Red Chair [CORTEZ]

Red Chair

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The red chair
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Posted June 1st, 2002

The Lady Lei Chen served the evil Sultan of Mantok during the middle part of the last century. This tale is set during that period when numerous rebellions and assassination attempts provided a ready supply of young and pliant flesh for her to practice her skills upon. Although set at the same time, this is a companion story, rather than a sequel, to СThe Agony of Failure and СThe Silver Scorpion.

Lianne Chou watched in terror as they busied themselves with obeying their Mistresss orders. Tied to the thick wooden pillar, arms stretched above her head, she could only twist and turn in futile struggle against the coarse ropes that bound her at wrists, waist and ankles.

The palace eunuchs, near-naked silent men in loincloths, their oiled flesh gleaming in the light of the cellars flickering torches, were placing the device the Lady Lei Chen had called the Chair of Ecstasy in the middle of the tiled floor. Made of thick, polished bamboo and lacquered a vivid scarlet, it was like no chair Lianne had seen before. She shivered as she looked at it She knew that they would beat her; that was inevitable especially after all the awful things they had done to Anna Chi already. Lianne felt a fresh throbbing in her abused breasts, her bottom clenching as she imagined the pain as those devilish bamboo rods sliced into her own tender flesh once again.

But how would that strange red chair be part of the agony to come?

She shivered; plucking up the courage to look at it again. The main frame was simply a pair of poles set about eighteen inches apart and rising vertically from the ornately carved wooden base. Each pole was as thick as a mans arm and held in position by a cross post just above knee height.

The only semblance of a seat was a narrow sling of stained, tan leather laced between the two short bars that jutted out from where the cross rail joined the uprights. Each bar ended in a stubby leg, also made from a length of thick bamboo, and braced rigid with further strong supports. At every joint the pieces were reinforced with intricate bindings of black cord. The whole object, lacquered a brilliant, imperial scarlet, reeked of age, strength and slow, deliberate cruelty.

How could one sit on such a chair? Lianne thought, her eyes drawn to the ominous stains on the leather Сseat, you would just fall through the back Then she realised that what she had taken for some kind of decorative trimmings were actually soft leather flaps hanging down from the bars at the side of the Сseat. Each side was cut and shaped in a way that was somehow familiar especially the way the long edges were pierced by lines of small, brass-rimmed holes

Fixed with fear, Lianne didnt notice the approach of her tormentors. She gasped and jerked at the gentle tug of the girls fingers freeing the ropes. Then she cried out as her limbs cramped and burned as circulation and movement returned to her arms and shoulders. The two girls gave her no respite, urging her to stand away from the pillar and forcing her across the tiled floor to when her chief torturer waited.

Lady Lei Chen smiled gently as she stroked the shivering young Malays face, enjoying her reaction as Lianne flushed at the caress. СAh yes my foolish little one, the hand moved down, cupping the girls breast whilst her thumb casually rolled the dark peak so it filled and stiffened. СA pretty sight something to make the blood run faster. These and her hand moved again, delicately stroking the smooth pouting lips of Liannes cunt. СThis tender valley will provide all the places I need to take you to the brink of madness.

She smiled as Lianne twisted and shivered in the grip of the two girls. She could feel their arousal and excitement as they pressed against her. Nipples like soft spikes digging into her back and the warmth of soft flesh against her own. The young Malay knew there was no pity there just eager anticipation in their eyes, the sexual heat and cruelty, a longing to begin the hot excitement of the torture session as they waited for their mistresss orders.

The Lady Lei Chen studied the young nineteen-year-old Malays growing terror with satisfaction. СYou may prepare her.

СOh, no, please, I dont, you cant I mean Despite some feeble protestations, Lianne submitted allowing the girls to lead her up to the scarlet frame before turning her round. They pressed her back and down until she was perched on the very edge of the leather seat.

СLie back now May Tan and Weh Ma must secure you Her voiced hardened as Lianne hesitated, Сresist and the guards will beat you again until you submit I assure you that your plight can become so much more distasteful should you choose to be so foolish. Lei Chens soft voice caressed the shivering girl, lulling her into obedience so that they could strap her down more easily carefully binding her limbs to hold her, wet and open for the torture to come.

She watched Lianne as she obeyed, carefully bracing her feet on the floor, shuffling her body back in the too-short sling. СNow the arms between the poles May Tan gripped her arms, bringing them between the scarlet uprights before pulling her hands down and forcing her to hold the base of the posts.

