Command Performance [CORTEZ]

Command Performance

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Command Performance

СLeft, left here for Christs sake! screamed the woman, craning round to see if they could make the turn before the pursuing police car came into view. Instantly, the car slewed across the highway and onto the road leading into an exclusive residential area. A rich, prosperous neighbourhood of large isolated houses, each assured of privacy at the end of long driveways cut back through the stands of mature pines. СWelcome to Placid Hills proclaimed the board, Сplease drive with courtesy at all times.

СKid, slow up and do like the sign says, dont want some snooping biddy reporting a speeder do we

The man, a strong, heavily built figure in his forties, grimaced and grunted but let the cars speed fall back below the limit. СHope you know what youre doin, Glenda turning off aint goin to fool em long. He wiped one hand on his grubby white singlet and patted the stubby automatic on the seat beside him. СBetter to deal with one hick cop than a whol

СShut up moaning a moment, she cut in impatiently. СI told you I had a plan. Look for 3425 red mailbox and a paved drive to a big place almost hidden in the trees thats the one we want. As they drove along the twisting country road, the woman checked the numbers on the mailboxes. She was in her mid thirties, attractive, little make-up and with streaked blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Deeply tanned, she had an air of hardness and command about her. She looked cool and elegant against the scruffy off-white singlet and well-worn jeans of her companion.

A flush of excitement from the robbery and the frantic getaway heightened her tan against the thin fabric of her cream, halter-neck dress. It was clear from the low cut back and plunging СV of the front that she wore nothing beneath it where the material stretched taut over the firm high curves of her breasts, her long nipples showed as hard, sharp spikes.

A wide belt with a square, gold buckle emphasised her slim waist whilst, adding to the blatant sexual display, her long, slim legs were sheathed in black stockings. Shed kicked off her black patent stilettos and had curled her feet under her, allowing her skirt to ride up on her thighs revealing an edge of stocking top in the process. Her whole figure showed the trim shape and fitness someone who was serious about regular exercise.

Suddenly, Glenda leaned forwards, one long red nail stabbing out towards the roadside. СThere, red box, that one that one, drive in Kid swung the Chevy onto the driveway and idled up to the large house. To one side an attached double garage stood open, the metal up and over door fully raised. СOh yeah, just as she said, wide open. Go on, Kid into the garage then pull the door down behind us. Obedient to her orders the man pulled the white Chevy into the empty garage, scrambling out to pull the long metal door down behind them.

The door had only just closed when they heard the rising wail of a police siren. Kid lifted his automatic, grunting in relaxation as the car raced past without pause. Waiting until the sound of the siren had died away he waved the gun at Glenda in anger. СYou knew about this place? How, how come you didnt tell me? And what are you goin to need those goddam toys of yours for?

The woman smiled at his puzzlement and frustration as she picked up a large black sports bag from the back seat. СBecause theres someone here someone whos going to give us both a lot of fun whilst we wait for the heat to die down didnt you say doin a job always gets you extra horny? She turned away. СCome on, shell be practising out back She laughed at Kids baffled expression СPracticing piano, dummy her names Helene and shes eighteen and shes all ours

The two fugitives made their way carefully though the kitchen and across the wooden floor of the hallway to the back of the house. The woman stopped at a solid door. СDaddys a slob, but a wealthy slob built this big room on the back so dear Helene can practice the piano undisturbed and guess what its sound proof! She eased the door a fraction, the rubber gasket swooshing softly as it opened to let the sound of a piano filter out.

Glenda held the door and looked her companion straight in the eye. СYou let me start things off just wave the gun and do your usual Сdangerous and nasty expression so she gets the idea of co-operatin real quick Ill see you get what you want all nice and tight and wetokay?

Kid nodded she was definitely the boss. At this moment all he was concerned about was the thickening bulge in his jeans and the chance to fuck some unwilling teenager. Especially with the added excitement of watching Glenda use her Сtoys on the girl until she was reduced to being their own private and panting fuck slave. Yeah, trust Glenda to have a new victim all lined up hiding out here was gonna be fun

Glenda pushed the door wide so they could both see the entire studio. It was clear that serious money had been spentA gleaming black grand piano took pride of place at one end. It was standing on a circle of polished wood inset into very expensive fitted carpet in a quiet, deep blue colour. Against the far wall was a couch with other chairs, stools and music stands scattered round the room. Books, music and top of the range audio and video equipment filled the shelves lining either side of the heavy, padded door.

They could see everything. No harsh neon tubes here, just ceiling spots highlighting the piano and softer, warmer wall lights giving the rest of the large room a relaxed, welcoming air. Wooden slatted blinds, together with long drapes whose colour complimented the blue of the carpet, protected the triple glazed windows and allowed either a view of the surrounding pine trees beyond the clearing or complete privacy.

The music stopped with an abrupt discord as the girl swung round, her face wide with shock at the sight of two strangers framed in the doorway. Glenda raised her finger to her lips but the girl still cried out as she caught sight of the automatic in Kids hand.

СSsssh! No silly noises now, Helene. Just sit quite still and you wont get hurt Glenda giggled to herself. That was a lie they were going to spend the rest of the day hurting her in all sorts of delicious ways She pressed her thighs together, feeling the sudden wetness as she looked at eighteen-year-old Helene Scott-Mason with growing excitement.

