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In the 1950s and 1960s there were thousands of drive-in theatres across the United States. Entire families would pile into the family car for a night of movies and snacks from the snackbar. Teenagers used the darkness for flirting, kissing and… much more. Urban legends sprang up, swearing as truth such stories as demented criminals recently escaped from nearby mental hospitals lurking in the darkness between cars, slashing unsuspecting moviegoers with knives or slicing the throats of entire families as they watched the big screen. People everywhere claimed to know someone who knew someone who went to a drive-in, never to be seen again.

Over time the Drive-Ins became a thing of the past, their big white screens reduced to structural skeletons and the tiered parking rows, with abandoned speaker poles rising like the arms of long buried dead struggling to regain the surface, evoking a shudder from passersby, even during the daylight.

Reinventing the urban legends and preying on the fears of the locals, the Devil Marauders motorcycle gang has secretly taken up residence in the abandoned Desert Inn Drive-In. They prey on unsuspecting local women, grabbing them off the streets in the dark and delivering them to the Drive-In for hours, weeks or months of debauchery, depraved torment and sexual enslavement.

Teenage girls and women of all ages, don’t wander alone after dark or you, too, might find yourselves at the mercy of the Desert Inn Devil Marauders!


Tyrone just grabbed Monica off the street an hour ago after fantasizing about her for days. He drags her to an old van parked in the farthest corner of the Drive-In lot, far away from the snack bar where the other Devil Marauders are terrorizing the night’s selection of women. Tyrone definitely wants privacy for what he has in mind for sweet young Monica.

Monica just turned 18 and, despite her lush body and provocative dress, is a virgin, having vowed to save her virginity for her wedding night. Tyrone has other plans.

“Damn, you are one hot Momma, bitch. Come to Poppa. My prick’s gonna burst if I don’t slam it up in that hot pussy. I ain’t never had no complaints, mind you, but I got boxes of toys inside, too, just for you, if my dick needs a rest from time to time. Got knives, candles, butt plugs, you name it… You’re one fine piece of ass, but you’re gonna be even better by the time I’m done with you… Let’s start with those big, ripe tits just beggin’ to be licked and bitten and sucked.”


Angela’s night at the Drive-In is going to be very… memorable indeed. The Devil Marauders have decided Angela gets to service all of them before the night is through. Each member of the gang gets to pick one part of Angela’s body for his own. They ran drag races around the parking lot on their motorcycles earlier in the evening to decide who would go 1st, 2nd, 8th, 10th, and more.

“Look at this whang, bitch. You’re gonna take this whole thing up that tight ass crack of yours. I’m gonna slam it in and ram it up till your teeth can feel my dick. Gonna bugger you again and again until my balls are empty. I only get your ass – that’s the deal – but you and me gonna party fine, don’t you worry.

“Yeah, Jermain, you make sure her ass is all you grope. I’m waiting for my turn bangin’ that tight, hot pussy… Hurry it up, my balls are turning blue!”

“Ah, the both of you are losers. Cunts and assholes are for beginners. You want some special “hot and nasty” you gotta use her mouth. You can shove your dick down her throat and it feels tight as an ass. Mouth’s hot and wet just like a juicy pussy. Make the bitch use her teeth just right, scrape up and down your dick.. man, ain’t no other feeling like it. Besides, you make her watch you the whole time and you get even hornier knowing how much you’re hurtin’ her and how scared she is the whole time. Nothin’ in the world compares to mouth-fucking a piece of strange meat, I’m telling you.”


This is Jane’s second week at the Desert Inn. Cleavon, her owner, won her in a poker game and he’s not about to let her go. Unfortunately, Cleavon has a little problem getting it up … and keeping it up… unless he also uses his fists. The more bruises he leaves on her tender flesh, the harder and longer he can fuck her.

By the 3rd night, there wasn’t any part of Jane’s body that wasn’t tender and bruised from his fists. But her owner quickly grew bored just beating her and fucking her.

This week he’s trying out a new game. He’ll let other guys fuck her while he watches and jerks off. Then, telling her it’s all her fault for tempting the others, he gives himself the excuse to beat her even more. He’s using whips and chains, boards, and even an old cast iron skillet he found in the snack bar to mark her skin even more.

