Darkrule [HINES]


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Darkrule Ordinance No. 38441: On their eighteenth birthday, all subwhite females will report to their assigned Local Office of the Superior for the beginning of mandatory training and indoctrination. These females must be accompanied by their Mother or nearest female blood relative.

“Ah, I see we’re right on time! Aren’t we nice to bring you all the way here from your Slave Whore brothel so you can witness your precious daughter being broken in? And Mistress Yolanda there is really excited about having you watch her teach your little girl how to lick pussy! She says that she remembers how she taught you when you turned 18!”


Darkrule Ordinance No. 384003: The ranking Superior officials charged with authority over a community or Local Office will have absolute powers over any and all subwhite females in their areas of command. Their decisions are to be regarded as law and no appeals of said decisions will be considered or tolerated.

Area Superior Mayor Cunningham’s cock was fully erect as he positioned the pretty, petite 19 year-old subwhite Donna on the musty, cum-stained couch in his office. He had fucked her yesterday and really enjoyed how her tight puusy hugged his dick as he rode her again and again. The little bitch was a damn good fucktoy and he was going to be using that cunt of hers for a long time…

“Just lay back and spread those legs, baby. Daddy here is gonna be puttin’ the dick to ya all afternoon. But that’s not all the reason I ordered ya to come back here, bitch. From now on, you gonna livin’ in this special cage I got in my bedroom for sweet things like you. Gonna keep ya, girl. Make ya mine. You gonna be my personal little whore, house maid and if you please me, I just might let you go home to yo’ mother…..”


Darkrule Prime Ordinance No. 38889: All legal-aged subwhite female relatives of convicted white enemies of the Superior Peoples will be automatically be subjected to life-long sentences as Slave Whores, Pleasure Whores or sold on foreign Auction blocks.

“I’m warnin’ ya. If you keep lookin’ away, my wife there is gonna hang yo’ no-good daughter up and whip her for an hour! Now watch, you bastard! Watch how our son is makin’ yo’ little bitch cry with that big dick of his? You gonna watch them every day until your execution, understand?”

And me and Ma is gettin’ our piece of what yo’ daughter gots to offer. Does what she’s told; damn natural whore! Ain’t that right, Ma?”

“Sure is, Pa. Little gal of his learnt to eat my pussy real good! I might even miss her when she gets sent down to South America to fuck the mine workers.”

Darkrule Procedure:

Uncovered by any specific laws or formal procedure are the secret, confidential ‘arrangements’ and ‘negociations’ between the subwhite females and their Superiors. Having no power, the only thing that the poor subwhite girl has to bargain with is her body. To the black Superior, bargaining for the use of a white girl’s body is unnecessary; after all, the Superior can sexually have any white female at any time – so the subwhite girl has to offer something extra, something more than just sex.

Subwhite Haillie whimpered in agony as the Superior Food Management Director forced his stout cock up her protesting asshole. The whipping that the Superior had been giving Haillie’s pale body was bad enough; sometimes almost causing her to faint. But the pain being caused by the Director’s huge shaft stretching Haillie’s tight anus was overwhelming! But her mother and younger sister had had their monthly food ration cards stolen. It was up to Hailliet to ‘persuade’ the horny black man in charge of the local food program supply warehouse to show mercy and provide them with the food that would keep them from starving.

“God! God! Oh, Gooooodddd!” She cried as he began to pound her asshole with all 11 inches now. Harder, deeper and started to mix in more of those swift but painfull .flips with his bamboo switch that made her arms and buttocks feel raw.

“Yeahhhh….” the Superior grunted in his low voice as he rammed his cock up Haillie’s ass so that his heavy black balls swung against her butt. “Remember our deal, ho’. You gonna meet me at my house tonight and every other night until I say otherwise, And you gonna do evertything I say, whenevery I say it. If you don’t, it’s gonna mean you and your family getting sent to the Artic work camps for the rest of your lives! Uh, Huh, hold that pretty ass up there, gal, so you take every inch of this badass cock of mine!”


Darkrule Ordinance No. 488976B:

It will be considered unlawful for a subwhite female of legal age to refuse to accept an invitation offered by a black Superior to any kind of social meeting, event or gathering of any purpose. Such a refusal is punished by a sentence of six months for the first offense and a sentence of three years at hard labor.