Like Glenda, Helene was a blonde, but her hair was a fine, shining gold in colour. Pretty rather than beautiful with wide blue eyes, she was dressed for casual comfort. A loose high-necked sweater with short, ruffled sleeves hid much of the girls figure although it was just tight enough to hint that she was certainly all grown up in some vital respects.

Her skirt was sensible rather than flattering. With her blonde hair tied in bunches with red ribbons, long bare legs and trainers and perched on the padded leather music stool, Helene Mason-Scott looked a lot younger than eighteen at that moment. She stared back at the two invaders white-faced with shock and horror.

СW-who are you? Why are you here? H-how d-do you know my n-name?

СTake the couch, Kid, listen and relax while Helene here tells you a little story The man swaggered past the shivering teenager, leering at her before sprawling back on the sofa. Glenda put her hands on the girls shoulders, turning her back to face the keyboard. СAll these questions, Helene such a pity theres no one here no one to help at all. After all dear Daddys away in Paris busy being fucked by Melissa I expect

Her hands stroked the girls shoulders, caressing the soft flesh of her neck as Helene jerked back in shock at the mention of her stepmothers name. Glenda tightened her grip, forcing her to keep facing front as she tried to turn. СM-Melissa? Do you know my stepmother? The girls voice trembled, tears trickling down her soft cheeks

The womans long scarlet nails moved down over the girls shoulders, teasing and stroking the upper swell of her breasts beneath the thin sweater. СLets say that she and I have shared some fun a few times Shes like me The hands moved lower, curving deliberately to cup the firm young bulbs as Glenda pressed herself into the girls trembling back. СEnjoys the taste of fresh young cunt something you know only too welldont you?

Glenda licked her lips as her fingers told her that beneath the expensive cashmere Helene was deliciously naked. СWell, well what do you know she murmured feathering lightly across the tips so the girl surged beneath her hands. СOh yes, she told me all about your naughty little adventures The hands pressed and stroked more firmly. СAnd youre going to tell my friend Kid Look, hes excited already. Glenda blew softly in the lobe of Helenes ear so she jerked round, facing the sofa where Kid was sprawled with legs out spread.

The teenager flushed scarlet, catching her breath with a shocked gasp at the sight of Kids unzipped jeans and the thick, heavily veined shaft of his cock jutting back against his belly. His piggy eyes were fixed on the blushing teenager as he slowly rubbed his fingers up and down the shaft, each stroke making the heavy helmet bob gently, the slit already glistening with the first fluids of his arousal.


СOh yes, youre going to be sucking real deep on that in a moment But first youre going to tell Kid what happened when Melissa first caught you in the bedroom

СYou mean

Glendas fingers found the girls nipples once more, slowly circling each one, feeling them rouse and stiffen, despite her obvious terror, under the scraping stimulation of her long nails through the fabric. СYes that morning when she found you with your fingers in your cunt and a silly expression on your face Tell Kid what happened next

СI cant, I just c.


Glendas hand smacked against Helenes cheek like a pistol shot, rocking the girls head sideways. СYou do what we tell you, you stupid bitch! Now TELL HIM! Or Ill slap you stupid

СAaaahhh! Please, please no

Helene looked straight ahead, trying to ignore the stinging redness in one cheek and the awful, thrilling feeling of the womans fingers teasing her nipples. СS-she made me stand up, stand in front of her while she sat on a chair

СLouder, go on, louderTell Kid what were you wearing, and how you had to stand go on tell him or

СJ-just a tee shirt N-nothing else she made me stand up straight with my hands behind my head and my feet apart then s-she she

СTell him or. Glenda lifted one hand in threat.

СI-I had to stand close; so her knees were between my legs and I couldnt bring them together. Then she lifted my tee shirt over m-my-my-my.

СTits, go on bitch, say it she lifted my tee shirt over my tits

More tears ran down Helenes face as she obeyed in a whisper. As she repeated the words, so Glenda mimicked Melissas actions lifting the front hem of the teenagers top pulling the soft fabric up and up until it scraped over the deliciously tanned curves and her pert, naked breasts popped free.

From the sofa there was a muffed groan as Kid stroked himself more rapidly at the sight of Helenes firm young tits with their hard, pink nipples being exposed and caressed so slowly and deliberately by another woman.

СSee, youre getting Kid all worked up guess youll have to suck him off in a minute before he explodes then we can play a little before you get to ride that cock properly Glenda rolled her fingers, listening to the sudden rapid breaths as Helene reacted to her words and the clever insistent fondling that was shooting sparks of illicit pleasure through her tender pink nubs. СBut, dont forget the rest of the story or do you need another reminder?

The fingers pinched the pink teats in warning, making Helene jerk and gulp air. СShe m-made me stand still, very still as she t-touched me just with the ti t-t-tip of one f-f-finger. She made me Helene squeezed her eyes shut and leaned forwards, overcome with shame.

Glenda pulled her back until she was sitting upright and slowly licked the girls ear, working the tip of her tongue round the delicate whorls so that the teenager shivered and trembled violently with a mixture of delight and fear. Glendas voice was soft with lust, one hand lifting the edge of her own skirt so she could stroke the hot, wet silk of her panties, raising her own excitement as she went on with the girls story to arouse Kid even more.

СShe made you cum didnt she just tickling your clit with her finger while you stood there isnt that right? Just once was it, Helene? Or did she go on tickling your clit make you cum a second time; made you cum so hard you wet yourself with excitement? Well?

