African Nightmare [CORTEZ]

African Nightmare

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African Nightmare
by Cortez. All rights reserved
Illustrations by ARIES, posted April 14th, 2002

The village was just a huddle of huts on the edge of the forest. The young lawyer from the city had been hiding there for nearly a week before someone blabbed. She, and the nineteen-year-old local girl whoТd been helping her, had been taken at dawnЕ alive and unharmed unfortunately for both of them. They were tied and gagged with practiced efficiency and driven at speed to regional police headquarters at Mudami.

Two hours later, Inspector Lubala of the Internal Security Bureau, finished his lunch and strolled back across the dusty parade ground to the secluded group of buildings on the far side of the police compound. In one of the bare, whitewashed holding cells, Melinda Roberts, twenty six year old and a civil rights lawyer, was sitting on the concrete floor, her back against the rough wall.

СAh, the elusive Miss Roberts, good morning, all ready for me I trustЕТ The Inspector paused, listening to a long wailing cry from another part of the building. His teeth gleamed as he smiled sadistically. СDonТt worry, it will be your turn soon.Т Still smiling the inspector squatted until his face was level with hers, careful not to disturb the knife-like crease in his dark grey slacks. СYou know, my police colleagues in the capital have been hoping to talk to you for monthsЕ how kind of you to make yourself available to me alone. Your capture and confession will undoubtedly aid my promotion prospects.Т

Melinda Roberts struggled to move, but the rope tying her wrists was too tight and the straps round her knees and ankles held her feet securely together.

Her long cotton skirt still concealed her elegant legs but her casual shirt, which was unfastened and only knotted at the front, had gaped badly, showing her slim midriff and the swelling inner curves of her full breasts. Despite the shock and rough handling of her capture she still looked elegant and attractive. The soft, polished tan of her skin, high cheekbones and very short black hair gave her the look of a model, a model now listening in sick disbelief at the sounds of another womanТs torture echoing along the corridors of the interrogation centre.

СYou fucking bastard! You animalЕ! You canТt do thisЕ just wait until they hear about this back in LanshasaЕ! Your superiors wiЕ.Т Melinda RobertsТs tirade was cut short as Inspector Lubala casually backhanded her across the mouth then carefully inspected the smear of blood on his fingertips.

СMy superiors understand the situation completely. You are an active enemy of the state and have been evading arrest for monthsЕ The girl is obviously your accomplice and so she is ours to do with as we wish.Т He paused and listened to the cries still echoing down the corridor. СAt the moment she is receiving a personal lesson from my menЕ as you will see shortly. You, Miss Roberts, on the other hand are going to receive a much more intimate examinationЕ after all you have so much to tell us all about the network you are so actively involved withЕ the one that tries to harbour and protect those working against our national interestЕ terrorist, criminals and the like.Т

He smiled unpleasantly at the tethered woman. She had been on the run for over six months now, trying desperately to avoid falling into the sadistic clutches of the ISB. The whispered stories had hinted at what happened to the regimeТs opponents. Now, as the Inspector studied her shapely body, Melinda Roberts knew she was about to find out for herselfЕ

Inspector Lubala always liked this momentЕjust before the agony began and the victim finally realised that all those whispered stories might just be true after all. In his early fifties, slim, medium height and, as usual, dressed in dark grey slacks and a white shirt open at the neck, Inspector Lubala enjoyed his reputation for refined cruelty. A pretty young woman was a special pleasureЕ one to be savoured slowly and carefully as each delicate application of pain brought its own delicious responseЕ.

To Melinda, meeting him for the first time, Lubala had all the sleek, cruel satisfaction of a cat toying with a mouse. The heat had given his jet-black skin a gleaming, polished sheen whilst his face was set in hard lines; lines made harsher by the set of his thin, purplish lips. His eyes were invisible, concealed behind mirrored sunglasses but his whole attitude radiated power and cruelty.

СGuards!ТТ Fingers snapped imperiously and two men, thickset, brutish and barefoot, dressed only in combat trousers and dirty singlets, appeared in the corridor. They grinned at the pinioned woman waiting for the next order as the Inspector ran the toe of his polished black shoe down the length of her trembling leg.

