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February 3rd, 2003
Texts by Sato

Their caravan was raided by a marauding band of Bedouins. The men were sold as laborer slaves, the women would be enjoyed first then sold as sex slaves. A young mother and her two daughters now begged for mercy before the chieftain of the Bedouins. Laughing the men stripped the girls and bound them. He dragged one forward on her knees and forced his hard cock into her young mouth. “No biting little whore, or you will see your sister’s teeth pulled one at a time. Use your lips and tongue to make me cum! You’re beautiful and fit; you’ll bring a great price on the auction block. But the auction is a week from tomorrow so my men and I will enjoy you, your sister and mother for a few days.” The mother cried in heaving sobs as she watched her daughters raped and heard their screams of pain and shame. Then it was her turn as a huge sweating body tore away the rest of her clothing and threw her to the ground. “You’re not as tight as your daughters, bitch,” a gruff voiced man snarled to her, “but you are obviously more experienced. Spread you legs now whore! And put this cunt in a good use!

The two daughters were separated from their mother and enjoyed by the men. The mother would be staying with the chieftain for a while. He preferred mature women. Outside the village gates the daughters were led. They could hear their mother’s barely human screams as she was raped and tortured by the sadistic chieftain. In the blaring intensity of the burning desert sun the girls were also tortured cruelly. One was hogtied and hung onto a small cross. She was then daubed with honey. Soon the biting flies began to land and bite and sting. Her torturer made sure to spread extra honey onto her nipples then around and into her spread cunt. The other daughter was forced onto her hands and knees a few feet in front of her insect tortured sister. A line of men formed behind her as first one then the next filled her ass with hard cock. “Remember men,” said the chieftain’s second, “just her ass, not the cunt! We save that for the auction!” The men didn’t mind too much. As man after man painfully filled her shapely ass with seed, she was forced to watch her sister squirm and struggle as the flies bit into her tits and cunt.

The auction came and went. The Mother was sold to a horny old woman who needed a new slave to make her home and lick her wrinkled pussy when time was right. A great sultan bought the two white sisters and a black slave as well. The sultan allowed his son to chose from the new slaves a girl of his own. “I like this one, father,” he said, “her body is young and ripe. She will provide me with hours of pleasure and bear me many sons.” The sultan’s son tested her out immediately with his large hard cock in her mouth. The screams of her sister and the black girl being whipped with cane’s made her work hard to please the sultan’s son. Though her heart was filled with shame and loathing and her mouth was filled with cock, she would still rather suck the sultan’s son than be tortured by his wives. Soon his seed spilled into her mouth and overflowed onto her face. She and her sister had been noble women little more than a week ago. Now they were property to be used or cast aside at their master’s fancy.

January 22nd 2003

The screams of the western girls were a constant and welcome sound in the dungeons of Baltazar. He bought his white women with one goal in mind: to turn them into animals with no will of their own other than to blindly obey his perverted lust. Lisa was the new girl. She was a runaway who had turned to prostitution to make a buck. She saw the shiny black car and the wealthy man in the back seat as a good meal ticket. She never dreamed that he would make a meal out of her. The “black smith” always helped Baltazar with the new girls. He loved to pierce the women with irons to intensify the pain. It was a pleasure for him too hear them whimper and beg and to watch them struggle as the hot irons came nearer. Then, as the white-hot tip of the metal pierced their flesh, the animal howls of pure torture reverberated through the halls of the palace dungeon. Baltazar, being a generous man, paid his smithy not only in gold, but also by allowing him to sample the flesh of the girls he pierced. The black was well endowed and he loved to savage their tight assholes while Baltazar stood nearby smiling as the western whores shrieked in pain.

Talia had been teasing Sharim, the feeble-minded Sultan’s soon, for years now. She filled his wet-dreams at night and his jack-off fantasies by day. Finally Sharim’s foggy libido could take no more. Talia had walked past Sharim while he was clipping the hedges one day. She smiled at him and winked to get his attention, then, when she was sure no one else was looking she lifted her dress and showed Sharim the thong she wore. Her shapely tanned thighs and hips twirled before his dazzled eyes as she spun around with her skirt above her waist. Sharim, knowing no better, touched his crotch with one hand as his erection began to grow. With the other hand he reached for the blond who taunted him. “Don’t touch me you feeb!” she yelled. Talia jumped aside and fell over a clump of shrubbery and, falling, struck her head on a rock. Sharim stood over the unconscious girl. His cock throbbed fitfully in his trousers as he leaned down to examine her more closely. The two were fully concealed in the tall bushes. Sharim unzipped and began to stroke his thick penis as it oozed pre-cum onto the thighs of the fallen beauty. With her dress bunched around her waist, Sharim began to explore. When he touched her flesh the excitement was too intense and he immediately shot off across her partially naked body soaking her thighs and belly with his hot semen. When the intensity of the orgasm had begun to fade, Sharim got scared and decided to hide her so nobody wouldn’t find out.