СT-twice, I c-c-came twice and I w-w-wet myself The eighteen year old broke off, sobbing and Glenda let her bury her head in her hands as she lifted the big sports bag onto the polished lid of the piano. The sound of the zip opening brought Helenes head up once more, eyes widening as she saw Glendas Сtoys.

Glendas favourite was the first thing she placed on the polished top, a black rubber penis gag attached to a jumble of nylon straps, it had fittings that allowed a second dildo to be fixed to the flat end thus allowing a victim to give Glenda a delicious face fuck whilst still silenced by the thick latex cock.

СOh yes darling, these are my special toys she stroked another latex monstrosity, an evil looking black cone some twelve inches high and nearly three inches across at the base. Even more horrible to Helenes fear-filled eyes was the grape-sized bulb on the top and the series of bulbous rounded ridges at intervals all the way down. She shuddered at the thought of the slow, stretching torment of having such a terrible thing inserted into your body then shuddered even harder knowing that was exactly what was likely to be happening to her very soon indeed.

СBefore we start playing I guess wed better take care of Kid before he squirts all over that nice couch. So, lets get you ready Despite all Helenes gasps and protests of horror and revulsion, Glenda grinned as she noticed the teenager had not made any attempt to pull her top down.

СHands behind your back, my little come slut, Glenda whispered to the girl. СIts time for a different kind of performance. She giggled as she saw Helene clenching her fists against her knees defiantly. СAre you going to do it or should I ask Kid to mash your fingers in this piano lid a couple of times? Youre going to do what we want any way so hard or easy? Your choice! She giggled again, Сsilly to waste all that practice after all you cant play with broken fingers can you?

Helene whimpered as she slowly put her hands behind her. СP-please, please dont hurt me Ill do whatever you want but please dont kill me, pleaaaaaaah!

СThats it, bring your arms up and hold your elbows as she obeyed, the girl gasped in pain as Glenda jerked the loop of thin cord tight around her left wrist before lashing it to her right arm above the elbow. Two more twists around the other wrist and the same cinching tie on the other arm followed by a couple of hitches locked the cords tightly, Glenda made sure by pulling on the knots so that there was no chance of the girl getting free.

She reached round and pinched the teenagers hard, up tilted nipples. СTurn and look at Kid just think of how that cock is going to taste in a moment. Kids fingers stroked his glans, making the curving shaft jerk as he spread the drops of pre cum across the gleaming purplish helmet, eyes totally fixed on the writhing figure on the leather stool.

Glenda grinned at the sight and said quietly. СKid, that cock looks good and ready why not rest a minute and get that round stool over here that little black one that adjusts up and down should be just the right height for some nice wet mouth work from our friend.

Helene sobbed and pleaded in vain as Glenda pulled her to her feet, one hand on her bound wrists, the other keeping an agonising, pinching hold on one nipple that allowed her to control the desperate teenagers every movement. Her sobs became even more intense as she watched Kids thick, upcurving shaft bobbing and slapping against his lower belly as he moved the little round stool into position.

СNow, lets see whats under here Glendas hands pulled the plain sensible skirt into a crumpled ring round Helenes waist and both of them smiled at each other in evil delight. No regulation knickers for this one! Helenes face burned scarlet once again as the shiny silken vee of a minute pair of glossy black thong panties was revealed.

СOh, Kid look at those real slut panties Glendas long skilful fingers skimmed over the taut fabric one nail making a soft Сzzzzzzzzz as it scratched over the silky surface. СAnd shes wet too, so wet arent you, my hot little bitch? A single finger wormed between the eighteen year olds thighs, pressing inwards slightly so the line between her cunt lips showed through the sheer fabric.

СNot t-there, oh please dont t-t-touch me the aaah, ooooh!

СJust for wearing those Im going to give you a little treat whilst you suck Kids cock Im going to play with you Just like Melissa does when daddy goes to work But lets have these lovely panties off first Glenda eased the thin waistband down over the girls hips, paused deliberately to cup the girls genitals before peeling the tiny black triangle away from her mound and gently easing the string free from the deep cleft of the teenagers bottom.

СOh Melissas made you shave too! Oh God youre making me so horny. Her scarlet nails cupped and stroked the plump, naked mound, teasing the pouting lips until they could both see the glistening pink slash of the eighteen year olds cunt gaping as her sex lips swelled and parted. From the glinting wet folds the little fleshy peak of her clitoris jutted out like a tiny finger. The delicate masturbation continued until Glenda heard the girls breathing begin to quicken as she tried to increase the maddening stimulation she was feeling.

Glenda stopped abruptly and pinched Helenes jutting nipple once more; using her other hand to cup the firm curve of one bottom cheek, she pressed the girl back to rest on the little stool whilst giggling at her victims gasping, gurgling noises of frustration.

Without his jeans and pants, Kid planted himself in front of the girls tear-streaked face, the heavy, veined meat of his cock inches from her soft, trembling lips. In one hand he held an evil looking black riding crop hed taken from Glendas bag, the flat leather end tag tapping impatiently against his naked leg.

СDont, dont make me, I dont want to, please!

СYou suck real good and maybe, just maybe, you buy yourself a little peace, bitch! You bite me and Ill strip your skin away in strips and thats just for starters Kid growled, the sweat of excitement gleaming on his hairless skull. To Helene he was a figure of total menace.

СHe means it so, open wide, Helene Glendas hand clasped the thick rod, guiding the shiny domed helmet so it brushed the struggling teenagers lips. СOh yes, thats it, lick it all over use that tongue underneath, touch him underneath there, feel it jerk? Thats because he likes that Coaxing her reluctant pupil with soft words she wormed her other hand between the spread buttocks until she could tease the soft, wrinkled rosette of Helenes anus.