The authorities had moved subwhite Patricia in to a new shack located far from the area that she and her Mother had lived for so long. Neither of them knew anyone here in their new surroundings – but that didn’t last too long because in the third day, the the Superior neighbors across the street came over and demanded that the both of them come for a visit to their place. As much as her mother worried, Patricia knew that the both of them had no choice but to go with the new neighbors.

For two days and nights, Patricia and her Mom were abused and punished by the mixed group of men and women Superiors. Both of them forced to engage in the most perverted acts, endure the most shameful humiliations and frightening sessions of painful bondage. But it was even worse on the third day when Patricia’s Mom was nowhere to be seen And there was a completely new group of strangers in the house who locked Patricia’s hands together.

“You’re going on a very long journey,” one of them, a big, dangerous-looking man told her, “but before, you’re gonna use your pretty hands on my dick and I’ll use my dick on your tight holes…”
“Don’t know if your fat sausage fits in those, Mango. You’re certainly gonna have to push hard!”


Darkrules Society:

Subwhite Patricia, depressed, frightened and having no word of the fate of her mother, could only mindessly obey the orders of the strange group of Superiors who bound her in the rear of a large truck filled with a couple other subwhite female captives and traveled with them to small and isolated shanty towns where they put Patricia to work as a whore servicing the sexual needs of the needy men and women who paid what little they could afford for the pleasures that Patricia and the two other subwhite girls could give them.

People from all over the nighborhood came around to look in on and listen to the sights and sounds that were coming from the run-down shack in which Patricia and another , an older, subwhite woman were being roughly used in every possible way by the excited black men and women. The screams and the crying done by the two subwhite females was working only to heighten the lust and make the mens’ cock swell larger and stay hard longer….

“Here it comes, whore! Gettin’ ready to bust a big load of my cream in that white cunt of yours,” the muscled dark man grunted down at Patricia as he plowed her with his strong cock. Then when I come back for more, I’m gonna really bang yo’ ass hard……!”

In the days of Dark Rule, the legal-aged white female relatives (and the more attractive wives ) of those whites deemed guilty of crimes against dark-skinned people before the “Revolution” were often herded up and shipped to the harsh colonies located in South America. There, out of sight of the rest of the world, these unfortunate white ladies were at the mercy of their new black and brown Masters, Mistresses and Owners.

Vanna Houston’s father was one of worst of the white racist politicians who instigated the Racial Conflict. He had been executed months ago – but now it was all just beginning for Vanna….

“Ah, I here to welcome you to our little country”, cooed Myranda as she dug her fists in Vanna’s pussy and asshole. Myranda’s pulse began to race from the excitement as seeing Vanna’s pretty face grimace from the agony caused by the black woman’s fists exploring so deep, so rudely….

“I gonna show you I boss, white girl. I gonna break you and get you ready to be whore for me…. Now say you’re gonna suck on momma’s tongue!”


“Who this new one you have for us, Sholanda? She a cute little thing,” Zamola asked as her daughter brought in the crying 18 year-old blonde white girl.

“This is Elaine. Her family really bad race criminals. They get shipped down here so bastard father watch her and her mother get breeded and have black babies before he executed. She stay with us and please us until she go to breeding chamber next week. Look, she a good girl. See how she sucks my fingers? Mmmmm…”

“Si, bring her over here. She needs to start learning fast and my twat needs a deep tongue wask!”


Sgt. Luis really liked the white slavegirl named Vanna’s petite body and cute looks. It was a shame that tomorrow, this little jewel of a female would be given to that black monster, Carrebe, and his equally monster of a dick. Luis wondered how the white girl was going to be able take Carrebe’s huge cock up that little pussy of hers. He knew that Carebe would not show her any mercy; he would force that oversized cock into her hard and make her take every one of his 15 inches of dark meat.

He was strictly forbidden to fuck Vanna; the rules were very clear. But all the women had talked about how obedient Vanna’s pretty little mouth and lips were; how she did her best to keep them all satisfied… Luis’s own big dick twitched at the thought of what Vanna’s mouth could do. He leaned back in the chair as he pulled Vanna’s head towards his waiting cock. Yes, she was so compliant.

“Lick my balls, bitch. Take your time, get them real wet. Luis got lot of cum in these balls. You gonna learn how to suck cock good and how to suck up every bit of cum I got…. Ahhhhhhh, such good lips you have! Keep licking all the way up….”


