Making Yasmin Talk [CORTEZ]

Making Yasmin Talk

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Making Yasmin Talk
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

It began in the basement of Security Headquarters. A single tip-off and, under the hot blaze of powerful lamps, a woman was being made to talk

СWho was the girl? the uniformed figure of Major Mehmet Katabi, Chief of Internal Security, asked quietly, Сthe name please? The naked, middle-aged woman strapped to the seatless metal chair didnt respond. Her head lolled, mouth open so that saliva dribbled onto her heaving chest.

To her torturers gathered eagerly round the chair it seemed almost as though their prisoner was studying the raw, swollen tips of her heavy, dangling breasts. Her brown skin glistened wetly in the harsh lights and blood showed at wrists, knees and ankles where she had fought against the leather straps in her agony.

But they had finished with her breasts for the moment.

Now they were applying the agony to the sensitive tissues of her cunt. The Major grinned as his eyes followed the black and red electric flex snaking over the rough concrete from the transformer on the table, tracing it under the chair where the thin wires curled up to the core of the womans body hanging open and defenceless, her thighs held apart by the straps anchoring her to the metal frame of the chair.

Of course, the bulbous electrode attached to the black wire was invisible; pushed deep into her anus, but he could still see the glint of metal between her labia where the red wire joined the alligator clip a clip whose serrated jaws were clamped agonisingly round the swollen stub of the womans clitoris.

The Major pushed the womans head back so he could look into the pain-filled eyes СTimes up lets see if a higher setting improves your memory… try level four, Enriques

As he took his hand away the woman opened her mouth to say something but then in the darkness Enriques turned a dial on the humming transformer and pressed a button. A low buzzing filled the room and the woman jerked violently, arched up in a spasm that made her large breasts bounce wildly. The leather straps creaked, digging deep into the puffy flesh, as she strained against the fizzing agony of the electric shock surging through her cunt and rectum.


The scream echoed in the airless room before the woman flopped bonelessly back into the chair as the current was cut off. СThe name? The Majors voice was soft, calm but entirely without pity. СJust thinkweve only had you down here for an hour imagine how much worse its going to get later so why not tell me that name

It took another forty minutes before she finally broke when they went back to her nipples once again

Both of them worked on her whilst the Major watched. Halima, his favourite Arab torturer tenderly supported the heavy globe of the womans breast so that her swollen, glistening teat was held firmly pointing upwards. Enriques used the narrow heated tip of the soldering iron to caress a thin burned line across the wide aureole and down the length of the scorched and flayed nipple, waiting patiently for each screaming spasm to subside before applying the next stripe of blazing agony.

СArrrggghhh! N-n-no, no, God no more… p-p-p-p-lease Aiiiiiih! N-n-n-ooo, my cousin Yasmin Yasmin Hamad, shes the one P-p-please mercy, please, Aaaaaahhhhh!

As the details poured out Major Katabi flicked his fingers and the two working on her breasts stepped away letting the woman collapse against the straps, sobbing and babbling in her agony. The Major smiled and picked up the phone

Yasmin Hamad was tired and off-guard when they came for her just after midnight. Lying half asleep in the armchair she squirmed gently, remembering that last session in the hotel bedroom.

She felt a sudden hot wetness between her legs as she thought of Robert, stretched naked on the bed, the long, thick curve of his penis, still shining and glistening from her mouth and tongue, arcing over the ridged muscles of his belly. Oh God the feel of that hard, black shaft as she stroked the smooth bulbous crest along her cunt. Yes, yes the pause then that wonderful, stretching impalement as she had lowered herself slowly onto him.

Her hand was just stroking the hardening peak of one nipple when Yasmin Hamads erotic daydream turned to nightmare. A sudden, thunderous knocking was followed immediately by the crash of the door bursting inwards. In seconds the small flat was full of soldiers in camouflage and black balaclavas. The young secretary leaped to her feet in shock and panic then her world went black as a hot, smelly cloth bag was pulled down over her head and her hands tied behind her.

