The Cellar [HINES]


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Dr. Igor Viktor’s private asylum scheme was going along just fine. The monies that he and his extended family were earning from his asylum business far outdistanced the day-to-day costs of the operation and the amount of the myriad of bribes paid to the police, politicians and various agencies that helped the Viktor clan run this large clinic under the radar and by their own rules.

Some people wondered just how a private asylum managed to turn such a profit that allowed the Doctor to flaunt his wealth of fancy cars, expensive suits, fine dining and frequent overseas vacations – but they didn’t wonder aloud. Trouble always seemed to follow those who showed too much interest in how the Viktors did things.

Right now the Doctor and a small group of staff was in the midst of interviewing and inspecting yet another pretty young lady for the purposes of admitting her as the latest ‘patient’ of the Viktor Clinical Asylum. The lady, until last night a student at the local polytechnic university, was named Natasha Gominskitari. Ms. Gominsktari was reeling in pain and confusion from the effects of a very severe but controlled ‘interview’ at the hands of two of the Doctor’s nieces, Olga and Dimi. Ms. Gominsktari, or Natasha, had only been ungagged and untied a few minutes when Olga and Dimi Viktor entered the tiny cell, Olga with her leather short whip and Dimi clutching her bamboo cane, and without a word spoken, proceeded to beat her all of her shapely body for the next hour. It was the typical greeting given to a new involuntary inmate ( the only kind ) at the Viktor Asylum. Only after they hauled her up off the floor at the end of their ‘greeting session’ did they speak.

“You will keep your mouth shut. You will only speak when you are spoken to. Otherwise, you will be quiet. If you do not follow what I said, you will be punished twice as long and twice as hard as your first session with us. Try to escape or resist in the slightest way and we will hurt you more badly, so very, very much more badly. Do not speak, nod if you understand.”

Natasha was not speaking, only cringing as Dimi Viktor rough hands pinched and prodded her sore body as she admired her handiwork.

“You see, Igor, you see what beautiful work me and Olga have done on this pretty thing? Such nice markings. So much pink and so little red and purple…..”

Dr. Viktor, now beginning to masturbate his long dick while he took in the form of the distressed Natasha. As he always did, Viktor would be fucking this latest addition within a few minutes. He loved the marching of a terrified, disoriented new inmate into the adjoining room with it’s big bed and shackles and the long evening of raping of her holes. ” Yes, Dimi, you’re both getting much better. Showing more restraint and control. It’s so much better not to have a girl body flawed by permanent markings or scars. Our clients are very discerning, so it makes them happier to be able to purchase a smooth-skinned product.”

The Doctor spoke to the big nurse who sat beside him and the hulking gentleman who stood behind them. “Don’t you agree, Maria?

“You, Joseph?”

“Of course, Igor. You know me; nothing I enjoy better than a smooth-skinned girl,” Maria chuckled.

“I don’t give a shit,” goofed Joseph, his black eyes staring hard at Natasha from beneath a jutting brow. “Doesn’t matter when I’ve got my cock stuffed up her ass….”

Igor smirked and shook his head. “Joseph, Joseph, Joseph. You must learn to savor, to appreciate….”

“Fuck ’em. I just fuck ’em,” Joseph observed.

The Viktor Clinical Asylum’s ground floor offices and facilities were quite nondescript in their appearance but that blandness served to mask the existence of a vast three-level subterranean complex of slave-holding cells, dungeons and other unsavory rooms located directly underneath. Built originally by the old police state as a secret interrogation and torture center for political prisoners, it’s existence was still unknown to the ordinary villagers who lived in the area. Dr. Viktor, an ex-member of the secret police’s covert interrogation unit, had realized the complex’s potential for ‘commercial’ use when he worked there; working at his specialty of combining both physical and psychological torture techniques in the breaking, and sometimes turning, of difficult prisoners. He had been quite good at his work: Almost 90% of his victims ended up providing him and his superiors with valuable information; 40% had been completely turned and sent back to spy on and betray their original masters. But, alas, all that ended with the break-up of the old police state but Dr. Viktor had foreseen it all coming and also foresaw the nature of the corrupt, money-driven ‘democracy’ that was destined to replace it. At the very start of the initial chaotic early days of the new order, the doctor, using a combination of bribes and old political connections, had swiftly moved to take ownership of the complex. And the Viktor Clinical Asylum was born. Dr. Viktor had an unique business plan for his ‘clinic’. The few genuine patients that he housed on the main floor were merely a cover for the more lucrative – and thoroughly illegal – Viktor family operation that was being conducted directly beneath them.

