Just For Amusement [CORTEZ]

Just For Amusement

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Just for amusement
by Cortez. All rights reserved

TheyТd caught the three girls hiding in one of the huts. Captain Joseph Kipengi stretched, brushed his carefully pressed shirt and smiled sadistically back at the naked, tightly bound figure on the floorЕ thinking of how sheТd squirmed and jerked at each of his slow sliding thrusts into her tight little anus. The smile broadened as he heard the sounds outside where Sergeant Timatu was already busy with his demonstrationЕ This one could wait a little, until the captain got boredЕ

He strolled out into the sunlight, adjusting his dark glasses against the glare as he left the hutТs shadow. It had belonged to the Headman and was, naturally, the largest and best available in this small, miserable and totally insignificant village. Miles from anywhere on the edge of the forest, the semi-circle of huts was surrounded by thick thorn brush whilst massive trees providing a welcome shade for the central area of beaten earth.

As expected, the villagers had fled into the bush as soon as the trucks had arrived last night. All but these three who had stupidly thought theyТd be safer hiding than running. From their gabbled explanations it seemed that two of the young women were friends and the third a visiting cousin of one of them. Captain Kipengi was certain they knew nothing about the rebels, but in a long, boring patrol young female prisoners provide such excellent entertainmentЕ and one never knew, they might know somethingЕ

In the middle of the clearing an excited group of men were watching Sergeant Timatu who was busy administering a practical lesson in obedience to one of the girls.


СNnnnnnoooooooo! D-d-d-donТtЕ nooooooowww!Т

Captain Kipengi grinned at the flat, vicious soundЕ and the resulting gabbled squeal of agony from the nineteen-year-old girl in the middle of the clearing. There wasnТt a lot else she could do really; he thought to himself, but the sergeantТs undoubted flair with a length of weighted rubber hose was bringing the girlТs song of pain along nicely.

Mary, the unfortunate visiting cousin, had been stripped naked and then made to straddle an old fifty-gallon oil drum resting on chocks on its side. Once her ankles had been cinched tightly together underneath, theyТd bent her forwards, forcing her to put her arms down and round as though embracing the rusty metal. Another rope had been lashed around each wrist and drawn taut under the drum to clamp her body securely in place, flattening the full globes of her breasts against the rusted steel.

The Captain nodded his approval, noting how careful the sergeant had been to seat the girl at the very end of the drum before tying her legs. Now, not only were the cheeks of her bottom forced apart by the agonizing straddle of her thighs, but also they overhung the end so she was deliciously available for their attentions following the initial beating. He grinned as he noticed that the sergeant had added another refinement by using one of the nylon webbing load straps over the girlТs waist to pull her belly even harder against the drum and making her thrust her bottom out even further.

СThwockkЕ thwockk!Т

СMmmmmmffffffhhhЕ iiiiiiyyyyyhhhh!Т

The heavy four-foot length of black piping hummed through the air before meeting the slick brown curves of the girlТs buttocks with two more biting, wet impacts. She was certainly not getting any mercy from the sergeant, judging from the noise and the way the pipe had bounced off her arse that time, he thought with amusementЕ SheТll be wetting herself before heТs finished the first twentyЕ Still, sheТll be squealing even more when they start to have their fun with herЕ and when we start working on her cunt later onЕТ

The captainТs private prediction was quite right. With the fifteenth agonizing impact from the length of black hosepipe a fine golden stream sprayed from between the lips of her cunt onto the dusty ground. The girlТs loss of control was accompanied by even wilder screams and pleas for mercy. There was a roar of approval from the soldiers; the sergeantТs response being to land the next few cuts even harder before pausing for breath at the end of the first twenty strokes.

Letting the hosepipe trail in the dust, he deliberately wrung another squeal of pain and outrage from the frantically panting nineteen-year-old by scraping his nails to and fro over the thick, bruised weals criss-crossing her sweat-soaked buttocks. In the bright, morning sun the girlТs skin gleamed like oiled mahogany, the sweat of her agony dripping from her tangled hair and gathering in droplets at the base of her spine.

