Silver Scorpion [CORTEZ]

Silver Scorpion

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The Silver Scorpion
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

An earlier story, СThe Agony of FailureТ tells of the beginning of the ordeal for 25-year-old Charlotte Conway and her two maidservants. Betrayed as they try to flee from the city following a failed attempt to overthrow the SultanТs cruel regime, they are condemned to face the skilled attentions of the Lady Lei Chen in the torture chambers below the palace.

As she is forced to watch the torment of her maids, the Lady Lei Chen herself caresses Charlotte to a series of climaxes. Even in the throes of pleasure, the Englishwoman knows that she is being prepared for her own agonyЕ

Unseen in the dimness of the entrance to the cells, the Sultan watched as the young native maidservant screamed and writhed on her metal stake. His gaze moved to the side of the brightly lit chamber, where the Englishwoman still knelt, bound kneeling and astride on her bamboo frame. He smiled as he studied the heaving flanks, the shining, sweat-soaked skinЕ and the little clamps in the shape of golden serpents gripping the pink peaks of her breasts. As usual, the Lady Lei Chen had prepared her victim well…

The Sultan waited until Lei ChenТs girls, Lucy and Weh Ma, had brought the EnglishwomanТs maid to another writhing peak of pain and pleasure impaled on the thick metal phallus. He felt his own penis hardening as he watched the way the rapid, stinging impact of the thin bamboo rods on her breasts kept her in constant motion.

Her tormentors, applying the rods so delicately and skillfully, ensured she jerked and twisted up and down the cunningly decorated shaft without respite. Finally the unbearable stimulation overwhelmed her senses and, screaming in an agony of pain and pleasure, she climaxed once more before slumping forwards to hang senseless from her bonds.

СA most expert performanceЕ your assistants do you credit, Lei Chen,Т the Sultan murmured as he walked into the white-walled brightness of the torture chamber. Behind their master as always, a small group of servants and guards remained in the shadows, ready to respond to every whim of the tyrant. Only a slim, naked slave girl stayed close by his side, eyes lowered, her oiled body gleaming like rich mahogany in the lamplight. Gold rings gleamed at the points of her body, her nipples, her navel and the shaven lips of her sex.

The SultanТs richly embroidered robes swirled round his bare legs as he stopped in front of the bamboo СAТ frame that held Charlotte Conway arched back and kneeling astride. He studied the glistening, tanned figure of the naked Englishwoman, his eyes alight with cruel delight as he saw the thick honey of her juices shining on the junction of her thighs and the puffy, reddened lips of her cunt.

СSo, Miss ConwayЕ now you understand how I deal with those who oppose meЕ I can see you have enjoyed Lei ChenТs attentions whilst your maids have been performing their dances of ecstasyЕТ White teeth gleamed as a sinister smile spread across the SultanТs dark features. He reached down to run his fingers over the full jutting globes of CharlotteТs breasts. Teeth clenched at his touch, she only gasped aloud when he deliberately flicked the two golden serpents whose needle jaws were still clamped tightly round the swollen peaks of each nipple. СЕAnd wearing such attractive jewellery tooЕ.Т

Behind the Sultan, padding silently about their business as their Lord teased the helpless young blonde, the eunuchs lifted the limp body of the maidservant from the metal phallus, freeing her from her bonds so Lucy and Weh Ma, the Lady Lei ChenТs vicious young assistants, could seize her arms and drag the exhausted and broken girl away to the cells.

With the young maidservant gone, the eunuchs quickly removed the stake and its heavy metal base, leaving the middle of the chamber empty once again.

СNow it is time for your own performance…Т the Sultan smiled down at the beautiful figure splayed before him, enjoying CharlotteТs frantic efforts to bring her rapid, panting breathing under control. СI know that the Lady Lei Chen will be most inventive and stimulating in her attentions. I trust you are still in good voice since your song of agony will be longЕ unbearably long for you, I fearЕТ He laughed softly as Charlotte twisted against her bonds, eyes wide with fear and loathing as she gazed up at her tormentor.

СYou monster, whatever you doЕ youТll never have the satisfaction of breaking meЕТ Charlotte gasped, her voice hoarse with emotion and the sexual exhaustion of the last few hours. СYou and that creature of yours can go to hell! AaaahЕТ

She twisted and gasped aloud as the Sultan gently pressed the jaws of the golden serpent still dangling from the swollen peak of her left breast. He looked up as Lady Lei Chen joined her silent assistants and all of them bowed low. The Sultan looked the writhing woman on her bamboo frame, Сsuch vigor in such a delightfully shaped body, my dear. I eagerly await your performance, Miss ConwayЕТ He let the golden clip go and strode across to where a low, comfortable couch was placed on the edge of the central area.