The underground compound was jovially referred to simply as ‘ the Cellar’ by the Viktors, although this did little to describe the vastness and complexity of it’s dingily and convoluted environs. And while the false clinic above was a model of quiet and calmness, the action down in the Cellar was frentic and unsettling. And right now it was very unsettling to recently-arrived prisoner Bartali Nyskiya as she was being led to the small hole-like ‘No. 3’ cell that would be her home until she had undergone her first series of ‘evolutions’ before being put in with other prisoners.

“Now this is going to be your first little stopping place with us until we decide more about you,”Nurse Yuni Viktor informed Bartali. “It’s small but if you curl yourself up a bit, you fit into it just fine.. That’s unless you want to stay out here with Joseph. By the way he’s salivating over you, I can tell he already wants to get to know you better…..”

“Damn right,” Joseph grunted, his perpetually hard cock snaking out from his unzipped pants. “Yeah, I want some of that pussy… you’ll be glad to be out of that hole and have the roughest shag of your life!”

There were so many girls to be abused and enslaved. So many innocent pussies to be explored; so many pretty lips to be put to use, Nurse Yuni could hardly find the time to really get to know each one. But that didn’t dampen her overall enthusiasm for the perks of her position. In her younger days, Yuni, so overweight and unattractive – like practically every other member of the Viktor clan – had despaired at her meager prospects for a full and robust sex life. Her looks were a barrier against finding either a male or female partner as an outlet for her pent-up desires. Down here in the Cellar, there was a practically endless supply of young, beautiful prisoners who would never turn her away when she came at night to visit them in their cell or to take one of them to her own private chambers in the section that housed the staff quarters. None of them would refuse her advances or back away at the sight of her oversized grossness. None would hesitate to let their trembling mouths and tongues be used to worship at Yuni’s huge hanging breasts and nipples or to burrow under the folds of heavy fat in order to nuzzle and lick at Yuni’s dank, smelly cunt….

Lately, Yuni’s attentions had been aroused by the prisoner Ivaniya, a tall blonde whose beautiful face and body was immediate evidence of her past modeling career. Just under a month ago, Ivaniya’s pretty face and form had graced the cover of an international women’ magazine and she had begun to attraction the attention of rich men who now wanted her. Now it was Nurse Yuni who wanted her – again.

C> Nurse Yuni’s tongue was strong and so very insistent as it aggressively intertwined with Ivaniya’s. Ivaniya fought back the urge to retch as the thick, slimy saliva fron the big nurse’s thick tongue coated her own and invaded her throat. ” Ohhh, you’re quite a kisser, my sweet Ivaniya. You really like kissing me, don’t you? ”

“Y-Yes. Yes, Nurse Yuni……..I like kissing you…”

“Mmmmm….let me suck that tongue of yours….so sweet and dainty. You use it so well, too! You want me to take back to my bedroom so you can use it to eat my pussy and ass like you did last night? You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

Ivaniya’s mind cringed at the memory of the rank, sour places that her mouth had explored the nigh before, of the foul tastes that had stayed with her for hours afterwards, no matter how many times she had rinsed our her mouth with water. But she had no choice; she never would.

