Special Treatment [CORTEZ]

Special Treatment

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Special Treatment
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

Even among the Arab dictators and military regimes of the Middle East, the country had a reputation for brutality and cruelty. In the private cellars of the Internal Security headquarters, a twenty five year old American aid worker was experiencing the agony of that cruelty and brutality for herself.

Almost naked, apart from a brief white thong still cupping the soft bulge of her genitals, Barbara Novak, a fit, attractive natural blonde, stood twitching and trembling in the glare of hot lamps, the muscles in her long, tanned legs shivering with the strain of standing wide astride and perched on tiptoe for over an hour.

But of course, she had no choice; the ringbolts in the floor were set over four feet apart and they had tied her ankles to them very tightly and securely. After all, it was important to ensure that their latest victim was properly displayed held helpless so those delightfully sensitive places; her breasts, her labia and clitoris and the tender openings of her urethra, vagina and anus, were exposed and easily accessible for the torture session to come.

Not that Barbara Novak had been able to see anything since theyd made her strip in that upstairs office. Once down to the tiny, brief triangle of her thong panties, theyd tied her wrists behind her and pulled a black cotton hood over her head. Since then shed been suffering in her own hot, stinking darkness, terrified by the constant, tormenting fingers and the crude sexual insults whispered in broken English.

Now she stood at full stretch, her tanned body gleaming with sweat under the heat of the blazing spotlights. She was leaning forwards, tied that way deliberately so the full, pink-tipped globes of her breasts swung freely, dangling away from her chest and bouncing and jiggling gently with every tiny movement. Of course shed struggled madly, fighting to keep her balance as they forced her legs apart before tying each ankle to the bolts so carefully positioned in the floor. The unseen men had just laughed, pulling the rawhide cords round each ankle even tightertelling her not to worry because theyd see she didnt fall over

She found out what they meant when theyd tied the rope to her wrist cuffs then threw the end over a hook in a beam above her head and pulled and pulled and pulled. They sniggered and joked at her frantic cries and sobbing pleas only stopping when she was standing on the balls of her feet, her beautiful body stretched out in a taut inverted СY with her arms pulled nearly vertical up behind her back. She had screamed and cursed uselessly into the filthy black cloth as they secured the rope, the pain growing and burning through her straining muscles and every movement bringing fresh, stabbing agony to the twisted joints of her shoulders.

Finally, there was a whisper of sound footsteps and the feel of air moving as it was disturbed. Despite her pain and misery the womans head lifted, the shapeless black hood turning and searching blindly as she sensed there were people around her. She shouted again, her cries muffled by the sweat-soaked cloth plastered across her nose and mouth.

СPleasesomeone please let me downplease Aaaaaahhh!

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A vicious wet Сthwock echoed round the cellar. The sound of the impact turned the blonde Americans cries for help into a single, high-pitched scream of pain. Barbara Novak surged forwards against her bonds, body arched out into a quivering bow of agony as the grinning, bare-chested torturer at her side brought the four-foot length of plastic pipe slicing round to slice across the out-thrust curves of her buttocks. A thick, white weal appeared instantly on the honey gold tan of her skin a weal that immediately filled and darkened into an angry red bar.

СNuuuuh! Uh uh uh uh nuuuuh!

Her scream died away into a series of grunting whimpers as she bucked her hips to and fro as though fucking some invisible lover. Her torturers, grinning sadistically, watched the womans jerking antics as the scalding heat and pain of the stroke reached a peak.

The interrogators voice was quiet and cruel.

СNow I have your attention, I am Katabi, Major Katabi No one will come no one will let you down. I suggest you save your breath for a little while anyway you have not yet even begun your journey of suffering

СNooooooooo! Oh God, please no, no what have I done? Im innocent its a mistake, all a mistake. What do you want to know? Ill talk, anything, anything you wantplease, please!

СBut we dont want you to talk there is nothing to you can say that we do not know already. You are here to be punished, as we punish all those who threaten the state. Consider it a lesson a reminder that we dont like foreigners snooping and interfering in our affairs. My people are experts in applying such lessons and they have had much practice.

The major stopped, waiting patiently for the woman to stop squirming. СSoon you will pray for them to stop the things they are doing to your body, pray very loudly indeed I know, because everyone doessooner or later but Im afraid they wont listen… they are looking forward to applying their more intimate techniques to a western female for a change

СI havent please I havent done anything You cant, you cant do this! Barbara Novaks voice rose to a cry of despair before the quiet, commanding voice of her interrogator cut across her useless pleas

СBe silent! As the shivering American obeyed, sobbing quietly inside the stifling hood, Major Mehmet Katabi, Head of Internal Security, smiled and nodded. One hand gripped the womans hair through the layers of black cotton and he pulled her head back before letting it fall forward again, СI can do anything I want, anything… He looked at the figure standing at the womans side, СIt is time for Mrs Novaks first lesson fifty to begin with I think Sergeant

Mehmet Rafiq flexed the gleaming muscles of his oiled torso, grinning in anticipation as he swished the four-foot length of black plastic pipe to and fro, making it hum menacingly though the air. He preferred the pipe to the usual thick canes the guards used to instill obedience. With the hollow core packed with bitumen it had a satisfying weight and flexibility that caused maximum pain with minimum effort. Besides, such things were cheap to make and lasted a long time. At the majors nod he shuffled his feet, trying to decide whether to lay the next stroke above or below that first throbbing purplish line.