The Sultan settled back, deliberately letting the silk robes fall away from his legs as he relaxed; the conqueror at ease in front of his helpless victim. He smiled as he noted CharlotteТs sudden blush as she caught sight of the thick, upcurving column of his penis tenting the fine fabric across his groin.

Commanded by a single imperious gesture, the slim dark haired slave girl, hurried to her MasterТs side and knelt, bowing until her forehead touched the cool tiles. The Sultan gave an imperceptible nod of approval.

Settling himself back against the cushions, he enjoyed the delightful sensations as the girl stroked the length of his shaft with one hand whilst the other gently massaged the soft, heavy sac of his testicles. Stretching with pleasure under the girlТs delicate fondling, the Sultan watched closely as CharlotteТs torture frame was moved into the middle of the floorЕ then turned to offer him the best view of her outstretched body.

СMy LadyЕ please continueТ

The Sultan let his shoulders relax against the silk cushions as he pressed the slave girlТs head into his groin. Knowing exactly what was expected of her, the naked girl eased the silk robe aside, opening her lips in a wet СOТ to engulf the smooth, domed head of her MasterТs penis.

Just as she began to use her tongue to tease around the rim of the wide glands, the SultanТs fingers tightened in her hair, his voice suddenly thick and quiet with heat and menace. СHave a care my little oneЕ the performance has yet to begin. Attend to your task with skillЕ after all the Lady Lei Chen is always available to provide other stimulation for those who displease meЕТ

The girl shivered in fear, her caresses immediately becoming softer and less urgent as she worked her lips over the thick helmet and down the warm, hard shaft, trying to bring her Master to full erection and arousalЕ but no further.

The Lady Lei Chen permitted herself a small smile of satisfaction as she watched the girlТs careful attentionsЕ She now understood the reason for the young slave girlТs presence in this place. The SultanТs unspoken message was clear in his words to her. There must have been some fault, some word or indiscretion to condemn her. No matter what she did now, her fate was sealed. Once his Highness had enjoyed her attentions whilst watching the torment of the Englishwoman, she would be left behindЕ another pretty present for Lei ChenТs devilish skillsЕ

СHighness,Т her hands traced over the full curves of CharlotteТs breasts. СFor your delight I thought this one should feel the heat of your justiceЕ С Lei Chen paused, her voice becoming softer and more eager, her fingers sliding down to caress the swollen lips and the soft, wet cleft of her victimТs body. СYour Highness may recall how the GeneralТs wife entertained us for so long last month? How she became most sorry, most willing to do anything, anything at allЕ You found her songЕarousing, I believeЕТ

The Sultan nodded, his eyes gleaming with the memory and the thought of applying the same exquisite torture to the Englishwoman on the frame before him. СExcellent, excellent, your little scorpion, of courseЕ let us begin at onceЕТ

Charlotte screamed, the firm globes bouncing and jiggling wildly as Lei Chen casually tugged the golden clips from her swollen teats. She paused, looking down at Charlotte, as she knelt against the polished yellow frame, arched back by her bonds, the red, swollen peaks of her breasts still jutting firmly outwards.

She turned to the near naked figures of her assistants, Lucy and Weh Ma. Their eager cruelty was obvious to their MistressТs expert eye. The polished sheen of their bodies, the rigid nipples and the soft, rapid panting breaths all revealed their sexual heat.

СOh yes, my little ones,Т she smiled, her own excitement rising as she shared the anticipation with them. СIt is your turn once moreЕ fetch me the black boxЕ Then you may use the ivory rod and the little tickler to pleasure her once more. She must be wet and fully roused for all that is to come ЕТ

The soft light from the lamps round the chamber painted the EnglishwomanТs, moist flesh with bronze highlights. Muscle and sinew stood out in hard relief making her seem like some pagan sacrifice. The full globes of her breasts trembled slightly at each shallow, panting breath whilst below the deep, hollowed arch of her ribs; her belly formed a taut curve down to the bulging V of her mound.

Between her parted thighs, the soft, split bulge of CharlotteТs cunt was quite open, the engorged lips slightly parted so the delicate pink inner folds of her labia and the crest of her clitoral hood, still sticky with the dew of her earlier climaxes, showed clearly. The young Englishwoman panted, her breathing rapid and shallow the terror building for she knew from the way she was bound, exactly where the torture would be applied.

