Heated Discussion [CORTEZ]

Heated Discussion

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A Heated Discussion
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Nina Mendoza was only just twenty-one. She had been working with the rebels for six months. She had been a prisoner of the military junta for just over half an hour.

Ambushed whilst returning from a raid on a small police post, she had been separated from the others immediately, hooded, tied hand and foot and thrown on board a river gunboat. Still dazed from the brutal attack, she was left alone in hot, sweaty darkness, her mind panicking as she remembered all the stories shed heard of the kinds of interrogation and torture methods that the security forces used to question suspects, especially young women.

Two hours later the boat arrived at a landing stage on the edge of the city and, still without any words or orders, she was manhandled ashore, pushed into a jeep with the black hood still over her head, and driven away at speed. When the jeep finally stopped, coarse hands dragged her out of the seat, ripping her shirt before letting her fall forwards. With her hands lashed behind her there was nothing she could do to stop her bare knees scraping painfully as she tumbled onto the rough ground.

СIs this is the one the message was about? A quiet, cold voice silenced the chatter around her.

СYes, Colonel, Captain Morales thought you would wish to question her personally. Her papers say her names Angela Gomez but shes really Nina Mendoza, student until last year. Minor dissident from the record, leaflets and so on but only one arrest until now. Headquarters have her on file as Jimenezs ex-girlfriend. Shes been isolated since we got her.

СGood, take her down. Hut two

More hands pulling her upright, marching her across the hot tarmac at speed, then steps up followed by the relief of smooth wood underfoot, boots echoing on floorboards and the sounds of people calling and crying muffled somehow. Then the creak and thud of doors opening and closing, a few more steps and she felt warmth on her face.

The black hood was ripped away and Nina Mendoza screwed her eyes up, twisting her head away from the sudden glare. She was inside a strongly built wooden hut. No windows but spot lamps bolted to the roof beams made a circle of light in the middle of the floor. The heavily built soldier who had brought her down simply pushed her forwards into the pool of light. She could only see with difficulty because the thick hood had left her long black hair, matted and wet with sweat, plastered across her forehead and pasted down against her high cheekbones and the smooth delicate curve of her jaw.

Gradually adjusting, she began to see a little more in the dimness beyond the lights. There was the glint of chrome and steel, the outlines of ropes looped across the beamed ceiling and the single red eye of something electrical on a bench at the back. Nina Mendoza shivered, despite the fact that she was still wearing her khaki shirt and shorts, wondering how long their feeble protection would last now Then as her sight adapted she realized that there was a desk in the shadows with the outlines of two people, a man and a woman, behind it.

Colonel Marcos smiled in the darkness as he watched his latest victim. He knew, despite her obvious fear, that she didnt have any real idea about the things that they were about to do to her. He leaned forwards, forearms resting comfortably on the desktop.

СI am Colonel Marcos, Chief of National Security, he said in a soft controlled voice. СI collect information. My team and I are experts in encouraging reluctant individuals to tell us what we wish to know. Individuals like you, really His voice brought the pretty young students head jerking round as she tried to see through the hot glare of the lights. She took two paces back then winced as the guard gripped her upper arms, holding her still as the man got up and moved into the pool of light in front of her.

The colonel was in his forties, slim, black haired and dressed immaculately in a freshly ironed white shirt and dark gray trousers. His black hair was slicked back from his forehead and a small moustache showed as a dark line along his upper lip. A thin scar, whiter against the tanned skin, ran from the corner of his left eye down along the line of his jaw. Nina Mendoza moaned softly, shivering as she saw the hot, cruel spark in his eyes, knowing this man was dangerous; not only powerful, but someone who enjoyed using that power to enjoy the slow deliberate cruelty of torture, especially the torture of women.