By now eighteen year old Helene Scott-Carpenter had given up any thought of resistance. The rubbery dome of Kids penis was fully inside her mouth and she was dribbling and sucking in turns as she tried to do as shed been told and breathe at the same time. She almost choked as she jerked wildly at the womans touch on her anus

Pleeg, lont glot lare, pleeg, pleeeeeggg!

Kid and Glenda exchanged smiling glances as they heard the familiar gobbling frenzy of muffled pleas. Kid simply thrust harder, driving the wet slippery head of his cock even deeper into the girls throat. Glenda waited until the girl was desperately struggling to breathe without gagging and then pushed one long, slim finger right up into her rectum. Impaled at both ends, Helene was lost despite her anguish, she was feeling those first guilty pleasure twinges as Glenda began to twist and move her finger against the tender tissues deep inside her body.

СStretch that neck, give him a nice straight line Glendas voice was husky with excitement as she held the base of Kids cock, guiding it whilst the girls lips slithered over the hot wet surface. СOh, Kid youll love her arse, so hot and tight As she spoke her fingers tightened on his penis, stroking her partner carefully as she felt the tensing jerks that indicated he was on the brink of coming. СHere it comes darling open wide now!

СOh yes, yes, just there, yes Im coming, suck it, suck it harder bitch! Im coming Im c-c-c-commmminnngggg!

Helene tried to pull away but Glenda was ready, twisting her fingers in the girls hair and holding her in place as Kid bucked and surged, fucking her mouth wildly as he reached his climax. She waited for the frenzy to die away then rubbed her fingers in the mixture of saliva and thick, milky cream dribbling and oozing down Helenes chin, spreading it over the girls pouting lips as her mouth filled to overflowing with Kids spurting ejaculation.

СNow show him how much you like it Glendas fingers rubbed the bubbling eighteen year olds throat, making her swallow the hot thick strands as Kid pulled his softening cock from her mouth. Seeing Helenes expression, Glenda closed one hand on the girls jutting nipple once more, pinching in warning as she whispered, Сdont do anything silly here, let me She leaned forwards, licking and kissing the teenagers shiny cum-soaked lips as she continued to move her other finger deep inside the girls anus.

Glenda allowed herself a few moments longer before she slid her fingers free and stood up, pulling Helene with her. СHold her still for me, Kid its cum time for our fuck slut! She reached into the sports bag and took out another thick, latex cock, this one dark blue with black cords hanging from the base. She rubbed the rubber nodules lining the shaft across Helenes lips. СIt buzzessee! Glenda pressed a button on the base and Helene flinched as a demented buzzing filled the room and she felt the soft latex cock vibrating against her cheeks.

СJust like Melissas favourite, isnt it. Helene? She turned it off. СNow before I slide this rubber cock into that hot wet pussy are you going to get it ready for me or do you want it rough? Helenes answer was obvious she leaned forwards, her mouth a wide СO as she closed her lips round the bulbous head of the vibrator. Glenda moved the nine-inch cylinder in and out ensuring that the girl licked the whole surface to a gleaming wetness.

СKid, open her up for me

Kid grinned, knowing only too well what Glenda wanted. He moved behind the girl, pressing against her back and keeping her bottom on the edge of the little stool. Then he slid his hands round and down the inside of each thigh. In one swift movement that gave Helene no chance to resist he pulled her legs up and back, doubling them so her knees were either side of her breasts to spread her cunt achingly wide open.

СThere! All ready for you, Glenda Helenes feet waved frantically but Kid was just too strong and with her hands tied there was nothing she could do

СNo, no, no, no, Oh dont use that thing, please it tickles so much, it makes me cum, please I dont want to please.

СSilly child of course itll make you cum thats what its meant to do again and again and again. And theres still all the other things to play with too Glenda laughed and ran the oversized dome of the vibrator up and down the splayed gash of Helenes cunt. Suddenly, she stopped and pulled her own panties aside. СLets just oil it up a little more shall we? Helene stared transfixed; watching as the blue latex shaft slowly disappeared between the womans thighs as Glenda worked it deep into her own vagina.

СOh fuck thats soooo goooood Glenda moaned as she pulled the rubber shaft out before thrusting the whole oily length deep inside once more. СSoooo fucking goooood! Helene licked her lips hungrily, pressing back against Kids iron grip as she imagined the wonderful stretching pleasure of being held helpless, watching as Glenda began sliding that thick rubbery cock up into her own body.

The naughty dreams turned to tingling reality as Glenda pressed the warm, oily dome of the vibrator against the trembling eighteen year olds vaginal entrance.

СAaaaaaaah yes, go on, yes push it in, al the way, ih, ih, ih, ah, aaaaah, pleeessee! Oh YES!

Helenes mindless pleasure chant turned into a series of little gasps as she felt the two-inch latex glans stretching her wider and wider. Suddenly, there was a jerk and she almost lifted clear of the stool in reaction as the helmet popped up into her soft wet channel. Now there was only the surging feeling of fullness as Glenda slowly worked the rest of the dildo up into her victims body.

СThat nice slut? Glenda whispered as she slowly moved the latex shaft in and out. No words, only a mindless dribbling groan of pleasure from the teenager as Helene Scott-Mason began to reach the first orgasm of her captivity. СTime to cum, baby

One scarlet-tipped finger pressed the little switch on the base of the vibrator.

