.

‘Aaaah, no…no please…aaah…s-s-stop please…AAAAH!’

There was no response to the frantic pleas as the nineteen year old was stretched up and forwards until her torso hung at an angle over the floor in front of the bars. By the time the grinning guard had finished hauling the rope taut, the girl’s arms and upper body were stretched out pointing towards the ceiling. The hollows of her armpits and the concave arc of her rib cage showed in taut, toned relief whilst the firm cones of her breasts with their shiny, tight swollen tips swung free, jiggling and bobbing with every tiny movement of her body.

Susan twisted and turned, trying to see what they’d done to her. Kipengi smiled in the darkness as he watched her staring down, peering at each dangling breast in turn, trying to lift herself, wriggling and flexing to try and ease the vicious cramping pains in her arms. Kipengi nodded knowingly as she craned to look down between her arms, just like they all did, to look back down at the splayed fork of her body and the way she was strapped down on the bars. This was always the point where a woman understood that her cunt and nipples were to be the focus of her torturer’s attentions.

‘Bastarrrrrrrrrddddsss! You fucking bastards…’ she convulsed, threshing and bucking in a wild frenzy that made her breasts slap and bounce wildly. ‘LET…ME…GO!’ she yelled, spittle flying from her mouth as she raved at the grinning shadows in front of her.

‘Silence the bitch.’


Corporal Mutu’s open hand smacked into Susan’s left cheek with such force her head was twisted round to the side. His fingers twined in her short hair and wrenched her head back while she gasped and whimpered in the aftermath of the shock. He grinned and dug his fingers into the nerve points at the corners of her jaw forcing her mouth wide open to let the other soldier, Henry, to force a battered black plastic ring between her jaws, pressing inward until the ring’s wide outer flange was against her lips and the black webbing straps hung from the corners of her mouth.

With the mouth ring in place Susan’s cries became a series of inarticulate noises whilst with every movement of her tongue thin strings of saliva drooled onto the floor below. Corporal Mutu buckled the nylon strap round the back of her head; looked at her and pulled it tight, wedging her jaws apart. Satisfied, he patted her lightly on the cheek and moved back to the shadows as his boss walked up to the gobbling, dribbling figure straddled on the bars.

Susan Brown stared back, eyes wide with a mixture of fury and growing terror. Her breath hissed and bubbled in her nose as she tried to calm her racing breathing. He stuck one finger into the black hole of the gag and wriggled it round then turned to the men beyond the lights. ‘Useful little toy gentlemen, we get them from the local hospital. They use them to stop patients biting when things have to be put down their throat. Cheap, tough and very effective… you can see this one’s quite wide enough to allow her to satisfy a man,’ he smiled into the darkness, ‘even one as well endowed as Corporal Mutu over there without any risk of…’ He pantomimed closing teeth with fingers snapping shut in mid-air and there was a roar of laughter from the darkness.

‘Now it’s time for your little show…’

‘I glont klow anything…pleeg…pleeeg!’

‘No, no you probably don’t…except for one important detail…the whereabouts of your friend James…James Phillips.’ Susan stared at him in horror, the spittle drooling from the wide O of the plastic gag. ‘You see, even foolish little girls have their uses.’

Her head shook so hard that saliva and droplets of sweat sprayed across the floor. ‘Nooooo, nooo I glon glow…pleeg ooo mug bleeeg me…I glont…I glont…pleeeg!’

Jonas Kipengi wrenched her head up and shook his own like a teacher disappointed in a child’s answer. ‘Now why did I expect you to say that, I wonder…even though we found you at his house and we know that you work for him as well as being a close friend?’ He turned her head so she was forced to look at the darkness beyond the lights. ‘I think you know exactly where he is…and, sooner or later, you will tell me. It’s time you met my assistant, Sergeant N’daga. I know our visitors will be stimulated by watching her at work. She has a certain…reputation…shall we say.’

At first Susan thought it was a teenage girl walking towards her. Very slight and slim with the figure of an adolescent boy. Wearing a sleeveless white shirt that left her midriff bare; brief black skirt and black trainers; her hair was very short and trimmed to no more than black fuzz that emphasised her high cheek bones and thick, full lips. In the moist heat her light brown skin gleamed, shiny as polished leather. The only touch of colour was a vivid pink gloss on her lips and nails.