СLetТs have this one on her feet to start with, shall weЕТ

Rough, eager hands mauled and pawed her body as the men forced Melinda to her feet and undid the securing strapsЕ after all, a white woman, even one of mixed race, was a welcome treat. Their fingers gripped her upper arms, holding her upright as she swayed, still rocking unsteadily as circulation returned. She glared at the Inspector in fear and anger whilst rubbing at the rope marks, furiously trying to massage some feeling back into her wrists.

Inspector Lubala studied his shivering prisoner carefully once more. СTake Miss Roberts to the Conference RoomЕ she can see how we give lessons to foolish young womenЕ it may help her memoryЕТ

СYou shit, you perverted animalЕ youТll get nothing from meЕ nothingЕТ Melinda Roberts yelled back at the Inspector as the men dragged her away, struggling violently, down the concrete corridor.

Those defiant words and the useless struggles died away as the young lawyer was forced through the doorway and she saw the horror awaiting her in what the Inspector had called the Сconference roomТ.

She couldnТt judge its size because, apart from the central area, it was shrouded in darkness. It was windowless and stiflingly hot; a cloying, sticky heat that reeked of sweat, pain and the sharp musky tang of sexual arousal. She felt the sudden wetness of her own perspiration under her arms and between her legs as the humid warmth bathed into her body. She coughed, looking at the raw concrete of the floor, using that as an excuse to avoid looking at the figure that hung, gleaming and twitching, in the hot glare of the lights.

Mewemi Badasi was only nineteenЕ her one mistake was to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time and now she was paying a dreadful price.

She was quite naked, her dress and panties lying crumpled on the edge of the lighted circle. She turned slowly to and fro, swinging from the rope cutting into her wrists. A rope that held her suspended so only the tips of her toes scraped the raw concrete of the floor. Melinda could see her fingers twisting and turning, trying to get the tiniest grip on the cruel, thin cord and relieve the burning pain in her wrists. In the hot, white glare her body shone like melted chocolate, gleaming wetly with the sweat from the roomТs heat and the awful agony of what her tormentors were doing to her.

They hadnТt tied her anklesЕ there was no need. A two foot long metal spreader bar was strapped tightly just above each knee instead, holding her thighs wide apart, holding her openЕ she could kick and jerk all she wantedЕ it made no differenceЕ none at allЕ and every time her left leg moved and jerked it made the red plastic coated wire that snaked out of the darkness move and jerk too. That was because the end of the wire had been stripped of insulationЕ and the bared copper core twisted tightly round the girlТs left big toe.

The man standing behind her was just like the guards holding MelindaТs arms, heavily muscled, shaven headed and wearing only combat trousers and a sweat-stained tee shirt. He was grinning with excitement and pleasure as he swung the long, finger-thick bamboo cane once again and the helpless girlТs outthrust buttocks bounced and jiggled with the flat, wet impactЕ


СAaaah! No-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-nooooooo! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ahЕТ

The scream and the panting cries of protest were weaker now, although the frantic paddling action of her legs as she responded to the burning agony of the stroke was still wild and vigorous. Her head tossed madly, drops of sweat flicking off her forehead as she gasped and splutteredЕ trying to scream and draw enough breath into her lungs at the same time.


СOh donТt, donТt know I donТt want to please no IТm soooo sore, pleaseЕ nuh, nnnnaaaaaahhhh!

Inspector Lubala followed the three of them into the room as the guards forced their prisoner to the edge of the brilliantly lit central area. The stinking heat grew more stifling as the padded door swung shut behind him with a muffled thud. СYou seeЕ just the right treatment and sheТll promise us anythingЕ


The inspector waited until the fresh screams died away. СI presume that you have nothing to tell me yetЕ?Т MelindaТs deliberate turn of the head and tightly closed lips gave him all the confirmation he needed. СWell then, let us beginЕ First, Miss Roberts, I need you in the same state as your young friend over thereЕТ He pointed to where Mewemi swung; spread legs still wriggling in pain.

СFuck you, Lubala, IТm not getting undressed for your perverted kicks.Т

СOh you will, you will, believe meЕ Mary, I believe our young friend needs another taste of your tickler before Tomas continuesЕТ As the Inspector spoke a middle aged black woman, dressed in a print cotton dress appeared in the shadows. Melinda staredЕ she looked soЕ normal, so out of place. The shock lasted for long seconds until the young lawyer saw what Mary was holding in her right hand.