“Yes, Mistress, I’d like that…”

Dr. Igor Viktor might have been described somewhat accurately as a cruel man by those he had worked with and especially by those whom he worked on, but when it came to dealing with his immediate and extended family, he had always been quite caring and considerate. The other members could count on Igor’s being there to help them and to look after their needs. Igor’s second cousin, Mikhail, had always been mistakenly considered a half-wit as a result of his distorted and misshapened looks. But inside, Mikhail was quite normal – as far as being a Viktor, that is. Igor had been looking our for Mikhail since childhood and that had not changed through all the years. The Doctor knew that his deformed, drooling relative’s looks repelled women and he set out to make sure that Mikhail would enjoy a sex life that most men could only dream of having. One new pretty female prisoner each week, that was Dr. Viktor’s ongoing present to Mikhail. One new girl to satisfy his ever need; to fuck, to use, to hurt.

“Here’s your girl for the week, cousin. Got the nice tits, just like you prefer. Now, now , patience!Wait until we get her to your room; it’s soundproof and we both know how you make them yell and scream, don’t we?”

Joseph was always horny. He just couldn’t seem to get enough sex during his waking hours. In the Cellar, it was quite common to see Joseph walking around with his huge dick hanging out of his pants. When searching for him, the other knew that they could usually find him by following the loud, anguished moans of whatever female prisoner that he was fucking at the time. One couldn’t fault the poor girls for making so much noise – after all, Joseph’s shaft was truly so big and thick that it usually required a woman to use both hands to completely encircle it’s girth. Even older brother Igor had been forced to reprimand Joseph after two unfortunate slaves had died from internal injuries caused by that monstrous freak of a cock that stretched, rammed and ripped their insides. ” Damn it all, Joseph, you’re going to ruin me!” Igor had been so furious. ” I pay for every one of these slaves and you’re costing me money! Control yourself, Joseph, or else you’re going to force me to make some decisions that I promise you won’t like!” Igor was one who hardly ever raised his voice, so Joseph immediately knew that he had better take his brother’s advice. The Doctor was a patient, caring sibling – but Joseph knew that losing money was not something that Igor would accept and he also knew better than take the chance of finding out exactly what Igor meant by ‘some decisions’. But controlling himself hadn’t been all that difficult; and after all, the bitches all screamed and cringed as Joseph’s cock slowly stretched their holes and cried and begged so delightfully as he rode them…..

Joseph stood at the doorway of one of the cells that housed multiple slaves, scanning over the various frightened faces and shifting bodies. It had been more than two hours since he had last fucked and his balls were already protesting from the replenished cum supply that filled them to the point that they almost felt like they were about to burst. He looked hard at all of the girls there, trying to decide. The pretty dark-haired slave with the round face, yes.

” It’s your lucky day, girl. I enjoyed ramming that tight pussy of yours so much the other night that I totally forgot to see how you take it up the ass! All these other bitches have given their butt-holes to me , so I guess this is going to your chance to see what you’ve been missing! When I bring you back, you can swap stories with your cellmates about how hard it was to take Igor’s dick and how long it took for your to start begging for mercy….”

The prisoner’s name was Zhanna. Zhanna, just three days after celebrating her twenty-second birthday, had been kidnapped while jogging alone on the rural road that fronted her family’s house. She had been planning to emigrate to England, to join her older sister there. Zhanna was one who yearned for new surroundings and new experiences. But in the four days since she had been abducted so swiftly and violently, Zhanna had been subjected to a variety of ‘new experiences’ of the type that she would have never have imagined even in her nightmares. In fact, she was still hoping that all of this was just some nightmare that she would eventually wake up from, glad that it was finally over. But this nightmare was so real, as was the punishments and the hurtful anal fuckings that she had endured from the Doctor, then the almost hellish night of rape from the huge-cocked Joseph. She had shrieked at the top of her voice as Igor had repeatedly butt-fucked her up in his private room, but that experience was almost mild in comparison to the overwhelming agony caused by her tortured anus being rawly stretched by the wideness of Joseph’s phallus. To add to her distress, Joseph had encased her in a straitjacket that kept her from being able to shift away for his battering of her asshole. The only shifting was done by him; he liked seeing her helpless to do anything but surrender to his relentless pounding from behind.

It had been over two hours of ass-rape and Zhanna had begun to hope that Joseph was finally finished with her – but she was wrong. After a break of about ten minutes, Joseph’s huge cock had started to swell again and he wanted more. He guided her into position, this time making her lower herself down anally over his shaft. Zhanna winched in pain as she was forced to slowly impale her protesting asshole with that oversized dick of his.

