Whore’s Cross [MR. KANE’S]


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Captured and humiliated

After the fall of the citadel, the Duchy of Muster fell into the Emperor’s hands. Anne of Muster, the rebel Duchess, was finally captured by Captain Greevy’s band of mercenaries. She was taken before the Captain.

“I will never submit to the Usurper. Never!” she shouted. Greevy’s men said nothing, but carried on removing all her clothing.

“You will not need to submit to him,” the Captain replied. “You will only need to submit to me, a humble mercenary.”

“How dare you!”

“Hankel, take her to the usurper’s torturer. He will soon punish this pride!”

Flogged without mercy

Anna writhes around in agony as the cruel whip comes down on her naked body, slowly at first, but systematically, punishing the most sensitive parts of her body. Her soft white skin will be marked forever.

The mercenaries look on, enjoying the sight of her naked body writhing and twisting

She moves better than a whore with my dick up her, and IТve seen a few of them I can tell you

Jesus Christ, look at them noble tits wobbling! ThatТs class for you!

On her knees before the Captain

Anna cannot bear the pain of the flogging and soon decides to give herself to Captain Greevy

Yes, I can tell youТre a noblewoman. YouТre sucking good and hard. You great ladies with time on your hands, you get a lot of practice! I can see youТll enjoy the soldierТs life.

If the Duchy had surrendered as quickly as you, it would have saved us a lot of time and men. Do you know how many men I lost below your walls? Can you imagine, you big slut? Well, thatТs all in the past now. The town has fallen, my men have their booty, and you, my big-cunted Ladyship, you will be mine till death us do part!

Handed over to the soldiers

Anna does not know why he she is being handed over to the soldiers. She has done all he asked of her. She has submitted to all his whims and all his sexual fantasies. She sobs as Hankel drags her out of her cell.

Have mercy, my Lord, I am yours! Why would you harm me?

IТm as sorry as you are, but theyТre orders from the Emperor. The worst of it is, IТm off tomorrow to the border

Take me with you, please!

CanТt. HeТs already signed your execution papers.


TheyТre setting up the cross now. He wants you to suffer the same punishment as whores and traitors. ItТs the nails for you, my Ladyship. On the WhoreТs Cross!

Taken to be punished

Anna screams and shouts as she is taken from the dungeon and chained to the criminalТs bench. All prisoners sentenced to the WhoreТs Cross are savagely raped before they are handed over to the torturer. This time the job has been given to Captain GreevyТs men, with strict orders to rape her all night.

Raped by all and sundry

One after another, the cruel mercenaries rape Anna. She sobs and groans, hoping to die quickly so that this terrible pain and public humiliation, unfit for commoner or noblewoman, will come to an end

You take great pleasure in this, my Lady! Your noble cunt has never been so well served!


Posted 10/22/2003

Torn asunder

Hankel checks the DuchessТs vagina, while a soldier has the last fuck.

This cunt is good and ready for the stick. IТll give you a last stretch though. YouТll be glad of it later And the common people like to see the torture done properly. They want to see the whore conscious all the way through it! Ha! Ha! Ha!

In the hands of the torturer

Anna is in a bad way when sheТs taken to the EmperorТs torturer. The man checks her vagina and then make her drink a strong potion. Then he forces her to kneel between two posts Anna is half-stunned by her suffering. She says nothing as they tie her.

The torturer places her lovely breasts on the wood. He holds up the nails and the hammer.


AnnaТs eyes open wide and she screams, twisting and turning in the cruel ropes. The drug she has been given will not relieve the pain. It will only help her to remain conscious until the end

The Captain gives the order and the torturer drives in the first nail


Very slowly and methodically, the torturer nails AnnaТs superb breasts to the wood. Despite the potion, she faints several times and is revived each time by a bucket of cold water over her breasts followed by more of the infernal potion

Anna of Muster screams and screams as the nails are driven home

In the courtyard

Finally she is taken out to the courtyard by the Imperial Guard. She can hardly stand up. Captain Greevy barks out the order to take her to the cross.

I wouldnТt have chosen an end like this for a lovely woman like her, Hankel, but the EmperorТs mother wanted it this way.

And the EmperorТ s still sniffing round his motherТs skirts! ThatТs what I call a lap-dog! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Silence, you drunken fool, walls have ears! Do your work. We set off as soon as sheТs nailed down.

At your orders, Captain!

The road to the cross

The torturer drives Anna along the way to the cross. The Imperial Guard are on hand to control the excited crowd.

Under the influence of the powerful drug, Anna manages to walk on, despite the terrible weight that is pulling on her breasts. How long will all this go on? she asks herself.

The common people, her former subjects, insult her and call her names: bitch, slut, harlot, traitor This public humiliation hurts her almost as much as the nails through her breasts

The WhoreТs Cross

Anna is led through the town and finally reaches the WhoreТs Cross. The cross has been mounted in the square every few months since time immemorial as a warning to whores and murderers. Anna herself has sentenced people to it, and once attended in person to watch the torment of Danota, nailed and disgraced, for poisoning her husband. She also witnessed the terrible end of Barta the Hag, who was nailed through all her body before dying at the stake.

Anna screams as she is lifted. She thinks the nails will tear her breasts off, as they did DanotaТs, but instead the soldiers give her a foot-rest. Hanek wants her upright when the thick stick goes up into her vagina

Despite its size, the stick slides into her easily.

Anna screams again when, unexpectedly, they nail her sex lips and her clitoris to the stick.

She screams again when the guards light their torches

She looks around, her eyes pleading for help. She sees little that gives her any hope. Captain Greeve sits on a horse, mockingly bidding farewell with his feathered hat, and then rides off

AnnaТs terrible laments ring round the square until dawn

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