Closer, Susan realised Sergeant N’daga was no teenage girl but a mature woman, probably in her mid-twenties, her slight, girlish features at odds with the cruel, delight in her eyes as she studied the naked, sun-tanned figure strapped down to the torture bars. Jonas Kipengi’s next words confirmed the nineteen year old’s worst fears. ‘Don’t raise your hopes about a woman’s sympathy sparing you from further suffering, Miss Brown. Like me, Mary enjoys hurting people…the more you scream, the greater her pleasure…’ He paused, ‘and it is even more of a pleasure when she has a chance to use her skills on another woman, especially a young and attractive white woman such as yourself.’

Susan, her growing terror showing in her rapid, panting breaths, instinctively tried to twist away as the woman stroked her fingers along the exposed hollow of her raised arm and down the side of her left breast. There was no escape; all she succeeded in doing was made the heavy, dangling globes sway gently from side to side showing everyone how exposed and vulnerable they were.

A such close quarters she could see the sexual arousal and excitement in the Sergeant’s eyes; the way she was breathing a little heavily and how the tips of her small, pointed breasts tented the thin cotton of her shirt into hard spikes with every breath. Susan shivered, straining uselessly against the straps even harder in fear and terror as her torturer smiled and moved her finger down the young white girl’s flesh, caressing the gently swinging globe with knowing skill until she could roll the swollen nipple very delicately between forefinger and thumb.

She smiled at Susan’s jerk of pain. ‘Oh dear, just a little tender are we? Don’t worry girlie…’ her finger and thumb curled so her nails dug into the taut, swollen nub like chisel blades, ‘I’ll make them really sore.’ At the last word she gripped hard, pinching the bulb of the girl’s nipple in an agonising vice.


‘See what I mean? Both hand reached under the girl’s angled body, fingers teasing and tugging the tips of those dangling breasts, working the sensitive flesh so both nipple stood out even harder and more prominently than before. Her fingers also stroked the dark circles of the girl’s aureoles, teasing and tormenting her by forcing her body to respond to the touch of an expert.

‘Nice big nipples…I like big nipples…give me so much more…’ her fingers gripped and twisted so Susan arched up against her straps ‘…to play with.’ Satisfied they were fully erect she let go and nodded to her boss as she turned away and walked over to a cluttered bench at one side of the room. When she came back she was holding something that Susan thought was just a piece of thin card…until she saw the glittering golden coating on the other side.

Sergeant N’daga tore a strip of coarse sandpaper from the sheet and folded it carefully. Susan writhed and screamed as the woman cupped her right breast and held it firm, the swollen tip sticking out like a little brown finger. ‘Again, where is the man Phillips?’ Kipengi demanded. He smiled at the feeble shake of the girl’s head. ‘Let’s see if your memory improves once the sergeant has skinned that nipple,’ he said and nodded to the woman.

‘Gently at first,’ she murmured as she stroked the sandpaper across the taut, exposed tip. Her finger’s tightened as the girl arched up with a wet gasp of sound as the coarse grit stripped away the tender skin. ‘But each time you’ll feel it that much more…see?’ Smiling, she waited for the convulsion to stop before stroking the little strip of sandpaper across the same place again…and again


Susan Brown tried to scream as the sandpaper scraped the skin from her nipple but all that emerged was a wet, gobbling frenzy. The watchers could see her eyes bulging with the effort to do something…anything to stop the slow searing pain. They could also enjoy the sight of the girl’s pink tongue flailing and licking the opening of the black, plastic ring as she dribbled and drooled helplessly with every drooling cry. Sergeant N’daga crouched at the girl’s side, face tight with sexual pleasure, using a slow delicate touch to strip away more skin away until the whole sensitive teat was wet and raw and the girl was sweating and panting as though she’d just finished a race.

‘The address?’ There was no answer to his quiet question and Jonas Kipengi nodded once to his torturer.


The nineteen year old arched up again with another liquid scream as Sergeant N’daga rolled and twisted the flayed nipple between her fingers. She kept pinching and scraping the raw teat for a few more moments then wiped her fingertips along the girl’s flank.

‘Thinks she’s being clever, Sir…the other one now?’ Kipengi nodded and there was another growl of anticipation from the watchers as the slim sergeant walked slowly round the straddled figure. ‘You know what’s coming so let’s get on with it shall we…’ she said ripping off another, fresh strip of sandpaper again folding it into a precise pad; making sure that the girl could watch every move. This time her grip on Susan’s right breast was harsher, her fingers digging in so that the flesh was pulled even tighter.