“Uhhhhh……That’s the way, bitch,” Joseph grunted from behind her as he felt the warm snugness of her anal walls tight against his cock. ” Now when you all the way down, I want you to slide that ass of yours up then slam it down hard so that your cheeks bounce against my balls. Don’t worry, I’ll guild you and hold you steady but I expect you to start slamming that asshole down all the way each fucking time. You understand?”

Nurse Zoya Viktor hadn’t had any formal training in the nursing arts, but she certainly took to her role at the Asylum – especially down in the depths of the Cellar. The Cellar, with all those frightened lasses who had been snatched, abused and were now so willing to do as they were told. Because of her unattractive face and rotund figure ( a Viktor family trait ), Zoya’s earlier years had been devoid of love and sexual attention. She had watched her friends ( the few that she had ) enjoy the pleasures of being pursued by men while she languished at home, alone and ignored.

But here in the cellar, in her own little private room, Zoya was now making up for all those bad years. Her friends were probably fretting over their kitchen cooking and crying brats; Zoya didn’t have to worry about that. Her only concern now was how to extract the maximum pleasure from her chosen slavegirls.

Nurse Zoya preferred having her slave earn the right to eat her pussy, so the petite captive Varvara was obediently beginning by worshipping her toes. The huge nurse was in no hurry; her arousal would build slowly, more and more, as the slave sucked each toe before being allowed up to spend a long period of time licking every inch of Zoya’s ample body before instructed to suck on Zoya’s hard nipples. Only after all this would Varvara’s mouth be gently guided down to Zoya’s waiting pussy, a pussy that, by now, would be frothing with it’s juices…

The Viktor Asylum was a business, a family business – but a business that brought more than the normal amount of pleasure to the family. The Viktor clan was an extensive one; there were so many Viktors who worked at the clinic. So many who had become addicted to all the perverted entitlements and privileges that came from having the absolute power of life and death over those poor, powerless slavegirls under their control.

Nata and Tatyana Viktor had certain needs that were quenched by exercising brutality along with their sex and the Cellar allowed them to act out their most savage urges. For the clinic, captives were evaluated and judged as to their fitness as assets to the Asylum’s business needs. Certain captives were judged as ones that might eventually lose their slave mentality and become defiant and unreliable – and this was something that simply could not be tolerated. Nata and Tatyana had first rights to those slavegirls labelled as “risks”. The two big dykes loved nothing better than using their fists on a sweet bitch, punishing her hard in between periods of having her lick their pussies and suck their assholes. They would make it last for hours before they would eventually beat her to death. For these two, this was the ultimate in sexual satisfaction.

Evginia had been judged to be a possible risk by her Asylum evaluators; in their opinion, she was one who could never be truly trusted to remain a reliable slave to whoever owned her. Thus, she was shoved into the small cell in which Tatyana and Nata Viktor awaited her.

“Ahh, here she is,” chuckled Nata as she reached for the wide-eyed Evginia. “Come here, girl. Come to Nata, don’t make me wait! Bring that pretty face closer so that I can introduce my fist to it, bitch!”

“No, you come here, you worthless little cunt,” shouted Tatyana. “My sister might be taller, but I’m a lot stronger and I can give your pissy face a bigger punch! Don’t make me angry….!”

Miyan Viktor might be just some overweight nerd up in the outside world, but down in the Cellar he was a god. Down here, he never lacked for a pretty girl to fully appreciate his enormous cock. Those overly-picky and bitchy women outside didn’t know what they were missing when they rejected him on the basis of his girth, ugly face and bad breath; they never gave themselves the chance to gaze upon and experience Miyan’s 13-inch shaft. But luckily, the Asylum provided him with the most compliant and yielding slavegirls; girls who would not refuse, girls who would do everything that he wanted…

But this new girl was special – or more accurately, a special order. This girl was Zalina. Zalina, who had resided in the apartment next to Miyan’s. Zalina, who had laughed as she rebuffed his pitiful attempt at courtship. The same Zalina who had been accosted as she walked out to her car last night. Zalina was not laughing now as she finally realized her situation. It’s amazing what a night of listening to the screams of females being whipped and tortured can do to make a previously prideful and rude young woman become more cooperative and sensible. And Miyan enjoyed how cooperative, how fearfully cooperative Zalina had become as he pulled her close to him so that she could have a better view of that massive dick….