Suddenly, Melinda understood why her friend was tied in this wayЕ and the awful purpose of the red wire; the beating was only part of the treatment. The woman was torturing her with electricity!

The dildo looked so cruel and obscene. Moulded in black plastic the shaft curved in a gentle arc, its embossed network of raised veins deliberately enhanced for greater friction. But it was the polished metal helmet forming the glansЕ and the wires trailing away from the base of the shaft into the darkness that made her gasp with horror.

СNow girlieЕ lets try a little higher setting this time shall weЕ?Т MaryТs voice was almost motherly as she fondled the lips of the girlТs cuntЕ there was a moment of silence as she stroked the metal dome slowly along the wet pink folds, coating the polished tip with her moisture

СOh noooooo, no donТt put it in me no, not again noooooooo! Aaaah, nuh, nuh, p-pleaseЕ!Т

The woman smiled across at Melinda as she carefully eased the shiny helmet into the opening of the girlТs vagina, gently rocking the thick plastic shaftЕ pressing in to stretch the opening until a sudden sob and spastic jerk from the girl told her the metal glans had popped through the muscle ring guarding the entrance. Murmuring quietly to the girl all the time, she gradually worked the heavily embossed stem deeper and deeper. The girlТs sobs and pleas were mixed with softer grunts and little gasps as she felt her tissues being stretched and scratched once more by the invading phallusЕ her breathing becoming faster and more frantic as she fought her terror at she knew was about to happen.

Mary smiled again and changed hands. Melinda could see she was now holding the embedded dildo in her right hand, a hand protected by a red rubber glove. As she moved the shaft inside the girlТs bodyЕ she pressed the end of the horrible device with her right hand.

There was a small, distinct СclickТ from the base of the dildo and a muffled, low buzzing noise. Melinda saw the girlТs muscles lock rigid, quivering at some awful strain as she jolted violently. There was stillnessЕ just that shivering in the girlТs rigid muscles and the womanТs gentle hand movements as she twisted and turned the electrode against her victimТs cervix. ThenЕ


The intense, animal cry of agony echoed round the room as the nineteen year old writhed against the shock fizzing through her body. Looking directly at Melinda once more, the woman ran her tongue across her full lips then pulled the glistening shaft out very slowly, the low buzzing rising in volume until the gleaming wet head slipped free. Then she pausedЕ allowing the girlТs squeals to quieten before she slid the electrode up inside her body once more.

The girlТs screams rose and fell three more times as the woman repeated the slow deliberate fucking movements. СI asked you to get undressed, Miss RobertsЕ.Т Melinda bit her lip; so intent on MewemiТs agony that she didnТt her the InspectorТs soft command. His voice hardened and rose a little. СMaryЕ just a further touch on her clitЕ.Т

The woman pressed the slippery silver dome between the girlТs labia, sliding the buzzing head of the electrode up and down the pink wet gash so the screams rose and fell in panting frenzy. At the InspectorТs request she crouched, moving the polished metal glans until it was pressing directly against the swollen bulb of her victimТs clitoris. MewemiТs body surged spastically and beads of blood showed round wrists as the cords bit even more deeply into her flesh with the agony of the current fizzing through her cunt.

СMiss Roberts! Listen carefullyЕMary will go on tickling your friendТs clitoris until you do what I sayЕ or do you share our enjoyment of your young friendТs delightfully noisy anticsЕ?Т

СStop, for pityТs sake stop, pleaseЕ!Т MelindaТs words tumbled out as she wrenched the silk shirt off to reveal the swelling globes of her breasts, barely contained by a lacy black half-cup bra. Despite her words Mary continued stroking the girlТs clit with the electrode, wringing a series of animal squeals from the girl with each metallic caress of the electrode. СYou bastard, IТm doing what you wantЕ so call that bitch off!Т She struggled frantically to undo the waist tie of her skirt.

Only after long moments did the knot finally give way allowing Melinda RobertsТs skirt to fall to the ground revealing the smooth elegant length of her legs. The lacy black thong panties only served to make her seem even more obviously naked as she stood defiantly in front of her three grinning tormentors.