‘Glaaa-Glaaaaaah! Glooooo…pleeeeg!’

This time the screams came immediately the sergeant scraped the coarse grit across the girl’s nipple. She waited, her hand cradling the girl’s flesh, as the outstretched figure on the bars convulsed and threshed in a futile attempt to avoid the hot, agonising kiss of the sandpaper. Despite her words the woman made no attempt to hurry. Each slow caress was followed by a pause…letting the scream and the spasms die away until everyone could hear the desperate, panting pleas from the girl on the bars.

‘Oh Glog…oh Glog…pleeeg glont….glaaaah! Pleeeg glo…pleeeg…PLEEEG!’

Finally, Sergeant N’daga straightened and stroked the girl’s head, leaning close to lick the soft, delicate whorl of her ear. ‘No, no-one’s going to help you girlie…still nothing to tell us?’ The woman’s tongue traced the edge of Susan’s ear, hot breath making her shiver as she stayed stubbornly silent, screwing her eyes shut in pain and terrified anticipation. ‘Oh dear…’ she chuckled obscenely, ‘that’s silly cause there’s so many other delightful things Mr Kipengi will want me to do to you.’

Her hand cupped the girl’s right breast, fingers squeezing the raw nipple to bring yet another bucking scream from Susan. ‘Time to leave these alone for a bit…let them get nice and swollen then we’ll try something else,’ she said almost to herself. The skilled fingers gripped and twisted, ‘might see how you like having them barbequed nice and slowly… or maybe push some bamboo slivers down inside first, yes? But for now let’s see…’ Her fingers traced across the girl’s slick, gleaming skin, along her flanks then stroked the hot raised criss-cross of weals decorating her buttocks.


‘Oh someone’s been a naughty little girl,’ the fingers slid round, probing deeper, reaching under the splayed thighs to cup the swollen, slippery lips of the girl’s cunt. The woman’s forefinger traced along the pouting slit, ‘oh yes…very, very naughty.’


Susan’s mewing protest ended with a sudden gasp as Sergeant N’daga scraped her fingernail gently across the exposed bulb of the girl’s clitoris. She moved back just a little, leaning over the bars so she could continue the delicate, teasing torment as the girl bucked and heaved in a vain effort to avoid that maddening, expert finger that was masturbating her so skilfully…

‘Naaah-aaah…nah pleeeg glon’t…glo…glo…aaaaah glon’t…glooooo!’

The men behind the lights stared at the glistening, writhing body of the nineteen year old strapped to the torture bars. Hands furtively adjusted achingly hard erections and most breathed harder and more slowly, their mouths slack with lust and arousal, as the figure mewed and bucked with each gentle caress.

The girl straddled on the bars, black straps biting into each tanned leg, arms stretched up so those full globes with their raw, swollen tips dangled, swayed and bounced so wonderfully with each movement. They licked their lips at each heaving movement of her ribs; excited by the wide staring eyes and the black plastic ring with her pink tongue wriggling and flickering in the opening with every whimpering sound.

Standing close to the bar, the woman’s brown skin emphasised the girl’s soft, golden tan. She was bending slightly; one hand stroking the slick curve of Susan’s waist, the other arm part-hidden, moving rhythmically high up between those obscenely spread buttocks. From the front, the men could see Sergeant N’daga’s pink-tipped fingers appearing from time to time in the vee of Susan’s parted thighs, oily and gleaming with the her juices as she fondled and tormented the delicate inner folds of the girl’s cunt. With her knees strapped wide astride on the bars Susan’s genitals were completely exposed so the men were able to watch each movement of the Sergeant’s busy forefinger flickering and scraping against the little bulb of flesh at the top of that puffy, wet slit.

Despite Susan’s increasingly wild and desperate lunges Sergeant N’daga had no difficulty in keeping her hand in place for, no matter how she writhed and bucked, Susan Brown couldn’t bring her legs together; couldn’t twist away…or do anything at all to end the remorseless stimulation.

