Sapphosade [HINES]


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A new slave is always examined and scrutinized by her potential Mistresses. After all, the slavegirl might not be what the Mistress is looking for – and it is imperative that a Mistress gets what she wants. In this case, Mistress Superb had met slave Marian for the first time just a day ago; a day (and night) in which the Mistress thoroughly tested Marian’s firm 19 year-old flesh with a firmly-wielded leather whip…..

Mistress Superb had decided that slave Marian was a worthy piece of pussy that she would keep. The slavegirl’s eyes had teared as her Mistress daintily carved her mark on her new property before readying for transport to her new home.

“Now, now, girl. There’s no need for you to cry anymore. Your Mistress is going to take very good care of you – for the rest of your life…. Now just like her middle finger and let her know what you’re gonna do for her fat clit tonight… uh?”

Some might think of it as cruel to immediately subject a new, naive slavegirl to pain and agony within a few days of her capture and processing – but it really is a necessary element of helping her adjust to her new situation in life. A way of shocking her out of her old ways and making her more amenable to the many changes that she will be experiencing over the next few months or so. A slavegirl must be completely stripped of her former identity and re-made and reeducated in order that she is transformed in to the loving gal from whom her Mistress gets satisfaction…

“That’s it, run your fingers along the cane, dear,” Mistress Vivian instructed the slavegirl, guiding the sobbing girl’s hand on the cane offered by Mistress Raven. ” Do it slowly, feel the smooth texture. Such a marvellous instrument; made of the finest cut of bamboo. Mistress Raven has used it on so many deserving girls – girls like you, my love…..”

“And feel my paddle,” Mistress Bruna interjected from behind the cowering slave. ” I had it especially cut and formed for me many years ago. So balanced and easy to swing. You’ll faint a few times from it tonight, sweetie, but don’t worry about it. I’m so ready for you, so ready to see how much more I can make you take….”

There are no barriers of age or physical appearances when it comes to a slavegirl’s Mistresses. All that a slave needs to know is what her Mistress wants and how best to service her needs. The slave novice Carla, just freshly plucked out of her former college debutante existance, was learning just that. That her duty wuld be to serve and service not only middle-aged sisters Sandra and Rhonda, but also their mother. Nelly might be an old grandmother, but she was still the senior Mistress of her family group. She and her two daughters were now slaveCarla’s Mistresses and they would all share the joys of Carla’s labors on their behalf.

Mistress Rhonda rubbed herself as she watched her mother preparing to be the first to introduce their new slavegirl to the touch of leather. Mistress Sandra,

the elder sister would be next to spend time with their new property. Rhonda didn’t mind being last; watching was always exciting and they had all the time they needed to familiarize themselves with Carla. Yes, mom would be first. Age, even old age, had it’s privileges.

“Don’t fear, my pretty,” Mistress Nelly told a frightened Carla as she pushed the girl’s head downward toward her ancient crouch. ” My pussy might be old, but it still needs a young tongue like yours to set it tingling again. Lick it, make it happy. That will show me just how much of my strap I’ll need to put to you…”

By it’s very nature, the sometimes random bringing together of Mistresses and slavecunts tends to be fraught with irony and uncertainty. But unlike pairing male Masters and their slavegirl victims, the pairing of a Dominant Mistress and her female slave most often is aimed more toward acquiring subservient love rather than simply inflicting pain or distress. Indeed, there are pain-oriented Dommes but the majority are not. Miss Ellen was a Mistress of rank in both her public persona and her hidden lesbian Mistress orientation. She always got what she wanted. The two 18 year-old apprentice nuns Sonia and Doreen had very much appealed to Miss Ellen at that charity event some months ago. Two soft, sweet, innocent virgin nuns – just the right type that Miss Ellen had been seeking to be her pussy-eating, ass-licking and house-cleaning girls . The kind of girls that Miss Ellen would share with her girlfriend Miss Kira: Miss Kira who loved to watch and be watched….

The kind of girls who Miss Ellen would pay a large amount of money to have snatched and delivered….

It was the very scared and confused apprentice nun named Sonia whom the Mistress, Miss Ellen wanted the most. The other nun, the equally frightened Doreen, would be shared with Miss Kira. Miss Kira, who was so intense and so inventive. There would be so much pleasure to be had…… often….

Miss Ellen’s voice was firm and demanding as she told the nun, ” Here, feel my pussy. Don’t pay any attention to your friend; Miss Kira’s gonna keep her busy. Do as I say and I won’t hurt you! See how wet it is? I’m going to teach you to take care of it.”