He waited for the right moment to begin the real flogging, watching the woman continuously clenching and flexing her buttocks, trying vainly to ease the burning pain of that first stroke. His cock swelled at the sight of the narrow string of her thong cutting into the deep cleft of her bottom, perhaps Major Katabi would let him fuck the American later once Halima had enjoyed playing with her of course Then, as she pushed her bottom out that fraction more he brought the pipe whipping across.

СThwock! СThwock!СThwock!СThwock!СThwock!СThwock!

СYeeearrrgh! Aaaah, oh God! Aaah aaaaaahiiiiiaaaarrrggghh!

The American womans screams echoed round the hot, foetid chamber as he skilfully carefully placed six fresh bars of agony across the honey coloured curves. Each time he paused, waiting until the first surging spasm had passed, watching for that inevitable tiny relaxation of the womans muscles before bringing the pipe whirring round to carve out the next blazing stripe.

By the time shed been given the first twenty strokes, Barbara Novak was squealing like an animal and had lost almost all control. The smooth, tanned skin was a pulpy, blotched mess of weals and bruises and her once-white panties now stained with smears of blood and soaked from where shed wet her self in the extremity of her agony. She writhed and shuddered against her bonds, the skin round wrists and ankles raw and abraded with her frantic efforts to free herself.

Major Katabi held up his hand СRest a moment, Rafiq. Its time our guest met Halima He signalled to the sergeant who pulled a black mask down to cover his head as far down as his mouth, adjusting it carefully so the eyeholes were properly aligned. Once his features were concealed he reached round and pulled the hood off Barbara Novaks head

СOh, oh God, oh please, stop it, please

The words suddenly became clear as the bag was removed. Barbara Novaks face was blotched with crying and red from the heat within the hood. Her short blonde hair was a soaked and tangled mess, some strands plastered across her forehead while others stuck up in spiky tufts. Her head twisted from side to side, eyes blinking and squinting as she peered blindly against the hot glare of the lamps, desperately trying to see her torturers. Major Katabis voice came out of the darkness to her left.

СNot so proud now are you, American bitch?

СNo no youre wrong, Im not the one you want no itaaaaaaaaaah!

Major Katabi held up a hand to stop the sergeant delivering yet another stroke and waited until the blonde womans scream of pain died away before continuing.

СYou will listen, Mrs Novak none of your American arrogance here. From the noises you have been making I gather you want the sergeant to stop. Very well, you shall have a little respite a chance to let the effects sink in shall we say. The Majors voice sounded amused, Сand there is someone else who wants to meet you another member of my little team. His voice became softer, toying with the helpless woman stretched out under the lights. СMy Informants tell me you enjoy the sexual pleasures of both men and women. Halima here also enjoys the chance to entertain both men and women but she really prefers women attractive women as you are about to find out

Barbara Novak twisted her head to the side as a veiled figure in flowing black robes moved towards her out of the darkness. All she could see was a pair of dark, kohl-rimmed eyes above the line of the veil; eyes glittering with lust and cruel excitement. As the woman came closer Barbara saw the cotton robes were so fine there were flesh tints with every movement where the cloth pressed against skin.

The Arab womans aroused nipples tented the fine cloth in blunt spikes, the darker discs of her aureoles showing through the fabric. It was clear that beneath the concealing robes she was completely naked. One hand stroked down the twenty-five-year-old blondes upstretched arm, teasing down the slick, moist skin to caress the hanging curve of the Americans left breast. Barbara Novak caught the womans odour, a combination of perfume, oiled flesh and the sharper, musky tang of sexual arousal as she pressed against the pinioned Americans side.

A small silver blade winked and glittered in the spotlights. Barbara twitched as Halima ran the knife down her body from her throat to the indentation of be navel. She shivered, holding her breath only releasing it in a series of shuddering gasps as she realised that the woman had used the back of the blade. Her flesh was intact; there was no slicing cut only a faint red line down the centre of her body.

СOh no, please, dont not there, please dont touch me t-t-t-there!

Barbara Novak whimpered and cried as Halimas fingers scraped across the taut elastic pouch still cupping her genitals. She jerked uselessly as the Arab woman fingered the hot, moist cleft of her body, bucking at the scratching stimulation as sharp nails scraped the sodden fabric against the line of her slit.

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СYou wont need this any more lets show the major that you are a real blonde lady Halima whispered close to Barbaras ear as her fingers continued to caress the covered bulge of the American womans cunt. She traced the little blade back up the line of the high cut leg then slipped it under the thin waistband. A soft snick and the material parted, moments later, after a second cut on the other side, the ruined panties fell to the floor.