СNo, noЕ everythingЕ those too, Miss RobertsЕ or should I ask Mary to insert that little toy up into your friend once moreЕ?Т He smirked in satisfaction as Melinda fumbled behind her back until the lacy bra sprang open and fell away too allowing the dark, pointed tips of her breasts to jut proudly in the warm, still air. They jiggled delightfully as the young lawyer bent to peel down her panties before stepping free from the moist scrap of fabric that had been her last garment.

A classic pose really, the inspector thought, studying how Melinda was instinctively trying to conceal the dark wiry triangle at her groin with one hand whilst holding her other arm protectively across the fullness of her breasts, Quite futile too considering what weТre going to do to her in a few minutes.

He flicked his fingers and the woman removed the dildo from the girlТs cunt, clicking the switch so the buzzing stopped and Mewemi was left shuddering and gasping for breath in the sudden silence.

СNow, Miss Roberts, let us have your hands behind your backЕ or should I ask Tomas to assist you?Т The young lawyer shook her head as she straightened and put her hands behind her back, breasts lifting and thrusting even more prominently as she braced her shoulders. She jerked slightly as she felt the womanТs fingers touch her arms; then grimaced in pain as a thin nylon band was zipped tightЕ pinching her flesh and clamping her wrists together.

СTomasЕ letТs get rid of that oneЕ I have something else in mind for our legal guest.Т

Whilst Tomas and the two guards were cutting Mewemi free Melinda began to see a little more of the room as her eyes adjusted. Some chairs and table stood just out of the light but positioned so that Melinda Roberts could see exactly what was being prepared for her torture. She guessed with terror that the polished wooden box with its brass terminals and side handle was yet another device for electric shocksЕ electricity had long been a favourite toy of the ISB.

Next to the magneto was another wooden box, painted black this time. When the woman opened the lid Melinda saw wires and bright metal glinting, shiny needles and forceps, scalpels and what looked like long nosed pliers. She bit her lip, whimpering despite her bravado as she watched the woman add a box of matches and a small butane torch to the collection.

СOver here Miss RobertsЕТ The Inspector indicated a place to one side of the wooden posts where two lengths of rusty metal angle iron jutted from the concrete. Set nearly three feet apart, each one was about eighteen inches high with a hole drilled through one side near the top. СStand between the stakes pleaseЕТ The Inspector smiled, enjoying the soft politeness of each request as they carefully prepared the terrified young woman for her torture session.

The woman called Mary deftly knotted one end of a coil of rope between MelindaТs wrists then waited as the Inspector strolled across the room. At his nod she flipped the free end over the beam some four feet above MelindaТs head. СThe Inquisition called this technique strappadoЕ I suppose to be accurate we should hoist you into the air then drop you and let your own weight do the work.Т The Inspector might have been discussing gardening for all the emotion in his voice. СBut I like a more intimate approach to these discussions so,Т he nodded again at Tomas who immediately began hauling on the rope.

Melinda Roberts hissed with pain, biting her lip as her arms were dragged up behind her back against the joints. Now the woman joined in tooo, kneeling in front of her. СPut your foot over here, up on top of the sakeЕТ Melinda Roberts had no choice as she felt the ball of her foot being lifted moved outwards and placed on the top of the embedded angle iron stake.

Staring down she watched in horror as the woman wound a length of soft copper wire round her big toeЕ passing the ends through the roughly drilled hole in the rusty metal before twisting them together.


Inspector Lubala smiled at the young womanТs gasp of pain as Mary used a pair of pliers to tighten the wire, clamping her foot to the top of the iron stake. Oh yes, he always enjoyed this partЕ the victim off balance, hopping desperately to avoid twisting the wire further, and those dangling breasts bouncing and jerking so delightfully with every movementЕ

СUp, up, get up orЕТ MaryТs voice was low and quiet. Her fingers gripped the young womanТs long pinky-brown nipple bringing another gasping squeal from her. Now MelindaТs balancing act was frantic as her other foot was secured in the same way, leaving her straddled and stretched between the two stakes, perched painfully on the balls of her feet but held fast by the bright shiny wires biting so cruelly into her big toes

She grunted again, panting with fear and pain as the strain came fully on the wrist rope. More groans of pain followed as Tomas hoisted her arms higher and higher behind her back stretched every joint and sinew until the twenty six year old lawyer was held in a taut inverted СYТ. Her long, widely parted legs were stretched to their fullest extent as the ropeТs pull forced her forwards, holding her off balance so she had no way of easing the burning pain in her toes, wrists and shoulders.