Twenty minutes later the agony of her interrogation was just beginning

The basement room was hot and humid, the heavy moist air rank with the smell of bodies and the sharp ozone tang of electricity. Despite the whirring fans, the powerful spotlights focused on the middle of the rough concrete floor only added to the heat. The metal chair frame stood alone in the lights, the floor beneath still wet from where they had been working on the woman only an hour or so before.

On one side of the lighted area the Major lounged at ease behind his desk. Seated beside him, notebook in hand, an Arab woman dressed in a white shirt and short black skirt watched the scene with hot, eager eyes. Halima, the Majors favourite, was most expert in applying slow, unbearable pain to women, especially young, attractive women and girls such as Yasmin. Behind the shivering, nearly naked figure, half hidden in the shadows, a soldier also watched with grinning anticipation as the girls humiliation continued.

Yasmins dress and bra already lay discarded on the stained concrete floor only a tiny black thong remained. She curled her arms across her body, vainly trying to shield herself from the avid gaze of the men. And not just the men Yasmin was only too aware of the Arab woman, the one the Major had called Halima and the way her face flushed with arousal, her scarlet nails scratching against the notebook with excitement as Yasmin was forced to undress.

СHold her up now the Major grinned. СI rather think Halima would like to remove our young friends final garment personally Enjoying the familiar game, Enriques, the muscular soldier who was the other regular member of the Majors interrogation team, immediately grabbed Yasmins wrists, twisting her arms so she was forced up onto her toes. Halima put her notebook down and moved slowly round the desk to crouch in front of the young secretary, fingers reaching up for the thin waist cord riding high on the curve of her hips. As she moved fully into the light, Yasmin noticed the points of her small breasts, like little spikes pressing into the soft fabric of her white shirt

The Arab womans fingertips slithered across the copper, sweat-soaked skin. СSo pretty and so wet already who do you like fucking best men or women? Halima giggled at her question, busily working the cord down over the fullness of Yasmins bottom deliberately wriggling the fingers of her right hand up into the girls cleft to ease the panties free.

СAaah, n-n-nooo dont, p-please dont touAaaaaah!

Yasmin bucked wildly, her body arching forwards as the Arab womans forefinger teased the delicate rosette of her anus. The reflex thrust of girls hips offered Halima the soft bulge of her cunt, still sheathed in the sheer fabric of the black panties, Her fingers moved, cupping and squeezing the soft lips very gently СOh God, oh please, p-p-p-please dont

The Major leaned back in his chair. СWhat foolish noises we know how much you enjoy fucking foreigners especially rich Americans. American spies called Robert Craig I believe? Now, let us see what you are still trying to hide from us. Halima peeled the wet silk away, pulling the panties down and revealing the naked triangle of Yasmins sex.

СHow clever of you to be so well prepared the Majors voice was cruel with mockery as he studied the smooth, hairless swell of Yasmins mound and the deep, inrolling slit between the engorged labia. СSuch intimate grooming makes things so much more accessible I find.

He paused, watching Yasmins frantic movements as the Arab womans fingers continued fondling her anus and vagina with maddening skill. A few minutes later his smile widened as he saw, despite the protests, that the young secretary was shuffling her feet, edging her knees apart as she responded to Halimas delicate, insistent fingering.

Her words and movements gradually became more urgent and pleading as the slow masturbation made the nineteen-year-old wetter and more aroused Finally, the Major clicked his fingers. Enough its time for Miss Hamad to be seated so we can encourage her to tell us all about American businessmen and the messages she delivers to them

Yasmin Hamad started screaming in earnest as Enriques jerked her backwards, forcing her to straddle the battered metal chair frame. He reached up and casually pinched her nipple in a vicelike grip simultaneously treading on her left foot. The shock of the twin assaults threw her off balance, allowing him to press her down onto the bare metal frame, her thighs splayed wide over the sides; her feet tucked backwards.