СOh yes, such pretty golden hairs Halimas fingers stroked the trimmed line of blonde fur just above the prominent lips of Barbaras cunt. СSo hot and wet too, she purred, her slim hand moving lower so her fingers could touch the swollen lips, one scarlet-painted nail just scratching along the moist slit making the American woman writhe and tremble at her touch. СShall I fuck you with my fingers, blonde lady? Make you come and come so the major can see how an American enjoys being pleasured by a womaneh?

Her outstretched forefinger wormed between the pinky-red lips into the panting blondes sopping vagina, sliding in and out, deep inside then back again until Halimas hand gleamed wetly in the lights and Barbara Novak whimpered with unwanted pleasure.

СExcellent work so far, Rafiq now try a little lower the backs of her thighs I think, Halima will help Im sure At the majors quiet command, Sergeant Rafiq moved his feet and brought the next stroke whirring across to slice into the soft crease at the top of the womans thighs. He smiled to himself, enjoying the sound of torment as Barbara Novak rose even higher on tiptoe, lifted by the new, sharper agony as the plastic cane raised another thick weal on the soft, delicate skin at the back of her thighs.


But the madly squirming blonde also faced a second kind of torment. As she bucked forward in agony Halimas right hand, the fingers pressed together to form a blunt spear of flesh, pushed up into the opening of her vagina. She jerked back, away from such deep penetration, only to scream wildly and jerk forwards again as another stroke sliced across the top of her thighs. This time the slippery fingers probed even deeper, stretching her wide open so her scream of pain became a babbling protest at being fucked like this.

Again she forced her hips backwards, offering her buttocks to the blazing heat of the plastic cane once more. The sergeant and Halima exchanged grins, enjoying their well-practiced game and their victims frantic and useless efforts to avoid their attentions. Knowing what the Majors favourite torturer wanted him to do; Rafiq changed his aim and brought the cane down to slice across the pulpy mess of stripes and bruises already decorating the blonde Americans bottom cheeks.

She arced forwards even more violently, impaling herself on Halimas fingers, deeper and deeper

Yeeeeaaarrcccch! Ah, aaaah Aaaaaarrrrggggh! NuhnuhnuhNoooooo!

Blazing agony across her bottomthen a second, different pain as her Arab torturers hand popped through the muscle ring and slid up into her body. СOh youre so warm in here there, let me just feel you like this

From the shadows Major Katabi saw Barbara Novaks eyes bulge wide, her mouth opening and closing fish-like as she panted with a series of sobbing, grunting gasps; a mixture of disbelief, arousal and pain as Halimas fingers worked inside her body, caressing and teasing the neck of her cervix before withdrawing until the bulge of her hand once again stretched her vaginal opening wide.

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СYou fuck my arm now go on push it back in, blonde lady! As Halima spoke Rafiq swung the cane and Barbara Novak jerked forwards thrusting Halimas hand up inside her body like a monstrous phallus. Halima let her wait, twisting her fingers inside before pulling back again, making her concentrate on the fucking, not the whipping for a few seconds before Rafiq brought the next stroke slicing in, landing with a wet Сthwuck! and a spray of moisture and fine droplets of blood from the original weals.

No words now, just the screams and the brief, gasping pauses as the American tried to catch her breath only to scream even louder as the next stroke sliced into the purple, pulpy weals already marching over her taut curves and down the backs of each outstretched thigh. Before her, kneeling between the widely stretched legs of her victim, Halima used the surging rhythm of her agony to fuck her harder and harder, pumping her gleaming wet arm in and out of the blond Americans cunt in time with the brutal whipping she was getting.

By the time forty-five vigorous strokes had been applied Barbara Novak was hanging semi-conscious from the rope round her wrists. The squealing screams had become a dribbling gabble, rising and falling with each new impact. Despite the blazing agony of the whipping she was also on the brink of coming, the pounding movement of Halimas arm forcing her irresistibly towards her orgasm.

СFaster Rafiq, faster, she is near… underneath again and that will bring her off Five more cuts in quick succession sliced into the raw, whipped groove below her bottom cheeks and Barbara Novak screamed and screamed again; lifting high onto her tiptoes once more. In unison, Halimas arm moved in a blur of speed, as she rammed her fist in and out without mercy. Barbaras sweat-soaked body bucked so violently from the twin assault that drops of moisture flicked off her wildly bouncing tits to splash onto the stained concrete.

Seeing Halimas sudden flurry of effort and hearing the familiar panting chants of a womans climax, Rafiq kept the rapid tattoo of strokes going until he saw the Americans head go back, her mouth stretched wide as she arched back in a quivering, shuddering bow, squealing her pain and pleasure to the ceiling.

Grinning in satisfaction at the result of his work, he tossed the blood-flecked pipe into a corner so it clattered to the floor. His chest heaving with runnels of sweat trickled down his heavily muscled torso Rafiq ambled out of the circle of light into the shadows. He took a well earned cigarette from one of the other men before turning to watch the show as Halima continued to twist her hand deep inside the Americans cunt.

СIm there, Im there, oh, oh, oh pleeeesssee, p-please, Aaaaaah, huh, huh thuh, there, Im there IM THEEEEEERE!

