Captive Kisses [HINES]


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Submitting to Her AttackerТs Kisses

CТmon, bitch, gimme back some tongue or else youТll end up like your boyfriend there! The masked robber was beginning to pushed his cock further into MoniqueТs fear-tightened pussy now, hurting her.

Monique had just seen Doug, her fiancй stabbed repeatedly when he had gallantly moved to protect the big knife-wielding thug who had surprised them on the street and forced them back into the deserted alley. She did not know if Doug was still alive; all she knew was his body did not move as the robber forced her down so that the back of her head was pillowed by his inert form.

P-Please.. Please! DonТt hurt me, Monique pleaded, her voice croaking with fear. IТll do whatever you say!Do whatever you want! Just donТt hurt me!

She knew what he wanted.It wasnТt the small amount of cash that she and Doug had been carrying on them; the way the thug had looked at her immediately signaled what he was really interested in.

I know youТll do everything I want, baby. Just you and me fuckinТ back here.AinТt no one gonna be cominТ to interrupt us, either.

The thugТs wet tongue slithered inside of MoniqueТsaccepting mouth as he beganstretching her cunt with that big, hard shaft of his.

Mmmmm you kiss real good, the thug chuckled as he started pounding MoniqueТs pussy. I like a girl who kisses me back while IТm fuckinТ her. Now start movinТ those hips too, like the good little whore you are.


Jolene Prepares the New Girl

Jolene had already been familiar with this new girl even before they had her kidnapped. JoleneТs main business was supplying white girls as sex slaves to service her well-established inner-city clientele and that meant that she personally researched and scouted out potential victims for later abduction and training.

Jolene only used blondes between the ages of 18 and 22; her customers were an energetic bunch whose big, dark cocks used girls up quickly;these girls needed to be in their prime.

This new oneТs name was Darla; Jolene had spent almost a week following her before deciding that she was right for abduction. Of course, Darla had resisted at first. Jolene had expected that, she preferred white girls who had frisky and lively natures. But Jolene was a big black ghetto-raised woman, strong and cruel when she had to be; she only needed a few days of punishing Darla before Darla began to see the errors of her ways.

The last few nights after that had been spent in JoleneТs big bed, where she introduced the white girl into the proper ways of eating a big black galТs pussy. Jolene was an excellent instructress, with a lot of experience at teaching a scared and humbled young slave just how to do it exactly right, the way ghetto girls liked it done.

Now it was time to have Darla broken in by a black cock.Not just any black cock, but the monster of a black cock of her younger brother, Henry. After a girl had been endured a couple days of fucking from HenryТs huge black meat, she would be completely broken in and ready for all the hard fucking ahead of her in her new life.

Darla had panicked at first sight of HenryТs massive dick, but she knew she had no choice but to stroke it with her soft hands like Jolene ordered. To her horror, HenryТs already huge cock began to grow even longer and thicker in DarlaТs hands as she continued to massage it just as Jolene was telling her to.

Yeah, girl. My brother Henry, he sure gots a big weapon on him, donТt he? Keep on strokinТ so he get Сbout as big as he can. Then he gonna put you on your back anТ give you the fuckinТ of your life!

JoleneТs voice clearly showed that she was looking forward to watching Darla being roughly fucked.

Yeah-h-h..I tell ya this Ц when you get through takinТ HenryТs meat, you gonna be able to handle all them other cocks without much trouble. I mean, there will be a few cocks as big as his, but none of them guys gonna fuck the hell out of ya like my brother Henry here.

Being forced into prostitution and without any choice, white Darla submissively opened her cute mouth to accept black JoleneТs aggressive tongue kissing while being forced to stoke the huge black cock of JoleneТs brother Henry, who grunted with anticipation of spending hours fucking this new white slave; breaking her in forher new life.


The Lesbian Warden Kisses the New Girl

Warden NikaТs arms were tired from beating the new foreign girl with her belt. She had screamed at the new prisoner, yelling that she had shown disrespect in the way that she had looked back into NikaТs hard staring eyes Ц but in truth, the Warden would have started whipping the frightened girl anyway.