СLucy will use the tongueЕ Weh Ma, you may see how Miss Conway responds to that little ivory man you used earlierЕ now she has had a chance to recoverЕТ

The girls hurried to and fro then Charlotte grunted as she felt something nudging between the lips of her cunt. She knew it was the devilishly carved dildo that the girl had used to make her come before. Unable to do anything, anything at all, she moaned as she felt that slow, pleasure-pain as Weh Ma carefully worked the bulging helmet into the mouth of her vagina.

СOh, oh please, I canТt not so soon, ah, aaahЕ AH!Т

Weh Ma paused, grinning up at her mistress from her crouched position at the side of the frame. She knew that last, sharp cry was because the ivory dildoТs enlarged, bulbous head had just slipped into CharlotteТs body. With her mistressТs tiny nod of approval, she began twisting her wrist to and fro slowly, screwing the ridged shaft deeper and deeper into the EnglishwomanТs vagina. Just as sheТd done before, she was making sure that each sharply raised carving rasped against the delicate tissues deep inside her victimТs body.

With the long ivory rod fully embedded, Weh Ma moved her position a little, changing hands to reach under her blonde victim so that she could continue to work the dildo in and out very slowly and deliberately, but leaving CharlotteТs prominent labia and the little flesh hood quite open and untouched for LucyТs attention with the devilish little ivory СticklerТ.

Lei Chen smoothed CharlotteТs blond hair away from her forehead as the young EnglishwomanТs hips began to surge uncontrollably as the dildo worked her towards another peak of arousal. СSo nice, so full inside isnТt it my darlingЕ See you only have to rest for a little while and thenЕ youТre all ready to begin again. No, no, shhhЕТ She pressed her fingers over CharlotteТs gaping mouth, silencing the feeble protest before it was even spoken. СLet Lucy tickle that little nub of yours firstЕ then you can sing your pleasure for us all to hearЕТ

Lucy picked up the little carved wand, fitting her fingers round the handgrip so that the slim neck and the tiny, bulb-like head pointed upwards. Making sure that Charlotte could see, she moved the wet, black triangle of her own cache-sexe aside to slip the head of the little probe between her own labia. Silence fell as everyone watched the tiny, delicate movements of her wrist as she moved the artfully rounded head between the slippery folds to fret against the very center of her clitoris.

СAh, ah Mistress, ah it is so goooood!Т The girl bucked and jerked as she rode each shock of pleasure teased from her most sensitive flesh.

СEnoughЕ go one with your task, or need I discipline you too?Т

The Lady Lei ChenТs voice brooked no argument and Lucy reluctantly pulled the СticklerТ free, the narrow shaft glistening wetly with her bodyТs juices. Wiping beads of perspiration from her face and breasts, Lucy knelt in front of CharlotteТs gently moving hips. She smiled as she watched Charlotte tensing in anticipation, before very slowly parting the hot, sticky lips and sliding the tiny bulb deep into the furrow of her victimТs cunt.

Deliberately teasing the blonde Englishwoman she teased the head round the folds of her inner lips, tickling the fold of skin at the top of her cleft then moving away so Charlotte shivered and twitched with involuntary jolts of excitement. Finally, with slow, delicate movements she worked the head under the little fleshy hood, twisting it gently to and fro to tease and pluck at CharlotteТs clitoris directly.

СHuhЕ huhЕ huhЕ huhЕ ahЕ ahЕ aaahЕ AaaahhhЕ AAARRRGGGHHHH!Т

CharlotteТs chanting grunts changed to a series of wild, ecstatic cries as the exquisite stimulation of the СticklerТ, and the relentless, slow masturbation of the dildo, forced her to another crashing orgasm. On the couch, the SultanТs hips jerked in excitement as he watched the two girls wringing squeals of pleasure from the beautiful Englishwoman as she bucked and heaved against the straps holding her to the torture frame.

СAnd now for my special toyЕТ Lei ChenТs fingers continued to tease CharlotteТs shuddering body, tickling the fine skin under each breast and gently scratching each swollen nipple so, although the two girls had stopped working on her cunt, the frantic heaving of her ribs and her broken, sobbing breaths went on and on. Finally, Lei Chen turned to the black and gold lacquered box the girls had placed in front of the bamboo frame.