Halima listened to the familiar chanting cries of a womans orgasm but continued twisting her hand inside the Americans vagina, using her diabolical skills to scrape the delicate membranes unbearably so Barbara jerked and bucked in whimpering spasms at each new agony of pleasure. The first peak gave way to pleading calls for rest until the stimulation forced the American over the brink a second time; this time she came even harder and more violently so Halima arm was squeezed by each shuddering contraction of her victims internal muscles. At last the Arab woman relented and pulled her slippery forearm free of the blondes body with a slow twisting movement. She lifted her slime and cum-soaked fingers to Barbaras slack, open mouth, wiping her cum-soaked fingers along the gasping blondes swollen, bitten lips.

СSuck them clean American slut Halima pushed her fingers inside Barbara Novaks mouth then smiled in satisfaction as she felt the young blondes tongue obediently lapping and slurping the sticky cream from them. She let her victim continue for a few moments then drew the soaking, slippery fingers out and reached down to cup one dangling breast as she leaned close to her tethered victims head.

СTime for Halima and Rafiq to play with these pretty pink titties She gently squeezed and rolled Barbaras nipple so the peak filled and stiffened under the stimulation of her oily fingers. СAh, yes, yes, stand up now all nice and stiff for Halima.

СOoooohhhh nooooo no not there! Stop hurting me oh d-d-dont Oh ah aaaah p-please PLEESSSSEE sЦs-s-stop! Barbara sobbed uselessly as Halima moved closer bringing her other arm round to apply the same milking stimulation to the tender peak of the Americans other breast.

СThis isnt hurting you like this see see how hard they are now Barbara gasped and dribbled as her torturer flicked the swollen tips so her breasts swayed and bobbed, the proudly jutting nipples trembling with every movement. СThis is to get you ready so Rafiq can cane them properly

СNOOOOOO! He cant, no, not therenot with that thing!

СNo, no not the pipe, for such pretty nipples something special here look at it see how flexible it is watch, he can bend it right round without breaking

Barbara Novaks eyes stared in horror as the sergeant walked into the lights holding a thin, whippy rattan. He lifted it up and brought the two ends together, bending the slim rod into a circle. Then he let one end go so it straightened with a vicious swish of air.

Halima moved behind the stretched figure, leaning against the blonde Americans back so Barbara screamed as the womans thighs pressed against the raw weals lacing her bottom. The American felt her torturers hot breath against her right ear whilst her arms circled her torso. Then those knowing fingers cupped her swinging breasts once more, stroking and teasing the sensitive aureoles and the hard, erect peaks of captive blondes nipples.

СRafiq is an expert with the cane whispered the Arabs soft voice. СFirst across here, it will feel as though he is peeling them raw then, to let you feel a different torment Her finger moved down to tickle the soft, delicate skin of the underside of Barbaras dangling breasts. СHere is especially sensitiveyou will think he is cutting them off very slowly the pain is exquisite.

Barbara Novak could feel the womans growing excitement and arousal. Her breathing was slower and heavier as she spoke. The hard points of her nipples raked across her victims back and the wet heat of her cunt pressed against the whipped cheeks of Barbaras bottom. Halimas fingers became more urgent; twisting and tugging the long, pink nipples as she whispered every sadistic detail of the helpless blondes coming torture.

СThese will swell and swell her fingers pinched harder, Сso tender you will scream at the caress of a single breath of air She paused; her veiled lips kissing the young Americans cheek, while her fingertips stroked the very tip of each pink stub with a feather touch that made her victim squirm even more. СThenand then Rafiq will whip you againslowly and carefully across these very tips until.

She stopped and licked the whorl of her shivering victims ear through the gauzy fabric of her veil. СBut there are other places we must not ignore As she spoke one hand slid down Barbaras slippery skin to the pouting bulge of her cunt lips. Her forefinger stroked the moist slit, slipping deeper, searching until

СOh God! Ah aaaaaah, yeh, yeh, oh yeh t-t-t-there! The cries and sudden bucking spasms told Halima quite clearly that shed found the place she wanted. She licked her victims ear once more, breathing heavily into the inner whorl as her fingertip delicately feathered the tip of Barbara Novaks clitoris.

СAll right Rafiq, I rather think Mrs Novak is ready for you now. Major Katabis voice sounded amused as he watched Halima masturbating the young American so delicately and skilfully. Hearing her masters order Halima left the young blondes nipples alone and brought her other hand down, using just forefinger and thumb to spread her victims cunt lips wide apart. Then she returned to the gentle stroking of the Americans exposed clitoris with that single tormenting finger.

Quite deliberately Halima pushed harder into Barbara Novaks back, forcing her to arch forwards so as to push her breasts out even more strongly; their stiff peaks jutting upwards as though welcoming the agonising kiss of the rattan cane. Knowing what was about to happen the young American woman whimpered in a mixture of forced pleasure and anguish; pleasure from the clever fingers fondling her clit, anguish as she craned forwards, biting her lip in terror as she bent her head to watch Sergeant Rafiq tapping the rattan cane against the pink circular targets of her aureoles.

