Holiday In Mantok 2 [CORTEZ]

Holiday In Mantok 2

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Holiday in Mantok: Part Three – Working on the Chambermaid
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

This is the third part of the story ‘Holiday in Mantok’. The first two episodes, ‘Holiday in Mantok’ and ‘Maximum Pressure’ tell the story of the arrest and interrogation of nineteen-year-old English girl, Linda Martin. Anna Matuba, a twenty two year old black chambermaid is also arrested. Now it is her turn…

The big room at the back of the private, walled villa reeked of sweat, pain and sexual excitement. The air was thick, hot and humid, the edges of the room in semidarkness because the slatted blinds were closed whilst the central space was bathed in the pitiless glare of powerful lamps. The young black woman in the middle of the circle of light blinked constantly, her eyes screwed up against the hot, painful blaze of the spot lamps that revealed every quivering inch of her delightfully curved body. Twenty three year old Anna Matuba was stark naked, her dark brown skin gleaming wet with sweat, her muscles quivering with strain and her chest rising and falling rapidly as she panted softly in fear and discomfort.

She twisted and turned constantly so the firm cones of her breasts swayed and jiggled unimpeded with each little movement. She wanted to stop the obscene display she was giving the men leering at her from the darkness beyond the blinding glare of the lights, but she was helpless. Her breasts and every intimate detail of her genitals were exposed to the attentions of her sadistic tormentors because of the way she was bound, straddled astride a strong wooden table.

True, it was quite a small table; only knee high, the stained and scarred rectangular top just over eighteen inches from front to back and about two and a half feet wide. The legs were square, thick posts, joined by strong bars at the base. The table had been bolted down securely to anchor points set into the tiled floor.

There were carved indentations in the middle of each of the table’s shorter sides, little cutaway curves that just fitted Anna’s knees; keeping them spread to hold her thighs stretched wide apart. Of course the leather straps bolted to each side of the tabletop, the ones that the man had buckled so tightly just above each knee, helped too. And, just to keep her feet out of the way, and to help increase the strain on her leg muscles, her ankles were secured to the rails that joined the front and back legs, the thin straps carefully positioned to allow her the extra discomfort of being able to hold her body arched up on tiptoe.

And there was nothing she could do to shield or protect the vulnerable and sensitive points of her body either. They’d used an unbreakable nylon tie to bind her wrists together behind her back…and then they’d knotted a cord between her arms and round the middle of the nylon band. She hadn’t noticed the hooks in the concrete ceiling beam when they brought her in. She’d only realised they were there when one of the men had stood on the table and put the cord over one of those hooks. Then they’d started hauling on the other end of the cord…

Now Anna Matuba’s arms were twisted agonisingly back against her shoulder joints, the strain so great that they pointed vertically to the ceiling, forcing her upper body over into a painful arch, bent over so her breasts hung away from her body, dangling exposed and presented for her torturer’s pleasure.

Anna’s out-thrust buttocks were laced with thin raised weals, the flesh showing a dull, angry red against her gleaming black skin. Evidence of the same kind of punishment showed across the firm swaying cones of her breasts, but this time the weals were closer together, the lines concentrated across the round black caps of her aureoles and the long hard spikes of her nipples. The weals didn’t show up so much against the black tips, but the caning had made her teats jut out like little fingers, the sensitive stubs already so sore and swollen that the dark purple-black flesh was taut and shiny.

Cigarettes glowed in the dimness where Sergeant Tomas and Chang slouched on chairs awaiting their turn, their teeth gleamed white as they grinned and nodded, chatting quietly to each other as they drank in the scene in front of them.

Just at this particular moment Anna Matuba’s squeals and gasps were from quite a different cause to the wild screams she’d produced when Tomas had been caning those swaying teats a little earlier. The figure standing behind her was naked too, a man, obviously in the peak of condition with the physique of an athlete, his light brown skin in marked contrast to the woman’s gleaming black flesh. He rocked his hips gently into those sore, whipped buttocks; face taut with concentration and pleasure as the tight ring of her anus gripped and stimulated his penis with each long deliberate stroke.

