Clown Masters [HINES]


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Home Invasion: The secretive club known as the Clown Masters was extremely well-organized, with its members not knowing each other’s real identities; only the club leader knew who was really who. The clown make-up was a perfect disguise for the club’s r@ape and white slavery activities.

The club also owed it’s success to the fact that it thoroughly researched and tracked it’s various victims and carried out it’s lustful tasks with expert planning. Such was the case with the high-society Nestor family, the latest in a string of home-invasion ventures at which the club was so good at. Through it’s highly-paid informers, the Clown Masters knew that Mr. Nestor, his beautiful wife, Marilynn and 18 year-old daughter Heidi were taking a 2-week vacation trip to their isolated lakeside country home. This had become a Nestor family habit and they enjoyed being by themselves without their usual company of servants. They had instructions that they should not be disturbed; no incoming calls or visits. Perfect for the Clowns.

It had been only one night of fun, but so far the Nestor family had been such a great catch! Mrs. Nestor was a haughty beauty who maintained herself well. Daughter Heidi was tall and firm-bodied and so obedient after a half-hour under a strict belt. And Mr. Nestor provided comic relief by his anguish at bearing forced to listen to his two loved ones being fucked and abused so loudly right near him. The abuse sessions would last for almost a week. So ashamed and shaken were the Nestor’s that they never reported their ordeal to the police. Heidi was quietly sent off to a European clinic to try and recover, but she never would…. Mommy Nestor became a depressed alcoholic, afraid of being alone – except for her strange, solitary trips to low-life bars where she whored herself to almost any willing cocks….

The Clowns had all the time in the world to enjoy what Mrs. Nestor and her daughter Heidi had to offer them. And Mr. Nestor, tied, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, could only listen as the Clowns mistreated and fucked the two ladies to their hearts’ content….

“Just climb on the bed and put your little mouth to work on my buddy’s cock,” Nerol the Clown ordered Heidi as he held her firmly in control. “And I’ll make it better for you by givin’ you a lesson on how to take it real hard in the ass. Now keep that nice little butt up….Yeah-h-h…Just like that……


Another All-Night fuck-fun by Hugie the Clown. Hugie liked to work alone and was particularly fond of being able to spend the night raping his prey in her own bed. He had watched and planned for the beautiful 19 year-old Tara for some time; now he was finally putting his plan into action. Mom and Dad were sound asleep in their bedroom down the hall; Hugie knew now that they both tended to drink heavily at those society parties that they loved going to so much. It would take a lot of noise to shake them from their booze-aided sleep – and that wouldn’t be a problem for the Clown…..

Tara was trembling with fear as she was awakened by the looming garish figure with the gun who commanded in his soft but menacing voice, “Make a sound and I’ll kill ya and then I’ll kill your parents, understand? Nod if you understand…”

The girl could only nod in blind obedience as the Clown stripped her of her dainty nightie so he could examine that nice young firm body of hers.

“We’re gonna have a nice time tonight, you and me – that’s if you know what’s good for ya and do what you’re told, exactly like I tell ya. Otherwise, if I’m not totally pleased with ya, it’s gonna be your and your parents’ last night on earth!”

“Please! Please, don’t hurt me! I’ll do whatever you say! Please!”

Hugie the Clown was in no hurry. “Remember, if you don’t please me, it’ll be really bad for ya and your mum and daddy down the hall,” he said gruffly as he placed Tara’s trembling fingers around his hard, but stiil-lengthening dick. “Hmmm…yeah, stroke it just like that… feel how it’s growin’? Gonna get to tuelve inches of meat for pluggin’ that nice little pussy and asshole of yours. Give me that sweet tongue, girl!”

Tara could only sob quietly as she was forced to kiss and further excite her rapist.

“Yeah…Mmmm..” Hugie’s fat tongue thrashed around deep in Tara’s mouth and his cock was throbbing in her hand as he gently pushed her down in the bed.


Virile the Clown Enjoys His Prize:

The towering Virile had a reputation of being the most insatiable of all the Clowns. His sexual appetite fed his habit of at least two r@ape every week. The victims who reported their attacks always noted his great stamina, how he r@aped them for almost an hour at a time, over and over throughout the night or weekend. Many of Virile’s victims needed to be hospitalized for weeks in order to recover from the internal injuries that resulted from his merciless, heavy-cock assaults.