For Cleavon, the more marks on her, the more turned on he gets… and the more he fucks her. It’s a never-ending cycle of sex and abuse for Jane, perverted entertainment for Cleavon and his friends.


Nights in the desert, even in the middle of the summer, can grow quite cold. Cold enough to make tempting nipples stand rigid and hard. Cold enough to dry tears as they leak from tormented women’s eyes and wash across their faces. Cold enough to cool the sleek steel of DeShawn’s razor-sharp, hook bladed knife.

“Wha…What are you going to do to me? You aren’t going to cut me, are you? Oh, please, don’t cut me. I’ll… I’ll do anything you want, just put that thing away… Please!!!”

“Nah, I ain’t gonna cut you, bitch. Quit whining. I just want to cut these ropes off you. The others might have liked tying you up, but me, I like my bitches to fight back. Squirm and kick and fight me hard. Makes the fucking all that much better. And how are you gonna fight me if you’ve got ropes all around you, huh?

“Oh, I’ll fight you all right, you son of a bitch. Just give me a chance and I’ll kick your gonads out the back of your throat.”

“Little, puny thing like you? I don’t think so. But you can have fun TRYING to hurt me while I do some serious hurt on you for real. I got tricks that’ll make you scream for mercy before I done with you, slut”


As the night progressed into the early hours of morning, the bikers all gathered at the Drive-In snackbar, the only building on the place fit to make their headquarters. Tyrone left Angela in the van, passed out but tied securely. Cleavon left Jane, bruised and battered, chained and collared to the toilet in one of the abandoned bathrooms.

The one-at-a-time gang bang the other bikers agreed to earlier in the night didn’t remain one-on-one for long. These guys don’t worry about sloppy seconds and aren’t fussy about where their next fuck comes from, so Jane’s night quickly dissolved into an all-on-one orgy of sexual depravity, physical abuse, mental humiliation and plain, old fashioned fucking, sucking and pain.

“Look at that asshole, man. I thought these bitches were supposed to have tight shitholes. Hold that thing open…10 bucks says I can ram my fist and arm all the way up to my elbow in that hole on the first try!”

“That’s typical for you, Cleavon. Can’t get it up if you can’t hurt them, can you? Well, go for it and get it over with, dude. My cocks already leaking with cum and I want some of that drippin’ cunt before I lose my hard on.”

“Yeah, Cleavon, hurry up, get your rocks off. Then we can roll her over. More to play with that way. You guys are wasting those tits. They’re just ripe for some tit fucking. And there’s more to go around when she’s on her back. Tyrone, you can make her give you a blow job… DeShawn can cunt fuck her and I can squirt my load on those big, ripe, fun-bags. And she’s still got two hands to hand-job the rest of the guys… Come on… the night’s still young.”

Cries, moans, screams. Loud laughter and crude taunts. All can be heard if you stumble too close to the deserted drive-in theatre that was once the town’s most popular hangout. But no one ventures near except a stray dog who tucks his tail between his legs and disappears into the night after being chased away by one of the bikers taking a leak against the side of the graffiti-covered snackbar.

With the dawn comes silence, as the Desert Drive-In once again appears to sit in innocence, slowly deteriorating under the hot, relentless sun. But tonight, with the coming of darkness… what horrors might again unfold to compete with the memories of times long past.

Shannon has only been teaching at the local High School for two years. She’s just started her career, but already has seen many intelligent young students with bright futures ahead of them. She’s also seen plenty of ‘bad seeds’. Young toughs, fueled by violence and a hatred of authority.

A group of these ‘bad seeds’ followed her home from school, and grabbed her right off her own front porch. They threw her into the back of their rusty van and drove her to their favorite hang out… the abandoned Drive-In. The young men laughed while she screamed. Soon she’d be taking orders from them!

They’ve tied up Shannon in the snack bar and presented her as a gift to Vic, a biker thug who she failed last year.