Three minutes later Talia was slowly waking up in Sharim’s room out back behind his father’s Palace. Nobody never came out here so Sharim knew he was safe. Talia moaned softly as Sharim finished chaining her to the floor. Sharim wasn’t too bright about most things, but he was a savant when it came to tools and making things work, so he had no trouble chaining her so she couldn’t escape. As he moved the chains across her body, Sharim lost his fear as his cock began to grow again. Talia awakened to the feeling of her dress being torn away. She wore no bra and now only the thong was left. Talia had a headache but put that aside momentarily to tend to the matter at hand

“Hey you fuck! That dress cost me a lot of money and now look at it. You stupid retard.” Talia then realized that she wasn’t just naked but that she was chained down as well. Now it was her turn to be scared. Sharim took off his clothes as lust for his struggling fallen angel grew hot once more. Talia gasped involuntarily at the sight of Sharim’s huge dribbling prick. “Oh no you don’t! Let me up you bastard or I’ll tell everyone about you. You’ll go to jail where they put all the sick – OOOWWWW!” Sharim had slapped her hard with the back of his hand. Talia’s cheek began to redden where the blow had landed. Her eyes widened and filled with tears as Sharim grabbed the shimmer material of the thong and tore it free exposing her moist slit to his carnal lust.

“Y-you make fun of me all da t-t-time, whore,” Sharim managed to say, “I tried to be nice to you b-but you are too mean. Now I’m g-g-gonna be mean to you. You are nuttin’ but a bitch and a slut and a whore. I heard about girls like you on c-cable TV. And I know where this goes too!” Sharim held his dripping cock up before the now horrified girl. He grabbed her feet and rolled her into a ball with her ass up in the air. He spread the lips of her cunt and slammed his cock inside. She howled like a banshee as Sharim slid past her hymen and stole her cherry. Since Sharim had already cum once in the yard, he was good to go for a long while now. Soon he flipped her over and raped her from behind shoving his wet slippery cock into her clenched asshole. Talia cried big tears as Sharim got his revenge. Just before he finally came again he straddled her chest and tossed off onto her face. Talia felt the hot goo slap across her pretty face and ooze down her neck. Sharim, drooling, sweating, and breathing hard stood over the bitch who had tormented him so cruelly. “Y-you just stay here T-Talia,” he said as he threw a blanket over her exhausted body, “I’ll be back later to play with you s-s-some m-more. It’s time you learn how it feels to get hurt for a change. To-tomorrow I’ll ask my dad if I c-caan keep you forever as my fu-fuck slave!”



Jessi regretted trying to deny Rob a blow job. They’d been going out for about three months and she knew that Rob had a voracious sexual appetite but she liked the status of having the best-looking richest boyfriend in town. Rob didn’t like being turned down and he wasted no time in making this very plain.

Rob had grabbed her by the hair and dragged her into the wine cellar of his mansion. He pushed a brick in the wall and a hidden door opened revealing a dungeon that stretched off into the darkness as far as the surprised Jessi could see. He threw her to the ground and made a call on his cell phone. “Get up bitch,” he told her, “when I say suck -YOU SUCK!! So tonight there’s gonna be a party in your pussy and everybody’s coming! Ha-ha-ha.”

He strapped the horrified girl down across the horse and walked back upstairs. Soon he returned with four other people Jessi had never seen before, two men and two women. “Men first,” Rob said, “then you ladies get to have at her while we watch.”

The whip landed over and over. Her cunt soon felt like raw chopped liver from the three cocks that brutalized her. Then the real torture began. T he thick wire brushes dug into her pussy and across her tits as Rob blasted cum across her upturned face and mouth. Her back ached fiercely from being bent over the horse, but the wire brush stroking in and out of her swollen cunt made her forget all else as she howled in pain.

“Alright ladies”, Rob announced after many hours of this treatment, “your turn. Let’s see who can make her scream louder!” Jessi soon found herself hanging upside-down from the ceiling with her wrists chained to the floor and her legs spread wide. The women paused to kiss one another deeply then approached the helpless girl with evil smiles. They each carried a cattle prod. Jessi screamed loudly indeed as the prods ignited against her sweating cum soaked flesh. She flailed and struggled, urinating all over herself, her tits swinging violently from side to side throwing off beads of sweat and piss as the women laughed and prodded her most tender flesh. Her screams echoed throughout the sound-proof dungeon until early the next morning. Before they let her rest, Jessi was forced to pleasure everyone with her mouth. Then the filthy naked girl was fitted with a heavy iron collar and chained by her neck to the cold stone floor. As Rob and the four others walked away from her crumpled body, Jessi heard Rob say, “So, do you think she’ll ever say ‘no’ again?” The others just laughed. “Call us if she does. . .”