Lei Chen raised the lid and Charlotte caught the sheen of silver from two objects nestled in red silk lining the inside. СWhips, needles, pincersЕ all bring the same resultsЕ be it man or woman,Т Lei Chen said almost tenderly as she lifted one of the objects from the box. СBut sometimes one wishes to concentrate on the differencesЕ especially when the seat of so much pleasure can bring the most exquisite pain tooЕТ

At first Charlotte could not make out what her tormentor was holding, then she cried, biting her lip and closing her eyes as the shape became clearer. It looked like a shell, a carapace, an elongated teardrop that ended in a thick, hooked shaft with a rounded end. Made of beaten silver it glittered in the lamplight, the three fine chains hanging from it chinking softly as Lei Chen turned it over in her hands.

СNo, no, please nooooooЕ OH GOD NO!!Т

CharlotteТs head threshed from side to side, as she understood the meaning of the intimately hollowed shape and the raised spine of sharp, triangular teeth dividing the interior. СYesЕ now you understand darlingЕ my little scorpion will cup and hold your pleasure lips whilst this will fit inside that other mouth of yoursЕ the one we have yet to exploreЕТ Lie Chen stroked the hooked tail, a thumbТs thickness at least, so that the young blonde could see the bulb at the end. The size of a small plum, it tapered to a fine tipЕ СI see you understand the nameЕ the shape and this tailЕТ Her torturer smiled coldly. СBut remember that scorpions can sting as well my dearЕТ

She reached down to cup the hot wet leaves of CharlotteТs cunt, working her fingers deep into her body, gathering moisture that she carefully smeared over the inner walls of the torture cup. CharlotteТs muscles locked in fear as Lei Chen carefully fitted the silver sheath over her bulging labia, teasing the sticky lips apart so the toothed inner blade slid up between them.

СOh, G-g-god, Arrrgh, p-please donТt, please IТm so soreЕТ

Charlotte craned her head forwards, desperate to see what was being done to her as Lucy hurried to hold the sheath pressed against her groin. Lei Chen fed the two fine steel chains up the young blondeТs thigh creases then round high on her hips before hooking them together in the small of her back. She licked her fingers and reached between CharlotteТs buttocks to caress the silver bulb. СAnd now to fill that other secret placeЕТ

СAaaaah, no, not there, please not therЕAAAAHH!

Charlotte bucked wildly as she felt the bulb against the tender rosette of her anusЕ a burning, stretching pressureЕ then a terrible, scraping fullness as the silver bulb popped through and the muscle ring clenched round the curved shaft. There was the soft rattle from the chain attached to the base of the tail and Charlotte squirmed and hissed in discomfort as it was drawn up into the soft crease of her buttocks. The Lady Lei Chen smiled at the young blondeТs sudden movementsЕ and pulled the chain tighter and tighterЕ

СNo, please noooooo, ah, ah, ahЕ ARRGGHHH!Т

The silver scorpion was forced tightly against her cunt as the chains dug into the tender skin. Each of the triangular teeth pricked the soft, sensitive cleft. Charlotte realized that the ones at the very front of the diabolical cup were longer! Stabbing pains lanced through her groin as the sadistically placed needle tips bit into the swollen, tender stub of her clitoris.

At the same time, the tension forced the silver bulb, and the hooked shaft, deep into her rectum. Lei Chen brought a further series of anguished grunts from Charlotte as she patted the silver sheath now cupping the EnglishwomanТs genitals so closely. СA perfect fit my dearЕ Lucy, if you would fetch the lamps, we can beginЕТ

Enjoying the sight of the preparations before him, and the wet, slithering stimulation of the slave girlТs agile tongue swirling round the head of his penis, the Sultan awaited the start of the EnglishwomanТs torture. Despite all her pleas and protests, he knew she had no real idea of the scorpionТs true purposeЕ or the agony she was about to face once the little row of oil lamps on their carefully adjusted stand began to warm that artfully designed silver cupЕ

СMiss ConwayЕ I suggest you save your energy. Once Lucy has placed that holder in position between your legs and the lamps are litЕ I assure you that you will need all your strength to cope with the bite of that little toy Lei Chen has strapped so closely to your bodyЕТ

No words came in replyЕ kneeling on her bamboo frame Charlotte watched, wide-eyed in horror as Lucy carefully moved the black metal stand until the wicks of the three small oil lamps were in an exact line beneath the metal sheath cupping her genitals.