Liannes back arched, thrusting the firm cones of her breasts upwards. The Lady Lei Chen smiled to herself as she noted the jutting stiffness of the girls nipples. Agony and ecstasy would be a tormenting mixture for this one she would understand the chairs delicate torments particularly well

Lei Chen nodded in approval as she saw how the position meant that the leather sling only supported the middle of the Malay girls back leaving the smooth curve of her bottom hanging in the air. СBack a little more the uprights hard against your arms May Tan, Weh Ma, you may continue!

The sharp command took Lianne by surprise. Before she could react both girls had slipped more of the soft leather straps around each wrist, binding them against the scarlet uprights. Instantly helpless, Lianne could only twist her head from side to side as they swiftly bound her elbows and upper arms against the bamboo poles.

СAnd now to lace you in after all, we wouldnt want you to fall off in all the excitement to come, would we

СW-what do you mean lace me in Lianne started panting in fear and awful realisation of what they were going to do to her as the two girls lifted the curious side flaps she had noticed earlier. Her breasts were gently fondled by May Tan before being lifted up so that Weh Ma could fit the upper curve of the leather sides snugly against the under swell of each one.

By craning her head forwards onto her chest, Lianne could see that the bottom edge of each flap was cut in an upward arc so the base of her belly and the СV of her mound were left completely exposed. At that moment she realised why the shape was so familiar The flaps were to be laced tight forming a kind of corset but a corset that would attach her body immovably to the Chairs narrow leather seat!

She gasped, as the girls busy fingers fed cords through the holes down the two sides. The gasps became, louder and more frantic as Lianne felt the leather gripping and tightening, squeezing round her abdomen like a vice as the lacing continued. Her moans became continuous as Lei Chens two assistants, grunted with the effort, giggling between themselves as they shared the enjoyment of working the laces tighter and tighter.

СEnough, little ones, enough leave her air to sing for us now let us have her displayed as his Highness commands. From the shadows two of the eunuchs appeared to seize one of Liannes ankles apiece. She managed a half-stifled scream of outrage as they forced her legs back over her body, doubling her up and splaying her thighs apart so her knees almost touched her shoulders. СMay Tan, Weh Ma make sure that our guest is quite secure. Leave the feet free but otherwise

Luckily, Lianne was fit and supple, able to breath, albeit with difficulty, as the girls fed a broad strap over each thigh at the crook of her knee, working the loose end down to pass under the side bar.

СAh, p-please, aaaaaah!

Liannes pleas were ignored as her tormentors carefully strapped her thighs down the position opening and offering the wet, pink groove of her cunt and the soft, dark rosette of her anus to the cruel attentions of the Lady Lei Chen and her torturers. But they were not finished yet. Lianne cried out again as the eunuchs finished their work by strapping her knees, lower legs and ankles hard against the two uprights leaving only her feet above the tops of the posts their tender, pink soles facing upwards.

Lei Chen knelt at Liannes head, the only part of the girls body, other than her feet, that she could move at all. СWe shall start with a treatment you may have heard ofit is called the bastinado, a Chinese art but delightfully effective. The lightness of the caning will seem nothing as the girls begin but do not be fooled. After a few minutes why then you will wish them to stop a few minutes more and you will be pleading for mercy a song that will become more and more desperate as we continue. She stroked the young Malay girls temples, drinking in her fear. СLook up, watch as they begin

Positioned on either side of the scarlet torture frame, May Tan and Weh Ma began hitting Liannes feet with the thin, flexible rods they had fetched earlier. Satisfied with their aim and seeing the nod of approval from their Mistress they began to beat the soft pinkish soles offered so invitingly before them. The strokes werent really hard, just a whippy, stinging impact, but the rain of blows was rapid and continuous.

Lei Chen watched Liannes feet twisting and curling above the scarlet posts in a vain attempt to avoid the sharp, cutting bite of the canes. For more than five minutes, the only noises in the white walled chamber were the rapid Сthwicking of the rattan canes, the creak of the leather corset and the harsh, racing breaths of the nineteen year old Malay girl lashed down onto the red frame.

СAh, ah no no, aaaaaah!

Liannes gasps suddenly became more urgent, more pleading as her tormentors carefully laid their strokes up and down the length of each foot. Her breathing was a series of short, racing pants whilst her toes curled and stretched continuously as the pain built up.

After ten minutes, Lianne was biting her lips, head threshing in frenzy, as the awful stinging sensation became a blazing fire, a pain that grew and grew with each stroke.