Through her tears the young secretary saw Halima walking over from the other table. That awful table, half hidden in the shadows that held the electrical apparatus and those other items all the things she had tried so hard not to think about. A bundle of leather straps dangled from Halimas right hand and her eyes shone with sexual anticipation. Seeing Yasmins panic-stricken expression, she ran her tongue over her lips and smiled gently

СNo, dont, dont touch me you bastards. You cant do this, I dont know anything, please, please aaah! The young secretary gasped as Halima pulled the nineteen year olds foot even further behind her, lifting her ankle until she could strap it high up against the junction of the seat and the back leg of the chair. Moments later Yasmins other foot was secured in the same way. With her legs doubled back, she could feel the tubular side rails biting across her splayed thighs as she tried to hold herself in position on the bare metal frame.

Without warning, Enriques grabbed Yasmin in a headlock, holding her still and helpless. Yasmin felt the bite of more straps binding her upper arms to the chair back then the same pain repeated at each wrist as they were also cinched hard against the steel uprights.

With the girls arms lashed straight down at her sides, Enriques released his grip. Yasmin whooped and gasped for breath, now able only to wriggle her hands and move her head. Slowly and carefully Enriques and the Arab woman positioned the thigh straps, making sure that the girls legs were held as wide apart as possible.

Within two minutes of the Majors quiet command, the pretty young secretary was helpless, naked and strapped down onto the torture chair the same chair that woman who had betrayed her had been strapped to less than three hours before

The Major rocked his own chair forward and strolled across the cellar. He leaned over Yasmin and lazily twined the fingers of his left hand in her long black hair. Deliberately and slowly he pulled her head backwards until she was looking up into the blinding spotlights. СNow this is the point where you tell me all about your American and those messages Or perhaps a little later, after we have.

He didnt finish but cupped the firm globe of her right breast with his other hand. СSensitive, arent they he murmured, his thumb gently stroking the long hard stub of her nipple. He smiled as the young secretary bucked and shivered at his caress. СYoull be amazed just how sensitive this little peak can be if you are stubborn?

She pleaded, her voice frantic with terror. СI dont know what you want, really I dont. Robert is American, a businessman Hes no spy just a friend, nothing more Please, stop this, please

The Major sighed sarcastically. СWrong answer Yasmin, completely wrong Halima, well start with the nipples I think. Just to get her attention The Major released his hold on her hair but continued to lean over the young woman as Enriques fed another strap round her body, working it up until it was right under her breasts. СThats just to keep you still after all we dont want you wriggling too much, do we? Yasmin gave a strangled gasp as Enriques pulled the strap so tight that her flesh bulged over the edges of the supple leather band.

A clatter to one side of the cellar made Yasmin lift her head, her eyes growing wide with panic as the woman wheeled a low stool across to the chair. The Major stroked the line of the girls jaw. СNow for a little heat treatment, just a little warmth to tickle these delightfully large teats to begin with my dear… Now, where would you like Halima to begin left or right?

As he spoke Halima smiled at the girl and held up the object in her right hand. It looked so ordinary, just a black plastic handle with a silvery metal shaft holding a screwdriver-like bit. Yasmin stared at it, silent for a moment. Then she saw the black lead trailing back in to the darkness and realised the dreadful meaning of the bluey-grey discoloration of the tip of the electric soldering iron.

СOh you fucking bastards, you cant, no, no you cant not there no stop her, please stop her I dont know what you want. P-p-p-pleeeassse!

Completely ignoring the girls frantic squirming and gabbled pleas for mercy, the merciless Arab torturer settled herself comfortably on the stool. Putting the iron down on a mat, she cupped the girls full breasts, thumbs caressing and rolling the nipples very lightly until each peak rose and stiffened despite every effort by Yasmin to ignore the deliberate, slow stimulation.