Henrietta Sontage and her daughter Denise had both been sentenced to a lifetime of being bred by the biggest-cocked black studs and forced to bear their half-black babies. Since Mr. Sontage had made a living out of being a producer of anti-black talk shows, the Dark Authorities thought it would be ironic justice that before he was executed, that Mr. Sontage be forced to watch freshly – arrived videos of his precious wife and daughter being pumped full of baby-making cum by big, black, uneducated monster dicks.

The huge black fieldworker named ‘Master Mac’ had been chosen to impregnate both the Sontage females – and to keep them pregnate for the rest of their lives. They would only be allowed two months between babies before Master Mac would be on them again, fucking them again and again and filling their protesting uteruses full of his virile black sperm.

Now, the guard Diaz was getting off by rubbing his erect cock between Denise Sontage’s butt-cheeks while he pushed a thick finger slowly into her tight anus. “Master Mac and me is brothers. He say it okay for me to fuck you and your mother up your asses whenever he’s not fucking you both. Feel my dick? Feel how it’s gettin’ all big? Don’t worry, I won’t push it in until I get three fingers in your ass and loosen it up, okay?”

” Look at your mother in the eyes, girl. And don’t look away!

“She’s pretty good-lookin’ for her age. See how she’s strokin’ Mac’s monster dick, makin’ it as big as it can get? I’ll start fuckin’ your ass at the same time your mommy starts takin’ all of his cock up her pussy. And you both better keep lookin’ each other in the eyes while you’re takin’ our dicks or you’ll both be punished!”


“Ughhhh…! Oh, my GODDddddd! Daddy….Mommy! Help! Make him Stopppp! I can’t Take it!!!” Vanna’s shrill voice filled the breeding chamber as her poor shallow pussy was being stretched and torn as the huge, thick black monster cock of Carribe started it’s assault.

Vanna’s father’s face was red with shame as he was forced to watch his daughter being mounted by one of those inferior black men! But he couldn’t look away – to do so would be that they would start to torture his little girl to death instead. And to make things worse, his dear wife Mildred was being groped and kissed by the black guard who brought them.

“C’mon, you criminal bitch”, the guard laughed as he pulled Mildred to him and started to strip her of her clothes. ” I think it’ll be easier for you to watch your daughter if you’re naked, don’t you think? I want you to jerk me off while you’re watchin’. Ol’ Carribe will be fuckin’ your girl for ’bout an hour before he shoots his wad in her. Then it’ll be your turn. You ain’t too old and you still kinda nice-lookin’, so don’t you worry, you gonna have one of Carribe’s half-black babies movin’ ’round in your tummy, too. Just like your cutle little daughter there!

“No use tryin’ to resist, woman…..that’s it, wrap your fingers ’round my dick…Yeahhhh, move it just like that…”

“You can cry and scream all you want, white girl,” Carribe told Vanna as he kept forcing his monster cock steadily , deeply, up her cunt. “It ain’t gonna help you none – and you only got half of it in ya! Gonna make you and your mother there have my babies. Gonna keeps the both of ya pregnant all the time….”


In the Latin Colonies, there were certain ‘activities’ taking place that could not be openly tolerated in the Dark States. Not that the authorities could not have halted these ‘activities’ if they really have wanted to…

The truth was that certain high ranking officials got bribed to look the other way or that they even got a piece of the profits.

One of these ‘activities’ was the so-called ‘illegal’ broadcasts featuring ‘Senora Muerte’, a sadistic black lesbian whose weekly ‘Sex and Slaughter’ were watched throughout the world by tens of millions of blood-lustful viewers. Paying viewers. Her shows, usually lasting two hours or so, were extreme. The viewers orgasmed behind their closed doors as they watched the dire fates of innocent white girls. Nameless girls who had been sold or just plain disappeared from the Dark States or other Western countries.

One these unfortunate ladies was Sharon. Sharon had never done anything wrong and had ever treated anyone badly. She was truely a good person who didn’t deserve to suffer…. The kind of girl just right for Senora Muerte and her dedicated viewership…..

“It’s coming now, sweet Sharon”, the Senora whispered as she slobbered in the white slave’s ear. Senora Muerte always indicated wha was going to happen because it made the girls start to exhibit the extreme and hopeless fear and terror that the viewers loved to see.