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From his chair in the shadows, Major Katabi grinned and nodded approvingly as the sergeant laid the first whistling stroke across both aureoles just beneath the jutting nipples. The firm breast- flesh dented at the vicious impact before the cane bounced clear to leave a thin line; a line that quickly coloured to show as a fine raised weal across the crests of both trembling globes. The Americans body went rigid as the stroke landed, every muscle showing in high relief as she tried to ride the pain through clenched teeth. Then her mouth gaped wide and a scream of tortured agony echoed round the hot, dim cellar.

СJust twenty-five across and the same underneath to begin then well see how shes feeling it, the major ordered casually. Sergeant Rafiq nodded and brought the rattan hissing down again.

With each Сswish-swick! Barbara Novak jerked and bucked as though touched with a live electric wire. Sergeant Rafiq watched the heavy globes of her breasts bouncing and jiggling madly as she writhed and squealed at the unbearable agony. After each stroke he waited, waited until those so-sensitive pink circles were still again so he could place the blazing torture of the next across the very tips of each breast.

СYeeearrrgh! Noooooof-f-f-fuck-fuck-fucking bastardsnooooo, Iiiiiiiiaaaaaaahhh!

Barbara Novak screamed and writhed, near demented with the scalding pain being applied to her nipples. In the darkness round her there were grins of cruel delight as her captors drank in the sight and sound of a naked, blonde American having her tits whipped so mercilessly. But not just her tits were receiving attention. Every agonising stroke was mirrored by Halimas fingernail scraping and scratching against her clitoris in a diabolical twin assault of pain and forced pleasure.

Twenty-five precise cuts later Sergeant Rafiq cupped Barbara Novaks right breast, lifting it to inspect his handiwork. Deliberately, he had not struck hard enough to split the skin but both aureoles were striped with fine raised weals, the sensitive aureoles now bright red and shiny. He grinned at the way her nipples bulged out obscenely, swollen like plump little fingers from the caning.

СNuuuuh, p-p-p-pleeeessseed-d-d-dont t-t-touc aaaaaaAAHHH!

Barbara Novak jerked frantically, squealing in fresh agony as the sergeant pinched one swollen teat. The sobbing squeal became a gasping whimper, her hips bucking for a different reason as Halima continued scraping that one fingernail across the little nub under her clitoral hood.

Major Katabi waited until the Arab woman had wrung more high-pitched cries from her victim and it was obvious that the young blonde was near another enforced climax. He coughed to catch her attention СIts not time for her to enjoy herself yet Hold her for Rafiq, Halima lets see how she likes those udders warmed a little more

Halima smiled and stroked her hands up the Americans flanks bringing yet another scream from the shivering blonde as she scraped her nails across the hot beaten globes. With cruel care the sadistic Arab torturer gripped each swollen nipple between finger and thumb, squeezing the beaten tips before stretching them upwards, lifting Barbara Novaks breasts up by the teats so the tender underflesh was exposed and ready for the kiss of Sergeant Rafiqs cane.

СSwish-swack! СSwish-swack! СSwish-swack! СSwish-swack!


СOh yes scream louder my darling Halima stretched the tender nipples even more, tightening the soft skin so each stroke scored a sharper line against the under curve of the screaming blondes breasts. СSee just like a knife is the heat growing? Thats ten now ten more to come then its these again oh theyll be so sore! Her fingers twisted and tugged the swollen nubs and Barbaras screams reached a new, higher pitch. СOh darlinghow will you stand the rest? You want Rafiq to stop dont you but he wont and theres nothing you can do is there? She let a stream of hot, scented breath play over Barbara Novaks ear as she added to the young womans anguish with her whispered words.

The out-stretched figure in the spotlights screamed and writhed continuously as the strokes mounted and the network of raised weals was branded across the exposed undersides of her breasts and the soft tender crease where they met her chest. Her head rocked from side to side and the sweat trickled down her body, droplets flicking from the points of her body as she jerked and shuddered in spastic response to each slicing stroke. Behind her, the black-robed figure of her Arab torturer held her arched out in a cruel embrace, her scarlet-tipped fingers gripping her victims nipples like pincers and holding her exposed for the agony to be applied.

At twenty strokes the agony became too much and Barbara Novak slumped forwards, swinging from her hands, unconscious.

СEnough, Rafiq Halima, leave her for the moment, Major Katabi ordered. СA few minutes will allow her to recover her senses and besides The three of them grinned at each other. They all knew the value of patience, letting the effects of the first torture session, the swelling and bruising, develop fully so the breasts and genitals were even more delightfully sensitive when they began again.

СLet us give out guest something to watch. Rafiq, fetch the girl we arrested with her Moona, Moona Safiq You deserve some relaxation after your efforts. Perhaps you and Corporal Mehmet would like to demonstrate on her Ill leave you to decide how you take her The sergeant grinned, and hurried out followed by the equally muscular corporal who had been watching the torture session from the darkness.

СHalima, my dear a bench for the men I think just there in the light so your new friend can see it clearly. He waited as the Arab woman dragged a heavy wooden bench into the circle of light, turning it so it until it was positioned about four feet in front of Barbara Novaks straddled body. The bench had seen hard use; its narrow top stained and marked whilst the short, stubby legs were braced with iron brackets. Fixed to either end and round each leg were leather straps with strong brass buckles.