A deliberate cough cut across the girl’s whimpering noises and the steady creak of the rope holding her arms stretched out above her head. ‘Sergeant, kindly remember we are not here for Miss Brown’s pleasure.’ Grinning at the unspoken message, Sergeant N’daga removed her hand from between the girl’s thighs and moved to stand by Susan’s head. She delicately licked the fingers of her left hand as she did so, savouring the sharp, brassy taste of the girl’s juices as she breathed heavily, face alight and flushed with her own arousal. Seeing the flicker of impatience on her boss’s face she gripped the girl’s matted hair, clenched her fingers and turned her head to the side so she was staring straight at the cruel, pitiless face of Jonas Kipengi.

‘Well, Miss Brown…where is he? This silly stubbornness will get you nowhere…you’re going to tell me sooner or later.’ He paused and lit another cigarette, ‘everyone does…of course, you realise that Sergeant N’daga doesn’t really want you to talk at all, as I told you she enjoys her work, so the more you resist the more things she can do to that delightful young body of yours. No prizes for guessing the places she likes to work on the most, so for the last time…where is James Phillips?’

Tears leaking from her eyes, Susan Brown shook her head as far as the pinching fingers tangled in her hair would allow. ‘Pleeeg gi tol goo…pleeeg gai GON’T GLO!’ Jonas Kipengi took another pull on his cigarette and let a long thin plume of smoke trickle from his lips as he studied the girl’s tear-stained, terrified features for a long moment. Finally he snapped his fingers and the two guards carried a small battered table into the lighted circle, placing it between their boss and the bars so that Susan could see it clearly.

‘Just as I thought…I’m afraid that things are going to become exceedingly painful for you in a moment or two…but you’ve only got yourself to blame.’ Susan’s eyes were staring wide with horrified understanding as she saw the things jumbled on the top of the little table. A metal box with switches and dials, some silvery metal fittings and coils of thin, plastic coated wire some red, some black.

There was another, thicker cable coming out of the side of the metal box that one of the men was uncoiling as he walked back to the side wall in the shadows. She saw his vague shape bending over then heard a familiar click. On the box a little red light came on and it started humming softly. Susan knew that the horrible stories were true…they were going to torture her with electricity…her whimpering cries became even more desperate as Sergeant N’daga started to connect a black wire to the machine.

‘Pleeg glo…glo…gloooo…tol ooo…tol ooo…glon’t glo agout games hillip…PLEEEG!’

‘Shhhh, save your breath…see here’s the first one.’ Sergeant N’daga showed Susan the little brass crocodile clip attached to the end of the black wire. ‘Guess where I’ll put it first?’ Susan stared down between her arms at the hanging globes of her breasts with their raw, throbbing nipples; each jutting peak now swollen nearly twice normal size from the earlier torture. She said nothing, but the watching officers could hear her sudden panting as Sergeant N’daga cupped her left breast and pressed the ends of the little brass clip; holding the jaws wide apart so she could see the sharp, triangular teeth lining each side.

There was another bout of rustling shuffling anticipation from the chairs as they saw the sergeant bring the open clip up until the raw peak of the girl’s left nipple rested between the open jaws. She breathed slowly, almost languorously, tongue tracing slowly along the pink lip gloss as she held the clip open enjoying the girl’s terrified anticipation of the pain to come. Finally, as though giving in to sinful temptation, she relaxed her fingers and the silvery teeth sank into the engorged, raw flesh of Susan brown’s nipple.


The sergeant’s fingers moved along the clip to hold the jaws themselves. ‘Must make sure it’s nice and firm…the boss would be angry with me if it fell off,’ she giggled…and her finger and thumb pressed inwards pinching the crocodile clip tighter and tighter. Susan’s teat was squeezed into a flattened lozenge shape between the jaws and the watchers could see a line of little drops of blood oozing onto the metal as the teeth bit into her flesh. More trails of saliva dribbled onto the wet concrete as Susan arched up at the blazing agony in her nipple.


A couple more vicious squeezes before the grinning sergeant let the girl’s breast go with a final flick of her fingers. The brass clip gripping each side of the so-sensitive nub winked and glittered in the lights while the protruding tip of Susan’s left nipple bulged out like a hard shiny berry from between the cruel teeth. Susan gasped with agony but tried not to move because every tiny shudder set the dangling globes swaying and bouncing, jerking the wire and sending fresh stabs of pain through her body.