СJust a little extra and then Halima bent forwards, taking the hardening tip of Yasmins left breast in her mouth so she could suck and tongue the nipple to a final, glistening arousal. Satisfied with the results of her ministrations, she sat back, watching the struggle as the girl tried to control her breathing and the rapid beating of her heart. She cupped her fingers, lifting the smooth globe so that Yasmins nipple jutted upwards. СShe hasnt made a choice, Sir shall I begin with this one?

The Major nodded, enjoying the shivering, gasping response as the girl watched her tormentor pick up the soldering iron. СJust the very lowest setting for now so lets see how sensitive Halima can make that hard little teat of yours and then you can tell me what I want to know His hand continued to stroke the girls sweat-soaked face as the sadistic Arab woman gently stroked the very tip of the soldering iron, very slowly across the wide brown aureole and down the full, thick length of Yasmins nipple.

СArrrggghhh n-nooooooo, Ah, ah, ahYaaaarrrgh!

The chair rocked and clattered on the concrete as Yasmin surged against the harsh straps holding her down. The Majors hand was thrown to the side as she flailed her head in agony as the iron stripped one line of tender, crinkled skin from the peak of her breast. The woman paused, her hand still cupping the weight of the girls breast as she watched the skin swell and redden, the raw surface gleaming wetly as the blistered skin wept.

СReady again? She whispered, smiling at the frantic head-shaking and fear-wide eyes of the girl. СLets go all the way round now With awful, slow skill, the woman worked around the circumference of Yasmins left nipple, each agonising caress of the iron working from the edge of the aureole and out along the tip. At every blazing touch Yasmin bucked and squealed madly, her cries becoming a shrill, wordless scream as the hot iron stripped away the top layer of skin.

СARRRRGGGGGGHHHHH! Nooooooo, ah, the pain, p-please, no, it hurts, pp-p-p-leeeeeease!

Two minutes later Halima sat back, putting the iron down on the table so she could play with the girl once more, her fingers tracing over the sweaty surface of her victims breast but skirting the glistening, raw peak.

СWho gave you the messages and what did Robert Craig give you in return?

The Major waited, letting the shuddering, heaving breaths calm a little before repeating the question. Yasmin continued to shake her head, her eyes screwed tightly shut, as she tried to ride the pain blazing in her breast. The Major smiled at his assistant, making an unmistakable rubbing gesture with thumb and forefinger as he did so.

The Arab woman smiled, paused for a moment then gently gripped the newly- flayed nipple, rolling the tortured peak slowly from side to side so that she rubbed the wet, raw flesh in a long agonising caress. Yasmins eyes popped open and she arched up in agony She stared at the womans thumb and forefinger holding the bloody peak then her head titled upwards and a single piercing scream echoed from the thick walls of the underground room a scream that went on and on as her torturer continued to caress the wet, raw peak very slowly.

Finally, Halima relented, letting go so the soft globe bounced and jiggled with the girls sobbing breaths. Yasmin stared helplessly at the throbbing, blazing tip of her left breast. In her ear, the Majors voice was soft and without pity. СStill trying to be brave, Miss Hamad lets see how you feel after Halima finishes playing with the other one…

The girls eyes widened in disbelief and outrage as she watched the woman move round so she could cup the fullness of the young secretarys undamaged right breast, holding it and flickering her tongue across the peak to make it stir and thicken in turn.

СOh please dont, please you cant hurt me again Ive told you I DONT KNOW ANYTHING! The final few words were a scream as she felt her traitorous body responding to the womans expert fondling.

СBreathe in darling its always worse for the second one, believe me Halima giggled, her face flushed with sexual enjoyment as she picked up the soldering iron once again. She pressed her silk-sheathed legs together, feeling the warmth and wetness as the sight of the girls naked body and the sounds of her agony brought her to the verge of coming.