Debby had been the Clown’s latest piece of fuck-meat, but she was also the first one that he had taken captive back to the R@ape Club to be installed in one of their holding cells. Located three basement levels under the well-secure Club’s building, the cells were where the Clowns kept victims that they had abducted from their targeted homes. There, the Clowns were able to visit and fuck their prisoners whenever they wished. Some girls had been kept there for years, others only a few weeks. Most were eventually freed, but a fewer number were sold at auction, traded between members – or just disappeared…

Debby the college cheerleader had been installed in one of Virlie’s assigned holding cells – and he made it a habit to visit her every day. The hallway near their shared cell was always full of Debby’s high-pitched screams and her pitiful crying as Virile showed her how a woman could be put in her place as a private whore, good for only pleasing her Master…..

Broken and hopeless, Debby cried as Virile the Clown impaled her on his sturdy dick and carried her over the cum-stained mattress in the corner of her cell.

“You need some more of my belt-whippin’ to keep you happy, don’t ya? Then you’ll better appreciate the deep fuckin’ that I’m gonna give ya today. Ain’t that right? You want the belt and you want a long, hard whippin’, don’t ya? Because you deserve it , don’t ya?”

” Y-Yes, Master,” Debbie sobbed. “..Yes, I want the belt long and hard….I deserve it…”

Clown Master Bubor and the Investigative Reporter.

The perky and petite Robin Bankken was one of the most popular and well-known investigative reporters for the local big-city newspaper. In the wake of the continued attacks by the Clown Masters group, she had publicly vowed to help the authorities track down those ‘low-down cowards hiding behind make-up’ responsible for so many vile crimes against innocent women.

Ms. Bankken’s boldness was perfect for her career; her aggressive reporting had resulted in a least a half-dozen convictions of various crooks, swindlers and sleazy politicians. If she could help track down the rapist

Clown Masters, it would be her biggest coup yet – and might even lead to a job with a national news organization.

But Robin Bankken never reported on the story. She suddenly disappeared from her apartment one night, lured by a telephone call that promised some vital information concerning the identity of one of the criminal Clowns.

Robin’s firm young body had appealed to Clown Master Bubor as he watched her on television – and now he was thoroughly enjoying experiencing the pleasures that body had to offer him. That tight pussy and that snug, yielding asshole…..

Bubor gave Miss Bankken all of his free time, fucking her four or five times per day and night. No one to help Robin; there was only Clown Master Bubor and his big, heavy, hard dick. Taking everything she had to offer. Making her give everything she had to give. Training her to spread her legs and beg him to fuck her….

“AAHHHHGGHHHH….!” Clown Master Bubor grunted as he held Robin firmly in place while slamming his dick up to the balls and emptying yet another load of his thick, evil semen deep inside her captured pussy. “Now you appreciate what Bubor has to offer, don’t you? Now you regret those awful things you wrote about me, don’t you, bitch?”

The girl could only whimper as the virile clown’s huge cock continued to fill her belly with it’s hot jism. She was broken now; three weeks of constant abuse and punishment.

“Bubor’s gonna keep you for years! You gonna give him lots of babies….!”


The Clowns’ Wives Get Their Turns.

Since many of the Clowns’ wives were aware of their husbands’ criminal activities, it was to no surprise that some of them chose to actually participate in some way.

After all, the women who were brought back and imprisoned in the Club’s holding cells were usually young, beautiful and most likely to be absolutely compliant to even the most degrading sexual demands – something that held great potential for pleasure for the various wives.

With their make-up as female clowns, the wives felt freer to experiment and indulge themselves with their husbands’ attractive sex slaves – and they found themselves indulging quite often. Their lesbian orgies now occurred on a weekly basis; orgies that sometimes included debasement and cruelty almost on a par with that of their spouses…

The prime mover behind all this tended to be the neglected and spiteful wife of the Clown known as Hugie. “Mrs. Hugie” often used these orgies as an excuse to take out her frustrations on the body of the cutest girl prisoner, using her own especially-designed and special-order giant hard rubber strap-on…

“Now, now, dear,” Mrs. Hugie told the frightened sex slave as she put a second finger inside the girl’s pussy. “Just open up those milky thighs and let me loosen you up a bit. I mean, it’ll be good for you to have my fist get you ready for this huge strap-on of mine, don’t you think? It’ll make it a little easier, sweetie, but it’s still gonna hurt you a lot all inside…..