One calloused finger traced that wetness into the deep groove of her behind, teasing the puckered mouth of her exposed anus so the girl arched her head back, whinnying in response to the rough probing of her most sensitive places. The callused finger twisted and pressed inward so the girl hissed again, dribbling in fear as she felt it stretching the ring of her opening more and more. The sergeant, so expert in this kind of sport, let the girl relax a little before pressing his hand in again with that deliberately slow twisting movement

He looked up, jerking his finger free as he noticed the captain watching him. СSir! Shall I give her another twenty now, orЕ.Т He wiggled his finger in an unmistakable gesture СSheТs tight, very tightЕ but hot too…Т

СAs I see, SergeantЕ before you continue the lesson, I think you should try stimulating her a little more, ah, directlyЕ but donТt forget to let the men have their turns as well afterwardsЕТ The young womanТs cries became a series of gasping sobs as she saw the grinning sergeant stripping off his singlet. The gasps became more frantic as he kicked off his camouflage trousers and then put his hands on his hips, leaning back so the thick curving shaft of his ten inch penis, still not fully erect, bobbed and swayed directly in front of her tear-stained face. Still grinning at the pinioned girl the sergeant stepped forwards, grabbing a hank of black hair in one hand and stroking the wide purple dome of his glans across her wet cheek with the other.

СJust a kissЕ with your tongue, girlieЕ make him nice and wetЕТ the hand twisted in her wiry curls so she yelped with pain. СЕAnd be careful nowЕ you be all soft and gentleЕ try and bite and weТll turn you over and TimatuТll whip the skin of your titsЕ just for starters!Т

The sergeantТs muscles bunched and flexed beneath his gleaming black skin as he arched forwards. Outside his tent Captain Joseph Kipengi stroked his own thickening shaft as he watched the young girlТs full lips parting round the wide, plum-shaped glans of Sergeant TimatuТs penis. He glanced back in side to where the eighteen-year-old, Nememi, crouched on all fours. Like the girl across the drum there was little she could do to moveЕ not with her elbows strapped against her knees and her panties stuffed into her mouthЕ

The crowd quietened as the other soldiers giggled and nudged one another, gazing intently as the girlТs tongue began to flicker and lap across the shiny dome of the sergeantТs cock. Crude, excited obscenities and muttered noises of encouragement accompanied each movement as he rocked slowly back and forwards, carefully fucking the girlТs face and bringing his manhood to full glistening erection with each long, slow stroke.

СOh yes, yes thatТs it girlieЕ youТve done this before, I can tellЕТ His big, thick fingers moved; grasping her head on either side and tilting it so she was forced to take the wide shaft deeper and deeper into her throat. For the watchers the scene was almost staticЕ just the sergeantТs gentle rocking and the occasional bucking frenzy against her straps from the girl as she fought for air. The only noises were her muffled and liquidly choking protestsЕ and the soldiersТ obscene comments.

СEnoughЕТ the sergeant pulled free, the massive fleshy rod now gleaming wet and rearing back to bounce against the muscle ridges of his belly with each movement. СTime to see how you like it at the other end.Т MaryТs gasping efforts to get her breath dissolved into another shrill squeal as she felt the sergeantТs strong fingers on her beaten bottom, prising the cheeks apart until he could press the saliva-wet purple glans against her anal ring. СDonТt fight or IТll rip you openЕ nothing you can do to stop me anyway!Т

The sergeant grinned across at the soldiers crowding forwards to watch, paused, and leaned over the struggling girlТs back, shuffling his feet in the red dust and relishing that wonderful gripping pressure as the domed helmet slowly stretched the rosette of the girlТs anus.

СNo-no-no-no-no-no-no! Too big, no itТs too big, please, please donТt Е AH! AH NO! AaaaarrrggghЕ!Т

At the roar of approval from the soldiers, Captain Joseph Kipengi smiled, enjoying the sound of the familiar chanting pleas from the girl. Always the same protests, the same demandsЕ then that single, high scream as a victimТs defences were breached and they felt that sudden, muscular jolt as the sergeantТs cockhead forced its way inside their rectum.