Lei Chens fingers caressed the young womans face, wiping the sweat from her flushed cheeks, supporting her head so that she was forced to look up at the blazing agony being applied to her feet. СNow they will concentrate on that soft arch in the middle can you feel how the rods seem to strip the very skin from your soles until the fire bites deep into your bones

Listening carefully to their Mistresss soft words, May Tan and Weh Ma immediately began to concentrate each stroke on the tenderest flesh, the delicate arches of Liannes feet. In moments she could keep silent no longer and the first despairing scream echoed back from the stone walls.

СAAAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhh! Noooooo, oh, pleeeeessssssee noooooo!

Watching the awful scene in delight, Lei Chen slipped two fingers under the wisp of black cotton cupping her own genitals. Her eyes were fixed on the scarlet frame and the shivering, screaming figure doubled back on it. From her position she could see the twisting, beaten feet; could hear the increasingly desperate screams, but could also see the way the muscles of the young girls thighs and buttocks were flexing and clenching as she tried to ride the agony of the beating.

She stroked the wetness between her lips, flicking one fingertip across the swollen bulb of her clitoris as she watched the torture being so carefully applied. The screams were continuous now, the girls movements even more frenzied so that the whole frame danced and chattered against the polished tiles

СC-c-c-c-cant, oh p-p-please,st-t-t-t-top-p-p-p, n-no m-more!

The hysterical, keening sounds continued for long minutes as the two girls kept up the remorseless rhythm not striking harder but working with diabolical skill on flesh already sensitised beyond bearing by the constant impact of the thin, whippy rods.

The interruption came without warning.

СEnough, my Lady enough for the moment! Perfect white teeth gleamed as the Sultan swept into the torture chamber, silk robes swirling about his legs. His personal guards moved silently to shield the arched door way and the entrance to the cells. СA pleasant demonstration but those tender soles will be so much more sensitive if left for a little while, will they not?

He gestured towards Liannes upturned buttocks and the soft open split of her cunt as an evil grin of anticipation broke across his harsh features. СNow, as I recall, the bastinado does not always have to be applied to the feet especially when the subject is a woman?

Lei Chen moved to Liannes side, wringing another cry from her victim as she ran one fingertip along the hot, pink flesh of the upturned foot. СYou are right as always, Highness. The Sultans chief torturer let her hand trail downwards, over the pinioned thigh until her fingers were just teasing the outer lips of Liannes labia. СUsing the Chair in this way offers even more stimulating possibilities. Shall I ask May Tan to apply the first lesson before your Highness samples her delights for yourself?

The Sultan moved closer, his penis jutting arrogantly against the silk robe as he stood looking down at Lianne splayed body. His fingers kneaded the oily flesh of her cunt, probing deep into her vagina so as to bring fresh squeals from between the scarlet uprights. СWhy, yes indeed Lei Chen, a short, hard reminder that this one was proud enough to challenge me and foolish enough to get caught!

СMay Tan, if you please just on the lips to start with I think we can be more intimate in a moment or too. Lei Chen looked down at Liannes face. СWeh Ma, be so kind as to lift our guests head let her observe May Tans skill directly

Lianne, still fighting the awful burning pain in her feet, felt her head being lifted and pressed forwards, raised until she was staring down between the V of her thighs, over the lacing of the infernal corset to where May Tan stood framed in the incurving swell of her bottom cheeks.

СOh no, no you cant please, NOOOOOO!

The frame rocked, leather ties creaking softly as Lianne Chou jerked and twisted uselessly in he bonds. The Malay girls first cry of protest rang out immediately May Tan gently tapped the thin, flexible rod against her exposed and jutting labia, the young torturer taking her time deliberately raising the maximum fear in her helpless victim, letting her understand exactly where the cane was to fall next.

Thwick- thwick thwick- thwick thwick- thwick

Right, left right left right, left the rapid double strokes fell with crisp, sharp sounds. A pause for two heartbeats as the watchers, including Lianne, heard and saw the first two cuts strike home on either side of the soft, wet cleft of her cunt. Then Liannes eyes bulged and her mouth stretched wide as the agony blazed through her body.


Thwick-thwick thwick-thwick thwick-thwick

More deliberate now, May Tan placed each double cut expertly on the most sensitive inner surfaces of Liannes cunt, each stroke leaving a thin line that darkened and spread as the torture continued.

СOh, oh God, ooooh nooooooo, Arrrggghhh!

Her head still held firmly by Weh Ma and forced to watch her own torture, Lianne Chou screamed wildly as each fresh stroke brought more pain and agony. Then, suddenly, as her voice cracked and broke with the force of her cries, she realised that beneath the pain another heat was growing, an urgent, unstoppable arousal that was making her body wet and tingling and bringing her towards yet another unwanted orgasm.