Suddenly defiant she glared back at him. СYou cant keep me here, you bastard. Ive done nothing to you. Your men attacked us without warning. She faltered. СI dont know any secrets, really I dont. Please you must let me go, you must. I wont tell anyone about this place. I dont even know where we are, p-p-p-please

СLet you go? Why on earth should I? No one knows or cares you are here besides, we havent even started yet. One fined-boned hand cupped the soft weight of her breast through her shirt. СTheres all this delightful flesh to play with He stopped, forefinger and thumb rolling the stub of her nipple to and fro so that she bit her lip at the sudden surge of arousal. СBut, the fingers pinched so she gasped aloud, СIm afraid youre a little over dressed for the things we want to do to you. So you can start by taking your clothes off

СNo, no, I wont, you cant do this you cant

СNina, Nina the colonels voice calm and reasonable as though chiding a reluctant child. СPlease believe me when I say I can do anything at all I want to here You have a simple choice. Take your clothes off on your own or I will leave the room for a few minutes whilst Jorge, the big man who brought you in here and who is now holding your arms so securely, to do it for you of course he may get a little excited as he does it one of his favorite games is to see how long it takes to undress someone just using a whipbut its your choice.

There was movement behind his shoulder as the woman stepped forwards. СOr perhaps you prefer the feminine touch Lieutenant Perez, perhaps you would be so kind as to assist our guest. Nina peered at the trim muscular figure with full lips and fine features. Her black hair was cut short and she wore almost no makeup.

She was wearing a short white doctors coat, buttoned so it emphasized her figure and the firm thrust of her small pointed breasts, no tights or stockings and soft black shoes. Without being told, Nina was quite sure suddenly that the lieutenant was completely naked beneath the white cotton. She also saw that the womans eyes were alight with that same hot, eager excitement that she had seen in the Colonels face.

Trembling with fear, but scared stiff of the threat posed by the soldier guarding her, Nina Mendoza gave in and slowly unbuttoned her shirt. Her body was firm and young enough for her not to need the support of a bra. As the tattered garment slipped from her shoulders, she immediately wrapped her arms across her body clutching the cloth against the firm peaks of her breasts in a vain attempt at concealment. Before she could do anything, Lieutenant Perez eased the crumpled garment from her hands very gently.

СVery good, now the shorts. please. The colonels voice was quiet, but firm and insistent. Nina half-saw the woman reaching for her hips but twisted away, determined to finish what shed started. She undid her belt and zip then let the stiff material fall away.

In the hands of her cruel and merciless captors, twenty-one year old Nina Mendoza was left standing alone, clad only in a brief, white thong riding high on her hips. The sheer material was so soaked with sweat that it was almost transparent. Pasted against her moist tanned skin she was suddenly conscious of the way the fabric was cupping and emphasizing the bulge of her cunt

She tugged the thin elastic waistband down over her hips. As the young student peeled the brief wet triangle of cotton away from her body, the colonel was able to see the smooth, naked V between her thighs, a V that ended in the deep inrolling slit of the girls shaven cunt. Before Nina Mendoza had a chance to pull the scanty web of material from between her buttocks, she felt another pair of hands, hands with slim, strong fingers, easing the cord free, pulling her panties down her legs until she could step clear of the sodden scrap of fabric.

СVery nice nice and firm, Anna Perezs voice was a soft menacing whisper as she stroked Ninas thigh before tracing one finger very delicately along the line of her slit. СI think this rebel bitch is ready for you now, sir.

Nina twisted, crossing her legs to shrug off the lieutenants caress as she looked at the colonels calm, cruel gaze. There was a sudden clatter behind her. СNow, my dear I think wed better have you sitting down, Jorge has put a chair out ready for you

Nina looked round. In the middle of the wooden floor was a battered tubular frame chair. The canvas backrest and seat had been removed but metal rings had been welded roughly to the base and back rails. She stared unmoving at the bare metal frame, horrified by the captains words.

СOur guest seems to be confused by the word chair. Youd better help her, Jorge, Lieutenant Perez will see to the straps. Jorge grinned, tightening his grip on Ninas arms and pulling her backwards until her legs met the front edge of the frame. Instinctively, she sat down, hands clutching the sidebars to stop herself sinking down through the gap where the seat had been.

СLegs apart, right apart over the side bars and feet back behind you, if you dont mind the Colonel ordered quietly. Nina winced as the metal frame dug across the backs of her thighs as she spread her knees wide apart to get into the position the captain wanted. She felt Lieutenant Perezs hands lifting her ankles, lifting them backwards until they were hard against the rear legs of the chair and her legs were almost doubled back under her. Nina jerked and gasped as she heard a zipping noise and felt the sudden fierce grip of nylon ties being yanked tight round each ankle in turn.