СNow you may sing for us properly, my darlingЕТ Lei Chen whispered from behind the kneeling figure. She stroked CharlotteТs cheeks then let her hands trail over her shoulders to cup the soft globes, her lips just grazing the delicate skin behind the young blondeТs left ear as both watched Weh Ma touch the lighted taper to the first lamp wick. СFeel my scorpionТs biteЕТ

The only sound in the brightly lit chamber was CharlotteТs harsh, racing gasps; gasps of awful anticipation as she once again craned forwardsЕ staring mesmerized at the three orange points of flame dancing and flickering between her thighs. Even as she watched, the tiny flames were already dimming the polished surface as they played directly on the cunningly shaped metal.

СAaahЕ.Т The sweat soaked hips bucked forwards a few inches as the first tendrils of heat began to seep through the metal. СAah, ah, ah, ah, no, no, no, noЕ.Т The bamboo frame creaked and rocked as the young blondeТs movement became steadily more frantic. Her gasps grew louder, ringing round the chamber as mindless, pleading words as she fought to cope with the rising agony as the little flames heated the metal unbearably.

The Sultan pressed the slave girlТs head down, forcing his shaft deeper in his throat as the excitement of the EnglishwomanТs torture spurred him towards his climax. СScream for me, scream so you can tell me of your sorrow as you feel the fire of my vengeance!Т

MomentТs later the blazing pain of the heated metal against her inner lips broke CharlotteТs control.


The scream ripped through the stillness as the young blonde seemed to go mad, threshing and bucking wildly so that the torture frame creaked and groaned at the force of her spasms. But there was no escape, Lei ChenТs assistants knew the scorpionТs effect only to well and the straps and bindings on the bamboo frame held Charlotte quite secureЕ mounted astride the flames that were roasting and burning her most sensitive flesh.

СThereТs more yetЕТ whispered Lei Chen between the shrill, animal noises. СCan you feel the bulb beginning to warm up too, beginning to burn deep insideЕ?Т Her fingers worked the EnglishwomanТs breasts, gripping and squeezing the already sore nipples as Lei ChenТs own excitement rose.

СOh GOD! It burns, it BURNS please, ARRGHHH, p-p-please itТs burning up inside meЕ Noooooo!Т

Lei Chen moved her hands, one continuing to twist and squeeze the peak of CharlotteТs breast whilst the other slid between her own thighs, her fingers squirming and wriggling in the hot wet folds of her cunt as she felt her own orgasm building.

On the edge of the central area the Sultan was arched back against the silk cushions as the sweating slave girlТs head moved more and more rapidly as she worked her mouth over the full length of his phallus.

Lei ChenТs finger blurred with movement as her other hand wrenched and twisted the tender peak of CharlotteТs breast in the jolting frenzy of her own release. Then, in a final spasm of excitement she reached behind the screaming, shuddering blonde to jerk the end of the fine chain cutting deep between her buttocks.

Charlotte ConwayТs shrieks of agony became even shriller as the chain jarred the heated bulb against the sensitive, nerve-rich tissues of her rectum. Lifting her face upwards, the young English woman squealed like an animal in her agony. The sounds were the final trigger for her cruel, pitiless tormentors. The SultanТs fingers closed on the slave girlТs hair, thrusting against her face as the jerking spasms of his own climax matched those of the Lady Lei Chen, still crouched over the screaming, sweat-soaked figure kneeling astride the tiny, torturing flames

Trained and obedient despite their own high passion, Lucy and Weh Ma brought soft towels to their master and mistress, helping them to relax and recover from their sexual release. СMove the lamps, LucyЕТ Lei Chen whispered. СLet our guest rest for a moment so she can gather her strength. She will ride the flame many more times tonight as my scorpion teaches her proper respect for his Highness.Т

Charlotte was only gradually aware that the fiery torture between her thighs was growing less. Her head lolled against her heaving chest as she fought the dreadful burning pain; the blistered agony of her labia and the deeper throbbing fire in her anus. Despite her bonds, every tiny movement brought fresh torment as the hot metal of the scorpion worked against her tortured flesh.

Long minutes passed as the Sultan sipped a cooling drink whilst the slave girl gently cleansed his body. Finally, he looked across at the trembling, pain-wracked figure on the frame. СNow, Miss Conway, let us start againЕ as I remember the effect is much more immediate the second timeЕТ

Charlotte Conway was screaming even before Weh Ma had finished replacing the stand. The young blonde EnglishwomanТs eyes bulged in horror as she stared at the tiny yellow flamesЕ each one again flickering and dancing against the soot-blackened curve of metal chained so tightly against the raw, tortured flesh of her genitals…

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