СAh, huh, huh, huh, no, please, p-please, yes, yeeees, YEEEESSSS!

Silvery droplets scattered across the opening of her legs at each impact of the rod, as she grew wetter and wetter. СAh now see, my Lord, see how the pain works to bring her to her peak! Lei Chen knew exactly what effect the caning would have so many others had squealed in agony as their pleasure was wrung from them in these cellars. СNow May Tan, her little nub bring her on for me and your Master

СAh, Aaaaah, Oh God, Oh p-please, please PLEEEESSSSEE!

Lianne Chous cries took on a chanting quality, thick with urgent desire as May Tan began to use the rattan with short, sharp strokes, this time whipping in to the young womans very core to catch the fleshy hood and the stiff peak of her clitoris.


The rhythm was relentless, sadistically and carefully whipping the girl to madness. Despite the blazing pain of each stroke, Lianne was lost unable to release the tension by moving, she was brought to a screaming peak of release as the delicate, precise caning made her come, and come and come again.

СOh yes, oh yes, Im there, Im there, Im there, IM THEEEEEEREEE

The young woman chanted in ecstasy, curving still further forward on the frame as the spasms and surging jolts of her climax rocked her body. May Tan grinned in delight at the success of her work, letting the cane rest on the floor as the four watchers drank in the sight of the young Malay girl lost in the throes of her orgasm. The Sultan let his silk robe fall as he moved between Liannes still shuddering, flexing thighs, the head of his penis nuzzling into the virgin opening of her anus.

He leaned forwards, grinning down at the way the would-be assassins eyes sprang open in shock as she felt the sudden pressure of his penis stretching her open. СNow feel the power of the one you thought to displace, See how I will force you enjoy the Sultans pleasure as well as his punishment He pressed in slowly, feeling that wonderful sliding pressure as her tender opening began to yield as he slid deeper and

СAh, God, no, please, no, not so s-s-soon AAAAHHHHH!

The final cry was jerked from Lianne as the thick helmet popped inside the muscular ring guarding her vagina.

СOh, oh my God, no more, please no more

The Sultan laughed as he moved his hands to hold her beaten feet, relishing the sudden frantic wriggling of the tortured body beneath him as Lianne screamed and writhed at his touch. Braced over her body, the tyrant now began to stroke his hips to and fro, working the thick, wet shaft deeper and deeper into his captives body. Still trembling and so sensitive from the beating and the enforced climax, Lianne was unable to cope with the deliberate, slow fucking. The Sultans iron control meant that he could watch and relish every anguished noise and bucking movement of the young woman strapped beneath him.

СOh God, no, stop, please, dont, no, no, no more ah, ah, aaaaahhhh, iiiiiiiiyyyeeeeaaarghh!

Lianne was being driven mad by the remorseless pleasure pain of the slow fucking. Her labia and clitoris still burned and throbbed from the stinging cuts of the cane and her nerves were still jangling from the orgasm of a few minutes before. The wild yells and screams echoed round the chamber as the Sultan took his long, deliberate pleasure. СWork her, work her now for me let her bring her Master pleasure

The Sultans words brought Weh Ma to the side of the frame, her hand reaching over Liannes sweat soaked thigh to allow one slim, brown finger to flicker in a wild tormenting rhythm against the nerve centre of the young Malay girls clitoris.


The wild ululating scream blotted out the Sultans cries of triumph as he thrust the full length of his shaft into Liannes body. The assault on her clit sent her over the edge once again and she bucked and surged like a maddened animal as the orgasm ripped through her body. Her spasming muscles gripped and squeezed the Sultans penis unbearably and he too, jerked and bucked against her bottom as he filled her with hot, wet jets of semen

Only the harsh, frantic breathing of the two figures on the torture frame broke the silence as Liannes final scream of release died away. Then, the Sultan stepped back to allow Weh Ma to drape a heavy silk robe around him. He stood posed, every line an arrogant statement of power and control, hands on hips whilst May Tan cleaned the softening, wet length of his manhood, her lips catching the last white strands as she gently caressed and fondled her Lord and Masters genitals.

Liannes black hair hung like a damp, matted curtain, her head dangling between the scarlet uprights of the torture frame. The leather straps and the laces of the devilish corset creaked gently as the young Malay prisoner tried to calm her breathing. The soft folds of her cunt and stretched curves of her bottom glistened and gleamed in the lights whilst the rest of her polished brown skin shone with the perspiration of her ordeal.

