Club Jaded [HINES]


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“If you will sign this confession, you will be allowed to leave this dingy, crowded penal institution and instead will be reassigned to a wonderful place especially designed for sweet young ladies like you.”

“But WardEness, I have done nothing more than steal a bit of food to feed myself after being abandoned by my fiancй! This confession makes it look as though I am some kind of hardened career criminal! Please don’t ask me to do this!”

“Stupid girl, this is simply a formality, something to comply to bureaucratic regulations! Sign it – or would you rather be given another lesson with my assistants’ whip?”

“Oh, no! Please! I’ll sign it. If you think that it will be best for me…..”

And so another young female is duped into signing away her fate. Her ‘confession’ has branded her as another common criminal whose ‘disappearance’ could be attributed to her escaping from this medium-security house of detention in order to avoid the prospect of a longer sentence in a more severe womenТs’ institution. But instead, this attractive female will be the latest inductee into the slave ranks of Club Jaded…

“Welcome, my dear. We are so happy to have another cutie like you to initiate into our wonderful little club. You will quickly get to know your duties here – and all the other special preferences of the Masters and Mistresses who you will serve.Ф

УThe rules here is do not question. Never hesitate. Always obey.”

ФWhat happens, slut? Keep stroking me and donТt dare stop looking into my eye… YouТll start sucking only when you make it hard as rock!Ф

The existence of Club Jaded was a tightly-kept secret; it’s membership was comprised of some of the most powerful members of society. It’s purpose was for the pure pleasure of sex and pain. The slavegirls who were acquired to serve the members would never be able to divulge or expose the Club – because they were always dispatched after they had been used up….

New arrivals were constantly replacing those unfortunates who had just met their fates at the hands of their Masters and Mistresses. Count Jensenoni, the Club President, had the duty of overseeing the incoming slave-meat and he took to his chores in a most thorough and attentive manner. The Count particularly enjoyed introducing the more attractive newbies to the painful joys of anal love. It was so enjoyable to experience the cringing submission of a new slave-bitch as she was forced to accept his hard cock being slowly but rudely up her just – flogged ass.

“Aye, luv, don’t you like the feeling? See how good a bit of hurt does you? Yes, yessss… I know you’ll get to love it…….. and want it….. IТll make you sure you doЕФ

Some ranking Club members like Mr. Meyer paid a steeper membership due in order to have first rights to a new girl of his choice. Belt in hand and his cock at ready, Mr. Meyer would stride into the designated holding cells to examine and make his pick. One night, it was an innocent-looking 19-year old blond named Catherine who was unfortunate enough to attract his attention.

“I like your looks, lass. Just the kind of lovely face and body that gives me the quivers. You remember me Nancy, my sassy stepdaughter Е. YeahЕ I take you with me tonight and see if I can find some ways to make you quiver, humm…? IТll call you Nancy and youТll call me dad, got it?”

And indeed, given the rather brutish nature of Mr. Meyer’s impulses, poor Catherine was quivering! And screaming. Mr. Meyer enjoyed using his belt to break in his newest choice of slave meat. No mere sex for him; his cock dripped it’s cum for the loud cries of his victim as her body was marked red by his flogging… УTell me you are sorry, NancyЕ Ask me nicely to bugger you!Ф

After an hour’s worth of the belt, Catherine was forced unto the “Spiked Bronco” for a most torturous ride before being put out of her misery by a couple of deft run-throughs by Mr. Meyer’s trusty long knife. Her death-throes mingled with the tremors of his own orgasm.

УGoodbye, NancyЕ it was nice meeting youЕФ


Posted 03/14/2004

Not to say that the Mistresses of the Club were neglected in any way. Their lustful ways were just as intense and just as deadly as those of the men. But some ventured the theory that the womenТs’ sexual appetites far exceeded their male counterparts’. Rarely was a slave favored by the Mistresses put to death before a long and relentless period of sexual service. In some instances, even the slave herself was subjected to pleasure – although that was a rare occasion.

“My ladies, let me introduce you to a delectable new piece of pussy for your inspection and use. Her name is Regina and she is here to service your needs. And this is indeed a real treat, ladies, because Regina here is a confirmed virgin – touched neither by male or female. Her tongue, ass and cunt are pure and unused. Until now.”

The elderly Lady Fontune, an ol’ dyke and a founding member of Club Jaded, had her special method of loving her slave to death. Her wrinkled old pussy still dripping from being eaten by her captive charge, the Lady would position the girl on her stomach before slowly prying open her exposed anus with the head of her yard-long metal dildo.

Then there was the wet mixture of the ‘plop – plop’ of the Lady’s sheath and sweating skin against the girl’s whipped buttocks. Along with the girl’s ear-splitting screams for mercy as the oversized dildo gradually tore and ripped her innards.

As her slave slowly began to die under her thrusts, Lady Fontune would whisper sweet words of love in her ears and her old body experienced it’s own now – familiar series of trembling orgasms as combination of the girl’s movements and her own ramming worked to constantly stimulate her swollen slit.

“Uhhhhhh…Darling! My young slut….Die for me…Give me everything…..Uhhh…I’m coming again…. Uhhhhh.!”

One of the favorite Club ‘Shows’ was the “Pease – Or – Die” performances put on by Cassandra, a midget female with a most wonderful sado/sexual streak.

The basis of Cassandra’s routine was straightforward and to the point; thus why the other Members never tired of watching it’s drama played out: Her head braced and held in place, the slave’s task was to eat little Cassandra’s rather sizeable pussy, clit and asshole to orgasm in the best way possible. Cassandra demanded the wettest, sloppiest and nastiest work from the mouth and tongue as she rode her face. If the poor girl could not manage to adequately thrill Cassandra in the way that she wanted, the little Mistress would slowly cut open her throat – to the roars of approval from the on looking Members.

Lately, though, one particular slaveslut face had showed a real talent for being able to make Cassandra shimmy and shake with overwhelming cums. In over a dozens turns under her Mistress, this slave had managed to survive ; sometimes even causing Mistress Cassandra to drop her killing knife as her body jerked in the pleasure of it all.

There are so many stories in the Club. So many different dramas of sex, forced love and death. So many reasons why the Club’s Members pay such steep dues to belong and why they spend so much time there.

But when all things are considered, it’s still mainly all about the slaves; their captive pussies, mouths and assholes that service the every need of the Members.

And knowing that she would probably die, the slave’s submission was more complete, more laced with self-pity and the growing acceptance of her fate. Her only hope was that she would be put to death quickly, not tortured over a long period of time.

Many times, a slave would be told of her upcoming execution in the morning and would spend that last night giving her all to her appointed Superior; whimpering and crying softly as she obediently gave it all up – gave her grunting Superior every bit of pleasure from her abused pussy and ass. For the last time.

But of course, this was still the Club. That meant what the Members wanted, they got. And some of the Members were more cruel than others.

Yes, it was still Club Jaded.


Posted 06/20/2004

A new arrival’s first glimpse of the Club usually was the inside of the Holding Cell. She would be kept there in isolation, with no visitors for the first two days and nights.

Then the cell door would open and two of the Club’s female Overseers would stride in and forcefully introduce themselves to her via an over-the-knee spanking session. It was a very effective method of setting the new slave firmly in her place.

Slave Ruth had repeatedly shown a tendency against accepting her place. The Club didn’t really mind this because they knew that Ruth had, in fact, marked herself to be one of the girls who would suffer a more lingering, brutal death when it as her turn to die.

The club’s weekly ‘Hanging Party’ was just winding down; one last slave was giving up her asshole to a hard fuck before joining her fellow ‘party girl’ on the end of a rope.

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