“What’s the matter Teach? Aren’t you glad to see your star pupil? Oh, that’s right! You hated teaching me! Called me a slacker who’d never amount to anything unless I started using my head! Well you’re going to have to use your head now, sucking my dick! You always dressed slutty for a teacher, wearing those tight blouses and short skirts…. you were just begging to be bent over and fucked like a whore! You’re gonna get your wish now. I’m gonna be grading you on your performance too, bitch. I’m going to blow my wad in your pretty mouth, and for every drop of my cum you spill, you get a dozen slaps on those bouncy tits!”

“Please Vic… you’ve got to let me go! I’m sorry I failed you! I… I’m so sorry! Just let me go and I won’t tell anyone about this… just don’t…”

“Go? Stupid cunt, you’re not going anywhere! You belong to the Desert Inn Devil Marauders now! And there’s lots of guys in the gang who remember you… and are ready to teach your ass a lesson! HA!!! It’s a lesson you’ll never forget, Teach!”


The Desert Inn Devil Marauders aren’t picky about who they grab and drag back to the gang’s hangout. Young women, girlfriends, wives… all are fresh meat for the bikers.

Lisa was taken from a grocery store parking lot by Hal and his biker-slut girlfriend Donna. The two grabbed the young wife as she was getting into her car. They stuffed her in the trunk of her own car and drove to the outskirts of town where the Drive-In waits, baking in the hot desert sun.

Every weekend she has to return to the Drive-In and submit to the twisted couple. She’s been a plaything for Hal and Donna for three months now. It’s the only way they can keep them from going to her home and taking her, along with her teenage daughter.

“You’re getting better bitch! Ten minutes gagging on my fat dick, and you haven’t puked once! You’ve been practicing like I told you, eh? Deep-throating a sausage every night to build up your cocksucking skills like a good little whore?”

“Ulp! -gasp- T.. thank you Mr. Hal… -gasp- I…. I want to be a good… slut for you…”

“Enough talking bitch! You should be happy I’m letting you even touch my boyfriend with your nasty mouth! If any other chick tried to blow my boyfriend, I’d cut her fucking tits off! Now get back to work and show Hal how much you appreciate being his submissive cum-catching bimbo!”

“AH! Y… yes Miss Donna! -gasp- T… thank you for letting me suck your beautiful c… cock, Sir… MMMPH!”


“What the fuck were you thinking, flashing those fat udders around here? Stupid bitch! Don’t you know that this is Devil Marauder territory? Ain’t no cheap cunt like you gonna come into our hang-out without paying the toll. And you’re gonna pay with your fun-bags! I’m gonna twist your big nips and slap your jugs around ’till you can’t remember your damn name anymore!”

Stacy’s heart froze in her chest as she looked into Taylor’s cold eyes. The 19-year-old girl had been walking by the abandoned Drive-In when she thought she heard a woman scream from somewhere behind it’s rusty walls. Stacy has always been quick to help people, and she rushed inside the rotting structure to see if anyone was in trouble. Now she’s the one in trouble, and no one is around to help her.

“‘Course, I don’t give a fuck what your name is, bitch. From now on, you’re Fuckpig, got it? Gonna make you squeal when I crush those melons around my cock… gonna titty-fuck you and cum all over your pretty face! Ever been titty-fucked before, slut? With a rack like that, you’re gonna have a whole lot of practice! Some of the guys just punch a whore’s tits when they fuck ’em. Others aren’t so nice! Crazy Sid likes to burn a slut’s titmeat with cigarettes when he titty-fucks them. Unfortunately for you, he’s got a whole carton in the van… and he’s coming this way! HAHAHAHA!”


Almost none of the Desert Inn Devil Marauders has a job. They steal whatever they need as they tear along the desert highways. Gas, cigarettes… cheap food and even cheaper booze. Whatever they need they grab, including women!

Darryl is an exception. He’s a part time construction worker and motorcycle mechanic. The gang members pay him with whatever they’ve taken on the road. This time, it’s a young secretary. She became Darryl’s property three weeks ago. He’s spent the time using his skills to build devices to punish and humiliate the terrified woman.

“You better keep your balance, bitch! Fall down now, and you’ll pull your arms from their sockets! I can fix a bike better than anyone here, but ain’t no way I can fix a dumb whore who can’t keep her balance!”