Her full breasts dangled unprotected below her body whilst her head was forced forwards by the pull on her arms. Melinda Roberts found herself staring back at the dirty concrete floor, a picture framed by the taut, wide СveeТ of her legs and the gently swinging cones of her own nipples.

СAaaaaah! Ah, please, my shoulders, p-pleaseЕТ

Inspector Lubala moved forwards and cupped one full globe, holding the soft weight and caressing the long conical tip with his thumb so Melinda cried again as she writhed against his hands. СYou see, so wonderfully available for our attentionsЕ InspectorТs LubalaТs soft voice continued. СI believe you have had quite enough time; Miss RobertsЕ is there anything that you wish to tell me before weЕ?Т He grinned and leaned forward as Melinda let her head loll down.

СN-nothing to sayЕ nothing to tell youЕ you, you fucking pervert,Т she whispered, half to herself.

СThen instead, let me tell you what Mary here is going to do to you Е First, some attention to these I think.Т His hands lifted and he stroked the tips of MelindaТs nipples so they rose and stiffened. He continued, chatting almost casually, СyouТll be amazed how much more sensitive they can be if you peel them a little before we start using the needlesЕТ

He listened to the soft whimpering noises from the young woman hanging from her bonds as his fingers continued to play with the hard stubs. СThen a little electrical stimulation perhapsЕ?Т His voice hardened and he used one hand to lift her head so he could study her face. СAnd thatТs just your tits, my subversive young friendЕ Think about how much more it will hurt when we start playing with your cunt as wellЕТ

СReady whenever you are, Inspector ЕТ Lubala shook his head at the defiance in MelindaТs gaze and settled back in his chair. Over at the table Mary picked up the little gas torch and lit it with a soft roar. A flickering blue light illuminated the broad grin of excitement on her homely face.

СWe could use anything reallyЕ a lighter, soldering iron, even hot oil but with this little toy the effect is even more intenseЕas youТll see in a moment.Т The Inspector leaned forwards eagerly; Tomas moved closer and gripped the young lawyerТs up-stretched arms. Mary reached up with her left hand and cradled the soft weight of MelindaТs right breast, lifting it carefully so the jutting peak was thrust out even more strongly.

She licked her full lips, pausing to enjoy MelindaТs sudden trembling before bringing the hissing torch round and playing the pencil slim blue flame very carefully to and fro over whole brown circle of MelindaТs right aureole.

СUuuuuuhhhhhhh, uh, uh, UH! IAAARRRRGGGGHH!!Т

Mary Uwemi smiled, pressing her thighs together and feeling that wonderful slippery wetness. She worked herself ecstatically for a few moments, watching Tomas as he fought to keep the young womanТs writhing body still. Then, with a sigh of pleasure, she moved the hissing blue spear a little, this time letting the flame caress the long, stiff peak of her victimТs nipple. The flame curled round the stiff, jutting stub and Melinda RobertsТs body arched forwards in a straining arc of pain. Her face distorted and her mouth stretched open in a wide O of agonised astonishment as she felt the flesh blistering as the blazing hell engulfed the peak of her breast.

СAh, ah, oh God, God no, please, please oh no, donТt please it hurts, it h-hurts!

СToo late I fearЕ now prepare yourselfЕ Mary has to play with the other side yet before we talkЕТ


The scream echoed in the overheated room as Tomas moved to give Mary room to work. She kissed Melinda on the cheek as her hand caressed the unmarked tip of her victimТs left breast. Once more she cupped the fullness to hold the peak out at the best angle then brought the torch up once more with dreadful precision, scorching MelindaТs left nipple and the surrounding circle of sensitive tissue with the same horrible skill.


Inspector Lubala flickered his tongue across his lips as he watched the beautiful young lawyer bucking and writhing whilst Mary carefully scorched the tips of her dangling breasts in turn. He smiled with pleasure as she turned the torch off and waited for the womanТs convulsions of agony to diminish a little.

