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“Princess Cedrana! I’m so glad, that you finally decided to accept my invitation!”

Cedrana pressed her lips tightly together but could not suppress a shuddered under his look, which made her very conscious of how much of her body her thin rags revealed.

“Yes, indeed you would have been a worthy Queen at my side,” Lord Korgon continued after a long pause, during which his eyes inspected every inch of her body from her bare feet to her long blond hair, “but you preferred to lead the sad remains of your army in this stupid little revolt.” His scornful laughter made her tremble in anger. She pulled at the chains that encircled her wrists but that only forced her legs further apart, a lesson she had already learned during her hours of bondage in the hot humid prison at the top of the tower.

“You will never win, Korgon. You can kill me, but in the end you will be defeated!”

“How pathetic… and how wrong,” he laughed, “I have already won, and all that remains of the resistance I see before me in rags and chains. Maybe you have still some friends outside but they will soon be listening to your screams. You must certainly know where you are.”

Cedrana bit her lip and looked to a window through which she could see the blue sky outside. Oh yes, this was the infamous Tower of Pain. The screams of the condemned prisoners inside were listened to by the whole city, day and night, filling the people with fear and terror.

“You will not make me scream,” her voice was low and steady but had anyone been able to hear her heart beating they would not have been fooled by the resolve of her tone. Lord Korgon simply grinned and began to circle her slowly. Cedrana looked away from him, gathering the strength she knew she would soon need to withstand whatever it was he had planned for her. His hand pressed against the cloth that barely covered her buttocks.

“A cute little ass…firm breasts…” His other hand slid below the cloth that covered her left breast. Furiously she tried to move away from him but her chains held her within reach of the hands that explored her body.

“Start the torture, you bastard, but take your filthy hands off of me!”

His only answer was laughter, and an increase in the pressure on her breast. Now it hurt enough that she had to bite down harder on her lip to suppress a cry of pain. “Can’t you wait for the pain? Perhaps you are one of those that enjoy being hurt. Well, don’t worry, you will not have to wait too long. Or maybe I will show mercy to a beautiful girl such as you – if you show me that you can be a humble little slave-girl that can pleasure me. I can think of nicer places for you than this torture chamber. But first you have to show me that you know your new place in the world. Now kneel!“

The fingers of his right hand reached the bare skin between her legs, searching its way between her buttocks, touching the back of her private parts. Cedranas eyes darkened in anger and shame, and without thinking she spit in his grinning face. “Take this as my answer, you bastard! You will never make me kneel down in front of you!”

He wiped away the spittle from his face, his look one of amusement, not anger. “My dear Cedrana, I now know we will have a lot of fun here.” Slowly he moved back to her front, folded his hands and stretched his fingers. “And making you kneel will be my first, very easy task.”

posted March 14th, 2003

Without warning he hit her hard in the face. Her head flew back, followed by her body to the limit of her chains. Another blow hit her face, and even before she felt the pain from her split lips and swollen cheeks, a furious blow sunk into her stomach and doubled her over like a jack-knife. As she fell his fist hit her face again and for a moment she did not know where she was. When she recovered she found herself on her knees, blood dripping from her face onto the dark boots of Lord Korgon.

“You see, how easy that was?” She heard his voice as through thick veils from somewhere far away. She coughed and breathed in gasps, bitter liquid rising from her stomach to her mouth.

posted March 19th, 2003

Gathering all her strength, she struggled to stand up. She was week as a kitten and her knees felt like pudding, but finally she succeeded and stood on her feet again. “Oh yes, you brave hero.” She swallowed some liquid that rose from her stomach and with it her fear and pain. “Of course you can force a chained girl on her knees, but you will never make me kneel down voluntarily.”

“Do you really believe that?” This time she expected the blow to her face, but as she threw her arms up to protect herself, she pulled too heavily at her chains to keep her balance and fell heavily on her back.

posted March 29th, 2003

“But who knows…maybe I will find this way of bringing you to your knees even more!”

Cedrana set her teeth with such determination that her cheeks hurt, and tried to stand up once more. She closed her eyes so as not to betray her fear. “Still not enough?” He laughed loudly and kicked her heavily in her face. The kick drove her back again, and more kicks followed to her defenceless body. She twisted and writhed in vain to avoid his feet, until she finally could struggle no more and laid motionless on her back.

posted May 5th, 2003

“Are you so tired?” Cedrana found herself lying on the ground, Korgon standing between her spread-open legs looking down at her and grinning. Her face was nothing more than a source of pain. She felt warm blood on her swollen cheeks and lips and her left eye was so swollen she could barely open it. She could not hold back her tears.