СNow arms behind your back, rebel girlie

There was another zipping noise and more fierce, biting pain as the lieutenant used another of the unbreakable nylon fastenings to fix Ninas wrists together before dragging her arms back and down and clipping them to the middle of the cross bar at the base of the seat.

As Jorge pulled her arms together behind her body, Nina could feel herself being forced to arch back over the frame. She knew that they were tying her in this way deliberately, forcing her breasts into even greater prominence, but there was nothing she could do to prevent it. A moment later she cried out in pain as Jorge made things even worse by cinching a broad leather strap round her upper arms, just above her elbows. Ninas shoulders creaked in protest as they were twisted back against the joints when the strap was pulled yet another notch tighter to lock her elbows together painfully.

Satisfied with the jutting pose of Ninas breasts, Lieutenant Perez and Jorge quickly wrapped more soft, well-used leather straps high up round each of Ninas thighs, passing each one under the metal frame of the chair as well. The lieutenant let the heavily built guard cinch each strap as tight as possible, clamping the young students thighs wide apart to leave her cunt and anus wide open and ready for her expert attentions.

In less than three minutes, Nina Mendoza was seated helpless in front of her torturers, tears trickling down her cheeks, her breasts jiggling and bobbing provocatively as she twisted and writhed against the cruel restraints that held her fast. Splayed and tied down to the metal chair frame there was now nothing at all she could to protect or shield the soft, sensitive points of her body from whatever they wished to do to her.

The Colonel stroked her long, black hair; teasing the wet strands away from her tear-stained cheeks. He cupped her jaw and pushed her head back until she was staring up at the ceiling. СNow, my dear where is Jimenez hiding at present? Where is the printing press?

СP-p-p-p-p-please, I dont know what you want. Ive told you Im not a rebel. Please dont hurt me, please.

The colonel shook his fingers so that Ninas head rocked from side to side. He gripped her jaw between his forefinger and thumb, and smiled. СJust as I expected you show a foolish and misplaced spark of defiance, my dear. Lieutenant, shes all yours. I think well try the copper clips first

Nina Mendozas breath rasped in the sudden silence, her chest heaving as she panted with growing terror at the colonels words. СNooo, please, dont touch me! Id tell you if I knew, please believe me Even as she pleaded she twisted her head away from the colonels cruel gaze to watch Jorge placing a small table at the side of the chair frame. The top was empty but there was an ominous collection of electrical equipment on the lower shelf.

Nina choked back a back a scream as she saw the contents of the stainless steel tray that the sergeant put down on the tabletop: a collection of long shiny needles, each one carefully mounted in a cork handle, some vicious looking copper clips, matches, candles, even a pair of long-nose pliers and a small gas torch. СNo, no you cant. Ill scream, please.

A warm tongue licked the whorl of her ear. СOh yes, you will Ill guarantee that. Lets make you all nice and stiff for me, yes? Nina bucked uselessly as Anna Perez slid her hands over the young students naked shoulders; moving down until she was cupping the weight of Ninas full breasts in each hand. Her thumbnails moved to and fro across the peaks of her nipples in an exquisite scraping movement so that they rose and hardened despite Ninas every effort to stop her body responding.

The sergeant rolled the thickening stubs between finger and thumb. СYou like that? Oh yes, so long and thick now her fingers milked the girls teats relentlessly. СTime to decorate your tits my darling

The lieutenant leaned across and picked up two of the heavy, copper clips, As she pressed the jaws of one clip open, Nina saw that the inside was lined with sharp, needle like teeth. Holding Ninas left breast and using her finger and thumb to keep the peak steady, the Lieutenant moved the gaping jaws over the rigid swollen nipple. Then, after a long, tormenting pause, she relaxed her fingers allowing the powerful spring to clamp the jaws shut.

СOh God! Aaaaah noooooo! Take it off, take it off, p-please, oh please its hurting me. Please

In reply, Anna slowly licked the inner curve of her victims ear, making sure that Nina felt the heat of her own excitement. Then she deliberately jiggled the girls breast to make the heavy clip bobble and bounce on its stub of flesh and bringing another series of mewing cries from Nina.