‘Still nothing useful to tell us then, Anna,’ he chuckled as the straddled figure jerked and whimpered as each thrust forced the thick, oily shaft of flesh deeper into her rectum. His hands held her in the position he wanted, gripping her upstretched arms, the muscles bulging and flexing as he moved her hips backwards and forwards, slowly working his long thick cock even deeper into her bottom. Captain Anak Raman was enjoying one of the regular perks of his job.

His hands slid down her arms as he bent forwards, reaching under her torso to cup her dangling breasts. ‘Remember,’ his thumbs rolled the taut, swollen teats from side to side so she gasped in pain, teeth clamped tight on her lower lip, her eyes staring white from a face lined with strain, terror and the exhaustion of her efforts to withstand what they had already done…and the fear of the horrors yet to come. He chuckled, ‘oh dear… a bit tender there, eh? Just think how much worse it’ll be when Sergeant Tomas gets back to tickling them again with that cane…’

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Hearing the accompanying coarse laughs from beyond the lights Anna tried to speak but her words were turned to a wet gobbling noise by the silver metal ring gag holding her jaws wide apart. Saliva drooled from her tautly-stretched lips as her dark pink tongue wriggled and flexed inside the metal circle.

The Captain played with her nipples for a moment more, enjoying the way her spasms of pain made her internal muscles squeeze and caress his shaft, then ran his hand under the slick, muscled curves of her belly until he could pinch the split bulge of her genitals between forefinger and thumb. He pressed up into her groin so the prominent outer labia gaped a little wider. He used finger and thumb to spread the lips to expose the pink gash of her cunt, stroking the wet folds, opening her cunt and sliding the fleshy hood back to expose her jutting clitoris… ‘A real, wet slut!’ he chuckled as her hips bucked and twisted frantically. His sodden fingers fondled and probed skilfully between the slippery lips.

‘Naaaaah….pleeeg glo…glo… pleeeg glo…chlot aglane… ‘Igg clum, Igg clum! Pleeg pleeeg glo… glaaaaah!’

‘What, didn’t hear you properly…’ the captain chuckled at Anna’s dribbling protest, her struggles only adding to her torment, and his pleasure, as every movement masturbated her even harder on the clever, cruel fingertips working so diabolically between the sodden lips of her cunt. Concentrating on her already sore and sensitive clitoris, the captain’s index finger strummed against the exposed pink bulb, forcing Anna to buck wildly, babbling and gasping in a rising frenzy at the pleasure-pain of her new torture.

Anna Matuba tried arching forwards to pull herself off the captain’s impaling shaft, her head straining backwards, tongue out and her hips bucking forwards. But, all she managed to do was to force her cunt even harder against the captain’s hand.

His fingers immediately worked faster, blurring with movement and whipping her wetness into a slippery cream as he vibrated and tormented her clitoris harder and harder. Overcome by the unbearable stimulation, Anna jerked backwards, trying unsuccessfully to free herself from the harsh, insistent masturbation. Of course, all that did was to thrust her bottom out even more…and impaling her even more deeply on the thick, eight inch cock filling her rectum.

‘Glaaaarrrgh! Pleeeeg….gloooooooo…. garrrrgggh! PLEEEEG!’

‘That’s better…that’s the place isn’t it. Come on, sing for me you black bitch!’ Anna Matuba rocked to and fro in an ecstasy of pain and pleasure as the Captain’s fingers fucked and vibrated her to a third jerking, orgasm in less than half an hour. The young woman’s chanting pleasure squeals echoed round the room and Captain Raman’s fingers dug into her waist as his own movements became faster and faster. The straddled figure jerked and jolted with each ramming thrust as he reached his own driving climax

‘YEG! YEG! YEG! YES! glo……..OH…OH…YEGGG! Claaah, p-p-pleeeg sl-sl-slop…I’g clum….I’g clum…I’G CLUMM! Aaaah! GLAAARRRGGGHH!’