“You trying to say something, bitch? Didn’t I tell you that talking ain’t allowed to cocksucking sluts like you? Damn, you must be hard of hearing! Must have gotten some of my jizz in your ears when I came all over your face this morning! That’s another hour on the scaffold… I made it just for you… something to keep you nice and trim. I don’t want my property getting all fat just because you’re a lazy whore! My fuck-toy has to keep herself fit if she expects to be my personal cum-dump. Hell, you’re looking so good now… maybe I should take you down and bust your shitter with my pipe! What do you think about that?”


“You want to stay in the sun and work on your tan? HA! Have it your way! Two hours on the scaffold then! I’ll be back to stuff your ass… and you can clean off my dick with your hot mouth when I’m done!”


In the corner of the run-down snack bar a young woman whimpers. Rats have made a nest under the soiled mattress and she can feel them squirming under the filthy bed. At night they come out and crawl over her nude body, biting her painfully when she screams in terror. One month ago, Ashley had never even seen such filth. But the Devil Marauders have taken the spoiled rich girl off the streets and have been keeping her here as their fuck-pet ever since.

Vic has kept her blindfolded the entire time, using the young woman in the most depraved ways possible. She has served as a mop for his piss, a chair for him to sit on… and now a toy for him to humiliate.

“You had a tight twat for a high class girl. Hell, I thought you’d have been fucking your rich boyfriends in the back seats of their BMWs! Guess you must have been deep-throating them instead, eh? Probably been saving that cootch for your wedding night. Well it’s all stretched out now. Hell, you probably won’t feel comfortable unless it’s got a foot-long dick filling your tummy! That’s the way it should be, you know. Rich cunts like you have got to be taught a lesson… that you’re made to serve men on your hands and knees like a whore! The guys have been teaching you that lesson every night… filling your womb with hot cum till your slit’s been dripping like a leaky faucet. Probably knocked you up too. Well, we’re sending you home tonight. We don’t need some pregnant slut hanging around here. What are Mommy and Daddy going to think when their Princess starts swelling up like a blimp? HA HA HA! And you’ve been blindfolded, so you can’t say who the father is! Gonna miss you, bitch. It’s been fun!”


Everyone has a breaking point, and Laura found her’s on her first day at the Drive-In. She watched another young woman being punished. The men crowded around the cowering girl, and covered her flesh with bruises from whips, fists and even an iron pipe. When the assault was over, Laura looked at the hysterical woman and knew she’d never have the strength to disobey the rough men. When they turned to her and ordered her to strip, she quickly tore off her blouse… freeing her 34 Double-D chest to their hungry stares.

The gang uses her fear to get her to humiliate herself for their sick pleasure. They beat her, but it’s nothing compared to the mental anguish she lives with every day as a whore for the gang.

“Fuck me back you stupid cow! Ungh! Yeah! Your clitty is just throbbing with pleasure, isn’t it? You loved to be fucked… it’s the only thing you do well… the only thing you’ll ever be good for!”

“Y… Yes Mr. Hal. T… thank you for fucking your slut so well… I’m just a pathetic whore… not fit to lick your boots… I… I should have a bag on my head and be bent over your motorcycle so you -sob- wouldn’t have to look at me… T… thank you…. Master.”

“Yeah! Fuck you’re hot! Nothing but a slut to be taken wherever and whenever I want. And that goes for anyone in the gang! You’re our biker slut… gonna keep your silky puss drenched in cum from morning to night…”

“AH! M… my pussy craves your cum Master! P…. please give it to me… I need to feel you cum deep inside your slut… it’s the only thing she is good for… taking your cum deep in her womb…”

“UNGH! That’s right bitch! And when I’m done, there’s a whole line of people ready to take my place! Yeah! You’re going to dripping spunk from your ass… cunt…. Now shake those big tits in my face like an obedient slut! Get me turned on, or I’ll whip your ass!”

“No! Please don’t master! I’ll be good! See! I’m shaking them… I just want to make you happy….-sob-…..”

“That’s right sugar, your Daddy’s got your medicine right here. Make you feel real good sweetheart. I know what you like what you need you need my cock, don’t you bitch? Ha! I knew it! Well let’s get some love juice into ya, and you can show Daddy how thankful you are to be his personal whore

Vince tapped the syringe, and grinned as Kim’s eyes grew round with fear. The girl had been a straight A student just a week ago, before Vince and his buddies pulled her inside his van. She’s been doped up every day since. Between the injections and the brutal fuck sessions, Kim has little of her strong will left. Now she only lives to survive to the next day.