He grinned as her squeals gave way to a harsh rapid pantingЕ Silly bitch, trying to pretend she could cope with the painЕ did she think that was the worst bit? SheТd be screaming even harder in a moment when Sergeant Timatu really got excited and started to ream into her with the full length of that impressive weapon.

СDonТt damage her too much, SergeantЕ just nicely softened up so sheТs a little more willing to talk to us later onЕ С The sergeant grinned back at his captainТs words as he leaned forwards again, buttocks clenching and driving the full length of his cock up into the straddled girlТs rectum. Then he relaxed, withdrawing the shaft until the rim of his glans popped free, waiting for a few deliberate moments before pressing forwards once more. Each long, slow stroke was greeted with another anguished squeal from the girl as the rubbery ring of her anus was stretched unbearably and the thick, vein embossed shaft scraped and rubbed along the tender membranes of her back passage.

At the far edge of the clearing under a massive lower branch of a tall tree, the other of the two village girls, NememiТs cousin Luminda, watched the scene in horror, just whimpering a little as pain lanced through her body with every tiny movement.

Luminda, also nineteen, was trying very hard to concentrate on what was happening in front of her. Unlike Mary, she was very well endowed with rounded hips and full swelling breasts topped with large, jutting nipples. Earlier on, just before theyТd tied Mary down, theyТd made her strip too. Once naked, the captain had ordered the big Sergeant to buckled an army belt tightly round her waist before using two lengths of wire to secure her thumbs to the belt on either side. Then heТd shown her the reel of clear nylon fishing lineЕ

Under the tree Luminda quivered and strained, trying to ease the agonizing, throbbing ache in her breasts. In front of her the sergeant shouted and jerked in excitement; the force of his thrusts jolting the oil drum forwards a few inches as he climaxed in a flurry of effort. There was a loud СsmackТ as he slapped MaryТs upturned buttocks and stepped away, his laughter drowned by the girlТs shouted protests, the softening length of his shiny, black cock slapping against his thighs as he moved. Luminda saw the other soldiers hurrying forwards, giving her friend no respite as they fondled the tortured flesh of her bottom and fingered the wet, slippery folds of her cuntЕ working themselves up noisily and jostling to take their turn in fucking the girl strapped over the drum.

LumindaТs torture had started earlierЕ held by two soldiers sheТd watched pop-eyed and helpless as the sergeant made a slipknot in a length of the fishing line. Then he carefully wetted his fingers before rolling her left nipple so it rose and stiffened like a little peg. She remembered holding her breath as he slipped the loop over the hard peakЕ and the horrible gripping, biting pressure as he pulled the tiny noose tight. She had begun crying even before heТd tied the second length of line round her right nipple.

But it was the jeep that had made her scream properly.

Both lines had been fastened to a strong ropeЕ and the rope tied to the jeepТs tailgate. Then the sergeant had driven round the clearing. RoundЕ and roundЕ and roundЕ with Luminda running behind, the sweat pouring from her and caking her in fine red dust. Each time he accelerated the lines had jerked tight, pulling her teats out into tapered bulbs of agony. The same soldiers, who were now jostling to rape poor Mary, had cheered and stamped as she galloped past them on each torturing circuit.

As she had raced around her breasts had slapped and bounced wildly with her pounding efforts. Every movement had jerked the little nooses, twisting and torturing the swollen stubs stretched out so taut at the end of each near-invisible nylon line. It was only after twenty minutes of hell, and when sheТd fallen over twice, that the captain had called a halt.

Stupidly, Luminda had thought the captain had taken pity on herЕ until heТd ordered the soldiers to collect the rough mud bricks and stack them in two carefully positioned piles under the branch. Then, with a soldier gripping each arm, theyТd helped her step up onto the foot high wobbling stacks. Once standing wide astride the grinning sergeant had slowly hoisted her up onto tiptoe by pulling on the rope thrown over the branch above her headЕ the rope that was still attached to the nylon lines round her nipples.

That had been half an hour ago and still she teetered there, legs burning and twitching, breasts hoisted skywards like two black cones by the agonizing pull of the cruel nylon lines cutting into her dreadfully stretched nipples. Nipples now so swollen that they looked like shiny purple berries at the peak of each breast.