Her cries turned to demented screams as the ecstasy of her climax became part of the torture. The agony of the bamboo, the unbearable stimulation of her clitoris and now the relentless sliding friction in her anus made her writhe and buck madly astride the torture table.

It was the clenching muscular spasms of Anna Matuba’s orgasm, milking and stroking the captain’s penis like a wet velvet glove, which pushed him over the edge. For a few moments he stood arched back, every muscle tensed with effort, and then he too bucked his hips, jerking forwards at each spurt to bury his cock even deeper inside the young woman’s rectum. Finally, he relaxed, his chest heaving as he took a series of long, deep breaths. Two more long slow strokes then he pulled the softening, slick length of his penis free and walked round the small table. He wrenched the young African’s head back with his left hand twined in her frizzy black curls.

‘Lick it clean…’

With his right hand he carefully guided the sticky, wet glans into the metal circle of the ring gag.

He waited, head bent forwards as he watched her forced ministrations, relishing the almost unbearable additional stimulation as the young woman’s tongue worked against the already sensitive flesh. Finally, he pulled free and stared into the tear-filled eyes. ‘Anything to tell me yet…,’ he enquired, peering down at the chambermaid’s tear-stained, anguished face. He smiled nastily as he saw the strong spark of defiance and hate in her swollen eyes as she gasped and snivelled, her body twitching and jerking from the effects of her orgasm and the pain of the caning. This one was going to be fun. ‘Somehow I don’t think you’re really trying, Anna…not trying at all…’

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He let her head drop forwards once more. ‘Sergeant, I’m going to take a shower. You and Chang have fifteen minutes to enjoy yourselves then we’ll start work properly.’ He lifted the young African’s head again. ‘Just a little pause, Anna… think about what is to come as you entertain my men…think really hard…’

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As the captain left, the two other men quickly stripped, joking and laughing as they padded into the circle of light. Sergeant Tomas waddled forwards first, grinning sadistically as he saw Anna’s horrified expression. He pushed his hips forwards, fingers of his right hand stroking the thick, brown shaft of his cock that curved up from the mat of black wiry hair covering his groin. The coarse black hair covered most of his body, emphasising the heavy, powerful bulk of his figure. Close to, Anna Matuba could smell the sharp, acrid reek of his unwashed body and the overlying scent of his excitement as he brought himself to full erection, the bulbous head of his penis already glistening with wetness and streaked with the cream of previous arousal.

‘Let’s see if you’re as good as the films show, bitch,’ he chuckled, twisting thick, grubby fingers in her hair just as the captain had done. Using one hand he guided his cock into the metal circle and then shuffled nearer and pushed her face into his groin. ‘Oh, yes, yes…’

Chang was much more like the captain in condition and physique. Unlike the toad-like figure of the Sergeant, his toned body was almost hairless, just a brief triangle of tightly curled black hair at his groin arrowing down to the impressive nine inch length of his penis. His brown skin had a coppery tone, the muscles of his upper body honed and defined by long hours of martial arts exercises. He grinned at Tomas’s excitement, knowing that it wouldn’t be long before the woman’s captive tongue brought him off.

Behind the table he studied the whipped curves of Anna bottom then reached forward and used his thumbs to part the sweat-slick, black cheeks. Anna Matuba jerked violently as he slid one thumb into the swollen, pouting eye of her anus still weeping a sticky trail from the captain’s climax.

‘Hold her still, Tomas, she’s going to jerk a bit…’ He shuffled forwards and slid the circumcised helmet into the slippery wet cleft of her bottom. He bent his knees slightly as he felt the head of his cock nuzzling the tight rosette of the young African’s anus, waited until he felt a tiny relaxation of her muscles, and thrust his hips forwards.