Vince’s friends have been playing rough with her. Bruises cover the broken girls body, showing where they’ve beat her with their fists. Her desperate screams have been shaking the windows of the broken down van all night.

“Mmmmph! NNAaaa!

“Hungry for my cock bitch? I guess it’s been over an hour since I’ve ridden your sweet ass. You know you don’t feel complete unless you’ve got a shitter full of cum and your tits crushed around my cock. Well I’m ready for ya, slut. You better be ready for me!

Despite her revulsion, Kim feels her sore twat getting moist. She’s becoming addicted. Addicted to the drugs, and the endless abuse of her new Master.

Vince has big plans for the shattered young woman. He’ll have her work the streets for him, turning tricks for anyone with five bucks and a hard dick. She’ll give all the money she makes to her Owner anything for another shot of his magic needle to numb the pain


“Ride me you stupid whore! What the fuck do you think I got you for? Conversation? Hell, you’re so stupid you’d probably forget to breathe unless I reminded ya! Now back up your tight ass on my dick and ride me like your life depends on it!


“Fucking cunt! Make me believe that you’re worth the trouble of keeping your sorry ass around! I’ve spent good money on you, a whole twenty bucks! I even got you some dog food for your dinner, ungrateful bitch! Now take it all the way to my balls YEAH! Gonna pound you so hard you’ll forget your name!

Sandi has been trying to please her ruthless captor for weeks, doing every disgusting thing he demands, anything to keep him happy. She’s seen him angry, and seen what he does to women who piss him off. With a shudder of disgust she forces herself back onto his thrusting cock, her ass stretching agonizingly around his swollen member.


“Yeah! You know I’m gonna get my money’s worth out of you, whore! Gonna make you sorry you were strutting around like a stuck-up bitch too good for me and my friends. Well I knew you were a crawling dog the second I saw ya, and I was right! Look at you now! You’re my fuck-puppy! I gotta train you to walk, roll over Hell, I think your new name is gonna be Lassie! Ha! Good girl Lassie, now moan for me and beg me to fill your shit-pipe with creamy jizz!

“nnnnAH! Mmmaaahh!! AAHHHH!!!


Helen knew she was a failure as a mother. She tried to protect her daughter from the hairy thugs, but a swift punch to her stomach sent the single mother helplessly to the ground. She strained to draw air back into her burning lungs when she felt rough hands grab her by the hair and drag her limp body into the stinking van. Over her labored gasps, she heard her daughter scream her name.

At first she tried to satisfy the men. She saw the gleam of lust in their eyes as they stripped her daughter and made her dance for their pleasure in the parking lot of the abandoned Drive-In. She did everything to distract them. She groveled at their feet like a humble slave, begging them to fuck her like a cheap hooker.

The hairy men laughed at the young mother, spitting in her face calling her a pathetic whore. She didn’t mind, but begged even harder. Pleading with them to bend her over and fuck her right there on the ground.

They took her forcefully, slapping her firm tits and pinching her large nipples until they were black and blue. All the while demanding that she tell them how much she loved being abused, begging them to humiliate her even more. They told her to say how much she loved being fucked by the strangers. Every time she opened her mouth, another sweaty dick was shoved past her lips and down her raw throat.

Helen tried everything she could think of, every disgusting act she’d seen in pornos, but it was no use. When the men were done filling her stomach with their foul jizz, they shoved the crying woman to the ground. Hot cum leaked from every hole, pooling on the hot asphalt beneath her.

With a cheer, they started on her daughter. Helen knew she had failed as a mother yet again


“Damn girl! Where the hell have you been hiding? I thought I knew every cum-dump in this cruddy town, but you the biggest whore of them all!

Paul laughed and delivered another stinging slap on Crystal’s sore ass. The humiliated young woman choked down another sob of misery.

“Fuck yeah! You’re gonna be a stretched out cockwhore when I’m done with ya! Pegged you for a spoiled daddy’s girl when I saw you at the gym a hot body like that needs a work out. A knob-to-balls workout by a REAL man! Are you lubed up and ready to fuck, bitch? Paul shoved two fingers deep into her aching ass.