In her agony Luminda would do anything, anything at all, to take her mind of the throbbing, burning pain. So she watched as they raped and tortured her friend in front of her eyesЕ and whimpered quietly to herself as she fought to keep her balance.

Tied over the oil drum, Mary was now trying to cope with the attentions of two more soldiers at once.

The shorter one had stripped completely and was holding her head back with a handful of hair as he thrust his short, but massively thick, penis deep into her throat. The girls was gagging and jerking madly in her frantic efforts to draw enough air into her lungs.

The spastic movements of her body were proving quite delightful for the second of the two men who had not bothered to strip but, with trousers round his knees, was sliding his long, thin cock rapidly in and out of her cunt as he too, raced towards his climax. Each convulsion of the pinioned girl meant that her internal muscles gripped and caressed his shaft with wonderful silky pressure, milking him unmercifully so it was only a few minutes before he was grunting and bucking madly as he came.

After the first spasms he deliberately pulled out and let the warm spurts of semen coat her slit and her inner thighs with a sticky, glistening coating. Grinning, he let his penis rub up and down the cleft of the girlТs bottom, enjoying the last thrilling sensations of his cockhead sliding over the girlТs smooth flesh. Like the sergeant, he too delivered a series of stinging slaps to the girlТs tortured bottom, making her squeal once again, before pulling up his trousers and making way for the next man. He paused, watching his companion enjoying the warmth of the girlТs mouth.

His friend took a minute or so longer, forcing MaryТs head even further back so the heavy sac of his balls thumped against her chin and the taut skin of her throat with each thrust. The onlookers could see her tongue and the muscles of her throat working frantically as she licked and slobbered around the gleaming black shaft that was stretching her lips to their fullest.

СOh yes, yes, yessssss! Go on, take it take it all bitchЕТ

The soldier arched back, forcing the thick column down her throat as his cock jerked and twitched as he came in long jerking spurts. A trickle of milky white fluid seeped down from the girlТs mouth as the soldier relaxed, letting her gasping breaths caress his softening cock before slowly drawing free so her head lolled forwards over the rim of the oil drum. Thin strands of semen hung from her parted lips, falling lazily to join the wetness of her saliva on the dirt below.

Mary barely had time to catch her breath, let alone scream, before the rigid shafts of the next two soldiers filled her mouth and anus. This time the shivering spasms were even more intense as the constant, driving friction forced the nineteen year old to an unwanted climax of her own.

The oil drum boomed and vibrated softly as the girl bucked and surged, her body vibrating and shivering in a frenzied series of spasms as she came again and again, forcing the two soldiers to their own climaxes with every spastic movement. She was still twitching in the throes of her orgasm when the next two men took overЕ a thin high squeal of ecstasy and torment echoed round the clearing as she felt the wildly sensitive tissues of her cunt being stretched and stimulated so unbearably yet againЕ



Luminda arched forwards, one leg actually swinging free so she dangled from the tip of her right breast for a few seconds, shrieking madly at the sudden blazing pain across her bottom. СWouldnТt want to leave you out now, would weЕ?Т Sergeant Timatu smirked as he swung the rubber hose so it smacked across her buttocks for a second time.

СNo-no-no-no-noЕ noooooooo! P-please, ah, aaaaah, p-pleaseЕ Arrrggghhh!Т

Fifteen agonizing cuts later the girlТs maddened spasms finally pulled the two nylon nooses free of her nipples. Luminda crashed forwards onto the ground, screaming and jerking at the painЕ not just the thudding agony of returning circulation but the sharper, burning agony in each tender tip.

Captain Kipengi looked across and grinned knowingly at the sergeant. It had taken a little longer than usual butЕ that was half the enjoyment, waiting for the victim to pull herself free. They knew exactly what they were doingЕ the thin nylon line had finally peeled the top layer of skin away with it as each noose pulled freeЕ leaving the girlТs breasts with a raw, weeping peaks now speckled with dirt and bits of leaf as she writhed helplessly on the ground.