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Halima looked up, was about to say something when Major Katabi forestalled her. СYes, yes my dear, I know you want to go on playing with Mrs Novak. He chuckled, Сbe patient let her watch her young friend satisfying the men for a little while then you can use those little sticks you love so much He looked at the blonde Americans body. Her breasts were still high and firm, jutting even more now the tips were so badly swollen. СHer tits look ready to pop just as you like themyes?

Beneath the concealing veil Halimas eyes glittered with rising excitement as she too studied Barbara Novaks shiny, taut nipples. СOh yes Major, shes ready shell really feel it there. She paused, Сand then the cunt her clits particularly sensitive

СYesyes, Major Katabi sounded amused. СRemember she will still be with us tomorrow and we dont want to damage her too much She must be able to appreciate the full effect when we wire her tits to the mains. Besides, she will need all her stamina to thank you and the men properly. Watching Rafiq and Mahmoud fucking her young friend should give her the idea of whats expected.

There was a clang and the scrabble of feet as the two men returned dragging the slim, dark figure of Moona Safiq between them. Although her feet were bare she was still fully clothed in jeans and tee shirt. Clearly terrified, the pretty nineteen-year-old student had not been seriously mistreatedyet. Her tee shirt was damp with sweat and clung to her body, showing off the firm high swell of her breasts within a lacy half-cup bra. She was shivering violently, staring at the ground in an effort to avoid looking at the unconscious form of her American lover dangling naked in the pitiless glare of the spotlights.

СStand still straight and look at your friend! Moona Safiq jerked upright, turning to face the shadowed figure of Major Katabi as he spoke. СSoon it will be your turn filthy little traitor.

СBut Sir, I have done nothing the girls voice was a quavering wail.

СBut you prefer the pleasures of an American spy, a woman spy at that you like fucking blonde, white women, yes? He waited, letting the girls fear and terror grow as her eyes kept straying to the dangling figure and the bare-chested guards on either side. СNow it is our turn to play with you a little let you entertain my men instead as you can see from Mrs Novak the Sergeant has been working hard. Get your clothes off.

СOh Sir, please no Sir, no I am a good girl sir, please, please do not make me


Brutal hands ripped the tee shirt away from her body. The sergeant gripped the front of her lacy black bra and wrenched it down so her breasts popped free. The fastening snapped and the corporal finished the job by pulling the remnants away, brushing aside Moonas feeble attempts at modesty. The two men simply grabbed a wrist each and twisted her arms back, holding her splayed open between them so the pert globes with their wide black aureoles and tip tilted nipples joggled and jutted for everyone to admire as they turned her to face the major.

СNow, will you do as I ask or shall I order the men to continue? Moona shook her head dumbly, her muscles quivering and tears streaming down her cheeks. Moments later she shrieked and jumped in shock as Halimas fingers touched her flanks flicking the waistband of her jeans undone and pulling her zip down. СPerhaps you should have a woman to assist you

The two men stretched her arms out allowing Halima to tug the girls jeans off. Then each man deliberately twisted the wrist he was holding with one hand whilst pressing under her elbow joint with the other, forcing the girl to arch up onto tiptoe. Halima stroked her thumbs over the pointy black peaks of Moonas breasts for a few moments, making the nipples stiffen and rouse before her hands moved down the nineteen-year-old students slim flanks. One hand stroked the taut swell of her bottom as the other fondled the bulge of her genitals within the silky red cup of her panties. The young student twitched and mewed in feeble protest as she felt the womans expert touch against the sensitive lips of her cunt.

Unable to resist any longer, Halima finally peeled the girls brief red panties down to leave her naked before her tormentors. By this time Moona was concentrating so hard on the shame and illicit pleasure of the things the Arab woman was doing to her that she let the men turn her arms behind her back without a struggle. It was only when Corporal Mahmoud jerked the nylon tie closed round her wrists with a Сziiiiiiiiip and she felt the unbreakable band digging painfully into her flesh that she realised what theyd done.

Wrists tied they kicked her legs apart, holding her astride easily as Halima once more cupped the girls prominent labia with her fingers. СOh, oh, n-n-n-oooo d-d-dont aaaaaah, nnnnnnaaaaaaahhhh! Moona wimpered as the Arab womans fingers slipped into her wet slit immediately finding the little pleasure bulb now erect and peeping from between the inner folds of her cunt.

Suddenly there was the noise of splashing liquid, the sound making Halima and the men laugh aloud, their coarse comments adding to the girls blushing shame as she wet herself. СDid I get you too excited? Halimas fingers moved faster, slipping and slithering in the wet folds of the girls cunt; whipping her juices to a cream and making her pant and gasp with unwanted pleasure.

СIts time for you to give the men what they want she whispered and the men stepped away. Halima kept her fingers working in the girls cunt, rolling and vibrating her victims clitoris so the nineteen-year-old moaned and gasped in rising excitement.