And Miss Ellen’s strong and demanding fingers determinedly dug at the nun’s cringing pussy as the Mistress told her, ” Yes, girl, soon I’m going to be the only one you’ll worship…”

The novice slavegirl Carrie was a most attractive prize for any of the many Mistresses who had the resources to acquire her. Carrie was tall and beutiful , from a

wealthy, socially-established family. The future was supposed bright and with almost limitless potential: Grand parties, world travel, exciting friends and adventure. All the things that a well-bred society girl like Carrie expected to experience and enjoy.

Carrie didn’t expect to be kidnapped two weeks ago. Didn’t expect to be trussed and spirited off her property like large sack of groceries.

Now Carrie’s world was entirely different. The wrinkled old dowager Miss Von Hampton owned her now. Miss Von Hampton might be aged and creaky, but the underlings who staffed her disheveled mansion had no trouble enforcing their Mistress’s orders when it came to punishing slaveCarrie for the slightest hesitation or disobedience…

Oh, God! She’s back for more! Carrie sobbed as the ugly form of Miss Von Hampton once again was on the big bed with her.

” Mmmmm…you did such a good job of licking my cunt last time that I just had to have you do it again. I knew that you’d be the one to make this old woman feel good. I’ve got some new ideas for that tongue of yours this time – things I just know that you’re going to do really, really well.” Her gnarled fingers squeezed and pulled at Carrie’s breasts as she started pushing the girl down on the bed.

The real test for any slavecunt is just how much sexual satisfaction they are able to give her Mistress. Any lesbian Mistress worthy of the title will demand much, much more pleasuring than the average woman. After all, was this a major part of the reason of their becoming Mistresses in the first place? To be pleased and pleasured? Her slave was there to provide her with as many orgasms a day as she wanted. And the more orgasms a Mistress experienced, the more orgasms she needed to keep her content.

Sweet, petite slaveNancy was learning that now. The more she managed to pleasure Miss Amy, the more pleasure Miss Amy demanded from her. Nancy’s mouth, lips and tongue were what Miss Amy kept busy. The slave’s mouth tasted of the Mistress’s pussy juices. It also hinted of other flavors; darker, more unpleasant ones. But slaveNancy did what was demanded of her; otherwise she would again be screaming, crying and begging from the severe punishment that would be handed out.

Miss Amy’s stout frame quivered from the remains of her latest orgasm, the third one that her bound slavegirl had managed to give her within this last hour. Maybe she wouldn’t beat Nancy after all; the girl had gotten better and better each time Miss Amy rode her face with her leaking, fat cunt. Good.

So good. Miss Amy lifted that leaking, fat cunt off Nancy’s tired mouth and shifted herself forward just a bit.

“That’s the way I want to be satisfied every time, slave,” Miss Amy groaned as she spread her asscheeks. ” And this is your reward, sweetheart. Make sure you thank me real good by rimming me out deep and strong, the way you know I like it. Ahhhhhhhhh…..” Miss Amy’s voice was hoarse . The slavegirl’s captive tongue was thrillingly wet as it probed and thrashed around Miss Amy’s lowered asshole.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh…! Damnnnnnnnn…! You filthy little bitch,” Miss Amy muttered as she started rotate her big ass.

Mistress Tyra gave a soft grunt that sharply contrasted with the full-throat cry of agony that came from the tall blond slavegirl whose pussy was being impaled by Tyra’s clenched fist.

“Oh, yeah, baby….. yeahhhhhhhhh!” the Mistress teased in her low voice. “Yeah, baby, give it up to me, give it up to me, girl! Move those hips. Move that cute pussy around on my fist!”

Mistress Tyra gave a hard push of her fist, burrowing it to the back of the slave’s tortured uterus, causing a visible ripple of pain and discomfort to run the length of her body.

The blonde’s scream was high-pitched. “Aaaaaaiiiieeee….! God! Noooooo! Uhhhhhhh…”

The Mistress started rotating her fist, sometimes grabbing and tugging on one of those special places inside of the slave’s cunt. Places that only another woman could know about and exploit to her advantage. She was mildly aware of her girlfriend’s involvement with the other slavegirl beside them. She could hear “….Ohhhh, nice, nice! Suck that tit good, bitch……get me wet….”

This was going to be a good night. Lots of orgasms and satisfaction ahead…..

“Mistress Tyra’s sharp nails scraped the rear wall of her slave’s cunt and was rewarded with another loud cry of, “Noooooo! Please! It hurts!”