To the watchers it was as though Melinda Roberts was trying to shake her breasts free of her body, flailing from side to side in a desperate attempt to ease the scalding pain in her nipples. Panting animal sounds came from her throat as she tried to deal with the pain, sounds overlaid with the soft flapping noises of her breasts slapping together. Inspector Lubala nodded approval as he noticed a wetness down the inside of his prisonerТs legs that revealed she peed herself at some point in the torture.

СT-t-tell you, pp-p-pleaseЕ IТll t-t-t-tell you what you want, pleeeeeeaseЕ!Т

The Inspector cocked one finger, Сwell?Т Over at the table, Mary Uwemi turned off the little butane torch and pressed the СrecordТ button on the big, expensive tape recorder.

For the next ten minutes Melinda Roberts babbled out names and addresses. The Inspector listened quietly, probing and pressing at each answer for yet more detail. Every time the pain-wracked young lawyer paused or refused to answer the Inspector smiled and nodded to the woman standing beside her pinioned body. Each time she gently stroked and twisted the blistered tips of the dangling breasts so Melinda Roberts wailed and screamed anew until yet more answers came pouring out into the hot, stinking darkness.

Finally the stream of names, dates and places ran dry.

СThank you, that will be most helpfulЕ the Inspector paused, drinking in the panic in the young womanТs eyes as she began to realise the awful truth.Т He grinned, looking across the grim chamber and sharing the fun with his assistants.

СBut, you know, Melinda Е IТm sure thereТs so much more you can tell usЕТ The Inspector leaned back, smiling broadly at the weeping, broken figure stretched before him. СBesides, I do so enjoy these little sessionsЕso letТs continue for a little whileЕ Mary, letТs see what you can do with the tweezersЕТ


СFor a lawyer you really are most inattentive, Miss RobertsЕ all I said was that I wanted you to talkЕ I made no promises at all about stopping.Т He grinned at the expression of total horror on the young womanТs face. СNow letТs peel those tips for you as I promisedЕ Hold her Tomas!Т

Tomas stood behind her in the splayed СVТ of her legs and reached round the young lawyerТs back, circling the base of her right breast with both hands. He squeezed hard so the flesh bulged out into a shiny, rose-tinted bulb, a bulb topped by the weeping blistered peak of her nipple. Very delicately, Mary closed the jaws of the surgical steel tweezers on one loose piece of skin on the disc of her aureole and slowly peeled a thin strip away down the length of MelindaТs nipple so the raw, weeping flesh beneath glistened in the hot lights. She blew softly on the exposed tissue.

СAaaaaaah! Ah, ah, AH! Noooooo, no, d-donТt please, donЕ ARRRRGHHHH!Т

MelindaТs pleading ended in a louder, higher scream as Mary tore away another, longer strip of skin, this time jerking it free so a bead of blood welled out from the edge of the young womanТs aureole.

For five long minutes the chamber rang with Melinda RobertsТs frantic and piercing squeals of agony as her torturer carefully flayed the tips of both nipples with a dreadful, slow precision. Finally Tomas released his grip and Mary Uwemi sat back on her heels, grinning up at the trembling, heaving body of the young lawyer stretched so agonisingly above her; the raw tips of her victimТs breasts gleaming wetly and jiggling with every movement of her body.

СWhat, still nothing else to say apart from that silly screamingЕ?Т The Inspector chuckled as he watched the outstretched figure of the young lawyer jerking and heaving in front of him

СAnd now,Т the Inspector held up a four inch long needle set in a black rubber grip. СTomas, hold Miss Roberts still again pleaseЕТ Tomas pressed MelindaТs upraised arms together, leaning his weight against her back as the Inspector began to scratch the needleТs point up and down the raw flesh of MelindaТs nipples in turn. Each raking movement brought a fresh squealing convulsion from the young woman so the rope over the beam creaked and flexed despite TomasТs efforts. The copper wires holding her straddled on the stakes were caked with blood as her frantic spasms rubbed a circle of skin away from each of her big toes.

After five minutes the Inspector paused and handed the mounted needle to Mary. СTime to wire her up I believeЕ clip her tits then you can use the needle down belowЕТ Melinda hung semi-conscious, only aware that the screaming agony of the needleТs point had gone away for the moment.