Lieutenant Perez let the girl absorb the full agony of the tiny needles puncturing and gripping the wildly sensitive peak of her breast before placing the second clip. This time she let the jaws close very slowly so that Nina could watch the needles lancing into the nerve rich tip until she squealed aloud as the sharp agony of their points was increased by the slow throbbing pain of the springs biting pressure.

Thinking that the clips themselves were the torture, Nina gasped and strained in her straps. Her breath whistled in her throat as she tried to adjust to the dreadful stabbing pains in the peak of each breast. Her head fell forwards and she slumped against her bonds as Anna Perez turned away.

Then she heard the pop and soft roar of the little gas torch. She writhed madly, her efforts rocking the metal frame so it clattered against the wooden floor. The colonel stroked the soft skin of the young students neck, enjoying the glossy sheen of sweat on her body. As Nina struggled, her wet, slick breasts bounced and swayed wildly. Every movement made each copper capped nipple jiggle and dance. For a moment the only sounds in the torture room were the soft roar of the flame and the terrified, panting breathing of the pinioned girl.

СNow, have you remembered where your boyfriend, Jimenez, might be yet? No, well let me tell you what happens now. Lieutenant Perez is going to use the torch to heat the ends of the clips you are wearing so prettily. Theyre made of copper and conduct heat excellently, which is something that you are about to find out. Of course, if you want her to stop then.

The colonel paused, studying the young womans jutting breasts and the way the spiked jaws gripped the full length of each thick nipple. СOh by the way, those clips come in threes so, while you are learning about these two you might want to think about where the lieutenant will be placing the third one in a few minutes in your memory doesnt improve

The colonel moved away to sit down in a comfortable armchair in the shadows. СJorge, hold her shoulders. Once they heat up shell want to wriggle quite a bit I suspect

The heavily muscled guard clamped his hands on Ninas shoulders; holding her torso still as Anna Perez carefully adjusted the little gas torch until the flame was a barely visible hissing blue jet. СWatch carefully just let me warm the end for a moment… Craning her head downwards, Nina looked in horror as the lieutenant carefully played the hot blue flame to and fro over the thick, copper end of the clip dangling from her right breast СCan you feel it yet?

She smiled as she saw the girl twitch suddenly in Jorges firm grip. In the silence they could all hear Ninas sudden racing breaths as she tried to ride the first tendrils of heat lancing into her nipple.

СAh, ah no, no ah, ah, ah Aaaaahhhhh! Oh God! Arrrggghhh!

The girl squealed in agony as the scorching heat finally seared through the copper jaws into the length of her nipple. Each one of the impaling needle teeth was now sending a fiery shaft of pain deep into the delicate tip.

Anna Perez ignored the frenzied cries as she continued to play the hissing flame onto the end of the clip. Behind the chair, Jorges fingers were white with the effort of holding the pain-wracked girl in position, clamping her shoulders down so that she couldnt twist herself away from the continual burning agony of the red-hot copper jaws.

СNo, No! Nooooooo, Aaaaaah!

The girl grunted and whinnied, her body arching back so that the tendons showed like cables beneath the skin as the blazing agony went on and on. The animal noises subsided into a series of panting grunts as Anna moved the blowtorch away and stretched languidly.

The Colonels soft voice came out of the darkness. СNow, Nina, you understand what its like what we can do to you Lieutenant Perez is going to warm the other one now unless youve remembered that address yet? Drops of sweat rolled down the twenty-one year old students flanks and dripped onto the stained planks below the chair frame.

Her eyes widened, pleading silently and hopelessly into the colonels calm gaze as she shook her head from side to side. A smear of blood showed in the corner of her jaw where shed bitten her lip in agony. СAh well Go on Lieutenant, I think she wants you to try the other one now

The hissing point of the gas flame swirled round the clip dangling from Ninas left breast and another silence fell as everyone waited for that first, anguished cry. Twenty seconds and Nina grunted in outrage as she felt the burning agony building up in her other nipple. Her mouth opened in a wide СO as she gasped for air, once more trying to ride the scalding pain. Another few moments and the young student was again surging and bucking in her straps, screaming in agony as the flesh of her nipple was seared and scorched by the hot copper jaws.