Strange, the Mistress thought, that such a tall, willowy bitch had such a shallow pussy. Well, she’d just exercise self-control as her fist and fingers rudely explored this slave’s captive cunt. Tyra was an expert at this; soon she’d have half her other arm jammed up the girl’s asshole. Then the fun would really start…….

“Feel my nails, dear? Better the loving hand of another woman than the rough dick of an old bastard for a virgin’s first time, don’t you think? Gonna do your asshole later, buy first lets gonna have some fun with that tight pussy of yours, OK?”

Miss Zywosinski and her lesbian partner Eva had long used the services of Madame Yovonsky’s far-flung kidnapping network. The Madame was reliable and diligent in her efforts on Zywosinski’s behalf. She knew exactly what kind of girl her rich, jaded customer preferred and always made sure to get her what she wanted. Miss Zywosinski liked innocent, perky-faced blond English gals between 18 and 20, no taller than 5′, 3″, with a petite frame and hailing from an upper-class background. Yes, very exacting in her tastes, but always willing to pay a grand price – and always back for more within a few months. The Madame had no idea of whatever fates awaited the young slaves that she obtained for the old dowager – and she didn’t care. Business was business…

“This one’s a real cutie,” Miss Zywosinski told the Madame as she examined the cowering English literature student who had been the latest piece of pretty flesh snatched for her. “You’ve outdone yourself this time, Madame. I’m giving you a bonus for this one.”

And then to her partner, Zywosinski said, “How about it, Eva? Isn’t this one sweet little thing?”

“Well, she’s a looker, I’ll give you that. Depends if she can do everything I want her to do and do it real good.”

“Oh, Eva, you always say that. You know that you’ll be riding her face with that stinky cunt of yours every other hour until she’s an expert! Every one of the Madame’s finds have kept us happy and satisfied, no?”

“It’s quite possible that we might end up keeping this one instead of what we normally go with the bitches that we buy from you,” Miss Zywosinski told the Madame. “That’s if she’s as good at learning to lick cunt as she is beautiful. I’ve always wanted a really good-looking gal like this one to serve out the rest of her years being my personal toilet. Why don’t I just go ahead and put in another order with you for another slave. That way, we can take our time teaching this little bitch to like drinking our piss and eating our shit….”

The Madame smiled back impishly. “Of course, Miss Zywosinski. Always ready to find you another one. In fact, I already have some good prospects in mind for you. Especially a very, very attactive 19 year-old daughter of English land baron. Just the kind you like….”

A properly horny lesbian Mistress always appreciates the opportunity to sample and experience younger, innocent flesh. This cute little foreign college student named Wendy was just the type that Ms. Yvenska and her cadre of like-minded Mistresses appreciated indeed. Luckily for these mature bon vivants of pussy, there were so many naive young Western female students backpacking the rural countrysides of Eastern Europe. Pretty, joyful and uncareful ladies just begging to be plucked off the numerous back roads or unsecured hostels. Their distressed parents back home would never have be able to find out whatever happened to their loved ones, no matter how much publicity or pressure that they exerted on the local authorities; local corrupt authorities. Wendy was only the latest – and she would not be the last…

And properly horny, Ms. Yvenska could barely contain herself from the thoughts of the many pleasures that Wendy would be providing her and her friends in the weeks ahead. Of course, these first few days would have to be spent getting Wendy into the right frame of mind; adjusting her attitude by way of pain and agony. But that would not be a problem – in fact it would be most enjoyable.

Wendy had the smallish, firm breasts the Ms. Yvenska liked on a girl. And such nice pink nipples; just right for Ms. Yvenska to suckle and bite while laying on top of Wendy on all those long, sweaty nights. She couldn’t resist pinching one of those nipples between her strong fingers, giving them a sharp twist in the process.

“Ooooww….! Please!” Wendy’s voice rose in discomfort.

“Now, don’t you worry, my young darling,” Ms. Yvenska chuckled soothingly. ” I’m just testing the merchandise. We’re all going to take turns putting the whip to that nice, smooth body of yours. You’ll wiggle around and make all sorts of noise, but in the end you’re going to be just fine….”

Having too many young girl slaves can be nice problem to have – it opened up so many wonderful possibilities for the Mistresses who enslaved them. There were so many available, hidden places for disposal in the dark, isolated Eastern European countrysides. It was a simple matter to arrange the discreet digging of a large grave to at night in the middle of one of the vast, abandoned farming estates. A grave big enough to hold a half-dozen female bodies. Especially now that it was summer, the time of year that hordes of more Western female students were again arriving in the area in search of adventure. Already the Mistresses were taking delivery of additional terrified so-to-be-slavegirls. The holding cells were beginning to full up again and the Mistresses were in the midst of extracting all sorts of new thrills from new mouths and pussies. So room had to be made….

