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Fine clothes. Fine cars. Fine pieces of ass. These are rich girls who turn their nose up at everyone they think is beneath them. They can buy anything their hearts desire, but, now, they must pay the price. They crossed the line when these bitches decided to spit on a young valet for not shining their car while they went shopping. The valet was a member of the Low-Lifes, a street-wise gang of thugs who vowed vengeance on the whores. Now, one by one, these high society sluts are going to get a lesson on how to behave like a lady – a lady in pain. All the money in the world can’t buy them out of the humiliation they are in for.


First on the Low-Lifes’ list is the beautiful Marla, a pampered daddy’s girl that called the valet a “loser”. Marla usually liked the spend her days strolling down Gold Avenue, the ritzy shopping district. But, today, she was strung by the hands and hair in a basement across town as Rocco, the leader of the Low-Lifes, smoked a cigarette and scanned Marla’s firm body.

“I beg of you,” Marla screamed. “My daddy will give you anything. Just let me go!!”

Rocco snorted and laughed, flicking his lit cigarette at Marla, burning her on her red, swollen nipple.

“I’m not interested in you money, bitch. You’ve don’t seem to understand who runs this town. You think you are high and mighty, but your worn-out pussy ain’t worth a dime.”

Rocco lit another cigarette and moved closer to Marla’s face. Tears streamed down as she whispered softly, “I beg you, I beg you.”

“You wanna beg, cunt, is that it? Well, sweet tits, I’m about to give you a fat cock in your smelly cunt that will really make you beg – BEG FOR MORE!!”


Jennifer lived in the lap of luxury. Her dad was an investment banker that made a killing in the stock market, and she knew she’d never have to work again. But she did expect other people to work – especially for her. She had demanded that Rico the valet clean her car while she went shopping. Rico wasn’t cleaning some rich bitch’s car, and told her so.

“PHTEW!” Jennifer hocked up some saliva and spit right on Rico’s valet vest. Laughing, she got in her car and drove away.

“You are going to pay for this, rich bitch!” Rico swore as she drove off, and, now, here she was.

Cuffed at this wrists and ankles, Jennifer hung from the ceiling with tape over her mouth, unable to say a word.

“Who you gonna spit on now, rich bitch?” Rico said, snarling at the comely hottie. “Can’t spit on nothing now.”

Jennifer let out some muffled cries and desperately tried to free herself.

“Rich bitch, you ain’t goin’ nowhere. Not till I’m done. You are going to get a beating for every dollar your daddy earns. After that, I’m going to put some spit back into your mouth. Then, how would you like the taste of some hot cum?”


Brittney may have been the biggest bitch of them all. Brittney was the ultimate cock-tease, flaunting her perfect body around town in tight pink T-shirts and skirts so short you could see her firm rump when she bent over. Brittney also loved to flaunt her dad’s money, spending thousands of dollars a day on fine clothes and shoes, forcing her father into tremendous debt.

“Who cares!” she always said. “I’m Daddy’s little princess.”

Daddy had finally had enough. When word got out that the Low-Lifes were looking for Brittney, her father was more than happy to be rid of his mooching daughter.

“Why, Daddy, why?!!” she cried as she stood in the hallway, her arms and wrists bound tight with nylon ropes. “Why are you leaving me to those ANIMALS?!!”

“Brittney, it’s time you stop spending my money. I’m nearly broke because of you. The Low-Lifes offered the right price to teach you how to behave like a lady.”

“Daddy, no. You’re SELLING me!! I’m priceless. How could you sell me???!!”

“Priceless, my cock. You know how much they paid. One dollar. That’s all your worth, you fucking tramp. I hope when they’re done with you, you and your pink pussy won’t be worth a nickle. Cry all you want, Brittney, you now belong to the Low-Lifes.”

Bridget had always been the definition of prim and proper. She knew which fork to use at the dinner table, how to hold her tea cup, and to always be polite to strangers.

When Carlos, one of the more violent members of the Low-Lifes, tried to hitch a ride through town, Bridget knew she shouldn’t pick him up, but it was the polite thing to do, just this once.

“Hello,” Bridget said sweetly. “Do you need some assistance?”

“Nice car,” Carlos blurted. “Yeah, I’m going across town.”

“Well, it’s out of my way but ok, hop on in.”

Carlos got in the car and the pair took off.

“Where to, sir?” Bridget asked.

“First Avenue.”

“Oh, is that where all those hooligans hang out? What are they called, the Low-Lifes? Filthy people!”

“Really?!” Carlos shouted. “What would you know about any of ’em?”