She arched back as Mary snapped the first crocodile clip onto her left nipple. She was still trying to cope with the pain when she jerked again as the second clip was attached. Melinda, eyes popping wide in horror, stared back down her body, looking at the tortured peaks of her breasts; peaks now tipped by little copper clips each gripping the raw, wet stub of a nipple between sharp, spring loaded jaws. Thin black wires dangled from both clips, curving down and across the red earth to the polished wooden box on the table.

СAnother source of electricity for you, Miss RobertsЕ not so modern but equally agonising and effective as the mains and so much more personal I find. You are about to discover TomasТs particular skill with this little toyЕ letТs begin with just those two connections shall weЕ Oh no, ignore that one, Tomas is just attaching a wire to your toe to complete the circuitЕ itТs those little clips you should be worrying about.Т Inspector Lubala settled back in his chair and nodded to Tomas who was standing by the polished box, one hand on the magnetoТs handle.

A rising whine could be heard as he turned the handle and a soft buzzing from the clips. At first, Melinda Roberts gasped and twitched as the current increased. Then she arched forwards in a sudden, muscle wrenching spasm. Her eyes bulged even wider and every muscle showed with wire-taut definition as she remained locked in position for long moments. Finally, a scream of pure agony ripped through the hot silence of the chamber.


Tomas grinned and stopped turning. Melinda crashed forwards, hanging against the agonising pull of the rope, legs shivering uncontrollably as she fought for her breath and balance.

Tomas waited for her to recover, just a littleЕ then wound the handle again. The soft, mechanical whirr of the magneto was louder this time, the current fiercer. Melinda was thrown forwards in her arc of pain once again. Another pause, then a second, animal scream broke the silence.

The young woman bucked and screamed with each surge of current through her flayed nipples, then, at last, the Inspector flicked his fingers and Tomas allowed the magneto to whine down to silence. He nodded СTomas I suggest you enjoy Miss RobertsТs favours for a moment or twoЕ prepare her for the next stage as it wereЕТ

Tomas grinnedЕ this was an expected and usual part of such interrogations. Both he and Mary were usually allowed to enjoy fucking the prisoners as one of their perks. He also knew that the Inspector had been crudely castrated by a rebel patrol when they caught him some five years ago. As a result, his pleasures were now confined to watching the tortures of each new victim, and acting as voyeur as they were raped and violated in turn by members of his ISB unit.

Tomas stripped off his shorts to reveal a thick, black penis curving back against the bars of muscle across his belly. Not over long, it was wide with a heavy flaring glans that gleamed with the oily pre-cum shine of his arousal. He stepped into the straddled СVТ of the young lawyerТs thighs, using one hand to guide the mushroom head into the cleft of her bottom until he could feel the soft, wet opening of her vagina.

СNooo, no, not that no, stop, stop him please, stop him Е IТve told you everthiiiiiiiЕ!Т

Her protest ended in a single squeal as Tomas jerked once and the wide bulb of his glans sank into her body. Shuffling closer he thrust harder into her cunt, using the angle of her body to work his cock as deeply as possible before pulling back slowly before the next sliding thrust.

СIТm sure Tomas would appreciate a little more activity from you too,Т the Inspector murmured. СMary, encourage her a littleЕТ The woman giggled as she reached forward and gently pressed and turned the copper clips still clamped to the young womanТs nipples. As she did so she nuzzled MelindaТs face, whispering in her ear all the while.

СGo onЕ feel that cock inside youЕ push back missy, take him allЕ Oh dear, are they soooo sore? Just a little moreЕ thatТs itЕ heТs nearly thereЕ dance for him missyЕ danceЕ.Т

СAaaaaaaggggghhhhh, no, God no, pleeeeeease, ah, ah, arrrrh, AAAGGHHH!Т

Melinda Roberts twisted and jerked uncontrollably as her tortured nipples were stretched and squeezed. Her muscle spasms clasped and clutched at TomasТs cock so he lost all control and started fucking her madly, brought to the brink of coming by her bucking frenzy. He drove into her like a madman, throwing her against her bonds whilst in front of him; Mary continued to torture the young lawyerТs breasts with clever, deliberate cruelty.