Warden Nika enjoyed personally breaking in pretty Western girls unfortunate enough to be sent to the tough womenТs prison that she oversaw. WerenТt enough of them in Warden NikaТs thinking. Western girls were so much more trainable than the tough local female inmates; they submitted more easily and quickly, did the things that Nika and her close circle of dyke friends, inside the prison and outside, demanded that they do.

Do you want some more of my belt, my sweet? My arms are a bit weary, but If I wait for a little while, IТll soon have enough strength again to start all over again. IТve been known to whip a girl for hours, all night. Because I like doing it so much.

The Warden pulled the weepinggirl into her arms. As Nika expected, the Western girl did not resist. After being subjected to one of NikaТs belt sessions, they hardly ever did.

Do you like how I swing my belt?Do you want me to spend the night beating you with it?

The new prison girl, so cowed, so pretty and pale, cried as the Warden embraced her more closely.

Oh, no, Miss Nika.Please donТt!Please have mercy on me!

Well-l-l, that sounds good, what youТre saying to me. If you are sincere, maybe you donТt need a lot more punishment.. maybe what you need is love. The kind of love that I show you.

Warden NikaТs blouse was open and herbig nipples hardened as she drew the girlТs abused body close against her naked breasts.

The Warden offered the Western prisoner her saliva-coated tongue. Tell me,” Warden Nika asked, Have you ever eaten a womanТs pussy?

N-No, the scared prison girl answered, weakly touching the WardenТs tongue with her own.

But you really want to, do you? WeТll kiss a bit and get to know each other. Then IТll put you on your knees so that you can learn your first lesson


Michelle Accepts Taking It In Her Ass.

Oh, my God! It hurts so bad! Michelle thought silently as Rahib had already begun driving his mighty dark cock up her aching asshole once again. This would be the third time tonight that Rahib would be ravishing MichelleТs tormented butthole. If it was going to be like the first two times, he would turn Michelle on her stomach and subject her to almost an hour of non-stop, pounding fucking of her backside while she cried and begged.

Rahib liked it when Western slavegirls begged and cried while he slammed their arses with his big rod. None of his native wives would let him do that to them but these white slaves, so difficult and expensive to buy from his European contacts, were perfect.

Rahib was huge-hung and virile and he enjoyed counting his money during the day and then fucking his half-dozen white slavegirls during the nights. He like to alternate between different girls so that none of them had enough time to truly get used to his fucking them in their asses. Their agony and pain was a big part of the fun.

Right now, Michelle was beginning to wrench at every thrust from his merciless dick Ц but she knew better than to complain or try to pull away; Rahib had already demonstrated that he was cruel and heavy with his assortment of whips and paddles when he had first gotten her.

UghhhhYour ass is so tight! Just the way Rahib likes it! Rahib moaned loudly as he buried his enormous cock, almost thirty centimeters of it, up the hilt in MichelleТs protesting rectum. Tell me it hurts you. Tell me my cock is hurting you!

Ohhhh, it hurts, Master! It hurts so much!

But you like it, donТt you? You like the pain of my esteemed cock, donТt you!

Rahib was slamming her ass with full-length thrusts now, shaking her body with the strength of his fucking.

Master! Yes, Master! I like it! I like it so much! Michelle answered through teeth clenched in agony.

Rahib turned MichelleТs head backwards to him and Michelle obediently returned his wet, sloppy kisses.

He enjoyed making a pampered Western slavegirl humiliate herself by kissing him back like a lover while he used her ass.


Roberta Becomes Madame MikoТs Girl.

Madam MikoТs fat, bloated body was still quivering from the last orgasm that her very own English slavegirl had given her. She had to admit having some second thoughts about using some of the hard-earn money from her gambling-house profits to purchase Roberta from the Japanese gangster who offered the terrified blond-haired twenty-year old up for sale on the Tokyo underground slave market.

But Miko didnТt have to worry; RobertaТs boyfriend had welched of a big debt to a dangerous Japanese crime syndicate and Roberta had been there, forced to watch, as they tortured him over a period of a week.

Roberta had be assured that the only reason she was being spared the same gruesome fate suffered by her late boyfriend as that they could profit by selling her as a slave. Even the prospect of living the rest of her days servicing clients in some cheap, back-alley brothel was better that undergoing what she had witnessed. Anything.