‘And something for the other one too…’ Sergeant N’daga’s voice was almost playful as she attached the red wire to the machine and then walked round to Susan’s other side letting it uncoil onto the floor behind her. ‘Watch carefully now…remember how the other one hurt…?’ Again there was that rustling from the watching men, a growl of anticipation as they say the open jaws being positioned on either side of the jutting, swollen stub, and that final grunt of approval as they saw the jaws close and heard the nineteen year old’s frantic, babbling gasps of pain and outrage.

‘Mustn’t forget to check it’s good and tight,’ again the woman’s fingers pinched the jaws closed; squeezing the tortured flesh until the beads of blood oozed out and a single, thick drop fell to disappear against the flaking red paint still covering parts of the concrete floor. ‘There, all ready now,’ she said, ‘watch the box girlie…that’s right.’

Susan stared at the humming transformer like a rabbit in the headlights then, as though in total disbelief, she bent her head peering at the brass electrodes gripping her nipples then following the two dangling wires back across the concrete to where they were attached to the back of the box. ‘Just a taste of hell to start with Miss Brown,’ the calm, sadistic figure of Jonas Kipengi said quietly as he watched the familiar routine, ‘level two.’ He turned a knob then he flicked a switch. Susan heard the sharp metal ‘click’ then everything else was blotted out as a blaze of fizzing agony seared through her nipples.

Instantly her body arched in a bow, every muscle and sinew locked and straining in agony as the current surged through her breasts, her head bent back, eyes wide and her teeth clamped so tightly against the plastic ring that her lips showed white and bloodless from the effort. Apart from the creak of the straps and a low buzzing from the two brass clips there was no sound for long seconds then a single wet scream of pure agony ripped through the thick, humid air of the interrogation room.

Kipengi’s finger flicked the switch on the transformer and Susan slumped forwards bonelessly like a puppet whose strings have been cut. ‘Where is he?’

He waited a second or two then the switch clicked again. Susan’s body arched back again, saliva spraying from the black ring as the current forced another gasping scream from her.


The figure flopped back, panting and pleading; the sweat dripping from the points of her body and trickling down her flanks. Her cries a single, pleading chant. ‘Naah-aah…gah…gah…pleeeeg!’


‘GLAAAAAAAAAH!’ The scream goes on and on until…


Another heaving, panting pause then the chant begins again; even more desperate now, ‘glo…pleeeg…glo…toh-toh…tol you… AH GLON GLOOO!’



After the tenth shock Jonas Kipengi took his hand away from the transformer and walked over to the nineteen year old straddled on the bars and now hanging semi-conscious from the rope around her wrists. He grabbed the wet, matted hair and jerked her head back. ‘See how stupid you are? All that pain for nothing and we’ve only just started….’ Susan Brown squeezed her eyes shut then screamed as he used his other hand to twist the electrode gripping her left nipple. ‘No, Miss Brown, look at me…’ his hand turned again and her eyes flicked open with another gasp of pain. ‘It will just go on and on…worse and worse.’ He smiled unpleasantly at her, ‘you look tired…all that effort…but my machine doesn’t get tired it just goes on and on.’

His fingers flicked the toothed electrode as he watched her tongue writhing in the black plastic circle holding her jaws so wide apart. ‘Ah, that hurts, doesn’t it?’ He pulled the clip, stretching her breast into a plump cone as he studied the raw flesh around the brass jaws teeth. He let both the clip and the girl’s hair go and turned away. ‘Time to switch Sergeant; don’t want to spoil things for later. You two, get her in position.’

Mary N’daga squatted close to the girl’s flank, her face alight with sadistic anticipation as she looked up at Susan’s pain-wracked face and the full swaying globes of her breasts, each still capped by a toothed brass electrode with its trailing wire. She licked her lips, reached up and removed the crocodile clips then watched intently, her eyes moving rapidly between the girl’s face and the dangling breasts as the tortured nipples slowly darkened and swelled.

Her grin widened as she saw Susan’s face tighten and tense as the thudding pain of returning circulation increased. She slapped the side of the girl’s right breast, a gentle tap that set them swinging and bouncing but which brought further gasps of pain from the pinioned girl. ‘Your own fault, girlie, you said you wanted it to stop and now all you do is complain,’ she giggled. Standing up she walked back to the table with the clips in her hand.

