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“Where are the others?” Pedrass Foch looked at giant Trolloc who carelessly pushed the blood covered prisoner to the ground.

“Dead!” He answered only in his guttural voice.

“She killed them all?” Pedrass raised his brow and turned the body of the prisoner with his feet on her back. “…not bad, even for a protector. Not all of your kind could have done this, Lady Chira.”

He laughed at her obvious surprise.

“Yes, I know who you are. We have looked for you, or better we are looking for your charge, the Amyrlin Egwene!”

He looked down to her grinning mockingly.

“This words you are mumbling into the gag, certainly shall say me, that you will never tell me where I can find her, and that even the worst torture would be nothing than a waste of time, right?”

Laughing he pulled her up on the feet and pressed her back against his chest.

“Let me tell you from a true expert in those matters: Torturing such a cute girl like you, is never a waste of time.” He held her upright with one hand pressing her neck, while the other hand vanished below her loincloth. “It is at least always a great excitement!” His searching hand found the pubic hair, glided further, until his fingers touched her sex. Chira stiffened a moment, than she kicked backwards, but he only laughed louder, pressed her neck now with enough force to choke her and parted her pussy lips with his fingers.

“And in your special case the torture will not only be very exciting…” he ignored her resistance easily and pushed two fingers deep into the vagina, “…but it also will be very useful. I have heard, that Aes Sedai are connected mentally to their protectors, so they can feel what they are feeling?” Chira groaned in pain, when he rudely pressed her clit between thumb and fingers. “I wonder, what Lady Egwene is feeling now? Is she getting wet already, or will this happen, when I fuck you?”

He let her neck go and pushed the helpless protector into the waiting arms of the Trollocs, who lied her down on the stump, where he had been sitting before. One pressed her back against the stump; the two others grabbed her legs and spread them so widely, that she thought her tendons would be torn.

Pedrass came at her side, now a knife in his hands and with two fast cuts, the sharp metal cut her armor and revealed her firm breasts to his gazing eyes.

“Nice…I’m really glad, that Egwene prefers a female protector. It will be much more fun in this way.”

Chira writhed, fought a desperate, but useless struggle against the Trollocs. She couldn’t do anything, when Pedrass grabbed the cloth of her loin and tore it away at one strong go.

Slowly he walked between her legs and penetrated her unprotected sex rudely with his fingers. “Not wet enough…hmmm…let’s change this.” His knife entered her sex, a fast turn, and the razor shape edge left heavily bleeding cuts in the sensitive flesh. Chira writhed in pain, the Trolloc who hold her right leg lost the grip on the suddenly dripping wet skin, and with some satisfaction she heard the painful yell, when her feet smashed in Pedrass’ ugly face.

Of course this didn’t help her much; quickly the Trolloc had grabbed her leg again, hold it now in painfully hard grip, and Pedrass soon appeared again between her legs, now his face blood covered and distorted to a furious grimace.

“You’ll pay twice for my broken nose, bitch.” Hardly he beat her face, then he grabbed her hip and brutally penetrated her bleeding vagina in one violent push. Chira screamed into her gag, bite her mouth bloody, and rubbed away the skin below the rough ropes in her desperate fight, but this just made him wilder, and he fucked her brutally, until his hot semen filled her belly.

“Ah, that was really a good fuck, I hope your charge did feel and enjoy it, as I did.”

On a sign the trollocs turned her on the stump and pressed her chest against it. He knelt down to look into her hatefully shimmering eyes.

“You know, that Trollocs usually prefer to have soft human flesh between their teeth, but especially for you my friends will make an exception and they will show you how good they can fuck!”

Before Chira fully realized his words, she felt like split in parts, when the huge Trolloc impaled her with a penis, whose size met that of his body.

“I like to hear your screams now, Lady Protector!”, Pedrass mocked, when he cut the gagging rope away. Then he grabbed her hair, so that he could watch her horrified face closely, while she was brutally raped by his trollocs.

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