The Sultan looked down on the quivering figure strapped to the Red Chair. СYou still wish to pretend that you acted alone is this? He smiled satanically as he saw the desperate movements of the young Malays head. СHow foolish, how very foolish very well I give your body into the Lady Lei Chens hands. He turned to his Chief Torturer. СSuch a pity the tone hardened, becoming grim and pitiless. СGet me the names, all of them make her sing most vigorously! With one last cruel glance he strode out, his guards padding silently behind him.

The Lady Lei Chen snapped her fingers. СMy stool and bring the coals and the instruments this little bird must sing for his Highness. She waited until May Tan had placed a small carved stool next to Liannes dangling head. Carefully she stepped close to the Red Chair, standing astride so her thighs were either side of the girls head. Lei Chen bent her knees so the wet silk of her tiny cache sexe brushed the girls nose and mouth. СOh yes, little one, you will sing most prettily Her hips moved again and she trembled with the anticipation of what was to come as the girls mouth brushed the soft split of her cunt. She allowed herself one more stroking caress before sinking back to rest her bottom on the very edge of the carved stool.

Her long fingers cradled the girls head, lifting it so she could stare directly into her victims eyes. СNow you must face the penalty for your silence Weh Ma, we will begin with the copper rod. Immediately her assistant lifted something off the metal grill that was resting over the bowl of glowing charcoal to one side of the chair. Mounted on a wooden handle it looked like a thin finger, slightly crooked and with a polished, rounded end. СStart with the lips just a touch to begin with.

Weh Ma leaned forwards and ran the heated tip along the edge of Liannes right cunt lip. The girls muscles locked in spasm and, for a moment, the only sound was a muffled Сssssssss as the wet flesh seared under the heat of copper rod. Then


Lady Lei Chen lifted the girls head, bending her neck so she was forced to stare down between her parted thighs at the bulging slot of her cunt and the offered lips. Her breath raced as Weh Ma finished reheating the rod and brought the rounded tip down again, delicately tracing a matching seared line of agony down the swollen left lip. Once more there was an instants pause then Liannes body surged uncontrollably against the cruel straps and another animal squeal was ripped from her throat.

СShhh, shhh save your strength the rod will be your lover now She stroked the girls sweat soaked forehead, staring down into the pain-wracked eyes, Сlet me feel your song. She let the girls head fall back and edged forwards so the silk-cased bulge of her labia just brushed the tip of the girls nose. СNow, Weh Ma take her now

May Tan joined her companion, her delicate fingers easing the cheeks of Lianne Chous bottom ever wider apart as Weh Ma touched the scorching rod to the centre of the young Malay girls anal rosette.

СNuuunnnnggggggg!, Nuh, nuh, nnnnnnngggggg!

As Weh Ma slid the burning copper finger deeper and deeper into the girls rectum so the Lady Lei Chen pressed forwards, riding the girls face and writhing mouth as her wet cunt lips muffled the shrieks of pure agony as the rod stripped and blistered the delicate membranes of the young Malays anus

Seeing her mistresss unmistakable movements, Weh Ma worked the rod slowly in and out, using the deliberately roughened shaft to scrape and torture the places already seared by the heated tip.

Just went the screams seemed to be slackening as the rod cooled. May Tan brought the first of the long, silver needles from the coals and very carefully pushed it deep into Lianne Chous urethra.

СIiiiiiiiiaaaaahhhh! Nof, nof pleeeeeggg, ah, ah, ahhhh, Pleeeeeggg!

СYes, yes, push it deeper, let her sing for meeeee yes! Yes! Yessssss!

Riding the screams and helpless mouthing of her pinioned victim, the Lady Lei Chen bucked and jerked frantically against the girls face as she reached her climax. As she came she clamped her thighs together, stifling the girl so her heaving fight for breath added that final ecstatic touch to her pleasure.

At last she relaxed and sat back on the stool. Lianne Chous head hung limp, only the rapid heaving of her breasts giving any sign that she still lived. An imperious flick of the hand was enough to order her assistants to remove the now cool rod and the evil, polished spike from her red and weeping flesh.

The Lady Lei Chen lifted the young Malay girls head and kissed the bitten lips, still glistening with the fluids of her own orgasm. She waited for her victims eyes to flicker open, red and sore with weeping and fear. СNow my little bird, tell me the names all the names. She paused and touched the girl again with her lips, Сor would you rather feel the kiss of the needle once more?

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