Jonas Kipengi flicked his finger at the two guards. ‘I wanted her bent back, arms behind her…use the straps on the posts,’ he ordered. One hurried over and untied the rope letting Susan curl forwards as the strain on her wrists was removed, the other grabbed her hands and undid the rope before cutting the plastic tie; letting her wrists free for the first time in almost an hour. Instantly, Susan Brown clutched her arms across her chest, cradling her swollen tortured breasts as she sat back on the bars.

She was given no chance to rest. The two men simply grabbed a wrist each, twisted her arms and forced her into a backward arch, her body bowed the other way so that her legs were doubled down onto the bars with her heels pressing against her buttocks. She screamed again as her arms were stretched back; pulled down until her hands were gripping the wooden uprights under her ankles. This time they used leather straps; buckled tight so the leather pinched her wrists to secure her arms against the rough timber posts.

Jonas Kipengi walked over; studying the achingly stretched curve of the nineteen year old’s body. Bent back with her arms down behind her, the firm mounds of her breasts were thrust up, the raw, swollen tips pointing towards the ceiling. Her stomach was hollowed under the arch of her ribs, rising and falling in rapid, fluttering movements as she panted and gasped with the effects of her torture and the growing discomfort of her strained position. His hand traced along the taut curve of her left thigh, teasing up to the crease of her groin so she jerked and twisted at the unwanted caress.

She strained her head forwards, staring down between her outthrust breasts along the curve of her body. With her thighs splayed apart her cunt was completely exposed, every fold and hollow displayed to the watching men in the shadows; the most sensitive places of her body ready and open for her torturers to abuse as they wanted. Susan held her breath as his long thin fingers cupped the plump purse of her genitals then gave a sudden gasp as she felt one finger slip between the lips, slithering in the sticky wetness remaining after Mary N’daga’s earlier attentions.

‘Ah, yes Miss Brown…we already know how much you like a little stimulation here.’ His finger wormed down between her thighs and pressed against the tight rosette of her anus. ‘But here…something here I think Sergeant, something to slide up inside…’ his finger pushed deeper, sliding in despite her attempts to stop him because it was already slick and slippery with her own juices. ‘See, there’s nothing you can do to stop us, is there? Unless you have an address you want to tell me about?’

He looked up and paused, ‘or perhaps you really don’t know.’ Susan’s head came forwards, eyes alight with sudden hope, ‘but a friend might…’ Jonas Kipengi nodded in satisfaction as he caught the faintest of reactions to his words. ‘Just as I thought, there is someone else…and you’re going to give me that name…’ Susan’s head threshed from side to side in desperate denial, anything she tried to say reduced to a series of moans and gasps as she was forced to gulp and swallow continuously. Kipengi’s finger wormed deeper and deeper, each movement bringing another straining effort from the arched figure of the girl. ‘Just one name, that’s all we want.’

She didn’t reply even when he pulled his finger free, wiped it across the taut up-thrust curve of her abdomen and peered down at her. ‘You’re about to regret this stupidity. I am usually a patient man but,’ his fingers stroked the under curve of her breast, ‘my patience has run out.’ He straightened up. ‘Sergeant, get on with it, anus and the wire on her clitoris should do it,’ with that instruction he walked back to the little table holding the transformer.

Mary N’daga hurried over to the bars. Smiling happily she showed Susan the device she’d attached to the black wire. She was holding a short plastic rod. The wire went into one end and from the other a thin metal shaft swelled out into a bulbous tip like a large plum. The metal was chromed and shiny; reflecting glittering pinpoints of light as she moved it in front of the terrified girl.

‘This is going inside…right up inside your bottom, but I’ll be kind and get it all nice and slippery first.’ With her left hand she gently caressed the trimmed patch of black hair on the girl’s mound before moving on to tickle along the crease of each thigh. Watching Susan’s panic-stricken face intently, Mary N’daga gently traced her forefinger round the wet edge of her slit two or three times before sliding it inside the parted lips to tease the inner folds of the girl’s cunt. Just like before, despite her efforts, Susan was soon gasping and straining uselessly at her bonds in response to that tormenting, delicate fingering.

‘Let’s see your little man then,’ Mary N’daga purred, well aware of the growing excitement among the watching men. Thumb and forefinger parted the girl’s labia, exposing the wet, pink inner flesh as she pressed gently at the top of the girl’s slit. Susan gobbled, a liquid slobbering protest as her clitoris jutted out for all to see, a taut little bulb of flesh, glistening with the wetness of her unwilling arousal as the woman’s sadistic fondling continued.