“Think you can take all this cock in that little pussy of yours? Well, we’ll see, “Miyan taunted as he guided Zalina’s hand to his impressive member. He liked the fear on the captive’s face and how her fingers trembled as they were forced to touch and examine every inch of that throbbing meat of his. “You rejected me before, but I’m going to make you regret pushing me away for all those pretty boys of yours. None of them will ever have fucked you like I’m going to fuck you – like I’m going to be fucking you. Yes, you don’t have to worry about getting the attention you deserve; I promise that I’ll be here to ride you hard each time I visit – and I plan to visit you every day.”

“Now put your fingers around it and stroke it slowly…Yes, yes, that’s it. It’s so big, isn’t it? Take your time, get real acquainted with it, bitch. Worship it. Mmmmm, you have such soft hands. Keep it up for a while and then I’ll let you ask me to let you start sucking on it. Ahhhhhh…’s going to be so good to hear you scream when I get around to fucking you. They all end up screaming when I fuck them…..”

The man known as ‘ the Major ‘ was a frequent visitor who had a preference for upper-class blondes with perfect bodies. The Major was an old friend of Igor Viktor; they had worked together in the years before ‘democracy’ came to the country and they still maintained their relationship. After all, the combination of the Major’s contacts and Igor’s clinical facilities was mutually beneficial.

Natalya was just the kind of woman that the Major liked. Born into the family of a prominent industrialist and a member of the social scene, she was well-educated and proud of her effect on the men around her. Things had changed two week ago, though. Things were so different since those gun-toting strangers had burst into her luxurious apartment in the heart of the city that night. The dank, musty walls and cold concrete floors of this unknown place. And the gross, hairy, bloated body of this strange man who was going to fuck her with his thick cock….

Still in shock from the belt-flogging just inflicted on her, Natalya cried as the Major settled down on her, crushing some of her breath out of her lungs with the weight of his heavy body. She felt the prickly scratching of his body hairs against her soft, smooth skin and that particular pressure from a firmness against her belly. Then that pressure shifted as the Major started to reposition himself on top of her.

“You’re such a pretty and proud gal, aren’t you? Well, I like them pretty and proud,” the Major grunted as he slowly, teasingly guided his dick towards her clinched pussy. ” But you won’t be proud for long, my dear. Before I’m done with you, you’ll be huffing and humping just like the lowest whores on the street….”

For all the pleasures afforded to those who worked there, the primary aim of the Viktor Clinical Asylum was still business, a highly secretive business. The Asylum’s principal sources of monies came from it’s selling of slaves and the on-site offerings made to it’s well-heeled clientele in the form of slave-holding cells, special sex shows and torture/killing facilities. That clientele kept the Viktor Asylum’s coffers flush with profits in return for being able to totally indulge themselves in the most severe and outrageous perversions with those unfortunate slavegirls provided them; there were no limits or prohibitions – and located in the deepest depths of the Cellar, there was an well-designed and multi-layered system for the disposal of bodies….

Admitted through an secret entrance, the Asylum’s guests and clients would look forward to being presented with the most recently-acquired slaves; some having been thoroughly trained, some half-trained and some who were fresh and relatively untouched or slightly used – depending on the needs and preferences of those who came to avail themselves of what there was to offer. The Auctions was always popular and well-attended affairs. All the buyers were trusted, long-time clients of the Viktor; some purchasing slaves for their personal uses, others as brokers representing certain rich customers located far-way.

It was only mid-morning, but there was already a small crowd of interested clients down in the Auction Room. Business was going to be brisk today; all the slaves would probably be sold before nightfall. Nurse Yuni was now bringing the sweet Oksana up to the auction block for the guests’ consideration. The nurse would be somewhat sad to see this particular slave go; Oksana had a way with a clit. Very talented lips and a long, wet tongue that really had the knack of working it’s way inside an asshole in the most thrilling manner….