Still grinning, the Sergeant and one of the soldiers hauled Luminda to her feet, ignoring her blubbering cries and panting terror. СTime for the main showЕ letТs make sure you got one of the best seatsЕТ They pulled her into the middle of the clearing where two battered wooden chairs had been placed about four feet apart and turned in towards each other. They slammed her against the back of a chair, kicking her legs apart then using wire twisted round each ankle to bind her feet to the chair legs.

Luminda clutched the sun-warmed wood of the back rail to hold her balance, sniveling as she felt more lengths of wire being twisted round her knees pinching so cruelly tight and forcing her thighs against the back rails. СDown you go girlie, all the way nowЕ The grinning sergeant clamped one hand on the nineteen year oldТs neck, forcing her over whilst two soldiers dragged her wrists down below the seat.

СUh, uh, p-p-pleeeese, uh no, no, oh, oh oooohЕТ

Her gasps of anguish were muffled by LumindaТs doubled over position as the soldiers wired her wrists to each front leg in turn. TheyТd pulled her so far over the chair back that her hands were gripping the lower rail and her toes were barely touching the dirt by the time theyТd finished.

The sergeant cupped one hand in and under the curve of the girlТs body. СYouТre lucky girlie, Captain wants to see Daniel using the hooks on your friend first. You gotta hope he donТt want to play with you too, especially hereЕТ He gently stroked the raw wet tip of her right breastЕ


СAlright, SergeantЕ very good but let that one alone a moment and get the other one down from my hut.Т Captain Kipengi pulled LumindaТs head back and stared down into her wide, tear filled eyes. СI suggest you donТt annoy Sergeant Timatu any more, he can get upset so easilyЕТ He grinned, enjoying the girlТs constant trembling. СIn a moment your friend Nememi is going to be sitting in that other chair whilst Daniel encourages her to sing for us…Т He nodded in the direction of one of the soldiers, a small thin rat-like individual with thin hands and a straggling moustache. СDaniel, come her a momentЕТ

The man hurried across, grinning and running his tongue wetly over his lips as he saw LumindaТs exposed position. СSir?Т

СDaniel is our unitТs persuaderЕ heТs very good. Show her, DanielЕТ

As Luminda watched the horrible little man unrolled an oilskin pouch. Inside were three round bamboo handles, each one slightly larger than a chopstick and lovingly polished and varnished. Breathing heavily through parted teeth, Daniel slowly pulled out one of the handles. Luminda screamed and bucked wildly as she saw the blued steel fishhook mounted on the tapered end of the shaft.

СIn case youТre interested, DanielТs filed most of the barb away and opened the hook as you can seeЕ just as painful but less immediate damageЕ he prefers a long, slow build up. But, luckily for you IТve promised him another subject for this morningЕ But IТll let you and Mary watch, just in caseЕТ

There was a scrabbling beside her a high pitched whimpering cry as eighteen-year-old Nememi was forced up to the other chair. Although all three girls were pretty it was NememiТs face and figure that made her stand out. Taller than her friends she was slim-waisted with long, elegant legs and high up tilted breasts. Her dark brown skin gleamed with a fine sheen of perspiration as she struggled with the cramps and pains of being untied for the first time in hours.

The tight triangle of curly black hair at her groin seemed to emphasize the bulge of her mound and her prominent labia showed an occasional hint of pink from the inner folds of her slit as she fought the hands holding her arms, twisting and jerking to relieve the shooting pains in her muscles.

The cloth gag prevented any real noise but her eyes showed the terror in her face as she looked at across at Mary and then back to LumindaЕ both bound and splayed out with the marks of torture across their bodies. She wailed and mumbled into her cloth-fill cheeks, her muscles shivering as she stared at Captain Kipengi.

СWell, Nememi, time for you to join our little entertainmentЕ You must be stiffЕ do sit down wonТt youЕТ Nememi didnТt obey immediately; she seemed frozen by terror, the captain smiled gently. СSergeant, help her would youЕТ

The girl was forced down, arms dragged behind her back and secured then each ankle was drawn backwards then pulled up and carefully wired to the base of the seat. Finally, the soldier called Daniel carefully buckled the straps in place. One above each knee and round the front leg to fixed her thighs in an achingly wide straddleЕ then a single strap round her chest, gently positioned above her breasts and cinched tight to hold her upper body against the chair back.