Oh God I love this work, Halima thought, rubbing her thighs to and fro as the girls body squirmed and wriggled under her touch, that thrill, that delicious tingle spreading through my cunt as my hands play with a pretty girls most sensitive places; bringing her to the peak of agony again and again as the pleasure grows and grows

Locked in the thrill of the torture, the tip of Halimas tongue peeped between her lips as she carefully stroked the hot iron down the length of Yasmins right nipple. Her breathing slowed and deepened as she savoured the wild screams, waiting for that first, wild spasm to subside, then carefully adjusting her grip so she could work round the circle of tender skin with delicate, deliberate strokes.


The screams and babbling cries rose and fell as the dreadful slow scorching continued. The last few searing touches of the heated metal was too much and Yasmin Hamad slumped forwards against her straps, gasping and barely semi-conscious in the delirium of her agony.

СNo stamina at all these girls The Major yanked the young secretarys head back by the hair so he could study her tear-stained face more closely. СYoure hiding something I know it. He looked into her eyes for a moment and then nodded СVery well, Miss Hamad, since you want to be difficult let us try something else. Clip her up since youve prepared her so nicely, Halima, well continue playing with her tits. He smiled at Yasmin, Сyou have about thirty seconds to change your mind. After that you can argue with our little copper crabs. Remember, you will tell me in the end every one does so why not be sensible now?

Yasmin Hamad looked up at the hard, pitiless face of the Major СG-go f-f-fuck yourself, you bastardt-told you n-n-nothing to say

The Major simply gripped the girls face in both hands, turning her head so she was forced to look at the table with its jumble of electrical equipment and a small control box. СThen prepare yourself for a nightmare my dear he said softly.

She stared into the dimness beyond the lights as Enriques took his seat behind the table; his white teeth gleamed as he adjusted some sort of controls on a square metal box. She couldnt see what he was doing but there were two red wires running from the box down onto the floor then looping up to something on the tabletop.

Yasmin suddenly noticed a third connection to the box, a thicker black cable that curved down to a squat, black shape on the floor. There was a sharp click and a glowing red Сon light appeared on it. A soft, low humming filled the silence.

СAaaaaah, no, no, God no no you cant no, noooooooo!

Yasmin screamed, panicking, as she understood what they were about to do to her. As she screamed, the Arab woman walked out of the darkness. The toothed copper clips making a metallic clicking as they dangled from the red wires in her hand.

Once again Halimas devilishly expert fingers lifted her left breast so that the gleaming, raw peak jutted upwards. Frozen with horror, Yasmin watched her smiling dark-haired torturer moving the copper clip, so careful not to touch her flesh, until the sharply toothed jaws were either side of her nipple. She watched the fingers relax, letting the jaws close until th.

СNO! no-no-no-no

The scream was followed by a single chanted word as the nineteen year old tried to ride the blazing, biting pain of the metal teeth gripping her tortured flesh.

СYes, yes, my dear I told you about how sensitive you would be Ready for the other one? The Major walked back to his chair as Halima wrung a wilder and longer scream from the babbling girl as the second clip bit into the flayed peak of her other breast.

СLevel two, Enriques just a short jolt to make her listen. The guard adjusted a dial on the control box before resting one finger on the single silver button His finger moved and, for an instant, all was still. There was a faint buzzing from the clips then Yasmin arched up against the straps, her mouth wide in a soundless СO of agony as the shock surged through her. Sweat drops flicked off the girls strutted, juddering muscles and moments later an animal shriek of pain erupted from her mouth


The Major let the current flow, holding Yasmin arched backwards as her screams filled the hot, moist air. A flick of the finger to Enriques and the young secretary flopped down, breath heaving as though shed run a race, as he released the button.


The dreadful cycle of shocks continued, the screams and grunting noises from the girl strapped into the chair went on and on for endless minutes as the Major took her to the brink of unconsciousness.

СAgain Enriques but move up to level three. The pitiless command was quiet almost casual. This time the buzzing was more intense and the girl bucked and surged against the straps even more violently as the increased current burned and scorched through her tortured nipples.