Sharon’s body trembled and she began to whimper, ” Oh, no! PLEASE!!! Nooooooo!!! OH, GOD! Don’t! Please Don’t!!!!”

Senora Muerte slowly reached back to grip her favorite small carving knife. ” Baby”, the Senora breathed in Sharon’s ear. “Baby, it’s going to be so horrible for you…. ” The Senora’s cunt juices dribbled down her leg, this was what she enjoyed. Enjoyed so much.

The fate of Condemned Prisoner Justine

Miss Moreno paused in her whipping of the condemned whitesub prisoner, Justine. Justine, convicted of being the daughter of a now-executed white criminal politician, could only manage a whimper after the latest session under Miss Moreno’s whip.

“My, oh my! This little white girl suffers so well!” Miss Moreno chuckled to her fellow Death Mistresses who looked on with relish. “My arm’s getting a bit tired – I think it’s time to get on with the good part….”

Justine thrashed herself in her chains when she heard Miss Moreno’s words. Oh, God! It was too late now!

She had been given the choice of willfully humiliating herself on her last night before execution – she had refused to spend her last night devoting herself to pleasuring a half-dozen chosen Death Mistresses; pleasuring each of them in whatever way they demanded. It was called the Last Surrender; the ultimate surrender – it was a sadistic lesbian ritual which was meant to transfer the life-force from the subgirl to the Mistress who would dispatch her. But Justine was too proud; she’d defied Miss Moreno’s attentions and said that she’d prefer to die “the regular way”. Only now did she realize what the “the regular way” of execution of condemned white women prisoners really was!

Death Mistress Moreno’s eyes glistened with anticipation. “I mean, it’s really been fun breaking this white gal’s spirit and all, but if you ladies don’t mind, I think it’s roasting time!”

The condemned girl started to scream and struggle against her chains. It was no use.

“Yes, let me light that firewood,” Miss Moreno said as she reached for one of the torch lighters. “It burns slow, this kind of wood. Our proud white girl is going to give us a few hours of the most delightful entertainment…..”



The Last Surrender of Condemned Prisoner Marcia

It was so unfair. Marcia had committed no crime against the brown or black population, only her father did. But that was enough to save Marcia from being condemned anyway. She had no choice but to spend her last night giving in to the perverted sexual demands of the jaded group of death Mistresses who had been chosen to humiliate her. Otherwise, she would be tortured in the worst of ways. She had heard the awful screams heard from unfortunate white girls who made the wrong decision…..

Miss Veronica was the first Mistress with a turn to see what pretty Marcia could do to make her happy.

“You so beautiful, girl. You is gonna make us feel good, real good, ain’t ya?”

“Too bad this your last night on earth,” the big black woman said as she climbed unto the bed and laid her heavy dark body on top of Marcia. “But it was so good, baby. You done make me and the other black gals cum and cum all night. All fuckin’ night. But now the sun’s comin’up, so it’s time for me to put you away with my own hands around your pretty throat. Here, let me take off that collar of yours…. And you better look me in the eyes while I do it. Understand? Say you understand and tell me you want it!”

” Yes, I understand, and I want it….” Marcia answered weakly, accepting her fate, her eyes tearing.

“Good girl, good girl..” Miss Veronica’s big hands were so strong…


The Fate of the Ex-President’s 18 Year-Old Twins

The ex-President had been executed three years ago. Now his two twin daughters had reached the age of eighteen and could now legally be sent to their fates.

They might have been condemned , but they were also cute, petite but with well-shaped, firm bodies that held promises of pleasure for whatever Mistress fortunate enough to chosen by the authorities to carry out their sentence. Mistress Gomez, the ex-President’s old housekeeper had petitioned the authorities for the privilege.

“These two dears will be my pets in every way before their days are ended,” Miss Gomez promised. “I will take them down to my little village. It is only fair that they pay for my having to put up with their father’s rudeness and bad manners back when I had to work for him!”

And now it had been six months of training the two 18 year-olds to eat her old pussy and suck her needy asshole and to perform so many other nasty duties which Miss Gomez thought up. They pleased her old body so much that she hated when it all had to end – but the authorities were getting impatient now……

“Oh, sweet baby,” Miss Gomez half-whispered as she pulled one twin’s head toward her giant breasts. ” I know you’re sad because you have to die – but suck on this tit and it’ll make you feel better. See how your sister is doin’ her part on my clit? Soon as you both make me cum a last couple of times, it’s going to be over with.