The noise was hardly audible, just a muffled hum like a bee outside the window, but the effect was delightful. Helenes body jerked and juddered and her breath hissed and whistled as she felt the vibrator come to life deep in her cunt

СUh! Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, nuuuuuuh Aaah huh, huh huuuh!

No words now, just the snorting grunts of pleasure as all the torments of the last half hour were forgotten under the torturing throb of the vibrator. Glenda twisted the protruding end round slowly and deliberately, making Helene surge back wildly against Kids chest in reaction to feeling the devilish rubber nodules rubbing and tormenting the sensitive inner membranes of her vagina so unbearably.

Knowing that the girl was on the brink of climaxing she changed the movement, pistoning the vibrator in and out like a monstrous cock to push the sex-demented teenager over the edge of ecstasy.

Yyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiihhh! Oh, oh, oh Yes, YES! Im there, Im there IM THEEEEERE!

Kid let the girls legs go but kept his grip on her bound arms. Glenda left the vibrator alone and stood to one side her fingers twisting and teasing those rigid pink nipples once again. Helene bucked and flailed like a mad thing, legs threshing in all directions as the embedded dildo continued to milk her cunt, forcing her on to reach a second climax that she was unable to control or prevent in any way.

СOh, oh OOOOH! Oh no, h-hurts no, s-s-stop, oh, oh, oh yes Oh God, yes! Nuh, nuh, nuh Yeeeeesssss! Ah, ah! Aaaarrrrgggghhhh!

Glenda flicked the switch to Сoff and Kid let Helene sit back on the stool, legs obscenely splayed with the skirt still hitched up round her waist and her pink, and glistening cunt lips bulging round the thick blue shaft buried in her vagina. СJust so you dont get ideas about trying to force it out dearie Glenda cooed, bending to fasten the black straps attached to the base of the vibrator high up round each thigh like the side ties of a string bikini

СSo, you and Kid here have had some fun guess its my turn. Kid, just steady her for me for the next bit shell need a silencer I reckon Glenda winked at her partner and strolled back to the piano and picked up the penis gag with its jumble of straps.

СUh, uuuh, p-please, please let me r-rest a moment Ulp!

Thats it open wide again! Glenda giggled as she pinched Helenes nose so the teenagers mouth opened in reflex. She licked the wide end of the short, wide latex cock then pushed it into the gaping СO of the girls mouth. Twisting it to and fro quite slowly and gently, she worked it deeper and deeper until the domed head was pressing against the back of the struggling teenagers throat. Helene gasped and choked as it stretched her jaws wide, reducing her protests to a series of wet gobbling noises as she jerked and twisted in the womans iron grip.

Working with the speed of long experience, Glenda wrapped the nylon straps round the girls head, tightening the Velcro fastenings to hold the dildo firmly in place. Already she could see the black latex surface was gleaming wetly as saliva dribbled unchecked from the corners of Helenes mouth. СNow, my little fuck bitch lets exercise those titties too

The sounds from the girl became a frantic liquid babble as Glenda fixed a thin black cord to the round end of the cock shaft sticking out of her mouth. The noises and sudden wriggling were because Helene had suddenly understood what her tormentor intended to do with the pair of shiny screw clips dangling and jingling from each end of the black cord.

СOlgggg! Pleeeg, O, Pleeeg, Ooooooooohhhh!

СThe more you fuss, the tighter they get Glenda made sure that Kid had a clear view of the girls turgid pink nipple held between the stainless steel jaws of the clamp before she started turning the knurled end of the screw. Glendas scarlet-tipped fingers turned the screw fraction by fraction, both of them breathing heavily as they watched the spongy pink tip being pressed white as the jaws closed in a tiny, agonising vice.

Another half turn and the gobbling sounds became even more frantic as Helene heaved and twisted, trying to give some voice to the agonising pain she was feeling. Satisfied, Glenda let the clip go and Helene bent her head down in an attempt to avoid putting any strain on the line connecting her gag with the fierce metal jaws now gripping the peak of her left breast.

СNice, huh? Just wait till I get this other one in place and you can really show off for my friend. Hold still, bitch! Her sudden scream of rage froze Helene to the spot so she sat shuddering and shivering as Glenda put the other clip in place. СRight, lets show Kid some real emotion this time three full turns should do it

The torturing fingers twisted the little screw turn by turn. This time the pain was instant and agonising as Glenda deliberately tightened the clip as quickly as possible. Three full turns as promised so the whole length of the teenagers right nipple was squeezed flat between the jaws. Knowing how the pain would continue to increase for some moments, Glenda held the whimpering teenager down on the stool, rubbing her mound against the girls back and enjoying the sensations as the teenager bucked and writhed with pain under her hands.

СMmmmmff, Oooo, O, Pleeg, Pleeeg PLEEEGGGG!

СStop whining we havent even started yet. Helene almost leapt to her feet as Glenda reached over and tugged the cords attached to the rubber cock embedded deep in her throat. СStand up lets get that bottom of yours all warmed up shall we

Using the line to the clips like reins she walked Helene round the room in a stumbling circle before bringing her back to stand in front of Kid once more. СNow look up, right up really lift those tits. She picked up the slim black riding crop from the couch and gently tapped the underside of Helens breasts.

СOooooo, Pleeeg!