СNow do you see how it must be, my dear the Major said softly as she lolled forwards, mouth working as she fought to recover her senses. СNothing for me yet no words? He paused, watching the defiant spark in her eyes. СNo, well perhaps we should tickle somewhere else. Halima, my dear unclip her, then get her nice and wet for me

Yasmins face twitched with pain as the copper clips were removed, biting her lips as the circulation returned and her nipples began to throb and burn unbearably to the thudding of her pulse.

СP-p-please, n-no more see you believe me now I dont know about any messages. She shook her head, trying in vain to toss the wet strands of hair away from her eyes. She continued pleading; her voice breaking with pain and desperation, as the Major gently stroked the hair away from her sweat-soaked cheeks.

СOh dear Im afraid I dont believe you. So, can you guess where Halima is going to put our little copper crabs next? He waited until the frantic gabble of protest subsided. СStrange isnt it, how the places that give most pleasure also provide the most pain

СNo, no, please NOOOOOOO!

Yasmin threw herself to and fro so hard that the chair clattered and jolted on the bare concrete. The Major held the girls shoulders as the Arab woman reached up between the widely parted thighs to fondle the soft, wet lips of the young secretarys cunt. Silence fell, a silence only broken by the background hum of the transformer and the broken, ragged panting of the girl.

Halima was almost coming herself as she stroked and caressed the length of the girls cleft, her fingers working the sensitive flesh, dipping into the soft warmth of her vagina and her anus, masturbating and arousing the young secretary so that the panting grew faster. As Halima finger fucked her victim to a climax, the soft creak of the straps was overlaid by the wet squelching noises from Yasmins cunt, the cream of her coming whipped to a froth in the Arabs expert, tormenting hands.

Knowing exactly that the girl was on the edge of coming, Halima slid one oily forefinger into Yasmins anus, bringing groans of pleasure from her as she twisted it slowly deep inside her. The woman looked up at the Major, her other hand busy with the girls vagina. СShes nearly there, Sir. Shall I stop or would you enjoy watching her come first?

The Major smiled as he pressed down on the bucking girls shoulders. СBring her off get her really wet for that electric cock you enjoy using so much…

The woman grinned, one finger slithering along the soft, wet split, searching for Yasmins clitoris. СNow, girlie let Halima find that special place Ah! Ah yes Ooooh thats so nice isnt it now just lets rub here very gently and

СAh, Ah yes, yes, yes YES, YESSSSS, go on, p-please, go on, yes, harder, faster, faster OH GOD! Yes, Im there, Im there yes please Im T-t-theeeeere!

Yasmins muscles fluttered and heaved as the woman fretted her clit, driving her over the edge so she came, and came, and came

Her torturers watched the girls forced orgasm with hot, cruel eyes. Crouched by the side of the chair, the Arab woman gave the shuddering secretary no respite as she continued to tweak and tease the girls clitoris. Soon the pleas and cries of pleasure became more urgent, peaking once again as the woman brought her to a second climax, her fingers blurring with effort as she milked the screaming girl until her pleasure became a different kind of agony.

Finally, she let her soaking fingers slip from between the glistening, puffy lips. Tied to the chair, Yasmin Hamad continued to jerk and shiver as her nerves responded to the overload of sensations.

After a minute or so the Major leaned over her once more, this time pushing her head forwards so she was forced to look between her breasts at the split bulge of her sex lips. СSo much for pleasure now for the pain my dear. Look watch where Halima is going to put that clip The girl stared, eyes wide with horror, watching helplessly as her torturer carefully parted her slippery labia with one hand and brought the copper clip closer and closer.

Yasmin gasped, holding her breath as she felt the tingle of the sharp jaws scratching against her clit.


A single stifled cry escaped from between her clenched teeth as Halima moved the fleshy hood gently aside with one fingertip to expose her victims clitoris then Yasmin felt the serrated edges close on the little bundle of nerves

СN-n-noooooo, p-please, no ARRRGGGHHH!

