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It had all been Janek’s idea.

At first, no one in the gang had thought he was serious. Hijack a bus of beauty pageant contestants? Ridiculous. It would never work! But Janek was persuasive… and persistent… And so, one week later, the gang had “replaced” the pageant bus driver with one of their own. The bus took an unexpected detour through a bad part of town and, before long, it had been parked, out of sight and out of reach for the authorities, in an abandoned warehouse near the docks. The contestants, needless to say, had been both surprised and dismayed at this turn of events.

Of course, the gang members were anxious to sample the girls…. to see what it was they would soon be selling into slavery.

While Boris and Janek took the time to taunt their captives… to abuse them… to let them know what they were in for… many of the gang members were more direct in their approach.

Randolph, for example, had nothing to say to the beautiful, blonde beauty queen he had grabbed coming off the bus. The girl – Janice was her name – had howled and screamed and fought when he’d ripped the gown from her body, but he didn’t care. To him, she was just meat.

Such was the success of the gang’s venture, that they had ended up with more captives than there were gang members to fuck them. But that didn’t mean that the excess girls got off easy. Not at all. In fact, for Mindy and Carol, two of the extra girls who had been stripped, gagged, tied and left to watch the ongoing rape party, the fear and anticipation of what would soon befall them was, arguably, more agonizing than the actual rape and torture.

She was beautiful.

The gang’s interest in Patty wasn’t limited to fucking. No, there was something in the beauty’s manner which just invited abuse.

Hanna was older than most of the other contestants. Much older. She’d bee involved in the beauty pageants for years now and was well past her prime. But she was reluctant to give it up… she loved the catwalk, the posing… the attention… even an older contestant got her fair share of attention. Still, she had promised herself, this would be her last tour. After this, she would retire and finally say “yes” to her boyfriend, who had been asking her to marry him for years now. Just one more tour…

Her age did not protect her.

“Hey, this older cunt can really fuck.”

“Yeah… not much to look at, but really knows her way around a cock. I think we should keep this one for ourselves. The young ones will sell for big bucks, but this one… she can be our personal cock slave once the others are gone.”

“Heh.. yeah.”

Melissa – only 18 years old – was not as compliant as some of the others. The beautiful dark haired girl had screamed… struggled… cried and… one, on one painful occasion, bit!

And that’s why she found herself in the basement, hanging by her heels, squirming and squealing as two of the gang members slashed stripe after stripe onto her creamy skin with the switch.

“Eeeee… oowwwww…” The brunette cried in pain, begging them to stop… promising to obey, promising… anything. Just so long as they stopped hitting her. But all that came out from behind the thick gag was… “oooo…. aeehhhh…”

“You hear that,” the guy with the whip grinned. “I think she’s broken.”

The other man, the one she’d bitten, shook his head. “I don’t think so. Better give her a couple dozen more.”


Uma was left bound, hogtied, on a couch at the back of the gang’s headquarters. The members had quickly identified her as the one virgin of the bunch and, after a few moments of discussion, had decided to leave her in that state. Virgins were still prized in certain markets and it was well worth their while to sell her off on that basis.

But the struggling girl was left with no misconceptions as to her fate.

“We’re not gonna fuck you, bitch, but we’re going to sell you off to some fat sheik who’s gonna whip you ’till you beg him to fuck your virgin cunt. After that, you’ll end up low girl in the harem, fucked by everyone except the eunuchs, who’ll take it out on you with their whips.”

And so, as Urma cried on the couch, watching her friends and fellow contestants undergo a brutal rape, she knew that it was just a matter of time until she shared a similar fate.

“What about this one, Janek? You want we should put her with the rest?”

Janek looked at Chandra, bound against the pole, her lovely brown eyes covered with a blindfold… her thick, red lips stretched out over the ball gag.

His Chandra… before the bitch had dumped him.

“No,” he sneered, tweaking the girl’s exposed nipple in his rough fingers. “This one is mine. Tie her up in my room.”

Chandra, blind but perfectly capable of hearing her psycho ex-boyfriend’s voice, shook her head and started to cry…

The struggling girl soon found herself bent over backwards, tied on a stool her Janek’s room.

“Mmmmphh.. memmmmm…” The ball gag was gone – along with her clothes – but had been replaced with a strip of cloth. Mumbling into the gag, Chandra looked up, eyes wide with fear, as Janek looked down on her, a grin on his face and a lit cigarette in his hand.

“Surprised to see me, babe?” he asked. “After all, when you left, you said you wouldn’t be with me again until hell froze over.” The gang leader leaned forward, smirking. “I guess the weather must have changed down there, hey?” He brought glowing tip of the cigarette down on the girl’s neck. Chandra let out a muffled scream as her nerves jerked with pain. “And now, babe,” Janek whispered. “Let’s talk about how sorry you are… how much you want to get back with me, hey?”

Chandra, eyes streaming with tears, nodded up at him…

… and soon found herself naked in bed with her psycho ex-boyfriend’s cock deep in her throat.

“Make me believe it,” he growled, driving his cock into her mouth. “Show me how much you love me, babe.”

Gasping and choking, the beautiful girl slurped noisily at Janek’s cock, doing what she had to do to avoid further torture.

“Ohhh… yeah… gonna cum, whore… all over your fucking face… here it comes…”

With a loud groan, Janek shot his load all over Chandra’s face. Chandra, eyes closed, felt his warm, sticky sperm as it coated her features….

“Nice, huh?” Janek whispered. “And you better get used to it, ’cause I’m gonna be going that a lot from now on.”

Chandra, broken, said nothing as tears streamed down her face, mixing with the cum…

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