The girl strained back, pulling her nipples agonisingly taut. СThats better; now, Kids going to give you half a dozen stripes. If youre real good stand still and keep that head right up Ill take the clips off when hes done. If not well, lets just say youСd better be real good. She tossed the crop at her companion. СGive Miss Music here six stingers just to remind her of whos in charge.

Glenda cupped her hands under the girls up stretched teats, to hold her in position as Kid scrambled to his feet. СAlways nice when theres nothing in the way when youre switching a neat set of buns like these

He stepped back, swishing the crop up and down so the girl could hear the vicious Сziiippp behind her back. СForward a little, make her push those ass-cheeks out for me, Glenda. The woman smiled at him over Helenes shoulder and pulled down gently on the clips.

СKeep those legs nice and straight now, and bend over

СN-n-nuh, pleeg, nuh, nuuuuuuh!

Panting and drooling so that strings of saliva fell in silvery chains onto the soft, blue carpet, Helen Scott-Mason bent forward at the waist, arching her back and presenting the smooth, taut curves of her bottom cheeks even more delightfully. Glenda pressed the top of the girls head into her belly, hands cupped under the teenagers body to finger the tortured tips and hold her securely for Kids first stroke.



The eighteen year old jerked so violently that she almost pushed Glenda over. Her trainers thumped on the thick carpet as she did a frantic jigging dance to try and relieve the blazing agony the first searing cut had sliced across her bottom cheeks.

СOne careful now, another five yet before were done with this warm-up set. Glendas voice was silky, caressing the girl and calming that first wild frenzy until she stood quiet once more with her bare, tanned legs quivering violently as waited for the next stroke of the riding crop.

Kid sniggered as he listened to Glendas words God, she was good, he thought. Just teasing and stroking the baby bitch bit by bit until she had her tied and ready for anything they wanted to do to her. He eyed the dull red weal bisecting those tender little cheeks and brought the crop slicing across again to land with another crisp Сthwack.

Once more the tortured teenager jerked forwards at the impact with another wordless wail of pain. This time, Kid cut the third stroke slightly upwards whilst Helene was still hopping from foot to foot. The leather crop thwacked viciously into the soft, tender groove at the base of the teenagers buttocks. The shock, and sudden extra blaze of pain, lifted Helene onto her toes and produced a wet gasping squeal of outrage and agony.

СOh yeah, thats it Kid give her the other three right there, same place if you can. Glenda rubbed her thighs together, feeling the delicious heat of arousal as she felt and heard the girls rising desperation. By the time shed had the rest shell be pleading to do anything to avoid another session with the crop, she thought. Silly bitch did she really think that theyd stop after just one caning?




СOg, Pleeeg, slop, slopp! Aaaaaah PLEEEEGGG!



СQuiet now time for a change of position, slut child Glenda pulled up on the torturing nipple-clamps so Helene was forced up onto tiptoe with another bubbling wail of pain. СKid, lets have her wrists tied in front now. She nodded towards the wall, Сthose fixings between the windows look strong enough

Kid reached up, grunting a little as he lifted one of Helenes awards, a metal plaque, off its hook and leaned his weight on it. СYeah, take my weight let alone hers. Helene whimpered as he opened a pocketknife and waved the blade in front of her eyes. The soft Сsnick of the razor edge cutting the girls bonds was muffled by the teenagers dribbling groans as the cramps and thudding agony of returning circulation in her arms provided a new torment to add to the throbbing ache in her clamped teats and the stinging pain of the from the weals across her bottom.

Using a new length of line it was easy for Kid to tie Helenes wrists in front, any resistance from the pain-wracked girl was stilled by Glenda pulling back on her hair bunches so the movement of her head dragged mercilessly on her nipple clamps, tugging the tips up until they pointed at the ceiling. Kid looped the free end of her wrist tie over the fixing hook and pulled her backwards. The two of them forced her head between her arms then dragged her feet out so she was bent back towards the wall, arms stretched and the tender young curve of her body arched out like an obscene offering.

Glenda tapped the circular base of the vibrator protruding from Helenes cunt. СStill needs a little something extra something to make you show us a little more She rummaged in the sports bag. СOh yes just what you need, darling

To Helene, trying to ignore the way Kid was teasing her breasts and outthrust belly with the riding crop, the leather cuffs and the black, steel rod made no sense. Two minutes later, with the cuffs tight below each knee and the steel spreader bar fixed between them, she knew exactly what the device was for as she fought to keep her balance, her legs now held apart in a wide straddle that left the core of her body wide open.

СI reckon that clit need the same attention as those pretty tits are getting Glenda fondled the engorged lips, wringing another desperate wail from the teenager as she rubbed and flicked her fingertips across the jutting stub of Helenes clitoris. СArent you the lucky one The fingers worked the girls pleasure centre so she bucked her hips, Сyour clits long enough to take my little wooden helper here

СOG! Pleeg, looooo, glont, pleeg PLEEEG!

Helene writhed madly as she saw Glenda snapping the jaws of the spring-loaded wooden clothes peg. Her eyes bulged wide, a thin trickle of saliva dribbling onto her left breast, as she stared down in horror to watch her torturer opening the soft lips of her cunt and positioning the wooden jaws very carefully on either side of the roused and slickly erect nerve stub.