They waited until Yasmins writhing spasms had calmed a little. Then Halima talked gently over the girls harsh, panting gasps Сthis comes next all the way up inside. Shall we start front or back? She held up the object that she was connecting to the other wire in place of the crocodile clip. The silvery shaft was almost two inches thick, curved up from a black, moulded plastic handle. Yasmin rocked in her straps, watching in horror as the Arab woman worked a clear gel along the sinister metal phallus.

Halima brought it closer, enjoying the girls frozen expression as she fondled the shiny, oversized bulbous head of the electrode. She deliberately stroked the rim of the metal glans, running her fingers across the fine grooves cut into the edge, grooves that were almost unnoticeable until she began to twist and turn the shaft against those sensitive inner membranes deep within her victims body

СLets see if this is as good as your American stud shall we Yasmin jerked against the straps holding her so horribly open as she felt the cold, slippery egg sized bulb, nuzzling the opening of her vagina. Halima twisted the handle, pressing up as she did so, the curving bulb stretching the delicate opening of the girls body and making her gasp and pant with anticipation of the pleasure-pain to come.

СOh, its t-t-too big, t-t-t- too b-b-b-big p-please… Uhhh!

Yasmin bucked wildly, her cry signalling that her tormentor had worked the oversize head of the electrode deep enough for it to suddenly pop through the opening and up into the soft, sensitive tissues inside. Halima, knowing that the most intense shocks would come when the crest of the metal dildo was pressing against the mouth of the girls cervix, continued the slow, deliberate impalement of the young secretary.

Finally satisfied, she checked that the handle was dry and free of the electrolytic gel. Once she had been unwise enough to touch the bare metal during a session her fingers had been tingling and sore for the rest of the day. What had made it worse was the way the Major and Enriques had burst out laughing at her mistake and the sudden shout of pain.

СReady, Major I think shes near to breaking so a little fucking with our metal man should do the trick

The Major nodded to Enriques, holding up two fingers in silent signal. This time the soft buzzing was louder and the girls sudden arching spasm even more intense. The flesh turned white around the straps as the big muscles in her thighs tensed like iron. Just like last time, Yasmin Hamad flung her head back, the tendons of her neck standing out like cords, her mouth wide in a mad grimace of agony.


This time the Major kept the current flowing as Halima carefully worked the metal phallus to and fro inside the demented girl. Now the fiery, fizzing burning of the current was being added to by the scraping, scratching agony of the sharp grooves round the rim of the metal glans as they scored the walls of the girls vagina. Judging each movement by the volume of her screams, she kept Yasmin at the peak of pain for nearly two agonising minutes.

СM-Mia, its not me, its M-M-Mia. Her voice broke into gasps and sobbing cries as she flopped forwards in her bonds.

СWhat, what was that? Come on Yasmin you know you want me to stop all this whos Mia? The Major moved close to the shivering, panting girl anxious to catch any further words. СCome on or Halima will have to tickle you again As he spoke he signalled with one hand and the Arab woman gave the embedded dildo a slow, careful twist

СIiiiiiiihhh! No, no, please Oh God, no more. Its my c-c-c-cousin, Mia Safiq she works in the army radio centre. W-w-w-we share d-dates. S-she likes Americans. Sometimes she asks me to give her friends t-things. Thats all I do, honestly

СYour cousins address?

Yasmin didnt reply for a moment and Enriques finger moved in the darkness. СArrrggghhh! NO! NO! P-p-please M-m-m-m-market Square, north side number 218 its the top fla

The girls head fell forwards as shame, agony and exhaustion combined and she slumped down, unconscious. The Major lifted her head, studying the deep circles under her eyes and the marks on her lips where Yasmin Hamad had bitten herself.

СPut this bitch in the cells let her stew for a bit in case we need her later. There was a groan from the girl and a long sucking noise as Halima slowly pulled the thick, gleaming shaft of the electrode free of her body and unclipped the copper jaws from her clitoris

СHalima, when you and Enrique have finished, phone the squad. Tell Sergeant Checha we have another visit to make it seems there is now another lady who can help us with our enquiries.

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