Rolling the girl’s clit delicately between finger and thumb she stroked the metal bulb along Susan’s slit, coating it with her wetness. Pressing harder she worked the bulb between Susan’s cunt lips, using it like a metal penis to bring her to full arousal despite her pain. Slow, deliberate strokes combined with the gentle masturbation of the girl’s clit so she was forced to respond; hips thrusting in little, involuntary jerks as far as the straps would let her, her breathing once more a series of panting gasps as though she just finished a race.

‘Don’t let her come, Sergeant…’ Kipengi warned as everyone watched the girl being forced to react to those skilful hands.

‘Don’t worry, sir…just getting her really wet, it’ll give the wire a better contact so she’ll feel it more.’ As she spoke she moved the bulbous head of the electrode down the girl’s slit sliding it further and further back until it was pressed against the dark rosette of her anus.

At the other end of the bars the black hair whipped from side to side as the nineteen year old felt the slippery dome stretching her anal ring ‘Glo, goh…goh…glo…glaaaaaaah!’

‘Now don’t be silly its going all the way in,’ Mary N’daga giggled again as she pressed harder, twisting her wrists gently from side to side so the metal bulb slowly stretched the girl anus; each movement bringing another bubbling cry and another desperate clenching of her buttocks.

‘Glaaaaah…hoh…hoh…h-hoooooh!’ Susan hooted as the widest part of the bulb broached the opening of her anus. The woman’s hand turned again and the bulb was suddenly drawn deeper inside as the girl’s muscles tensed so her anus closed tightly on the narrow shaft holding the thick, polished electrode firmly inside her rectum.

There was a brief moment of silence broken by the squeaking snap of latex as Sergeant Mary N’daga walked back to the table, pulled on a pair of surgical rubber gloves and picked up the red wire. This time there was nothing attached to it, just the red plastic insulation stripped back from the end to leave half an inch of the gleaming copper core exposed.

‘I want a name Miss Brown…who else might know where James Phillips is at this moment…’ His voice was calm, almost soothing, ‘just an name and you can rest. Why suffer like this when it should be someone else.’ His face tightened as he saw the girl squeeze her eyes shut, turning her head away. ‘We’ll try level four, Sergeant.’ He turned the knob on the transformer and put his finger on the switch. The soft, metallic click was enough to make Susan jerk violently; she craned forwards, eyes staring in terror as the slim black figure of the sergeant moved to the end of the torture bars to stand between her splayed knees.

Mary N’daga gently parted the lips of the girl’s cunt and paused for a moment before touching the bared end of the red wire to the pink tip of her clitoris.


Despite the straps, the tanned body arched up even more, every sinew showing in fierce relief as her muscles knotted in spasm under the kick of the current. For Susan a bolt of pure agony seared through her most sensitive parts, the agony intensified as her bottom clenched around the embedded electrode and increasing the effect of the electricity on the delicate lining of her rectum.


Not content with the single touch, the sadistic Sergeant moved the wire, holding it just above the tortured bulb of the girl’s clit so a series of vicious blue-white sparks arced between copper and flesh, each spark accompanied by an audible fizzing snap of energy that brought another demented, bubbling scream from the girl.

After a minute she straightened up, holding the wire clear as she flexed the cramps from the fingers of her other hand. ‘A name Susan, tell me a name…’

‘Lillyheh…pleeeg…asg lillyheh…’

‘I think she’s trying to say Elizabeth, Sir.’

‘I know, but Elizabeth who? Again, Sergeant.’


This time Mary N’daga stroked the tip of the wire round the base of the girl’s clit, concentrating on the little nerve centres under the hood. She listened to the rise and falls of the shrieks, delicately probing to get the loudest noise and the most violent bucking spasms from the tortured girl as she touched the most sensitive spots.

With sadistic care she kept lifting the wire away, never allowing Susan the relief of unconsciousness but giving her that tantalising respite before bringing her back to another peak of pain. For Susan Brown her whole world was pain, a blazing agony ripping through her genitals again, and again and again. She was trying to tell them the name, oh God how she was trying! But she couldn’t make them stop. The gag and the fizzing agony of the electric current through her genitals turned her sounds into a wordless incoherent series of gobbling, pleading screams.