Then, Glenda relaxed her grip


СMoves well, dont she, Glenda? Kid chuckled. In front of the two criminals their eighteen-year-old victim was now doing a frantic thrusting, jerking dance of pain. High up between the tanned young outspread thighs the wooden peg danced and bounced gaily at every twitching thrust of Helenes hips. The frenzied tarantella only made things worse as the cruel jaws remained clamped securely on either side of the girls clitoris, every movement making the peg stretch and twist the tender gobbet of flesh even more and sending fresh stabs of agony through the strutted teenagers body.

NilPianoCortez08.jpg (158927 bytes)

СKids going to stripe down your front now help to spread the heat a little. But first lets get you buzzin again Helene had hardly taken in Glendas words when the woman flicked the switch on the vibrator and the muffled, angry buzzing started once more. Helene shivered uncontrollably as the sore and tender membranes of her vagina were tickled and tormented by the maddening little vibrating nodules lining the latex shaft buried deep inside her.

СFlop ic, pleeg, pleeg flop ic PLEEEG!

The arch of the teenagers body flexed and bowed as she thrust her hips in and out, riding her phantom lover. Kid tapped the crop against the tender undersides of her breasts and then slashed the first stroke down to smack into the crease where the soft curves met her ribcage.



Glenda yanked her head back so that the thin flesh was stretched even tighter for the second stroke.


СNnnnnnnnngggggoooooo! Pleeg, PLEEG!

СOh darling, its wonderful, isnt it all that pain and still you know youre going to cum for me, dont you She gently tapped the wooden peg, setting up a steady remorseless rhythm that made Helene jerk in time with each beat of pain. СDown lower now Kid, ladder her all the way to her slit whilst I play with her rubber cock

Kids penis stiffened, the wide glans gleaming wetly with pre-cum as the heavily veined column bounced and swayed as he lashed the crop down again and again. Just as his Mistress had ordered he laid a ladder of weals down the tanned curves of the teenagers arched belly whilst Glenda knelt and twisted the humming vibrator to and fro. Using the girls gobbling pleasure noises and shrieks of pain to guide her she moved the dildo until it was fretting against that one special place inside the young teenagers vagina.

СOh yes, thats the place isnt it Helene juuuust theeeeere! The low teasing words were matched by a spastic convulsion from the straddled girl as she was driven to another explosive climax by the combination of pain and stimulation. СWhip her mound, Kid and well bring her off again.

Kids strokes immediately became sharper and faster as he flicked the crop against the soft bulging vee of the girls mound reddening the lightly tanned skin and causing her labia to swell and pout even more obviously. The frantic surging thrusts became quicker and quicker whilst sticky trickles of moisture accompanied the gurgling shouts of forced excitement.

For the girl pain and pleasure had mingled become one engulfing surge of ecstasy. She came and came again as the vibrator continued to torment that special spot and the black leather crop beat a tattoo against her body.

Finally they freed her arms and let her collapse on the floor, bubbling and moaning and the vibrator kept her on the edge of yet another orgasm. СChrist, Kid, Ive got to come this little fuck sluts so hot shell melt soon I reckon

СWhat about me getting

СAnother turn. Dont worry big boy. Plenty to play with yet. Glenda reached into the bag once more. СTime for our pet to have a lead I think This time it was a high, black leather collar and lead that was buckled round Helenes slim neck. The girl whimpered in relief as the cord from the nipple clamps was detached from the penis gag

Glenda slipped of her own sodden panties and gasped in pleasure as she slid the gags matching black latex dildo into her own dripping cunt. СTime for you to repay the favour, mouth slut. Youre going to fuck me real good and then well, youll see. Kid, can you move her arms behind again? Kinda like the idea of having her kneeling for this

As Kid hurried to obey, Glenda slowly eased the shiny cock free before clipping it to the base of the gag. It now seemed that Helene had a full-sized penis curving out from her mouth. Glenda tugged on the lead so that Helen was forced to shuffle on her knees to where a table rested against the wall. Glenda sat back, resting against the wall and lifted her legs, opening them wide so her cunt gaped wide. She parted the heavy brown lips with the finger so one hand and pulled on the leash with the other.

СCome on doggie, fuck you mistresss arse nicely now. She guided the thick latex shaft until the domed head was nuzzling against the puckered opening. СPush doggie, push aaaaaah! Oh God, yes, go on, push, push… Yeeeees! Kid pulled a battered camera from the case and carefully focussed on the girls bobbing head as it moved to and fro. Glenda pulled her thighs up even more, her fingers strumming the nub of her own clitoris as she felt the ribbed shaft reaming deep into her rectum, building and building that orgasm she had been waiting for.

СOh yes, yes Im coming, Oh God, t-thats soooo goooood! Ah, ah! Aaaaah, Im gonna spray you fuck slut, yes, yes YEEESSSS!

Jolting and crying with ecstasy Glenda held her labia apart so a thin stream of piss sprayed across the girls face. The leash held her in position so she could only close her eyes against the stinging spray as her head continued to rock to and fro, continuing the steady, deliberate mouth fucking she was giving her tormentor.

Eventually Glenda pushed her away so the teenager sprawled across the blue carpet. Kid continued taking photos whilst the two women recovered. Glenda stretched like a big cat and padded across to the shivering girl, СUpsadaisy darling, time to play with that bottom of yours now

She got Helene, trembling and glistening with sweat, to her feet by the simple expedient of pulling on the black cord from the little silver clamps. СNow I guess that we can just hook you up to the same place as before Helene squealed as her breasts were pulled upwards as Glenda hooked the cord over the wall fastening Kid had used half an hour earlier to hold the girls hands. СMummmm need to get you displaying those tits a bit more Kid, theres another spreader and cuffs in the bag Clamp our little playmates arms will you

Kid expertly buckled the cuffs above each elbow and then pulled the struggling teenagers arms backwards to clip the steel spreader between the cuffs. Now her arms, just like her legs, were pinioned helplessly only this time the effect was to compress her shoulder blades and force her breasts into even greater prominence. Glenda unclipped the mouth dildo but left the penis gag and the still-buzzing vibrator in place.