“This is a very promising slave, my dear friends. You have real quality here, a girl who will be an extraordinary sexual servant for even the most discerning owner. She’s well-bred and has the most beautiful set of tits and a tight pussy that will firmly hug your cock or fist. This one’s a real ‘keeper’, one who’ll you’ll want to keep throughout the rest of your days or leave in your will! So let’s not start out with any insulting low bids on this one, people….”

Mr. and Mrs. Growsleski had just purchased the cutie-pie named Anna for the equivalent of eighty thousand American dollars. They would also pay the Viktor Asylum an additional five thousand a month to keep Anna there in her own small holding cell so that she would be available to them whenever they wished to visit her and enjoy her services.

Anna had been a stewardess in her former life; traveling to all corners of the world in her three years of employment with a large air carrier. She had seen so many things, had experiences so many things for a girl of twenty-one. Now, in her new capacity as an newly-bought sex-slave, she was being subjected to her first experience at the end of Mrs. Growleski’s oversized strap-on dildo.

“Yes, my love, my dear love – stay just like that….. keep that pretty little ass right there….. yes, that’s it. You see, isn’t it so much better when you just stay still and let it happen? Oh, I felt that little quiver. I know it hurts, darling – this shaft is such a big hard rubber thing, isn’t it? So thick, so long. You’re so sweet, so good….That’s why I’m opening up your asshole a little at a time; that’s why I’m being so gentle with you.”

“It’s okay if you cry, I won’t get mad….. Ohhhh, stay still…. you’ve only got a third more of it to take before it’s to the hilt. Then I’ll start to fuck you, girl, and it’s going to drive you crazy. My husband loves to watch when I fuck a girl’s ass with this thing – fuck her like only another woman to fuck her. It’ll take you a few months to get used to it. Then I’ll introduce you to my really huge strap-on…..”

“I do wish that you wouldn’t be so upset,” Mister Bunzenski chuckled as he watched Nadia futile struggles against the bindings that held her firmly in place.

“After all, I am your cousin. A bit older than you, perhaps, but still very much virile and able to keep your legs open every night. It’s a shame to have to inflict so much discomfort and pain on that wonderful, tight little body of yours. Are you sure that you won’t reconsider your stubborn refusal of my attentions? After all, it’s only going to delay the inevitable, my dear. it might take days or weeks or even months, but I promise you that you’ll eventually end up begging me for my cock every night! I don’t mind using my belt on you – in fact, I rather enjoy things like this and I’m very good at it. But I’d much rather be spending the time fucking you instead of breaking you, my beautiful Nadia….”

But Nadia’s only response was to cry even more desperately. Mister Bunzenski hadn’t really expected her to give in, of course. The delectable 20 year-old was still in a state of panic, confusion and pain. He knew that it was going to require at least a couple of months of punishment training to thoroughly break Cousin Nadia in so that he could begin the process of molding her into the perfect, obedient slave of a whore that he would keep permanently imprisoned in the cozy secret dungeon suite that he had specially designed and built for her at his secluded country estate. He was in no hurry; the breaking and training of Nadia would be just as enjoyable as the many long and vigorous fuck-sessions that he would subject her to when he visited her in that dungeon….

“Alright, my dear,” I think that you’ve rested enough. “Mr. Bunzenski moved around behind the suspended Nadia, his hand gripping the heavy leather belt.

“This time I’m going to put a little more weight behind my swings. Don’t worry, cousin, this one’s only going to last for a half-hour or so. After all, we don’t want my arm to get all tired or strained, do we?”