“After all, whatever cock’s been fuckin’ you is small compared with the size of this monster I’m wearin’…”


Tubu the Clown Pounds a Just-Sold Debby’s Ass.

The Clown Virilehad finally tired of the pretty Debby; the were so many new pieces of ass out there just waiting to be discovered and imprisoned – just like the fresh piece he had brought back the previous night. Debby had pleased and pleased, but now she was totally broken – therefore losing her attractiveness for her Master. He was one who enjoyed, needed, the thrill of breaking a slave down and stripping her of every bit of dignity and self-esteem. Yes, Debby was now old news..

Luckily for Debby, there was always a ready market for pretty white fuckmeat and in a week she had been auctioned off by an unseen buyer in the Middle East. Her pale, blonde looks would draw a lot of business when she was put to work servicing the sex-starved Arab customers who frequented the village-to-village sex circuit over there.

Of course, Virile the Clown just had to give his fellow Club members a chance to give Debby a little going-away fuck in order that she not forget them or the Club…..

Debby’s cunt might have been stretched from all of Virile’s fucking, but her asshole still managed to stay tight and snug…. Just the way Tubu liked it…

“Them Arab boys who bought ya are really gonna be happy,” Tubu the R@ape Clown chuckled as, once again, he guided the head of his throbbing cock against poor Debby’s anus. ” But I wanna make sure you don’t forget me, your ever-lovin’ Tubu…..”

Debby grimaced with a combination of agony and perhaps unwanted pleasure as Tubu put his full weight behind his hips and crudely drove his big shaft of meat into her ass. His big cockhead struggled for a moment against Debby’s pucker, but then, greased by the leftover cum still inside her hole from his last r@ape, he was in all the way.


“OOOOHHHHHHH, you’re so fuckin’ tight, bitch! So tight…..,” the Clown grunted as he started pounding Debby. His big balls swung against her buttocks…. FAP….FAP…FAP…FAP…FAP….FAP…..FAP… “Such little whore…”

Vector the Rape Clown and the Slumlord’s Daughter:

Vector had targeted Ruthie, the 20 year-old daughter of a well-known slumlord known for his absolute lack of morality. Ruthie’s dad had been charged and investigated many times for his neglect of his inner-city properties and his ruthless financial dealings with the poor tenants but he’d always managed – usually via bribes – to come out on top. Daughter Ruthie might have been beautiful to the eye, but her father had raised her to be in his image; she was every bit as immoral and without pity as he. All which made her so tempting to Vector the Clown.

He had followed her movements for weeks and found that on the first Friday of each month, Ruthie liked to personally visit a number of her father’s run-down apartment building in order to collect the due rents. Daddy didn’t trust rental management companies; Ruthie was the only being he trusted and she was all too glad to have a chance to lord it over all those ignorant poor people who rented their substandard units. Yes, just the kind of haughty bitch that Vector loved to put in her place.

Ruthie never saw Vector until it was too late, and his big hunting knife insured her silence as he walked her toward the deep recesses of the junk-littered alley that he had scouted out expressly for his purposes.

“Get your ass movin’, bitch! And if you make any noise, I’m gonna slice up that pretty face of yours!” Ruthie could only cry in her fear as the Clown pushed her forward, tearing away pieces of her dress.

“Yeah, in here! Keep movin’, bitch,” Vector the Clown ordered the weeping Ruthie, shoving her into the narrow, dark opening off the already-isolated and deserted alleyway. ” Now get out of those expensive panties and get on your back!”

“Please! Please don’t hurt me! My father’s got money, lots of it. You can have all you want if you just let me go!”

“Only thing I want is that pussy of yours, girl. And if you know what’s good for ya, you’re gonna give it up just like I tell ya to….”


Ruthie Learns How to Appreciate a Big Dick:

Vector had rested for five minutes since his last go at Ruthie’s now-sore pussy – but his cock was beginning once again to throb with eagerness, hardening, getting big….

“Well, it looks like it’s time for some more fuckin’,” Vector chuckled to the gagged girl as he guided his dick to her cunt opening. It had been two hours since he had first started fucking her; her belly was full of his warm cum, her back scraped and bleeding from fricton against the hard, filthy concrete on the alley.

“UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….” Ruthie could only moan through the taped gag as her fucked – raw pussy spasmed with pain as Vector’s aggressive cock barged it’s way back inside her. She knew now that it was going to be another twenty minutes or so of being fucked brutally and crudely; at times she had trouble getting enough air to breathe as her attacker fucked her hard and long; the gag made her only able to take in air through her nose….