Finally Jonas Kipengi clicked the switch to ‘off’ and Susan slumped against her bonds, her chest heaving and her head lolling to the side with a thin trickle of saliva dribbling from the gleaming plastic ring holding her jaws apart onto the stained concrete below. He walked over to the bars and lifted her head. ‘Tell me or…’

‘Glibeh…tol ooo pleeeg…’ she paused trying to clear the liquid from her mouth. ‘Lillybeh oh-ohtehgaaa…’

‘Elizabeth Ontenga…do you mean Elizabeth Ontenga?’ he urged. The girl’s head moved against his fingers. ‘Well, well that’s a name I recognise…and you think she will know where James Phillips is do you?’ Her head moved again, more urgently this time as she desperately tried to nod agreement.

Abruptly he turned away, a half smile on his lips as he beckoned Mary N’daga across to the table. ‘I need to make a couple of telephone calls so we’ll pause for a moment. Arrange something for our guests to drink…and we’ll let them relax a little too…you never know she may still have something useful to say.’

He turned to the men sitting beyond the lights. ‘After such a stimulating performance there will be a short break.’ He coughed deliberately, ‘I’m sure Miss Brown will accommodate you if you feel the need for personal relief…’ Coarse laughter greeted his words and a clatter of chairs as the ten or so men got to their feet, each one hot and eager to touch the teenagers arched body for themselves. For Susan it was enough that the wire had stopped torturing her clit although she was still distended by the bulbous electrode impaling her rectum. She ignored the sounds of movement and talking…until she saw a naked, black figure close to her head

‘Let’s see if Jonas was right about that gag,’ the man said and she smelt the rank, fishy odour of the man’s thick, hard cock as he gripped her neck. Holding her head to the side he pressed down on the shaft of his penis and guided the head into the black ring. Gagging on the bulging cock head, Susan’s tongue wriggled against the underside of his glans and she heard the man gasp in pleasure as she was forced to swallow more and more of the man’s cock.

With her mouth filled by one black cock, she couldn’t even scream properly when a second man rammed into the exposed vee of her thighs and buried himself deep inside her already sore vagina with a single, vicious thrust. Strapped down on the bars, there was nothing the tortured nineteen year old could do as both men started fucking her with hard, driving strokes. While each one concentrated on his own pleasure other hands, cruel, skilled hands, reached over to play with her raw, swollen nipples, making her jerk and writhe even harder as fresh agony ripped through her abused body.

Susan’s eyes stared round wildly, trying to see beyond the bulging belly and thick matted hair of the man busily face-fucking her…to her horror she realised that there were just one or two but she was surrounded by naked and near naked men all leering at her, every man fondling himself as he waited for his turn with the white fuck toy strapped down on the bars.

She choked and gasped as her mouth filled with jets of hot, thick semen then was suddenly able to breathe again as the first man grunted and pulled his cock out of the slippery black hole of the ring gag. Crude male laughter added to her humiliation as the sticky mixture of cum and saliva slithered out of her mouth to drip to the floor. With the obscene taunts of the other men in her ears she gasped and cried in time with the pounding thrusts of the man fucking her cunt

But not for long as, almost immediately her head was twisted to the other side and another cock, this one even thicker and circumcised so she could see every detail of the already weeping slit and the engorged veins twining down long brown shaft, bobbed in front of her face. More fingers tore and gripped her hair before her throat was plugged once more and she began that desperate struggle for breath all over again.

Jonas Kipengi, relaxing with a drink and a cigarette in the shadows smiled to himself. A good session so far. Elizabeth Ontenga was on file; twenty eight, listed as a lawyer and, from her picture an attractive woman. Also flagged as a possible subversive…the arrest squad was already on the way. A sudden wave of laughter from the crowd round the bars made him look up. They’d pulled the electrode out of her rectum and now one of them was making use of her anus in a different way. Kipengi smiled to himself again; from the frantic movements of the girl and the sounds she was able to make she wasn’t enjoying it nearly as much as the man was…

Let them have a few moments of fun, Kipengi thought…I’ve got what I needed. His eyes rested on one of the other torture devices, the angle iron welded to the top of the pole… yes, why not, he thought, we’ll see how she enjoys riding the rail in a little while.

Under the lights the sixth man had just started fucking Susan Brown.

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