Peter was beleaguered with debts. There were threatening phone calls first, then his car had been set on fire. Finally he was confronted by two thugs who made it plain that Peter would have to pay up or wash up in the east river. Peter was a true coward and in love with only himself, so he offered to barter with his girlfriend Giselle. The men had seen them together and knew how pretty Giselle was. Peter was told that he could trade his markers for Giselle and her little sister Sara who had just turned 19. They gave Peter a bottle of powerful barbiturates and told him how to mix them into the girl’s drinks. Peter showed up with the two unconscious girls the next day. A buyer was already lined up so before Giselle and Sara could recover from their drug-induced slumber they were already in his hands.

Giselle awoke to the piercing high-pitched screams of her sister. Still groggy from the drugs she opened her eyes and gazed upon a world of horror. A man in a leather mask stood behind her sister Sara and was pummeling her suspended body. She was gagged and hanging by her wrists a few inches off the floor. The man grasped Sara by the hips and violently pushed himself into her defenseless rear over and over again. “MMMMMMMMMMPH!” was all Sara could manage to say around the huge gag. Her eyes were wide with fear and panic. Her tears combined with a thick rope of drool that dribbled from her mouth and ran down her chest. Sara’s small tits bounced rapidly in time with the strokes of the huge cock that savagely ripped open her back passage. When the masked man noticed that Giselle had opened her eyes, he pulled out of Sara’s tight ass without ejaculating. His huge slick member was a deep brown from being up Sara’s ass. He approached the struggling figure of Giselle where she lay tied to the rack. He grabbed a handful of her golden hair and wrapped it around his erect cock wiping it clean. Speechless, Giselle looked from the limp hanging body of her sister to the man who now hovered over her. Giselle noticed three video cameras that were positioned at different angles from the walls and ceiling. Each showed a red light and were obviously recording all the action.

He never spoke and with the mask there was never an indication of his expression or mood. Giselle began to blubber, “Where are we? Why are we here? What are you… – GHAAAAAAA!!” The man slammed a meaty fist into her defenseless belly and gagged her. Stunned, Gizelle writhed in shock, her eyes closed; a grimace of pain twisted her beautiful face. The man worked fast. He’d been waiting for Giselle to awaken and join the party and was determined to welcome her to the festivities in style.

He grabbed a pair of tongs from a table nearby and a long spike with a wooden handle from a heated brazier. Deftly, he maneuvered the tongs to Giselle’s exposed pussy and clamped down on her labia stretching it painfully away from her body. She reacted by trying to close her legs but the ropes that fastened her to the rack prevented this. The tip of the spike glowed orange hot as he pressed it’s tip against her tender exposed cunt meat. “AAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUGH!! NNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!” The resulting screams were barely human. Slowly he slid the glowing spike through both sides of her extended labia piercing and cauterizing simultaneously. The smell of cooking meat filled the air. Next a great iron ring was run through the new holes and fastened in place. He repeated the process with both of her pink nipples and her navel. Then he brought out the pliers and forcing her mouth open with a huge “O” gag, he grabbed the tip of her tongue and pulled it out of her mouth as far as it would come without ripping it out by the roots.

“G-GGGGAAAAAOOOOOO!” was all Gizelle could manage to say as a fresh red-hot spike slid through her tongue. Once again the iron ring was fastened through the pierced flesh.

Now he ran chains through all the rings and fastened them together around a large silver hoop that hung from the ceiling. Giselle saw what was happening but could do nothing but babble around the huge iron ring embedded through her tongue. The man pushed a button and an electric wench began to pull the hoop and the adjoining chains toward the ceiling. Giselle felt her labia, nipples, tongue and navel all stretch toward the ceiling as one. The pain was incredible and all consuming. Finally, with most of her weight hanging suspended above the table, the winch stopped. Giselle dared not move fearing the rings would rip through her tender flesh.

The man, still not speaking or showing emotion, walked back behind Sara and re-lubed his still erect cock. He spread the girl’s cheeks and pressed the head of his dick against her sphincter once again. Sara groaned loudly as he forced his way into her body. Sara watched her sister sweat and shake in partial suspension while the man raped her savagely from behind. After what seemed like hours the man began to cum. He grunted and pushed his rod even deeper into Sara’s ravaged asshole as she felt his seed filling her bowels. He eventually pulled his shrinking member from her slimy rump and wiped it off on her ass cheeks. Sara felt the copious amounts of semen slipping past her useless sphincter muscle and dribble down her inner thighs. The man left the girls as they were. He went upstairs for a warm meal and a nap to ready himself for his next session with his newly purchased playthings.

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