Training School [HINES]


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“Another day, another group of slavegirls arriving at the Slave School destined to be trained and remolded.

The school’s managers were a dedicated bunch, taking a personal interest in making these new novice arrivals into the very best of slaveflesh. They would come out and meet the frightened and dispirited young slaves-to-be at the enrance to the School.

“A new slut’s first task was to be broken in. Her natural resistance to change would have to be literally flogged out of her. The entire first two weeks were always an intense, non-relenting combination of pain and mental abuse. Only irregular periods of 5 hours sleep were allowed each day – the other 19 hours were a constant taking of the whips, straps and paddles – applied expertly by the staff specialists who knew how to use them to maximum effect without leaving of any permanent markings or scars.

The third week of schooling introduced and instilled the habits of hard work and exercise. A slave must recognize the value of striving to accomplish any task demanded by her owner.

It was the 6th week that the slaves were to be first put at the sexual disposal of guests and prospective owner.

To the School’s guests, the added attraction of this period of sexual initiations was the erotically – charged atmosphere of the tears, pleadings and fearful submission of the young slavegirls as they were chosen and led off to be tutored in the arts of fucking and pussy-eating to please.

Madame Brosinsky, an owner of three slaves, was a frequent guest at these special sessions. This time, it was all she could do to keep from having an involuntary self-orgasm as she caressed the smooth, soft skin of this absolutely delicious little 19 year-old morsel named Tanya, a former university student from Russia. Such a lovely voice as she whimpered and cringed as the Madame’s rough hand searched and found her pussy.

As these novice slaves would soon discover, their Masters’ and Mistresses’ sexual interests had progressed so very far past the ordinary and mundane aspects of fucking. They were experts at extracting the maximum that their slaves could offer them. A bent-over slave might provide a good measure of enjoyment from a regular hard fucking of her pussy – but with the additional application of a little imaginative bondage, the slave’s distress and her painful trembling would add to her body’s movements in the most unexpected ways…giving her Master’s cock different areas to ram against. Different pressures to stroke, pinch and squeeze against his hard – probing dick and new sensations to cause his balls to churn and deliver up multiple cum-loads.

…And for those difficult bitches who still defied their School instructors and disappointed it’s honored guests, there was no other option other than their disposal. The staff was fair and somewhat patient in their slave-training duties, but sometimes it just had to be recognized that some girls were just not going to be able to adjust to their new lifestyles and destinies.

he School was not a place of charity or unending patience, so those girls who were deemed as being too untrustworthy and untrainable were soon dispatched. The staff was not cruel or wanton in ridding themselves of such failed students. A well-oiled and always – sharpened guillotine was kept on the premises solely for the purpose of slave – dispatching. After an obligatory night of sexual serving the staff , the unlucky females were taken out and quickly – and mercifully – put under the blade. Their remains would be fine fertilizer for the new tree plantings that so beautifully adorned the School’s property.

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!

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