“Spread those legs wide, bitch, as wide as you can! Yeah, spread ’em wide like a street whore spreads when she’s workin’!”

Ruthie obeyed, spreading like the whore she becoming there in this dark, smelly alley. Spreading her legs as wide as possible in her shame and humiliation ….

“You’re nothing but a low-down whore now, bitch,” Vector the Clown laughed as he began to settle into a hard, fast rythmn that moved Ruthie’s body across the alley floor. ” All your money ain’t gonna do ya any good, no good at all!

“Keep those thighs spread, yeahhhhhh….Give it to me….Give it up….Yeahhhhhh… Such a good whore…. Give it up……!”


Nuchi the Blackmailing Clown Returns for More Pussy:

The garish, loudly-attired Nuchi had his own particular criminal ways; he made his victims invite him into their homes, he made them beg him to fuck them.

Nuchi’s daytime vocation as a private detective to celebrities helped him to gather sensitive information on a lot of people. But he wasn’t interested in getting money out of his victims, Nuchi was interested in something else entirely.

Nuchi’s interest was in collecting information on the most beautiful women who moved in the upper echelons of the rich and powerful. Wives of politicians, high-powered female executives, well-known actresses, high-society debutants and hostesses; they all excited Nuchi the Clown for the joys that their hig-class bodies would provide him – and always on his terms….

Gerry Thomas was famous for being a hostess of high society. Born into a powerful family, Gerry had all the contacts among the higher set and her events and parties were a must-attend for anyone who wanted to be seen or written about. If you couldn’t get invited to one of Gerry’s gala bashes, chances are you’d never be accepted into the real social ranks of the rich and famous.

But Nuchi had researched more deeply than others had – and had discovered Gerry’s secret, a secret that, if exposed, would led to Gerry’s social ruin and perhaps even time in prison! Gerry had been careless in skimming some of the monies she had raised through her many charities. It wasn’t much, maybe a bit over a hundred thousand or so, but it was enough to forever damage her reputation and social standing – and bring in the tax authorities…. Nuchi’s call was enough to make Gerry tremble with fear and foreboding; enough to make agree to send the servants home and leave the front door unlocked for her blackmailer to come in and climb the stairs up to her bedroom. Her bedroom, where she was fucked for hours, fucked in the most shaming and humiliating ways by that frightfully huge cock of his. Where she was was forced to thank the Clown as he spanked her and whipped her ass with his belt.

Nuchi was pleased with how Gerry whored herself so well that night. ” That was a fine fuck, Miss Thomas. I expect you to be ready for give me more of that pussy of yours whenever I call. If you don’t, I’m gonna pass on my information to the newspapers – and you know what that will mean for you.” Gerry sickened at his words, but she had no choice….

It was two anxious weeks before she got Nuchi’s call in the middle of the night. “Send everyone away. I’m comin’ over to spend some time rammin’ my cock in that high-class pussy of yours! I expect to find you naked and ready for me to fuck ya!”

The blackmailing Clown had finished a long session whipping Gerry’s ass with his belt – and now he was moving on to more intimate matters. ” I liked pounding that tight pussy of yours, but I think it’s time to try out that little asshole of yours,” the Clown chuckled as he put a gloved finger to Gerry’s anus. “Ever had a dick up your ass? No? But you want my dick up your ass, don’t ya? You better say that you do.”

“Y-Yes, I want your dick up my ass,” Gerry sobbed, helpless and without any choice.

“Good, goooooddd…I knew you would, baby. This is going to hurt, but you’ll learn to like it…..”

Clown Master Benjey Spends the Weekend Fucking the Mayor’s Widow:

Benjey didn’t mean to kill the Mayor, but he had no choice. He had informed the Mayor to go stand in the corner and watch while he fucked his wife, Darlene on the couch. But the Mayor was stupid and charged at this intruding creature dressed like a clown – and got a well-aimed bullet in the head for it. Darlene had started to scream but shut up immediately when the Clown put the pistol to her head.

“There’s no one here to hear ya, but if you start screamin’ on me, I’m gonna have to kill ya just like I did your dumb husband!”

Darlene was quiet as Benjey the Clown marched her up to her bedroom. She and the Mayor had decided to set an example to the public by staying in their own home instead of the big Mayoral estate. They had also declined the usual police escorts and guard details around their residence; the Mayor was so popular, who would dare….