“NAAA! P Please mister Paul! I I can’t I’m not ready Please don’t

“Worthless cunt! Your cunny should be dripping night and day, waiting for the new man in your life to fuck your brains out! Not that you have that many brains! HA HA HA!!! You’ve gotta be the stupidest chick I’ve ever met. What kind of slut goes out on a date just because the guy says he’s rich, eh? But I got ya now, and I’m never gonna let you go! Fuck, you’re ass is dry as a bone! Lemmie give you a little spit-lube for your fuckhole. Fucking your dry pipe is enough to give me a rug burn! From now on, this shitter better be wet and ready for a pounding, got it?

“Y yes mister Paul I’ll try harder to be ready for you I’m -sob- I’m so sorry



Paul’s gang never went anywhere without their backup girl. Sometimes they couldn’t get their hands on a hot woman, willing or unwilling. Word gets around, and after awhile all the women in the desert town would lock themselves inside when the sun went down. When that happened, they turned to their backup girl for a good time.

Wendy didn’t know where she was any more. She’s spent months being hauled from town to town in the back of the gang’s van. When she felt the van slow down and suddenly jolt onto an unpaved side road, fear shot through her. They were stopping for the night! That could only mean one thing.

The rusty hatch on the van squealed open, and the sudden daylight blinded the cowering woman.

“Showtime fuckpig! Damn, I’ve been driving for hours without a break for a blowjob or a decent piss! Good thing we’ve got you, eh? You’re gonna take care of both!

Wendy screamed in her mind, shaking uncontrollably as the gang leader reached down to unzip his fly. The ball gag ground into her teeth and a thin stream of drool escaped her lips. She cowered before him, the ropes cutting further and further into her flesh.

She was hog-tied before him, her thighs spread out like a perverse invitation to his thick cock. She gasped in pain as the rough cords abraded her smooth skin.

“You telling me you’re thirsty, fuckpig? Well I got just the thing right here! A throbbing cock full of hot jizz for you to suck on. Better get me off quick too, whore. I’ve gotta piss like a horse, and I don’t care if it’s on your face or down your worthless throat! Now get over here piggie

Wendy screamed, but there was no one around to hear. There never was


Allison’s large tits were crushed against the grimy floor, her breath came in shallow gulps as Hank sat on her. Hank was a large man, and his blubber was slick with sweat. The stink from his body was overpowering, and made it even harder for the young woman to breathe.

Hank gurgled in pleasure from above her. Oh yeah! Huh! Guess you worked out after all! Damn, thought I was cursed when I grabbed ya. Figured I could ransom you back to mommy or daddy once I was done popping your cherry! Who would have thought a hot slut like you would turn out to be an orphan!

Allison sobbed pathetically. She practically raised herself growing up. Now she was 19 and out on her own. She didn’t have any family, but never felt the loss. She had been strong, self sufficient. But now

“Answer me, bitch! You shoulda told me there was no one to pay your ransom after I was done stuffing your pink slit!

“AAH! I I’m sorry Master I was a bad girl I should have told my Master that I was all.. alone -sob-”

“That’s right fuckmeat! Guess that means you belong to me now! Course, you’re gonna have to do more than just be a warm place for me to stick my dick a wet mouth to shoot my cum into yeah you’re gonna have to earn your place as my fuckpet

Hank felt a growing tingle climb up his shaft as he pounded his meat. With an animal grunt he shot wad after wad of sticky cum into the silky hair of the women crushed beneath his quivering bulk.

“Yeah! Fuck yeah! Here ya go, slut! Nice and juicy, and fresh from the source! FUCK!!!

“AH! T thank you for your cum Master I I love your cum in my hair.. it makes me look pretty for you I want to make you happy with your .. your fuckmeat, Master

“Damn right you do! I’m gonna be your family from now on. I’m all you got in this world, cunt. You’re gonna spend the rest of your pathetic life making sure I don’t get tired of fucking you too.

Tears spilled down Allison’s cheeks. Salty drops of humiliation. She knew she was alone in the world, and that this obese monster was the only one who would even know she existed.

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