Not the the present slaves were not appreciated for all the orgasms that they had worked so hard to give their Mistresses over the long months before. Many a Mistress would, in some moment or other, fondly remember a past slave’s particular way of working her tongue across her Superior’s clit or up her anus. Yes, such sweet memories. But there were so many slaves arriving who would be contributing fresh, newer memories of the nastiest kind.

Slave Dianna had not realized her fate until she was walked into that room at the end of the cellblock, the same room that her fellow cellmate Rhonda had been taken when the Mistresses had first come visiting that morning. Dianna had no idea what was happened behind the closed door at the end of the hallway. All she could hear was her cellmate’s muffled screams over a period of a half-hour or so and then silence. Then they had returned to take Dianna. They laughed when Dianna saw Rhonda’s dead body hanging at the end of the rope.

“Mmmmm….let me have a lick of those tasty tits of yours while Mistress Ivana ties your hands,” said the fat Mistress Katia. ” We want to give you a proper send-off by doing a little caning session on you before we string you up. Then you can join your lovely friend there…”

At Betaura Castle, Ms. Kalanski was very pleased with the size of the buying audience for her monthly slave auction. Her lesbian clientele, ladies of means that they all were, were excited at the prospect of being able to bid on the latest batch of female slave bitches that had been delivered up for sale. Like the other Lesbian Mistress societies that operated underground all throughout Eastern Europe, the Betaura Society specialized in arranging the capture and enslavement of pretty ladies. But unlike the rest, this particular society of lesbian Superiors acquired it’s girls from all parts of the world. This month had been very good; a slew of twenty-six attractive captives had been turned over for sale. Ms. Kalanski always forked over a steep bit of cash when she took delivery of her human cargo, but she knew that she would make two to three times that in profit. The Mistresses were never shy about bidding against each other for the morsel that caught their eye and got them wet with anticipation. And their continued and unabated enthusiasm for new slaves had made it possible for Ms. Kalanski to completely restore and maintain Betaura Castle, a place that had been the property of the Kalanski family for centuries.

There was a murmur of excitement as Ms. Kalanski brought out the first slave to that night’s auction. Yvette was a tall, well-formed and very pretty French brunette . Kalanski knew that the bidding for this one would be carried out with plenty of fervor.

“Sisters, you can clearly see that this is one sweet bitch. Look at this body – so shapely, yet strong enough to withstand all the physical punishment that you’ll be subjecting her to while training her. There will many wonderful nights with this one, nights of joy and satisfaction!” Ms.Kalanski was beginning to work her audience.

“That’s right, feel free to touch that smooth skin. Examine her nice pussy up close! So what am I bid to start off? Say, twenty thousand? Yes, Ms. Volga goes twenty! Do I see twenty-five….”

A slavegirl bought is a slavegirl used. Ms. Petrovani’s bid of thirty-seven thousand had bought this demur 18 year-old American girl, Evelyn. They had only had a few hours together before it was time for bed. Ms. Petrovani had spent that time teaching Evelyn that proper way to say, ” thank you, Mistress” after each swing of the paddle. To the Mistress, the days spent breaking in a girl were almost as enjoyable as the sexual pleasures that girl would be providing her in the many months to come.

Most definitely, Evelyn had great potential to be a source of satifaction for both Ms. Petrovani and her close circle of like-mind female friends.

When Evelyn was trotted out to the auction stage, Ms. Petrovani just had to have her. Evelyn was so short, petite and yet had a nice shape to her. Four feet, 10 inches of young womanhood with perfect, jutting tits….. And Ms. Petrovani was so big and thick; six feet, three inches of big-titted and wide-bodied Lesbian. A big, tough woman who had come up the hard way. An experienced, mature woman who could now buy almost anything she really wanted….

Evelyn’s new home might be a spare, stone-wall underground cell, but the bed in it was comfortable and oversized. Just right for the two of them.

“I’m a firm believer in going to bed early,” Ms. Petrovani said as she slowly settled her gross weight down on the compact form of the slavegirl under her. ” The more time spent in bed, the better. Don’t you agree?”

When the frightened Evelyn was slow to reply, one of her Superior’s large, strong hands was quick to rock the slave’s pretty face with a hard slap.

“Yyyyyes….Mistress, I agree…”

” Good. That’s what I like to hear, American girl. The Mistress really liked American girls. So proud at first – but broken and trained so easily….

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