While some of the Clinic’s clientele preferred to do their own training, quite a few others opted to make use of Dr. Viktor’s ‘Thorough Slave Preparation’ service. It might be somewhat expensive, but the Doctor’s special program entailing a combination of chemical and physical regimens had a well-deserved reputation for turning out slaves who were unmatched in their devotion, loyalty and subservience to their owners. In the many years since this program was introduced, there was yet to be a single report of failure. In fact, the clinic was constantly receiving feedback for it’s satisfied customers, extolling the virtues of their slaves. One reoccurring theme was the amazement of having one’s slave refusing to think of escaping even when clearly left alone and given the opportunity to walk away. There was a long waiting list of this service but the owners were clearly willing to wait their turn; it was well worth it.

Slave Denistra didn’t have to wait any longer. A rich, middle-aged oil executive who had arranged her abduction after spotting her working in one of his offices and deciding that Denistra was just the kind of cute bitch who would be perfect to serve he and his wife as a live-in whore, nanny and sex-party companion. Now Denistra could only wince as Nurse Bavia slowly injected the first of a series of Doctor Viktor’s special chemical concoctions into her neck.

“Now, now, hold still, girl.” Nurse Bavia liked to use the needle and this was only the first of four injections that she would give Denistra over the next three hours. “That’s it, just let it flow in, feel it as it spreads…”

In the next few minutes, the slavegirl would be screaming at the top of her voice as the chemical started to excite almost every pain nerve in her body. Nurse Bavia always loved watching that part, how they fell thrashing to floor, their bodies and faces contorted in spasms of agony….

The Kaprov brothers, Ivan and Beni, liked keeping their new slave, Marisel, in line with the application of abuse and humiliation. Marisel journey into slavery had started when she cut the Kaprov’s car off in traffic and added insult to injury by responding with a litany of choice curse words when they complained; words quite unfitting for an upper-class member of the society set. The two swarthy-skinned men looked unimpressive, not the type who could cause trouble for her, she thought as she drove away. But laughing and tossing profanities at two brothers who just happened to be the feared chief enforcers for one of the country’s biggest organized crime bosses is sometimes not a very good idea, as Marisel learned when those large, hooded men broke into her apartment and grabbed her two night later.

Imprisoned in the cell that Ivan and Beni had reserved down in the cellar of the Viktor Clinic, Marisel had soon discovered another side of life as she was whipped and flogged for hours on end by her two captors. Her privileged upbringing and social standing were becoming distant memories now as the brothers treated her worse than the lowest street whore. And Marisel now was their whore, giving and moving her now-raw holes just the way they wanted as the both of them fucked her, debased her, grunting as they repeatedly spewed their semen deep inside her.

After two months of the most intensely brutal treatment, slave Marisel had been stripped of all pride and self-worth; her two owners made sure of that. They were always thinking of new ways of firmly showing Marisel her place, making sure that her snobbish days were long gone.

But now her status of being their lowly whore of a slave was now made even more clear to her as they laughed as they both jacked off their loads of thick cum to serve as an additional topping to the already rancid meal that they had deposited for her to eat.

Not all of those slave owners who used the Clinic’s facilities were into perversion and abuse. Some were plain, ordinary persons of wealth who just liked to come there to visit their kept slavegirls in order to enjoy a good fuck. Sergei might have purchased Levetia at one of the clinic’s slave auctions, but that didn’t mean that he was a bad guy or someone unusual. Sergei Molotov was merely a man who worked hard overseeing his widespread network of varied businesses during the week and who needed a pretty piece of blond fuckmeat on his weekends. What could be so wrong about that?

And Sergei wasn’t a man who needlessly engaged in physical or verbal abuse of his slave. Of course there was the matter of his using that thin leather strap on her lithe body – but he only did that to get her warmed up and primed for the repeated bouts of sex that they’d be engrossed in over the weekend days and nights. Of course Levetia might cry as he pile-droved her pussy with that slightly oversized cock of his, but surely those were tears of joy. And Levetia might beg for him to stop because her cunt and asshole were raw and sore, but she probably was just saying that to keep him hard and excited. He knew that she was just pretending when she made those faces when he would pull his pulsing shaft out of her ass and shove it in her mouth so that she had the honor of swallowing all that cum and milking him dry with her talented lips. Yes, Sergei was just a considerate slave owner….