СIiiiieeeeeeeeh! Ah no, no, not I cant, p-p-p-p-please dont, n-no, p-please Ah! oh God, no, no, God! NOOOOoooooooo!

The metal frame jittered against the boards in a frenzied dance as Nina writhed and jerked against the harshly tightened straps and the cruel hands that held her down.

Anna Perez squeezed the base of Ninas breast with one hand, lifting the copper clip so that she could play the needlepoint of flame more directly on the end of the jaws. The metal darkened as the searing heat played across it and the young students head rocked to and fro in an ecstasy of pain. An acrid smell of scorching filled the hot, close room.

The wild animal cries echoed round the shabby hut for long minutes before Colonel Marcos gestured to his assistant. Anna Perez twisted the valve shut and the hissing died until the blowtorch went out with a soft popping noise. СUnclip her, and lets take a look

Ninas screams died to a babbling exhausted noise as her head slumped down on her chest. Jorge released his grip on her shoulders watching avidly as the Lieutenant slipped on a heatproof glove before removing the still hot torture clips from the girls nipples.


A single high-pitched scream pierced the air as Anna Perez ran her fingernails over the scorched, swollen tips of each breast. СNo real damage, Sir, very red and a little blistering on one but thatll just add to the effect when we come back to them later. Give them half an hour and the swelling will make them twice as sensitive

СNina, Nina! The Colonel paused and let Anna lift the girls head so that she was forced to look into the colonels pitiless dark eyes. СThats just the start Youve felt the pain of just a few minutes just imagine what you are going to feel in a moment or too unless of course youve remembered that address? He waited, watching the girls sweat soaked breasts jerking up and down as she fought for breath. Still so stubborn very well, lets try somewhere else. Lieutenant, perhaps you would like to prepare our guest

СOf course, Colonel, Anna licked her lips, understanding exactly what the colonel had in mind. This was the way they worked so often; a first agonizing session then playing with the victims body to arouse and torment them, making them climax again and again before bringing them on to peak after peak of agony until every secret was dragged from them the victims willing to say anything, anything at all, to stop that slow, careful torture of their most sensitive flesh.

Anna Perez knelt in front of the metal chair frame. СOh yes, all wet and ready for me Her hand cupped the thick fleshy leaves of Ninas labia, squeezing and stroking the moist lips very gently as she watched the girls expression change. Continuing the gentle milking action with one hand, Anna Perez reached deeper between the girls legs using just the forefinger of her other hand to first tease up into her vagina, then swirl round the crinkled rosette of her anus before probing up into her rectum.

Long expert in this kind of deliberate masturbation, Anna Perez chuckled as she heard the sudden catch in the girls breathing and the involuntary twisting surge of excitement as she responded to the Lieutenants careful fingering.

СNo, please a-ah, no dont p-please ah, aaah, p-please. Oh p-p-p-please nono noooooooooooo!

Ninas cry of protest came as she saw the lieutenant holding a third clip in her other hand. СOh yes just as the colonel promised, she purred. СJust let me slip it over this little nub of your and.


Nina bucked forward so wildly that the chair moved a foot or so across the floor. But there was nothing she could do to stop the copper jaws closing on the bulb of her clitoris. Anna Perez sat back on her heels as the girl fought the biting agony of the clip. She smiled in a moment or to the rebel bitch would really have something to squeal about. She flicked the thick copper stub dangling between the glistening lips of the girls cunt, listening to the frantic pleas as Nina craned her head forward to see what was being done to her.

The colonel broke the silence. СNina, my dear, unless you can be a little more helpful Im going to ask the Lieutenant to relight that little blowlamp and warm that other clip for you and after that there are all sorts of toys the Lieutenant is eager to try on such an attractive young subject. Please believe me when I tell you that the pain you felt earlier is nothing against what you will feel from now on The Colonels voice caressed her like warm silk. СOf course, its entirely your choice, my dear; Jimenez and the printing press or shall I allow Lieutenant Perez to show you some of her more intimate techniques shall we say?

Ninas pain-wracked breathing rasped in the stillness, her head shaking from side to side in denial. СDont know, please, I dont know what you want please believe me I DONT KNOW!