The Captain reached over, untied the cord and pulled the ruined panties from her mouth. СTime for your singing lesson, NememiЕ letТs see what things you have to tell usЕТ He snapped his fingers and Daniel picked up one of the mounted fishhooks in either hand.

Teasingly, he tickled the wrinkled tips of each breast with the gleaming points. The only noise was the girlТs rapid, shallow gasps as she tried to deal with the tormenting scratchingЕ The soldiers crowded round, except the two still busy reaming MaryТs tender mouth and anus, waiting for the fun to begin.

СOh yes, yesЕ come on then just a little moreЕТ Daniel was mumbling almost to himself as he watched the girlТs nipples stiffen, jutting upwards like tiny fingers as they reacted to the deliberate, careful teasing. СNowЕ letТs hear you sing for DanielЕТ

He turned each hook and pressed the points down into each hard stub just behind the peak. The girl took a shuddering breath as she felt the sharp prick and the crowd saw the blued steel hooks denting the black tip. Daniel slow pulled harder on the hooks and the girlТs mouth opened, her eyes screwed shut as she felt them sliding into the nerve rich peaks. Daniel gave a little tugЕ

СHuh, huh, huh, nuh, nuh, Naaaaaaaahhhh!Т

To the watchers it seemed as though the girl was receiving an electric shock. The points appeared on the other side of each nipple as Nememi stiffened, every muscle locked tight as the pain hit her.

Daniel just smiled dreamily, waited for the first spasms to die down and then lifted each of the polished handles. СReady nowЕ?Т He pulled and twisted very slowly. Nememi starred down in horror as the hooks through their tips stretched her breasts forwards, she tried to draw a deeper breath as his fingers began to turn the handles.

СAh, Arrrggghh, donТt, noooooo, please nooooooo!Т

The screams and shrieks continued for twenty minutes. Every so often Daniel carefully pulled the hooks free before reinserting them at different points in each tortured peak. Finally he placed the needlepoints against the very tips of each stub before pressing slowly inwards to skewer the full length of each jutting peak. He grinned at his captain as he waited for the fresh squeals of agony to die away then slowly turned and twisted the handles, working the needle points to and fro against the raw nerves within each wildly sensitive bud.

СAAAAArrrrrrggggggghhhhhЕ oh, oh, aaah, aaaaah! P-p-p-p-pleeessee! Iiiiyyyyyaaaah! ARRRGGHHHH!Т

NememiТs last wild cry echoed among the trees before being cut off as her head fell forwards onto her chest. A silence fellЕ just the murmur of excitement from the men and the sound of liquid trickling from the unconscious girl and running off the chair seat to dribble onto the ground below her pinioned body.

СBetter switchЕ IТd like to see you playing with her cunt as soon as she comes round, Sergeant, have you got a popper?Т The big sergeant leaned over the girl and broke the capsule under her nose. As Nememi breathed in she convulsed and shot upright with a jerk, eyes wide and her breath pounding as the stimulant hit her system.

СNuh, uh, uh, Oh God, no more! What do you want, IТll tell you, please IТll tell you anything, do anythingЕ but stop him pleaseЕТ She gabbled, eyes flicking round the hot, excited faces of the soldiers watching her tortureЕ

СAll nice and wet now, are weЕwhoТs been a naughty little girl?Т The captain smiled, his expression tight with lust and sadistic excitement. СLet me feel now.Т His slim fingers stroked the wet, tightly curled hairs at her groin then moved lower, turning and curving up to slip into the shocking pink wetness between her labia. The girl jerked, head threshing from side to side, but apart from the rippling contractions of her toned abdominal muscles there was nothing she could do to stop his slow fingering. The soft, well-worm straps round each thigh and the way she was strutted open on the chair held her cunt open to his every caress.