Only Benjey…..

Benjey took his time fucking the new widow, letting her up from the fuck bed only to take calls for her husband. Benjey tired of all the interruptions to their fucking, so he finally forced Darlene to call the office and leave instructions that no more calls should be put through; that she and the Mayor needed some time alone….

The Clown reward Darlene for her obedience by giving her a particularly long and intense fucking.

“You’re a nice bitch,” Benjey grunted at her as she started to sucked his big cock in order to get it big and hard so that it could once again plow her cunt. ” Damn nice piece of pussy and ass, just perfect for gettin’ fucked by a stud like me…”

“Ahhhhhhh….Damn good fuck, you are,” Benjey the Clown muttered to the Mayor’s widow as he lay on top of her after yet another long abuse session. ” Too bad I had to kill your husband; I wanted to make him watch me puttin’ it to his classy wife! But now it’s just you and me – and we’ve got all weekend, just you and me….

“Mmmm…Damn, my dick’s gettin’ hard again, it wants more of that tight hole of yours….”


The Supermodel is Prepared to be a Birthday Gift:

Supermodel Keisha was used to the life of luxury and fame; the best hotels and restaurants, the finest clothes and lots of money. Yes, only the best was good enough for Keisha. Life was good, life was excellent. Until, that night she was grabbed at her hotel and spirited down to a waiting van. Life had immediately changed….

The Club Masters Club members had decided that Guko the Clown’s birthday present should be special. After all, Guko had brought in many slavegirls to used as community fuckmeat for the other members. Yes, Guko had been one of the Club’s most unselfish members and they were determined to give him a gift that he wouldn’t forget. A Supermodel like Keisha would be perfect.

Of course, someone like Keisha would have to be properly broken in advance, so the members took it upon themselves to get her good and ready by helping her get rid of all those bad attitudes that she had acquired over the years……

“Oh, God! Mercy! No more, please! PLEASE! Stop…,” the former supermodel named Keisha screamed at the top of her voice as the Clowns whipped her sore body with their leather rods.

“That’s it, bitch, keep beggin’! You’ll get better at beggin’, we promise you that. Only a couple more weeks of training ahead before you’re ready to be given away. You’ll learn proper manners by then……”


Guko the Clown Fucks His Birthday Present Up Her Ass:

The big Clown named Guko, all 6 feet, 6 inches of him, with his 13 inches of cock, really appreciated the thoughtful birthday gift that his fellow Club members had given him. He had seen the Supermodel Keisha’s face in all the magazines and all over television, even in a few big-screen movies. So regal, so proud. He had read all about her mysterious disappearance from that high-class hotel; the media was in a frenzy with the story. No one had a clue as to what had happened to Keisha. Guko had never even had a thought that he would ever come across her….

….And now here she was, suffering as Guko pressed his huge cock further and further, ever deeper into her very tight ass. So tight. Guko fed her his inches slowly, making the former supermodel cry as she took more and more of the monster dick from this monster of a Clown…

Guko reached back and took his short leather whip and laid a half-dozen strokes across Kisha’s back just for the hell of it. He liked how she only flinched under the pain; yeah, they’d broken her in pretty good. She’d make a great addition to his slave stable…

His cock was half-way up her ass now, stretching her rectal walls as it dug deeper within her. Keisha was squirming, beginning to shift her ass from side to side, trying to ease the pressure….

Guko whacked her good with the whip. “Keep that ass still, whore! Keep it right there, understand?”

Keisha answered through her tears, ” Yes, Master. I’m so sorry, Master….” Her voice was dull, accepting, subservient…..

” Good girl, good girl…,” He said – and then lunged his hips forward, sending the rest of his cock-length plowing up her ass. “You my bitch now, all mine…..”

The former supermodel groaned as the giant Clown began ramming her protesting asshole with that mighty, oversized cock of his. “Oh, God, ohgod, ohgod…..”

Guko’s balls flapped against her buttocks as he slammed his meat deep in her ass. So good, so good!

” You used to be so high-society,” he told her as he continued his anal assault. Harder, faster, splitting her open…. “But now you’re just goin’ to be my whore for the rest of your life, bitch. Just my whore who takes it up the ass….!”

In Cell No. 4, the Curio Clown Couple Examines the Goods

Mrs Curio gave a hearty sigh of approval as she spread Sherry’s whipped thighs and examined the slave’s shaven, well-fucked and sore pussy.