“I promise I’ll make it quick – and one of you will get to watch me dispatch the other. Got a nice grave ready out in the back yard. It’s okay for you to cry as long as you keep suckling my tits….”

The Compliant SubWhite Mother Louise

District Overseer, Master Smythe, was in charge of all the sub-whites who resided in his area. Since all sub-white males between 18 and 60 were kept in distant work-camps, this meant that a hefty percentage of Smythe’s subjects were adult white females. And Mr. Smythe had almost absolute power…. power that he enjoyed using.

Over the past few months, Smythe had taken a particular interest in a still-young-looking sub-white mother named Louise. There were two reasons for his attention, the first being that although she was in her late 30’s, Louise looked better than most of the young adult white women in the District.

He made her accept a ‘position’ in his office in return for food for her and her daughter and his protection against her having to submit to random abuse by any other blacks.

Louise’s ‘position’ was usually on her back or on her knees; Smythe took great pleasure in tormenting and humiliating her a few times a day, sometimes in front of his giggling black staff.

And Louise had such a talented mouth! A talented, obedient mouth that could drain the cum from Master Smythe’s balls whenever he shoved that huge cock of his between her lips.

The second reason for Smythe’s interest was that Louise’s daughter had just turned 18. As Overseer, Master Smythe had sexual first-rights to any adult white sub-female under his authority. And he was going to use that authority today…..

Master Smythe held subservient Louise by her hair as she began to finish off another cocksucking session by causing the jizzism to flow up from his heavy black balls.

“That’s the way, bitch,” Smythe grunted, tensing as the white slavewoman’s mouth started to milk his cum down her throat. Thick, salty cum that overflowed from her mouth, dripping down her chin.

“Your precious daughter turned 18 this day, bitch. Did you bring her like I instructed?”

“Yes, Master, she’s waiting in your private room just like you ordered,” Louise managed to mumble while slurping and licking down every trace of Smythe’s cum.

“Good. Goooddd! I’m gonna make my whore. Just like you……..”


A SubWhite Mom is Forced to Give Away Her Daughter

“So today’s your eighteenth birthday, huh? Well, then it’s time that you finally get to know how to be a whore like your mother here,” Master Smythe sneered as he pulled Lois to him. ” Now don’t worry about the little belt-whippin’ I just gave ya – I promise you’ll get used to it. Your daughter’s gonna get used to it, won’t she, Mom?”

The sub-white mother, Louise, could only stand there, tearful and humiliated, and reply, ” Yes, Master, she’ll get used to it.”

“Please, please! Don’t! I don’t want to,” young Lois cried.

“All the young gals say that at the beginning,” Smythe laughed. “But they’re all acting like total whores after a few days and nights of taking this big cock of mine. You will, too. After a while, you’ll be fuckin’ me smiling in front of your mother while she watches. And she’ll teach you how to worship my cum just like she does….”

“Now lay on that bed, little bitch,” Master Symthe ordered, grabbing Lois. “Your mother can wait here while I teach you how to take a big dick! We’re gonna put up a good show for her, uh? Got 28 centimeters of black cock for you! Don’t make me mad by givin’ me a hard time, either! Now that you’re 18, I’m gonna breed ya. You gonna have my black babies until you can’t have no more children!”


Master Smythe Breeds SubWhite Lois Once Again

“Oh, please! Not again! I’m so sore!” Poor Lois’s

voice was hoarse from screaming and crying from the first night of being rape-fucked by Master Smythe’s giant shaft of hard meat.

But the Master’s cock was hard again and his balls were again full of baby-making cum – and he was ready for more of the pleasure that Lois’s tight pussy and asshole would give him.

” Hmmmm…” the Master’s voice was low as he began slowly forcing the oversized head of his giant dick into the sub-white slave’s still-snug cunt. ” Hhhhhhh…”

” Owwwww….Aaiiieeee! Master, It hurts so bad! Pleaseeeeee !!!! ”

” You mean it hurts so good! Say it! Tell me! ” He grabbed her ankles, spreading her trim legs apart so as to give her opened pussy a really deep pounding.

” It…it hurts so good, Master…”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!