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Our friends of allowed us to post these two lovely comic pages of this wonderful comic. Thanks!


Monica and Susan, twins, are eighteen today. They are already beautiful, sensual and desirable young women. They have invited all their friends. Other guests arrive too, less welcome, friends and sinister associates of their parents, General Mendez and his wife Rosario. Unknown to the twins, the Mendez are not their real parents.

The party goes reasonably well, but the atmosphere is strained. Both the twins and their parents have secret plans for the following day…

The girls are planning to run away from home. They want to go to Europe where they will be free of the rigid family discipline and the sexual harassment they suffer from their adoptive parents. They want to be free too from the constant and lewd intentions of their stepbrother Bernardo.

The General’s plans are very different. He and his wife have been preparing for this day for years. They have a basement room waiting for the girls. In it there are cages: cramped, uncomfortable, humiliating cages which themselves constitute an instrument of humiliating sexual abuse. In the cages and on the walls around hang heavy iron chains, collars, handcuffs and other instruments of depraved sexual torture.

A large bed is waiting for them, with a variety of ankle and wrist fetters ready to hold the girls’ bodies in the most offered and degrading postures

The room is equipped with mouth gags and flogging instruments, whips and flails, paddles, bamboo canes with cruel cutting ribs, punishment vibrators with powerful batteries, and the leather body harnesses which Mrs Mendoza is especially fond of – harnesses to lift soft young breasts or highlight the most intimate parts of female bodies.

There are clothes, too, mostly chosen by the General – especially high-heeled shoes to emphasize the calves and give a jerking, vertical movement to firm young buttocks.

There is also a cattle prod to deliver excruciating electric shocks. Mrs Mendoza became expert in its use at the time of the Dictatorship.

It is here, in this terrible room several meters below the streets of the capital city, that the twins wake up. A hood prevents them from seeing, but they can feel the rope around their necks and the leather armbinder that holds their elbows together behind their backs, painfully. They know too that they have been stripped naked except for uncomfortable high-heeled shoes. And that someone is watching them. They can hear him breathing, an unhealthy, sick sound heavy with desire and unspent semen.

The twins do not know it, but the General and his wife have already made their choice.

He will have Monica, the fresher, more rebellious one. She was always difficult, especially as an adolescent, and always questioned his authority. He put up with her insults for years. He put up too with what he conceived as her constant sexual provocations. But that is over now. It is time to give and receive punishment. Time for his dark sexual fantasies, repressed since the fall of the Dictator, to become real. Punishment time. Punishment time for large, firm and defenseless young breasts, well-rounded provocative bottoms and cruelly exhibited private parts…

Mrs Mendoza will have Susan, shyer than her sister but no less difficult. Susan and her mother hate each other. The mother’s sadistic lesbianism was always hanging in the air, threatening… Mrs Mendez too has had plenty of time to think what to do with Susan. She knows exactly how she will train her into a lesbian sex slave regardless of the girl’s natural repulsion. She knows how to humiliate her, how to break her in, how to make her grovel on her knees to her hated stepmother…

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!