“Well, I must admit that I’d prefer us to have bought a fresh, unused cunt for our first houseslave – by what the hell, the price was right. I can see why everyone kept putting the dick to this sweetie, though; nice piece, real nice…..”

“Yep, she’ll make us a fine addition around the house, anyway. She’s a stunner, alright. She’ll keep us happy and keep the place all tidy and nice.”

“Yeah, you’re gonna make us a real happy couple at our house, won’t you, girl? My pussy’s not nearly as neat and pretty as yours, but you’ll get to like lickin’ my old sloppy cunt and how my juices taste. So don’t you worry, in a few months, you’re gonna be real happy with how things turned out…”

” Of course, she’ll be happy,” Mr. Curio chimed in. “Life ‘s gonna be real simple for her – sex and work, work and sex…!”


Mr. Gallant Strikes Again

Among all the Clown Master rapists, the solitary sexual hunter knew to his victims and the media as “Mr. Gallant” stood out both for his manner towards his female victims and the sheer number of victims.

Mr. Gallant always attacked his ladies in their homes and he tended to prefer beautiful married women in their late 20s and early 30s -“They’ve had enough experience to be able to appreciate how good a fucker I am!”- He once wrote to a newspaper reporter.

He researched his target for weeks in advance, knowing when she would be at home alone; knowing how much time he would have with her – Mr. Gallant liked to be able to at least spend a leisurely night of repeated rape, filling her full of his seed when he left.

And Mr. Gallant was so – uh, gallant in his talking manner; although the violent way he fucked often resulted in his unwilling female partner being bruised and sore for weeks afterwards….

Mrs. Ginger Hillman was just the right kind of woman for Mr. Gallant; 30 years old, the posh, educated and pampered wife of an investment banker who took frequent trips overseas. Some referred to Mrs. Hillman as ‘spoiled’. Mr. Gallant knew that the only spoiling would be done by Ginger this night, and probably the next…..

Ginger didn’t have time to react until it was too late. The clown appeared from the hallway….his big

hunting knife pressed to her lovely throat…his hands tearing at her clothes….

“Hello, Ginger,” Mr. Gallant the Clown greeted the terrified housewife in that smooth voice of his. “I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a long time. I’ve been watching you and I know that you’re just the kind of woman who knows how to be a whore when she puts her mind to it…..”

“Please, please go away! Don’t hurt me! My husband will be home any minute now!”

“Now, now, my sweet Ginger. We both know that’s not true, don’t we? Such a pretty lady, you are…Here, why don’t we step inside your bedroom where I can get comfortable while you strip out of that dress for me? You’re gonna strip real slow, my love….you’re gonna do everything you can to please me and keep me happy while I’m here. I can tell that you’ll be a very good piece of pussy tonight… If you do a good job you’ll be rewarded… I’ll take you with me and keep you in a dog cage in my cellar. If you don’t…. well, let’s not talk about what’s not gonna happen, ok?”


The Serious and Deadly Clown Mistress, Murtena

No one but the top Clown Master talked to the solitary female Clown Mistress who went by the name of Murtena. And only he was aware of her background; the background that made her what she was; a murderess……

Murtena wore her disconcerting mask in order to hide her severely disfigured face. It was said that early in her life, she had been attacked by a younger female rival who had thrown a glass of acid on her face. As a result, Mistress Murtena carried a grudge against all attractive young women – and she wrecked her revenge upon any of them whom she could get her hands on…..

This time is was 18 year-old Annette’s turn. It had been three weeks of pain, humiliation and sexual servitude for the petite, pretty former salesgirl. Murtena’s cunt and asshole tasted rancid on Annette’s overworked tongue and her big fists had elicited the most horrible screams from Annette as they dug deep and found so many tender places…

Annette had spent so much time giving the Clown Mistress Murtena every sort of the perverse pleasure that had been demanded of her – but now the time had finally arrived, the dreaded time…

“Come, little one.” Murtena ordered in her low, clipped voice. ” Come with me into the other room. Your fate awaits you.. the rope awaits you……..”

“No! Noooo! Please don’t! I don’t deserve this!”

Mistress Murtena smacked her lips in anticipation as her strong hands dragged Annette to her feet.

“Yes, you do, sweetie. You all do…..”

The Haughty Fashion Model Learns Humility

Julia had been one of the top fashion models for the past half-dozen years; her tall, lithe figure and her beautiful face had grace practically every magazine in existence and had appear many times on both the small and big screens. It was said that Julia would go down in history as one of the most recognized faces in the history of the media.