Finally Tomas jerked violently, pulling free as he came so that gobs of white semen glazed her buttocks and trailed down her legs. Mary released her grip and let Melinda Roberts slump forwards, head dangling with shock and exhaustion.

Inspector Lubala caught MaryТs eye and nodded once. The woman brought another shrill cry from her victim as she jerked the two clips free so the raw and swollen teats jiggled unbearably. СAnd after the pleasure comes the pain once more, IТm afraid Miss Roberts. Look down and see where Mary is going to put those two clips nowЕТ

Melinda stared back between her straddled thighs, gasping as the woman fondled the tender, sensitive lips of her cunt; lips still slippery and wet from TomasТs fucking. She was unable to prevent her mew of pleasure or the gentle bucking of her hips as those knowing fingers caressed the warm folds, one fingertip just circling the nub of her clitoris in a feather light, tormenting touch.

СWatch, missyЕТ Mary deliberately licked the tapered copper jaws as she used two fingers to hold MelindaТs labia apart. СSee how he wants to bite that nice long clit of yoursЕТ The young lawyerТs breathing became a series of sharp, shallow gasps as she felt the open jaws nuzzling the little bulb of flesh. Then she heard a small, muffled click and the woman was kneeling back on her heels watching her face.

СAh, ah no, t-t-take it of-f-f-f-f! OfffЕ! P-p-p-please, noooooo, aaaaaaahЕt-take it OFFFFFF!Т

Her head threshed madly as she jerked and bucked her hips in a vain attempt to dislodge the clipЕ and the sharp triangular teeth were now biting deep into the tender bulb of her clitoris.

СSpread her for me TomasЕТ The manТs thick powerful fingers prised the cheeks of MelindaТs buttocks apart, digging into her flesh as he obeyed MaryТs order. СPity Tomas has had his funЕ always like to watch Сem squeal when they feel him back hereЕТ Melinda bucked frantically, trying to dislodge the prying fingers as well as the clip as the woman slid her hand up, her forefinger probing and twirling against the puckered rosette of her anus.

СNot there, you canТt, no, no please, you canТt, donТt, oh God no, donТt, donТtЕТ The woman giggled again as she felt the muscle ring flexing and contracting, sucking against her fingertip like a hungry little mouth. Waiting for a momentЕ just until the young lawyer had relaxed as she took a deeper breath, Mary Uwemi released the jaws of the second of the copper clips, ensuring that it was half inserted into her back passage so it was gripping the soft, delicate skin inside the opening of MelindaТs anus.

Still grinning at each other Mary and Tomas moved back into the shadows leaving the heaving, sobbing figure strutted on the steel angle iron posts, her tanned body gleaming wetly with the sweat of her agony. Arm upturned and her legs shivering with the strain of perching on the metal edges, Melinda Roberts was at the limits of her endurance. With every tiny movement her breasts bobbed and jiggled, dangling so openly and unprotectedЕ their tips gleaming with sheen of raw flesh from her earlier torture.

Inspector Lubala leaned back, taking his sadistic ease as he watched her trying to cope with the pain in her breasts and the sharp, throbbing agony between her legs. He smiled as he followed the two black wires across from the polished wooden box of the magneto until they rose in gently curves into the vee of her body. The rear clip was hidden by the swell of her buttocks but the end of the front clip, marked by the gleam of copper where the wire was twisted onto the connection, was quite clearly visible nestling between her plump labia.

He lit a cigarette and signalled to Tomas to take his position by the magneto. СAs I saidЕ pleasure first, then the pain to follow… somehow, Miss Roberts, you seem to have lost your memory for detail so a further reminder is needed. If you thought your recent ordeal was painfulЕ IТm afraid that things are about to get a good deal worseЕ. Tomas will demonstrate.Т

There was another silent pause in the hot, reeking chamberЕ a silence broken only by the sudden frantic panting of the young lawyer strutted on the metal stakes. Then, Tomas moved his hand and the rising whine of the magneto filled the air.

Under the pitiless glare of the lights, Melinda Roberts arched forwards, her muscles and sinews showing in cruel relief as the fizzing agony of the current blazed through her cunt. The Inspector drew gently on his cigarette and smiled.

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