“I didn’t order you to spread your legs for me yet. We will talk about this later, but first I only want you to kneel before me. Now!” He stepped back and pointed to the ground. “Or do you need some more encouragement?”

Cedrana tried to raise herself but the movement of her head made her sick and the world seemed to spin around her. She felt a cold sweat cover her body and trembled with the cold despite the heat in the chamber. She coughed up some blood and spittle and took a few deep breaths before she tried to rise a second time. It was Korgons mocking grin that gave her the strength she needed to succeed. Surprisingly, her trembling legs were strong enough to hold her weight.

She looked at him silently and disdainfully and tried to prepare herself for the next beating. “Go on, coward, what are you waiting for?” She closed her eyes expecting the blow, but instead Korgon clapped his hands and she heard the a door opening and steps indicating the arrival of another person.

A quick look showed her a muscular man, wearing only a tunic and a hooded mask – Korgon’s torturer. She shivered. It was time. She could stand more beating, so Korgon wanted to start with the torture itself.

She swallowed hard trying to calm her fear and suppress the panic arising inside of her.

“Great Korgon needs help with a chained girl?” She knew her voice was trembling and hated herself for the weakness, but she had heard the screams from this tower too often herself not to be frightened. She only could hope and pray to all the gods and her ancestors to give her strength. Help from the outside could not be expected. Her soldiers had all been killed in the trap – she was the only survivor. Korgon’s soldiers had carefully avoided doing her any harm, even though she killed more than a few of them before they overwhelmed her by the sheer weight of their number. And not one of her remaining friends outside had a chance of entering this tower to rescue her. She was on her own, and nothing could save her from the coming torture.

Korgon’s laughter drove away the sad memories of her many dead followers. “Yes, sometimes I need help, especially when I want to watch the pain in your face at the moment you bend your knees. Could I ask for anything more satisfying?”

“Never! You can certainly break my body, but never my mind!”

“Brave sentiments, but you don’t know what you are talking about. Have you ever felt anything like this, Princess?” He nodded to the torturer who had moved somewhere behind her back .

posted May 11th, 2003

There was a sudden whistling followed immediately by an incredible pain in her back as the lash of the bullwhip drew a bloody path from her shoulder to her spine.

“AAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrghhhhh!” It was a complete surprise and Cedrana could not avoid a short but loud scream. Her muscles tensed and in the moment following the crack of the whip on her flesh sweat began to roll down her body.

“uurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh,” she grunted. Better prepared for the second blow Cedrana avoided another loud scream, biting her lips bloody as the lash sliced into her back. She could hear her heartbeat, feel the blood running down her back. She felt icy cold and burning heat at the same time. It was not only the burning pain – wounded several times in battle pain was not unknown to her – but this was a new kind of pain. Maybe worse than the pain itself was her complete helplessness; there was nothing she could do to avoid the lash, no chance for any resistance against the torture of the whip, that once again sizzled through the air behind her back.

“IIIIAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!” With the new crack of the lash on her skin she forgot all the intentions to stay silent as this time the leather knotted tip tore into the side of her breast and shredded the thin cloth and the skin beneath it.

As though hypnotized she stared at the line of blood that slowly ran down from the wound at her breast but her reverie was interupted when the lash cut into her back again. A few more blows and all that remained of her clothes were blood spotted rags. The whip shredded her skin leaving a path of fire and pain, especially when it flayed the welts from previous strokes. She was wet from blood and sweat she twisted and squirmed in a useless effort to escape the lash. Her groans and cries became louder and the tears streamed down her face but somehow she succeeded choking back her screams.

posted May 18th, 2003

Blind with pain Cedrana threw herself against her chains. The ground below her feet was wet and slippery from blood and sweat, and in her desperate struggles to avoid the lash she lost her balance and fell to the ground. “Not on my knees, not on my knees“ was the only thought left in her agonzed mind. Face down on the floor the whip, helpless in her chains, she could do nothing but press her face to the stones to hold back her screams as the whip bit into her back again and again.

posted June 3rd, 2003

Her pain and despair were so overwhelming she didn’t even know her whipping had ceased until she was grabbed from behind and pulled to her knees. Two hands in her hair bent her head back, and forced her to look up into Korgon’s grinning face.