“I know they are filthy, filthy people. They smell and are dirty and are just plain trash. They should be wiped out of the city.”

Bridget soon pulled up on First Avenue with Carlos.

“Come on in, I’ll give you some gas money.”

“Oh, I shouldn’t. I don’t need your money.”

“I SAID ‘Come on in’!”

Inside the basement, Carlos whipped out a giant knife, and the blade glared right into Bridget’s terrified eyes. She was already naked, and trembling all over. A foul tasting gag was deep behind her teeth… “Hands over your head, bitch!”

“You think we’re all trash, huh? Well, when I tie you up and trash your tight little pussy, maybe you’ll think different. Hell, bitch, you’ll probably love it. You act like such a good girl, but you’re just like the rest of those rich cunts. You deserve the same treatment. Get ready to see what trash feels like.”


Meanwhile, rich bitch Jennifer was still being punished at the hands of Rico, the valet she spit on.

“You caused this whole thing, rich bitch. This is all your fault. If you hadn’t spit on me, none of this would have happened!” Rico shouted as he threw her on the bed. “Now, the Low-Lifes are teaching you and all of the other rich bitches how to behave.”

“I’m so, so sorry,” Jennifer cried. “If I’d know, I never would have spit on you.”

“I bet you’ve spit on a lot of people in your life and are you going to apologize to all of them? I doubt it. I don’t think you’ve learned your lesson just yet.”

Rico hocked up some snot and dropped it right into Jennifer’s open mouth.

“OH, GOD! UGH! NO MORE! I said I was sorry!”

“Yeah, rich bitch, but you didn’t mean it. Now, maybe some nice hot white cum down that throat will keep you from spitting on anyone ever again!”


Sandy was just the kind of girl you’d see on TV: a spoiled, stuck-up, whiny little tramp. She was a trust-fund baby, beautiful, pretty, and popular. Worst of all, she knew it. She regularly treated her “friends” like dirt, and she loved to party and drink. All the boys wanted her, and she made sure of it by wearing the tightest, slinkiest, most see-through clothes that money could buy. But when you spend your nights drinking and partying, you’d better be careful of who you piss off and what you drink…

Now Sandy was in the hands of the Low-Lifes with her wrists and ankles tied wide to the ends of a spreader bar, her skanky, camo dress pulled up to her waist and her purple panties pulled up to her knees, showing off her hairy, soggy muff for all to see. She tried to scream and plead through the tape gag, but nothing came out but whimpers! Alonso, a Low-Life enforcer, walked in with a smile.

“You dumb ass, worthless slutbag. You thought you were so much better than us, but look where you are now, wet and writhing like the cum-dripping slut you are. When I’m done with your worn-out, cum-stained cunt, I’ll beat you like the mangy, filthy bitch you are. You and your body belong to the Low-Lifes, so you’d better start earning a living, or we’ll put you and your meat to better use in the dog food factory! Ha ha!”


After Rico striped Jennifer’s tight, white, quivering ass with his whip and crop, he started to smile. “How did that feel, you fucking rich bitch? Did you like that? I’m just getting started.”

“Please, let me go,” Jennifer begged the valet. “Everything hurts! Just let me go, and my daddy will pay you whatever you want.”

Rico slapped Jennifer hard across her tear-stained face. “Dumb slut! You still don’t get it, do you? If you think I care about you, then you’re wrong as only a cunt can be. You never cared about anyone else in your piss-stained life, spending someone else’s hard-earned money and spitting on people who have to work for a living. Well, my buddy and me are going to train you to be a proper, man-pleasing cunt who spends her life fucking and sucking.”

“Let me go! I beg of you,” Jennifer wailed.

“I don’t think so. Get on your fucking hands and knees and take it like the dog-fucking bitch you are.” Rico’s friend pushed Jennifer down and began banging roughly from behind. “Stupid bitch! You like spitting so much, maybe you ought to learn what it’s like to take it and swallow.” Rico yanked a handful of hair from Jennifer’s head and rammed his cock down her throat.

Sandy was strung up by handcuffs to a coat rack bolted to the wall with her fat mouth gagged. She let out muffled cries and whimpered and tried to make as much noise as she could, but the Low-Lifes didn’t give a shit. She tried to plead with those pretty, tear-filled eyes of hers, but the only thing that did was make Alonso more aroused. “Maybe you should’ve paid attention in school, you worthless party girl. Drinking and driving and spending your parent’s money only gets you so far. Such a worthless fuck, and an even worse cocksucker. Maybe we outta teach you what happens to dumb bitches that don’t behave.” Alonso took the whip and began wailing on quivering Sandy.