Sergei loved how his slave Levetia groaned as he drove his dick deep into her. He had positioned her so that each hard thrust was slamming against the very back wall of her captive pussy. This was the fourth fucking in the last two hours; Sergei loved fucking, loved to fuck hard and relentlessly.

“Ohhhhhh…Please! Oh, God, it hurts!!!! Noooooooo….uhhhhhhhhh…!” Her voice was high, trembling….

Sergei smiled as he began to fuck even harder, faster. ” Mmmmm…You’re such a tease, pretending you don’t like it just to make me keep going. But we know you are really liking it, You’re are liking it…..”


There were also some very warm and moving scenarios happening in various locations in the clinic’s Cellar. Not everything was doom and gloom. Take the cell occupied by Anna Pavolva, for example. Anna had been enslaved there for the past year by a conspiracy among her three elder aunts and her uncle. It was the perfect way to have her out of the way while they controlled the large inheritance meant for Anna by her late father. They could just as easily killed Anna and assumed her riches, but she was a blood relative, after all. And besides, Aunties Olga, Sofia, Katia and Uncle Ivan had taken a particular liking for the things that Anna could do for them if given the proper incentives. ” Our little niece is so talented for being only nineteen,” Auntie Sofia was fond of saying, remembering how Anna’s obedient lips and tongue almost never failed to work her old pussy to one of those belly-shaking, thigh-flailing orgasms left her one thoroughly satisfied old lady whenever she finished another visit to the Cellar. Her siblings all agreed; Anna was one helluva nice niece. They made it a point to visit her often, wither as a group or separately…..

Today, though, it was a special occasion in Anna’s cell. It was Anna’s twentieth birthday and they were there to celebrate it with her. Of course there were her usual pleas for release – but of course that was out of the question. But there was another kind of release that her aunts and uncle had in mind…..

For slave Anna’s 20th birthday, her uncle Ivan decided to be the first to give her a unique present.

“Open your mouth girl. That’s right, open it wide. You’re going to like the taste of my piss. I’ve been drinking the most unusual lemon vodka, so it’ll probably add another flavor to my piss. Now don’t you worry, your dear uncle’s going to be giving you the hard fucking that you always get -right after you eat your Aunt Katia’s ass, okay? Look at how impatient she is; already got all her clothes off! Uhhhh…here goes the piss….ahhhhh ! You like it, don’t ya? Quit sobbing and keep swallowing……ahhhhhhhh…!”

As with all things, there are times when a slave simply doesn’t please her Owner. That is always an unfortunate circumstance, but it does happen now and then. In this case the slave Trina, although completely obedient and subservient in every way to her owner, the wealthy publisher Mr. Betinowski, it just wasn’t working out. Mr. Betinowski simply was no longer excited by her. He wasn’t the type to waste time on a failed project; Mr. Betinowski would simply rid himself of Trina and make another purchase ( maybe that tall redheaded that just recently finished her training ).

The Clinic tended to look down on recycling it’s slaves. Too much trouble and not enough profit from the resale of used goods. Mr. Betinowski was informed by the clinic’s staff of the usual methods of slave disposal; it could be done promptly and quietly for a small fee – or he could always do it himself. The thought personally disposing of his slave awakened some dark instinct deep within Betinowski. The more he thought about it……

Of the different disposal options, the deep well located in the most bottom level of the Viktor Clinic appealed to Mr. Betinowski the most……

Mr. Betinowski had told his slave Trina only that they were there to fuck. ” It’s an unusual place to fuck, don’t you think, my pretty slave? Maybe this will help to make you excite me again, the way you used to….” But when the attendant silently attached the rope leading the small stack of concrete blocks to Trina’s collar, she knew.

“Oh, no! Master! No! Please! I don’t want to die!”

To his surprise, her pitiful tears and begging caused his old cock to harden and rage. The way she used to do when he had first bought her.

“Ohhhhh, bitch, that’s it – beg me! Beg me real good and maybe I’ll let you live!” He rammed his dick hard up her ass. So tight. “I said BEG!!! You can beg better than that!!!! He was pounding her anus without mercy, his balls flapping against her buttocks.

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