And Julia had the attitude to go along with her exalted station. She was used to being treated like royalty and demanded the best for herself. Many a maid, butler and restaurant waiter had lost their job because they didn’t quite measure up to Julia high standards. The word was that Julia ranked up there with the rudest of them all. Julia couldn’t remember all the times she had insulted and berated those who came into contact with her – but one person did….

Julia didn’t remember that big, burly doorman at that trendy nightclub a few years before. But he had never forgotten her…..

Now in his Clown Master persona as Rico the Clown, he had the thoroughly beaten and broken Julia at his disposal. She wasn’t haughty anymore; two weeks of punishment training had made sure of that…

Rico had not been in any hurry to fuck his prize. He had been busy enjoying Julia’s agony and helplessness, enjoying how she cried and begged under his assorted paddles, whips and canes…

But now it was time to enjoy the sex that Julia would be so anxious to give him…

“Ohhhhhhh….. Oh, God-d-ddd….!” Julia’s cunt felt like it was being torn as Rico the Clown started to jam his big cock inside her.

“What’s this? No wise-ass remarks? No insults? Just a common bitch now, huh?”

Rico laughed and his cock pulsed as it stretched Julia’s pussy around it’s wide girth.

“You’re mine, now, bitch! You’re my whore – forever! I’ll never let you go!”


Some Uninvited Weekend Visitors For Danielle

The three home-invaders were dressed like clowns when they broke into Danielle’s remote cottage that Friday night. They might have been dressed like clowns, but there was nothing funny or amusing about them at all.

The female Clown they called Petunia seemed to be the one who ran the show – and enjoyed doing it. The two male Clowns called themselves Tuto and Buto – and they eagerly engaged in nonstop sessions of whipping the unwilling Danielle with their belts and that short bamboo cane that they brought.

“We’re going to have such a good weekend together, girl,” Petunia had announced before they had started beating the helpless girl. “We’ve watched you for so long and decided that you needed our company to keep you warm…..”

Petunia took her turn at first whipping Danielle’s tender 19 year-old body, showing her two Clown partners the way it should be done. But Tuto and Buto didn’t need much tutoring.

It was Saturday morning before Petunia announced, “I think our little gal is ready now. That cute pussy looks so ready to be used!

Petunia the Clown frowned as Danielle tentatively took Buto the Clown’s huge dick in her shaking hands.

“Don’t close your eyes, bitch! I want you to look into his eyes while you massage that cock of his! I want you to show how much you’re lookin’ forward to spending the rest of the weekend fuckin’, suckin’ and givin’ everything that you got to give! Now look him in the eyes!”

Buto chuckled as his victim kept eye contact as her tender fingers caused his dick to swell and harden.

“I don’t know how you’re gonna be able to take all this cock up that little pussy, girl. Hope I don’t injure ya too much…..”


Clown Master Blacman Enjoys One of His Newest Acquisitions

Blackman the Clown’s cock was hard and ready as he unlocked the door to the cell where he kept Maria captive. It was the third time that he was going to sample Maria’s bruised, tight body since snatching her and her sister as they closed their little bakery business in the late night….

“Yes, girl it’s me again. Did you miss me? I bet you did, just layin’ here while listenin’ to me fuck that pretty sister of yours in the next room. That gal’s got a good pussy for fuckin’, I tell ya. Just right for trainin’. She’s still a bit upset an’ all, but I promise ya she’ll be sweetest little whore after a few more weeks of takin’ this big meat of mine.”

“Just like you gonna be….”

“Please stay away! Leave me alone!”

“Heh -heh…Now don’t be that way, baby. You want me to use my belt on ya, again? You want me to put some more hurt on ya? Is that what you want? IS IT?”


“That’s more like it, bitch, that the way to give in to it…..No use you tryin’ to resist, you know that, don’t ya? You want give your sister somethin’ good and loud to listen to, don’t ya?”

“Here, let’s try somethin’ new… don’t want you gettin’ all bored with me an’ all that, right? Yeah…turn over on your side……. like that…. Mmmmm……Stick that cute butt of yours out….”

“Oh, no! Not that! NOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Oh, Yeahhhh…. You gonna take this black dick up that tight little ass…. You gonna love it…. Yeah, right there….”


“Oh, Damn, bitch! So tight, baby….!”

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