СOh Moona, naughty girl youre all wet and slippery and ready to be fucked arent you? See, theyre ready for you too

Rafiq and Mahmoud had stripped off their loose camouflage trousers and now each man posed naked in front of the girl. Mahmouds eight-inch cock was fully erect, jutting almost straight out from the thicket of tight black hair at his groin. Moona stared at him in horror as he caressed the heavily veined shaft, fondling the soft weight of his balls with the other hand.

The sight of the big sergeant was even worse. Rafiqs cock was longer and thicker, the ten-inch shaft curving back so the wide glans almost touched the flat muscles of his lower belly. He grinned at her expression, deliberately peeling back his foreskin so the aroused girl could see the purple head already glistening and shiny with the milky fluid leaking from the slit. He stepped closer, and Halima pushed the girl to her knees in front of him, so close she could smell the fishy musk of his arousal and the naked glans brushed her cheek.

Halima clenched one hand in her long black hair. СSuck him girlie; go on take him all in She knelt beside her victim, her right hand snaking back over Moonas thigh to resume that slow, relentless masturbation of the girls clitoris. Driven by the mixture of terror and sensation, the young student submitted, opening her lips to take the smooth purplish head of the sergeants penis into her mouth. He groaned and grabbed the short hairs by her ears, forcing his cock into the back of her throat so she gagged and jerked convulsively.

СI suggest you learn to take it all quite quickly Miss Safiq my men will expect a high standard of service from you in the weeks to come The soft voice of Major Katabi interrupted her efforts. The sergeant let her catch breath for a few moments then thrust his hips forwards once again.

ARIESst06.jpg (161298 bytes)

Whilst Moona Safiq tried to cope with the thick column of the sergeants cock filling her mouth and throat, Corporal Mahmoud sat down astride the bench waiting quietly for his part in this familiar game to begin. He continued stroking himself as he watched the girls cheeks hollowing and bulging as her tongue lapped and licked the glans of the sergeants penis. Seeing she was becoming too intent on trying to make him climax, Halima pulled her away, back to her feet and across to the bench. Mahmoud grinned nastily and lay back along the narrow top, knees bent and his feet braced flat on the floor.

СOver you go Moona heres a new ride for you to take The Arab woman gripped one of the girls nipples and twisted it round as she forced her to straddle Mahmouds thighs. Mahmouds hands gripped her waist, pulling against him so his penis nudged the front of her cunt, the head touching the trimmed black hair on her mound. СOh no, no dont torment him sit on it girlie. She pulled Moonas nipple viciously upwards and the girl lifted a little from her squatting position, sobbing wildly as she inched up his thighs and felt Mahmouds penis nuzzling into the wet, engorged folds of her cunt.

СNo, no I dont want too, please stop, ple. aaaaaah, nuh, nuh, naaaaaaah, d-d-d-dont p-p-push naaaaAAAAAHH!

Halima leaned her weight on the girls shoulders, pressing her down again just as Mahmoud arched his hips upwards. This time the girl squealed at the sharp stabbing pain as the corporals cock impaled her full length, stretching and ripping into her unmercifully. Moona surged upright trying to lift herself free but Halima was there leaning on her back, one hand tweaking and twisting the peak of the girls left breast whilst with the other she used a single finger to vibrate the already roused nub of her victims clitoris.

Mahmouds face contorted in pleasure as he felt the girls cunt muscles clenching and gripping the shaft of his cock as she wriggled madly in response to Halimas busy finger. Moona jerked and bucked, bending forwards to increase the friction letting Mahmouds cock slide out until only the helmet remained nestled between her labia. She shivered; panting and whimpering at what they were doing to her then Mahmoud pushed up once more and Halima leaned onto her back

СAaaaaaAAHHH! Yuh, yuh, yes, ah please, p-please! Now Mahmouds fucking speeded up, the glistening wet shaft of his cock slipping in and out of her sopping cunt easily as the two of them brought Moona to a first shuddering climax. The noises of protest turned into those familiar involuntary cries of excitement as the young students orgasm overtook her in a series of sudden jerking spasms.

СEeeeeeeeh! Mummffff, mmmmmfh yiiiiiiiirgggg! Cuhcuh, cuh, cum, cumming p-please Im c-c-c-c-cumming!

Halima freed herself from the girls body so she could bounce and wriggle unhindered on Mahmouds cock. His teeth were gritted as he fought to prevent the girls frantic movements making him come too soon. He wanted to wait until his friend Rafiq joined in. As she started to relax he grabbed her round the body, holding down against his chest in a powerful bear hug. The girls position held her bottom cheeks parted so Major Katabi and Halima could see the wrinkled rosette of her anus and the pink inner cunt flesh stretched round the thickness of the corporals cock.

Grinning in anticipation and holding his penis down with one hand the big sergeant straddled the bench across his friends legs. He bent his knees and pressed the slippery head of his cock against the tender little opening of her bottom. Between the two men the girl screamed and writhed frantically only now understanding what was to happen to her

СNo-no-no-no-no-nooooooooo! Not there, no mercy, d-d-d-d naaaaa AARRGGGHH!

