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All characters are 18 years old or older
Story by SATO

posted 01/01/2003

The Sultan had always had money, but greed had sharpened his appetite for more wealth; more power; and especially power over women. His friends had begun to acquire western women for their harems. They were beautiful and exotic in the eyes of the old sultan. Smooth, pale skin, long shapely bodies, and how they screamed under torture. Not at all like the strong women of his own people. He must have some of these soft weak western girls. The younger the better. They would be trained to serve his every pleasure. His men were sent to the West with orders to bring back only the most beautiful women to spend the rest of their lives in the harem of the Sultan.

The three college girls had been too easy to capture. Amir pulled up next to them in his shiny black limousine and pretended to be lost. He rolled down his window and beckoned to the girls as he pointed to a map. They had walked right over to the car never expecting a thing. The back doors opened suddenly as three other men jumped out and grabbed the girls, throwing them roughly into the back of the limo. They screamed and fought of course, but the men were very strong and there was no one too hear their pitiful cries for help along this deserted stretch of highway.

More raiding parties and kidnappings took place across the western continents. Finally 30 beautiful girls, hidden in a secret hold on one of the Sultan’s oil freighters, were on the open sea. Eventually the ship docked in a private port in the Indian Ocean where the women were unloaded and delivered to the Sultan’s palace. This was where the real journey would begin…

Each girl was presented to the Sultan wearing the clothes they’d been captured in. “Strip them all and use the whip if they hesitate,” laughed the Sultan as he drooled over his new slaves. The girls tried to beg but the sting of the whip reminded them of the task at hand. “Before you can pleasure me with your pale western bodies, you must learn your place. Whip them hard until all clothing has been torn away!” With tear filled eyes the gagged girls removed their clothing while the whip tore their tender flesh. They whimpered and screamed each time the whip fell. Finally they stood fully revealed to their master. “Take these pitiful weak bitches to be pierced and branded. They won’t forget who they belong to when they marked by their master’s brand!”

Achmed, the harem overseer, was very busy today. “Thirty fresh western whores to compliment the Sultan’s harem! What an honor for me to prepare you for his service. You are very lucky sluts indeed for the Sultan has graciously allowed me to choose four of you for my own pleasure. I am allowed none of the virgins, but I can chose from any of the others. I can keep you for four days then you will join the rest of his harem”. One by one Achmed examined the cringing humiliated girls. Each cunt was thoroughly fingered until he found the girls who had lost their virginity. Each of these he marked with the whip mark across their tits and then he moved them to the front of the line. “Ah yes my beauties!” he exclaimed, “when I am done with you, it will be an honor for you to eat the Sultan’s shit rather than serve him as sex slaves. The screams of the girls echoed through the dungeon as the whip landed over and over again. Achmed invited the guards to enjoy the girls bodies. In all, twenty men raped and tortured the four until each were sticky with cum and nearly senseless from pain.

While the dungeon guards were busy with the four girls, Achmed went about peircing the cunts, nipples, and tongues of all the other girls. “AAAIIIIEEEEEEE! NOOOOOO!!!” a pretty blonde screamed as the golden ring was pushed into her labia and out the other side. “Sorry slaves,” Achmed remarked with an evil leer, “but you must learn the pain that comes with the honor of being a virgin in the service of the Sultan. He will send for you soon then you will learn all about his depraved sexual appetites. He loves his women tight and young. It hurts the tight ones so much more when his fist is buried in their virgin cunts. But enough of that for now,” he said as he used pliers to pull a screaming young woman’s tongue out for piercing. Finally all the girls were pierced as the Sultan had commanded and Achmed returned to his four chosen slaves. Brutally he shoved a spiked dildo deeply into the ass of one struggling girl as he settled down to pierce another. His cock grew hard yet again as the screams of the piercing echoed against the hard dungeon walls.

Daria and Kim were chosen by the Sultan to entertain his guests. “You will run with my stallion,” he told them, “if you win you will be bathed, fed, and allowed to rest. But if you lose we will watch as the stallion gets to ride one of you. Each girl was attached to the stallion’s bridle by one chain that ran through a single tender swollen nipple. The horse was whipped hard on one muscled flank and jerked ahead leaving the two helpless girls struggling to keep up. Blood began to pour as their nipples stretched. The horse was reigned in before their tits were torn apart. “Stupid western girls, you lose! Take the blond to the rack first. Make sure to stretch her wide and have the other watch while the beast pleasures her friend.” The Sultan laughed as Kim sobbed around the gag. She was tied face down onto a device that was raised in the middle. Her legs were open with her ass raised up. Naomi, a dark-skinned slave girl, was rubbing grease into her lewdly exposed back passage. Next the stallion was led behind the panicked teenager where Naomi began to stroke the horse’s cock. The arabian stallion snorted and shook. Soon he had reached full erection and was pulled up onto the rack with Kim. She screamed as Naomi guided the huge phallus against her tiny anal passage. The stallion reared and lunged forward impaling the unfortunate girl on his immense member. Kim’s gag had been removed so she could scream more effectively as the horse lunged in and out of her torn and bleeding hole. “You are very adept at entertaining your guests.” one man remarked to the Sultan. “These western sluts deserve it, they’re natural born sinners…” He replied smiling.

Finally, after a month of arduous training, the day for the wedding of the slaves to their master the Sultan had come. Three at a time the girls were led before the Sultan. All of the white western girls had pierced nipples and cunts. Their fate was decided; they would spend the rest of their lives at the mercy of this man and others he would lend them to. Marissa, a tall beautiful auburn-haired girl was just this morning back from a hellish night of rape and torture. The Sultan had lent her to a neighboring Sheik who, in turn, gave Marissa to his three favorite wives. He watched and video-taped the entire evening while the three dark-haired women brutalized the screaming girl. When the Sultan’s driver arrived to bring Marissa back for the wedding, the eldest wife of the Sheik grabbed Marissa’s tits and whispered, “we will send you back with special decorations for your wedding you white whore!” The other two girls rammed two short needle-sharp arrows through each of Marissa’s tits just behind the nipple. “MMMMMMMPPPHHHHH!!” Marissa screamed from behind the gag. Her eyes filled with tears again as she watched her beautiful breasts impaled along the length of the silver shafts. “Give our regards to your Husband the Sultan, but remember us when he fucks your tits.”

After the initial assault when Kelly and Vanessa were tied and raped by the Sultan’s guests, the three men decided to get inventive. They made the girls play pool. “This game is a satanic western invention,” remarked Abdul to his friends. “I don’t think it’s ever been played quite like this before.” Each girl was instructed to take turns aiming at the other girl’s pussy. The men would jerk ropes tied to the shooter’s tits to distract her into missing. It was Vanessa’s turn on the table and Kelly’s turn to shoot. Even though the pain in her nipples was intense, Kelly still managed to slam the ball directly against Vanessa’s exposed mound. Kelly’s reward was to watch as the men greased the ball and pushed it into Vanessa’s pussy. “GHHAAAAAMMMPH,” was all the gagged girl could say as the ball joined the five others already buried inside her crowded womb. “Remember ladies, whoever loses the match gets a stomach full of camel cum for lunch, ha, ha, ha!!”

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