Sandy screamed behind her gag and writhed with each lash of the whip and tails, struggling desperately and shaking that tight, perfect ass. She hopped on one foot then the other and let out muffled scream after scream. “How do you like that, you cheap floozy? Your mouth ain’t even worth a dollar blowjob in an alley, and your fucking is worse than a two dollar hooker. I’ve had better blow from a balloon.”

Sandy cried and shook her head, begging and pleading behind the tape.

“Shut the fuck up!” Alonso shouted. Alonso threw the whip to the floor with a thud and roughly grabbed a hold of her hips. “Maybe I should pop your ass cherry. Just shove my cock in your tight back door until you cum like the slutbag you are.”


Brittney remembered a van and a hood and some funny smelling rag and then nothing. She woke up later with her ass to a wall and her arms tied behind her, wrenched back by a rope to the ceiling which came back down, tied painfully through her hair. Worst of all, a big fat rubber penis gag was rammed down her throat. It was so huge that Brittney could barely breathe around it.

Lorenzo of the Low-Lifes walked in looked up and down at her tight, young body as she struggled to get free. She saw him and tried to plead and beg around that enormous rubber cock in her mouth. Lorenzo just laughed and unzipped his pants to reveal his fat dick. Brittney’s eyes went wide and she shook her head. “NNN! NNNNN!”

“Cheap little cunts don’t get to complain! I hear that little miss princess got sold cheaper than a bag of chips. But the first thing we gotta do when we get new meat is train it to be a good cum whore worth more than a dollar.” Lorenzo picked up a bamboo cane from a table and began swishing it in the air. “Now start sucking that rubber dick in your mouth, and make it convincing you fucking worthless tramp. You’d better make me want to stick my dick down your cheap whore throat, or I’ll beat you black and blue.”


Sandy barely remembered the vicious ass fucking she’d received. When she was roped and cuffed down onto a hard, scratchy, filthy wooden table, she was barely conscious. Alonso started to tighten the ropes, and Sandy squirmed and struggled. “Stop, I beg of you. Please, let me go! I promise my daddy will give you whatever you want, just let me go!”

“Shut up, you slutbag! All I want is to give your ass a pounding until it bleeds and fuck your slutty slit until you can’t walk straight. If you don’t shut up, I’ll stuff your mouth with a rubber prick so big you’ll gag as it goes down your throat!”

Sandy cried and struggled desperately, but it was no use. The tight, cutting ropes bit into her tender, pampered flesh. “Ow! It hurts! Please stop!” When Alonso tied a rope around her waist hook on a chain and pulled the chain tight, Sandy screamed as her back arched painfully. “OH GOD! IT HURTS! LET ME DOWN! PLEASE!”

Alonso just laughed. “Stupid slutbag! You haven’t felt pain yet, you pampered princess!” Alonso grabbed a giant metal cock and rammed it in Sandy’s ass, and Sandy screamed and struggled. Alonso grabbed a remote. “Guess what I put inside your shitter, slutbag? It’s a shocking ass plug, just for stupid sluts like you.” He pressed the big, red button, and Sandy screamed as 10,000 volts of electricity burned her brown cherry. “We need to loosen up your crapper so I can stick my full cock in your ass,” Alonso said as he pressed the button again.


Jennifer hopped on one leg, moaning and letting out muffled cries and whimpers behind her tape gag as she tried to keep her balance. Her other leg was pulled painfully up to the ceiling, forcing her into a standing split. She struggled desperately to free her hands, tied behind her back.

Rico the valet walked in and grabbed her. Jennifer cried and pleaded as Rico clawed and twisted her breasts. “You and your rich bitch friends are finally learning how to behave, but it’s not good enough,” Rico said. He unzipped his pants and freed his fat cock. Without even waiting, Rico rammed his throbbing dick into Jennifer’s cunt. Jennifer let out a muffled scream as Rico began pumping hard into her smelly snatch. “That’s right. You fucking cheap sluts love getting banged. You love feeling white hot cum as it jets in your twat.” Jennifer grunted as Rico fucked her harder and faster, tears streaming down her face.

“You’d better learn to fuck back, you stupid slut. Us Low-Lifes don’t put up with lazy tramps,” Rico said as he tore off her shirt, revealing her young, perky tits. “You’d better look at me when I fuck you or else we might sell you south of the border to the drug cartels. I hear they REALLY like fucking up you spoiled, bratty, high society bitches. You think this is bad? You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Download Porn Pictures From This Stories. BDSMArtWork Full Siterip!