СIg slo tlired, pleeg dont hurlg mlee, pleeg

Glenda stroked the girls jutting globes very delicately. СGuess what its tit for tat time. I let you fuck me in the arse now Kid is going to do the same for you with that cone

Helenes scream was the loudest yet as she threw herself against the wall, ignoring the pain and bruises as she tried to clench her buttocks and arch away from the horrible tapered rubber device that Kid was holding. Glenda rubbed her fingers in the juices coating Helenes thighs before anointing the cone so that the bulb at the top and the widening rings all glistened and gleamed with her cum.

Just like the devilish vibrator, the teenager could see the cone had tie strings dangling from the base. СOkay baby lets see how well Melissa fucked you Kid, try three ring to start with slowly though, dont want to tear her yet

СPleeeeg! Mufff, nuh, nuh, nuh! Gggggggggggggaaalhhhh!

Kid held the cone by its base and touched the grape-sized nodule on the tip against the rosette of the girls anus. Using a slow twisting movement he pushed the bulb inside then waited for Glenda to begin. Just as a few minutes earlier, Glenda began to twist and move the vibrator against the girls wildly sensitive tissues.

This was a familiar and enjoyable game between them. As the girl responded to the vibrator so she relaxed slightly and Kid was able to work the cone a little deeper. Then, as she bucked at the stretching pain in her anus, Glenda flicked the torture peg still gripping her clitoris.

Millimetre by millimetre the evil black cone was worked inside. Helene screamed when her anus popped over the first ring She screamed even more when the second ring went in. The two of them worked her up to a frenzy then, on the peak of cumming once again, Glenda undid the peg and began flicking the swollen bud with her fingertip. As the sensation and the blazing pain of circulation triggered her orgasm, so Kid twisted the cone again and felt the sudden jolt as the third ring slipped up into the girls agonisingly stretched rectum.


The animal scream echoed in the elegant room as pain and pleasure once again forced Helene into realms of feeling shed never imagined. As she jerked and cried, Kid held her so that Glenda could tie the cone in place. Almost as an afterthought she flicked the vibrator off as well. Then, knowing exactly what would happen, they stood back.

Helene, writhing and lost in the throes of passion, finally relaxed and fell, collapsing in a near faint or would have done if shed remembered how she was tied.


This time the cry was a single scream of pure agony as she ripped the two clips from her nipples as she fell to the floor. Still gagged she flopped around like a landed fish trying to do something anything to help soothe the blazing agony in the raw tip of each breast.

СSilly bitch all her own fault too Kid grinned as he watched the flopping figure. He chuckled as Glenda reached down and ripped open the Velcro fastenings and removed the penis gag. СOh yes, my turn again…yes?

СYeah, Kid, kneel up on the table I used whilst I get missy here ready for her next performance Glenda whispered in Helenes ear. СTime for you to suck Kid again Choice is yours. Nice and easy or do you want me to lift you by those tits of yours?

СNooo, dont, no Ill d-do what you w-want

Okay, then, come over to the piano, theres one thing you need. She held two polished rods for the teenager to study. СYou take these or I put those clips back on Whatll it be?

СW-what are they, what are they for?

Glendas hand cupped the full globe of Helenes breast. СTheyre titty clamps hold you firm whilst you deal with Kids excitement.

СOh no, no, no I cant Arrrggghh!

Glenda tweaked the raw peak of the teenagers left breast. СThen Ill get the clips from the wall shall I?

Helene shook her head frantically and stood waiting. Glenda tucked one bar under the girls breasts and laid the second across the upper swell of both. Putting the first of the industrial strength elastic bands over the bars at one end was easy. Then Glenda clamped down on the other end

She was able to slip the band into place before Helene reacted, pressing the soft globes so that the ends ballooned out, bulging and bright pink. Of course she had not told the teenager that using the rods would also make the nipples swell and stick out even more adding to the pain cause by the earlier torture of the clamps. Neither did she mention how the breast bars would prepare those tender tip for the beating they would be getting later on from a very thin and whippy rattan cane than was still hidden in the toy bag

Tying the bars was enough torture for the moment though. Helene was whimpering and crying once again as Glenda led her back to the table where Kid was kneeling, the thick, wet shaft of his cock arching up like a domed pipe from the thicket of his groin. Glenda flicked the free end of the wrist rope over the light fitting and lifted Helenes arms so she was forced to bend towards the gleaming head of Kids penis.


Helenes mouth opened in shock and Kid thrust the wide glans between her lips as Glenda swung the crop across the stripes already lacing the young teenagers bottom. СGet sucking, fuck slut, the quicker Kid comes the quicker I stop

The second stroke punctuated Glendas words and the girl opened her mouth to engulf the hot male thickness once again.

As the eighteen year olds head began to bob up and down so the flat, thwacks of the crop sounded a regular pulsing rhythm. Glendas other hand reached between the girls legs and flicked the switch on the vibrator to a higher, stronger setting.

In her beautifully equipped, soundproof music room, Helen Scott Thomas had only just begun her performance.

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