“Now, Princess, you are kneeling again. But again not voluntarily, I must confess.” A nod, and she was pulled up by her hair until she stood on her trembling legs. “But maybe now you will do me the favour, Your Excellence?” He pointed to the floor, and his grinning face again gave her new strength; enough at least to straighten her body, and to answer.

“Never, I said. And nothing will ever change this!” Her voice sounded strange and far away to her ears, hoarse and weak. But if her mouth hadn’t of been so dry she would have spit in his face. She shook her head managed to stand on her own when the torturer let go of her hair.

“Nothing? Hmmm, you are still too proud. Well it is time to change this and to have some fun!” He grabbed the last remains of her loincloth and tore it away with a single quick move. It didn’t make much of a difference anymore, but her total nudity and his greedy leer mad her blush in shame. He licked his lips, pressed his hand against her sex and suddenly she understood the meaning of his words. Her eyes widened in disgust and disbelief. Korgon looked to the torturer. “Leave us alone. I will call you if you’re needed.” Then he looked in her face again with a greedy smile.

“NO, NOT THIS!” she screamed. For the moment she forgot her weakness and pain. She pulled furiously on her chains, her eyes searching in wild desperation for a way out.

“Ah, I see there IS something that makes my brave Princess scream.” He laughed loudly and with his hands on her chest pushed down on her back. She struggled desperately, trying to crawl away and to cover her nakedness in some way while he slowly opened his pants. “You could have had this much more comfortable in my bedroom as a humble slave; but I’m thankful you declined my invitation. I like it better this way.” His weight pressed her to the rough stones, wet and slippery from her sweat and blood. At this moment Cedrana didn’t feel any pain from her bleeding back pressed against the floor, she only felt this searching thing between her legs, touching her intimate parts, opening it with brutal force, and quickly penetrating her virgin pussy. She cried out loudly, screamed and tried to twist away. But her struggles were useless, only enhancing his excitement, and he fucked her with fast and hard thrusts that made her feel as if she were being split in parts. He came and poured his semen inside of her before he finally let her go. Then he stood up and looked down at her abused body, grinning as she tried to crawl away as far as her chains would allow.

posted June 23rd, 2003

“Maybe you understand better now just what you are,” She heard his voice and stared at him with tear stained eyes. “Not a princess, not a warrior, just an imprisoned little girl. You can die under the torture, or you can become a slave to give men pleasure. It is your choice. If you kneel down to me now, I will consider to allowing you to live!”

She closed her eyes and turned her head away. Feeling the wetness between her legs more intensely than any pain, for a short moment she considered doing whatever he wanted. But then she looked into his face – smug and satisfied and so full of self-confidence, so absolutely sure, that he had won. She swallowed her tears, and after a few gasping breaths, gained control of her voice so she could reply firmly and without sobbing: “Forget it, you bastard! You will never win!”

Without another word he kicked her heavily in the side, but even if the pain brought new tears to her eyes, she felt real satisfaction seeing the anger and frustration in his face. She even managed a short laugh at him before another hard kick hit her ribs, and the piercing pain combined with the cracking sound indicated that at least one of the bones had broken. A short scream, but then she forced herself to laugh again, ignoring the piercing pain from the broken rib; maybe he would kill her now in his anger and make an end to her torture. She nearly fainted when he hit her a third time, stamping with all of his weight into her soft belly. Liquid shot out of her mouth ending her laughter in a stifled rattling and coughing. Through the veils of pain and barely conscious she heard his voice. “Come in and bring the guards with you. Here is a young beauty who needs another lesson.”

A bucket of cold water poured over her face brought her back quickly. She coughed and spit up swallowed water and raised her head gasping for air to find herself lying on the spread out on the ground and surrounded by soldiers and the hooded torturer. “Take her, but like a dog from behind!” She still felt dizzy and numb, and it took some seconds before she identified Korgor’s voice, and some seconds more before she understood the meaning of his words. She opened her mouth to protest, but before she could utter a word she was pulled to her knees, held immobile by the chains and firm, rough hands.

Mocking and cheering voices, hands and fingers inspecting her breasts, the welts on her back, her buttocks, her vagina. She struggled, tried to kick, to bite, to move away, but hands on her waist held her hips firmly in place. There was no way to avoid the cock of the first stinking bastard who raped her brutally to the loud mocking and applause of his companions, who couldn’t wait for their own turn at the helpless girl.

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