Her shouted denial became a series of blubbering sobs as she saw Anna Perez pick up the little gas torch. There was a hiss followed by the soft Сpop as she lit it then the increasing roar as she carefully adjusted the flame until it was once more burning properly.

СYoure so hot and wet already let me warm that tender little clit a bit more for you

The lieutenant knelt in front of the chair again, casually resting her left forearm on Ninas pinioned thigh as she played the torchs little blue cone of flame against the dangling end of the copper clip.

СJust a few moments more and youll be singing for us all over again, Nina Anna Perez moved the flame a little, watching as the copper end turned dark as the heat and soot discolored the thick metal end of the clip.

СAh, ahhhh, aaaaaah! Take it off, oh please, please take it off its b-burning, no; no I cant stand it, please. Pleas Yaaarrrggghhh!

This time, Jorge was almost thrown to the floor with the force of Ninas demented spasms. Lieutenant Perez sat back, the torch held out of the way, as the burly guard fought to hold the chair still as the agonizing heat lanced up into the girls clitoris. Even without the torch the pain grew and grew as the heat traveled through the copper clip, not just scorching the tender nerve stub, but also burning her inner labia where they pressed against the hot metal.

СJust another touch, darling to help that memory along This time the lieutenant used her own weight to add to Jorges efforts as she brought the softly roaring flame back against the copper tip. With the clip already hot it was only seconds before Nina was squealing madly once more. The animal sounds of the girls agony echoed and re-echoed in the wooden hut as the lieutenant continued to keep the flame against the copper clip.

It was only when Ninas head slumped down against her sweat-slick chest that Colonel Marcos flicked his fingers impatiently and Anna sat back on her heels, turning the torch off as she did so.

СSurprisingly stubborn he remarked generally, studying the tanned, naked figure strapped to the chair frame, her sweat covered skin gleaming in the spot lamps, breasts jiggling gently as she gasped and fought to steady her breathing as the intense pain in her clitoris subsided to a pounding, thudding agony matching the pain in her scorched and swollen nipples.

СShall I use the torch directly on her tits, Sir

СNo, thats too final too much damage perhaps later if shes still being stupid. Remember, theres no time limit with this one No one knows shes in our hands the army will have taken care of the rest of the patrol by now so shes all ours. He paused, and then smiled back at his trusted assistant. СNo, Lieutenant I think we should leave Miss Morales to think about things for a while whilst we enjoy a leisurely lunch break. The smile became deeply unpleasant. СJorge, release her from that chair Lieutenant, lets have her squatting shall we with the arms above her head I think this time.

Colonel Marcos moved out of the lighted circle to one of the cupboards against the wall whilst Anna Perez and Jorge snipped the nylon ties holding Nina against the chair frame. The girl moaned softly as they unbuckled the straps then gasped and hissed with the pain of movement as they let her fall forwards onto the floor. She made no resistance as Anna tightened new straps high up round each thigh and then fastened cuffs round each ankle. Dealing with the burning agony in her tits and clit, Nina Mendoza ignored the two six inch long cords, each one ending with a stainless steel clip, that dangled from the thigh straps.

СOn your feet or shall I tickle those teats again? Annas voice was implacable as she stood over the shuddering teenager Lets have you under here. She pushed Nina across the boards to where Jorge had lowered a rope from one of the beams. СHold your hands out! No, no put your thumbs together, how can Jorge tie them like that?

СW-what are you doing? Please, what are you aaaaaah! d-doing thats too t-tight Y-youre h-hurting me aaaaaah!

Neither bothered replying as Jorge carefully bound the waxed twine round and round the girls thumbs, cinching them hard together with a few turns crosswise between the strands before knotting it off and cutting away the trailing ends. Anna Perez stroked the girls hair away from her face, steadying her as Jorge slipped the steel hook on the end of the rope up between the teenagers bound thumbs.

СDown squat down right down Anna pressed heavily on the girls shoulders, forcing her down into a deep squat, knees apart and the soft split bulge of her cunt showing prominently between her straddled thighs.

Now Jorge took over, holding her in position as Anna Perez swiftly clipped the two black nylon cords attached to the thigh straps onto the matching rings on the ankle cuffs. The two of them stepped clear, Jorge moving to the corner where the other end of the hooked rope was attached, and Anna Perez joining Colonel Marcos who was standing behind the desk.