СPlease, let me goЕ IТll suck you; pleaseЕ you can have me again like last night, if thatТs what you want. P-p-p-p-pleЕaaaaaah!Т

The girlТs words broke of in a loud moan of anguish and pleasure as the captain gently stroked the very tip of her clit, using her wetness to bring her on to the brink of coming.

СSuch a pity that I enjoy a different kind of pleasureЕ but still drawn from these the same places on a womanТs body.Т His fingers stroked and teased so the girl panted and shivered with the pleasure of her masturbation. СDaniel is going to show you another little toy he hasЕ but first we need to hold you open for him soЕ.Т

At first the girl didnТt understand, didnТt realize why Daniel was kneeling behind the chair. It was only when he brought his hands roundЕ and carefully inserted each of the hooks into the edges of her labia that she realized. Nememi shrieked once more as new shafts of pain lanced through her. Daniel eased the handles apart, the devilish hooks peeling back her fleshy outer lips until the wet, pink furrow of her cunt was splayed wide open for all to see.

СSergeant, if you could hold her thereЕТ Nememi screamed again as they changed position and the heavily muscled sergeant jerked the cruel hooks embedded in her flesh. СCareful, SargeЕ donТt want to tear her yet. Remember, sheТs going to fight like crazy in a minuteЕТ

Daniel ran one bony finger along the girlТs cunt so she bucked once again. СLike the captain saysЕ thereТs another little toy for you to tryЕТ

He reached behind him and pulled the third handle from the pouch. This time the tip was a straight, gleaming needle that seemed to have some kind of pattern or engraving swirling round the finger length spike. He held it so the shuddering girl could see it. СThis is Mister TwisterЕ once I start twirling this little beauty youТre going to pray so hard for me to stop itТs sound like church paradeЕТ

Kneeling on the red dirt, the soldier called Daniel rested his arms on the girlТs thighs and gently probed the open folds so she hissed and squirmed with each touch. He gave a little grunt of satisfaction as the needle tip found the opening to her urethraЕ then he slowly pushed the shiny spike inwardsЕ

Yiiiiiiiiiaaaarrrgggghhh! Oh, oh, oh Christ NO!! Oh noooooo!Т

СNo, noЕ wait a moment till I turn it like thisЕТ The evil little torturer delicately rolled the bamboo handle to and fro, twirling the needle so that the sharp, spiral twists along the shaft scored and scratched the girlТs tissues, doubling the agony as her most sensitive flesh was probed and pierced deeper and deeper. СIt hurts as I pull it out tooЕТ He giggled as he carefully withdrew the needle, drinking in the spasms and the animal sounds of the girlТs anguish.

The captain, and the soldiers gathered round behind him, breathed more heavily, all of them worked up to a peak of sadistic excitement by the sight of the eighteen year old strapped to the chair, every muscle showing in stark relief as she surged and heaved against the straps in her blinding agony. СHer clit, try the clit nowЕТ he breathed.

Daniel leaned forwards once more, forefinger and thumb of his left hand pushing back the little hood of flesh so the girlТs clitoris showed like a pink pearl at the top of her cunt. Nememi craned forwards, ignoring the stabbing pain form the hooks holding the labia apart, as she stared in horror as the needle tip touched her clitoris, pressed and slid up into the nerve rich stub.


СOh yes, yes, thatТs wonderfulЕ again, Daniel, see if sheТs even louder this time!Т

The needle was withdrawn, held for a moment and then carefully inserted again to angle right down the shaft and into the girlТs body. As the chair rocked one hook pulled free and the sergeant had to let the other one go to hold the girl down in position. Her scream was deeper and longer only cutting off when she once again slumped forwards quite unconsciousЕ

СAh well, no stamina at all these village girls.Т The captain stretched. СSo LumindaЕТ he again pulled the nineteen year oldТs head up by her hairЕ. СLetТs hear what your singing voice is like. And from your position, can you guess where DanielТs going to start using Mister Twister on youЕТ

Bent and tied securely over the back of the chair, Luminda opened her mouth and screamed, and screamed and screamedЕ. even before she had felt Daniels fingers caressing the soft, wrinkled rosette of her anusЕ

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