Madame Miko had been searching for a nice girl to attend to her needs for so long. Miko, being fat and thoroughly unattractive, had begun to despair that she would never find a pretty woman to help keep her happy and sexual satisfied.

When she had heard about the very pretty English girl up for sale, she knew she had the money and willingness to outbid and potential rival at auction. It was better when Miko saw Roberta up on the auction block; yes, the Western girl was as attractive as they said she was. Just right for keeping a slave at home in the soundproof, underground dungeon that Madame Miko had arranged to be especially constructed some years ago.

It is so simple, Madame Miko had told the English girl. You will give me satisfaction by being available to me for my use in any way I wish. I like using my paddles and little whips to make a girl scream but I promise that youТll learn to like it. YouТll probably even eventually come to me and beg me to punish you because you will miss it if I donТt. But your main duty will be keeping my cunt and asshole constantly satisfied by your pretty lips and tongue. You will do this all the time Ц because I run a business that causes me a lot of stress and need you to satisfy me all the time. You will find that I need this every day, understand.?

And the English slave girl, to prevent a very ghastly fate, had demonstrated how deserving she was by pleasuring her fat Mistress in any and all ways. Every day and night

Madame Miko started to kiss her English slave girl deep and hard. The girl had just finished reaming out MikoТs puckered, appreciative asshole with her compliant tongue and Miko could taste it.

I can taste my shit on your tongue, you nasty little English bitch, the Madame murmured as she reached for one of her wooden paddles. You have to be punished for being such a nasty little whore.


The Kiss of Uncertainty.

Patricia had not expected this. The female figure who had entered the small prison cell was not at all like the dozens upon dozens of lust-driven dykes whose needs Patricia had serviced over the last couple of years. She had made herself into the accepting lesbian whore that they had all wanted her to be; they had told her that she was considered the best pleasure-giver of all the sex slaves at the prison. Even the Warden herself had arranged to have Patricia brought to her private quarters every other night in order to have Patricia eat out her mature pussy. YouТre such a good girl, Warden Nicka had said after squatting and peeing down PatriciaТs opened mouth two nights ago.

Nothing had surprised Patricia anymore. Except the appearance of this strange new woman in her cell. The woman was totally dressed in some kind of pick-colored latex or rubber suit with openings for her mouth, eyes, mouth, pussy and ass.

Something caused Patricia to shiver and ask, Who are you? IТve never seen you before. What do you want with me? Why are you dressed like that? Something made Patricia want to run from this woman-but there was no place to run to and she had heard the cell door lock behind this new woman. The Strange Woman approached Patricia quickly, embracing her with one arm. The Stranger was very strong.

Patricia. Hmmmmmm. Patricia.., the StrangerТs voice was hushed. A familiar voice; Patricia tried to remember where she had heard it.

Somehow frightened, Patricia tried to pull away from the woman but the womanТs arm was too strong. The woman pulled Patricia close and started to pinch and twist the girlТs nipples with the free hand. Patricia.. The strong fingers kept twist and assaulting the nipples on both of Patricia breasts, hurting her.

Ouch! Owwwwww!

Call me Mistress Pereza, the StrangerТs face was only inches from PatriciaТs now, her eyes somewhat manical as they stared at Patricia from that latex hood. Yes, Pereza. The fingers pinched and twisted even harder now, causing tears of pain to start flowing from PatriciaТs eyes. IТve come to take you, Patricia. IТve come all the way back to take you with me.

What? Take me where? Who?

ItТs going to be a long trip, Patricia. A long way.there are people waiting to watch us.

I donТt understand, Patricia began to whimper. What are you saying?

Mistress PerezaТs eyes flashed, her breathing heavier as she said, YouТll begin to understandlater.when we get there. But now weТre going to celebrate your remaining time here. You get me so excited, Patricia. So excited that I always feel the need to take a dump in your pretty mouth. IСve been thinking about it all the way here..

Mistress Pereza twisted one of PatriciaТs arms behind her back, controlling the girl with the pain. Kiss me slave. LetТs trade tongues like girlfriends before I let you be my toilet girl and eat my turds..

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