The three of them watched intently as the twenty-one-year-old student automatically tried to straighten up as the strain began to burn in her muscles. She almost fell over, hopping frantically as the cords tightened with a jerk, holding her in the squatting position with just that tormenting six inches of movement. Colonel Marcos nodded at Jorge who slowly pulled the rope tighter and tighter. Ninas arms were drawn above her head, straighter and higher until she was posed before them in total discomfort.

СI c-cant m-move please, it hurts told you I dont know about the press you cant l-leave me here like this

She gave a couple of little hopping jerks, her scorched and swollen nipples bouncing and jiggling painfully as she tried to ease the spasms already making her thigh muscles twitch and burn with discomfort.

СOf course we can you wont find it so immediately uncomfortable as those clips but in half an hour or so youll be pleading for me to release you I guarantee it. Jorge he studied the way Nina was twisting on the rope. СI think an elbow sleeve would stop that annoying bending shes doing

The guard scrabbled among the things strewn across the tabletop and held up a black leather rectangle with dangling laces and brass eyelets down the two longer sides. Seeing the Colonels impatient expression, Anna Perez wrapped the leather Сsleeve in place round Ninas arms so it covered her elbows. Jorge laced it up from the top, using his strength to force the girls arms close together.

By the time he had finished Nina was in agony. The elbow sleeve had removed the tiny freedom shed had to ease the burning agony in her legs and now her arms too were aching abominably, held aloft by the constricting leather sleeve and the steel hook between her bound thumbs.

In the darkness Colonel Marcos handed something to Anna Perez as he continued his quiet conversation with the tortured student who squatted before him, sweat soaked and panting for breath, in the harsh glare of the lights. СDo you like wine Nina? Such a civilized drink However, since you have decided to be so obdurate, shall we say, Lieutenant Perez is going to introduce you to another use for a wine bottle show her, Lieutenant

Anna Perez held out the bottle so Nina could see it. It was one of those long-necked hock bottles, brown glass and bare of labels. Nina screamed wildly as Anna curved her fingers round the neck, slowly moving them up and down in an obvious and obscene way, then letting them spread open as her hand followed the tapering swell to the full width of the bottle itself.

Seeing that she had the girls full attention, the lieutenant stroked the mouth of the bottle against Ninas flesh, deliberately covering the glass with the oiliness of her perspiration.

СYou ought to thank the colonel, Nina it was his idea to moisten the bottle before I started as it was your first time so to speak She knelt beside the trembling young student, her fingers slipping up into the wetness of her cunt so her touch brought a series of jerking gasps as Nina felt the Lieutenants fingers probing deep into her vagina.

СLift, lift come on, right up now Annas voice was almost teasing as she brought the bottle up between the girls labia; gently twirling it until the mouth slowly entered her body. СThereI bet you Jimenezs not as gentle as that

СN-nuh, huh, huh, naaaaah p-p-p-p-aaaaaaah! Nuh nuh!

СMore silly noises now, lets just straighten the bottle


СOh, you felt that Well, I did tell you to lift right up there, all done!

Anna Perez settled the bottle in place with a final twist. She brought another piercing scream from the girl by flicking one finger against Ninas left nipple as she stood up. Smiling, she walked back to the colonels side.

Nina Mendoza was left alone in the middle of the lighted circle, squatting impaled on the wine bottle, arms bound above her head. All that could be heard was the hoarse racing gasps of her breathing and the dull clink from the steel clips holding her down into the squatting position. To the watchers it was clear that she was fighting madly to hold herself as high as possible, trying desperately to avoid sinking further onto the swelling neck of the bottle.

Even as Colonel Marcos was nodding approvingly at Annas work there was a sudden wild scream as Ninas burning thigh muscles gave way for a moment. She had sunk down, her weight pressing the bottle deeper into her body so the increasing taper of the neck stretched her vagina even more widely and sending fresh waves of pain lancing through her.

СIll leave you to think about things whilst we have lunch, Nina By the way, I wouldnt relax too much youll be surprised just how wide a wine bottle is at the base.

As Colonel Marcos and Lieutenant Perez walked to the door a long wailing scream of torment split the air behind them

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