ARIESst07.jpg (150287 bytes)

Moonas scream of agony rang round the hot, foetid chamber as Rafiqs glans stretched her anal ring almost to splitting point. He waited for her struggles to quieten, pulled back just a little then rammed his cock head through the tight opening of her anus into the slippery warmth of the girls rectum. The scream reached a new, wild pitch as she felt him penetrate her virgin hole and the burning, throbbing pain lanced through her body.


The flat vicious sound of slapping flesh cut across Moonas agonised cries. Barbara Novak jerked back to consciousness as Halima swung the flat of her hand against her horribly swollen right breast. Her eyes snapped wide open, her mouth opening in an anguished scream when the Arab woman slapped her left breast equally hard. Before the blonde American could draw breath Halima had grabbed her sore nipples and pinched them in an agonising grip.


СShut up and look at your girlfriend see how shes enjoying some proper attention for a change

Barbaras cries became a series of anguished grunts as she tried to ride the scalding pain of those torturing fingers. She peered forwards through tear-filled eyes, trying to unravel the tangle of bodies on the bench in front of her. Suddenly, she understood what these sadistic animals were doing СOh God, Moona, oh darling no, no oh poor thing get them off theyll kill her!

СNonsense, shes come once already and once Rafiq really gets going shell come again You can watch her see, shes getting all excited already Halima grinned and let the Americans swollen pink teats go, turning to pick up something from a table to one side of the room.

СMrs Novak, Major Katabis voice came out of the darkness beyond the lights. СThe girl is proving to be an amusing toy for my men as you can see. Soon it will be your turn but for now I want you to tell me about the rest of your friends in the city and in case you decide to be stubborn. Halima is going to show you another of her skills. In oriental torture they like to use bamboo splinters I find that ordinary cocktail sticks do just as well.

Barbara turned her head away from the sight and pleading sounds of Moonas slow deliberate double fucking, trying to ignore the girls frantic cries as she was made to come for a second time. She was now gabbling with pain and rising pleasure as the twin cocks continued to ram in and out of her vagina and anus. Barbara Novak moaned in fear, still struggling to cope with the majors horrible threats as she watched Halima returning with a little clear plastic box in her left hand.

The woman took one of the small, white wooden sticks from the box before tucking the rest away in the folds of her robe. She licked the end of the stick and held it up so Barbara could see how sharp it was. СNo, no no oh please, oh noooo… Barbara words were barely audible as Halima cupped her right breast with her left hand. She lifted the soft globe, tilting its pink tip upwards so she could bring her lips to touch the jutting nipple. Her tongue flickered and Barbara Novak moaned, teeth biting her lower lip, at the exquisite sensation lancing through the swollen and tender teat.

СThis will drive you to the edge of madness Halima looked straight into her victims eyes. СLook watch my fingers carefully She brought the wooden point against the nipple stub, listening to the womans racing breathing as her terror grew. Barbara tried in vain to jerk away as the needle point dented the shiny tip but Halima held it there, her own breathing slow and heavy; feeling the wetness seeping from her own cunt as she held her victim at the peak of mental anguish.

СP-p-p-please s-t-t-t-top, oh ohhh, ohhh n-n-nooo, I cant please, I cant

From the bench Moonas fresh cries of pain and pleasure make Halima look for a moment. СSuch a fuss, she turned back, Сbut youll make more noise than that much, much more all ready? She took a deep breath as finger and thumb twirled the little skewer drilling it into the end of Barbara Novaks right nipple. Still twirling the stick to and fro she pushed it in a little more so it pierced down the full length of the young womans tortured teat.

СYyyyyyyyyaaaaaaagggghhh! AAAAARRRGGGHHHH!

Everything else in that awful chamber stopped dead as the wild animal scream echoed and shrilled from the concrete walls and ceiling. The naked, beaten figure of the blonde American woman arched against her cruel bonds in a curve of tortured agony, every muscle bar taut and shivering with the extremity of her pain. In front of her the two big men grinned and looked at her watched for a few moments then turned back to continue the slow, enjoyable fucking of the slim nineteen year old student sandwiched and writhing between them.

Halima turned the little splinter a few more times then let Barbara Novaks breast go letting it dangle free once again with the little white spike still impaling the length of the nipple. A single bead of blood welled from the pink tip and the stick shivered and quivered with every movement of the womans body.

СWell play with that one later Halima murmured, Сnow to decorate the other side as well. Barbara Novaks head shook frantically as she stared, eyes bulging with the horror of what unspeakable things were being done to her by her Arab torturer. Halima lifted the soft weight of the Americans left breast and held up a second skewer. СCan you guess where I like to use my little toys most of all? She ran the point of the skewer over her victims belly and just tickled it inside the split of her cunt in an unmistakable signal. СBut first

The wooden point moved back to touch the swollen tip of the other nipple and Barbara Novak threw her head back and screamed and screamed and screamed

In the shadows, Major Katabi watched the torture session with a true voyeurs pleasure. This afternoon it would be fun to switch them around Halima could work on the girl whilst the men would enjoy the chance to fuck an American. Something different this time though, he thought. Perhaps Ill have her doubled over a bar so Rafiq can really ream her in the arse and something on those nipples too, clamps or weights possibly… or will the magneto be more fun?

Major Katabi was nothing if not inventive

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