‘GLOOOO, Olog… Glog, Plog…Glooo. GLOOO!’

‘Oh yes, you black cunt, YES!’ The sergeant yelled in excitement as Anna Matuba’s screamed protests meant she was working her tongue and the inner walls of her cheeks even more vigorously against the underside of his cock. His fingers tightened in her hair, sending fresh shooting pains through her scalp as she fought to deal with the double fucking as well as trying to drag enough air into her burning lungs.

Luckily for Anna, as Chang knew, Tomas had a short fuse and within a couple of minutes he was swearing and yelling in excitement, hips bucking violently as he filled her mouth and throat with jets of warm, sticky semen. Sated for the moment he stood still, letting his companion’s long, measured thrusts rock Anna’s gagged mouth over his penis as a viscous mixture of semen and saliva dribbled in thick ropes from the corners of her lips to join the growing wet patch on the floor below.

‘Tomas, make her move for me…give her tits another tickle with the cane…’ Chang grunted his voice thick with his own rising pleasure and excitement. Tomas grinned happily at the idea and let Anna’s head flop forwards as he turned towards the table where a jumble of equipment littered the wooden top. He paused long enough to pull on his trousers and a dark green tee shirt and then picked up the whippy bamboo cane he’d been using so expertly a little while ago.

Anna stared into the darkness as she saw the flicker of movement and heard the evil whirring thrum as the sergeant tried one or two practice strokes against the back of a chair.

He grinned at her, leaning close so she could see the chipped and decayed teeth behind the thick lips. He reached under her body and cradled her left breast. Still watching her terrified expression he ran the shaft of the thin cane across the upper swell, tracing the curve down until the yellow rod touched the swollen, jutting tip.

‘You know what this was like last time…let’s see if you sing louder this time…’

‘Glo…olg pleeeg, pleeg…glo…GLO…GLAAAAH!’

Tomas chuckled as Chang leaned over to grip Anna’s arms just as Captain Raman had done a few minutes earlier. He pulled back hard as he arched his hips forwards and rammed the full length of his penis deep into her rectum.

Sergeant Tomas let the black bulb of her breast swing free, stepped to one side and gently tapped the cane against the swollen, target-like circles of her aureoles as she writhed and bucked helplessly with each long, deep impalement from his companion.

‘Hold her still dammit, her tits are swinging too much,’ Tomas cursed. Chang pressed forwards harder so Anna’s upper body arched even more and her breasts lifted, the black tips offered exactly as the sadistic sergeant wanted.

BDSMarc04.jpg (270194 bytes)



‘Ooh yessss…’ Chang moaned in delight as the young woman’s muscles clenched round his cock, her body locked in a wild spasm of agony as the cane sliced across the swollen finger-like tips of her nipples. ‘T-that’s it Tomas, again, just there…’

Tomas crouched, intent on finding the jutting nubs once more. This time the stroke was shorter, almost horizontal and there was just a tiny ‘thwick’ of sound as the cane caught the very tips of her nipples. Tomas watched delightedly as they bounced and vibrated under the stinging impact and then the woman arched forwards once more, muscles locked in agony and her eyes staring into the glare of the lights as her grunting, animal squeals rang round the room.

Chang was grunting too as he rammed against her bottom, riding the pleasure of her writhing spasms and on the brink of coming. To encourage his friend, Tomas kept her squirming and screaming with a tattoo of short, vicious strokes across the peaks of her breasts so Anna was unable to have even the agonising relief of waiting for the next stroke.

‘Oh, yes, milk me, milk me… you black bitch, oh fuck that’s good, yes, yes Oh YESSSS!’

Each cry of the young torturer’s pleasure was accompanied by another driving thrust deep into the black woman’s anus as Chang reached his own climax. Like the Captain he stood strutted against her, torso arched back as he spurted deep in her bowels. Slowly he relaxed, taking deep satisfied breaths. ‘Oh yes, that’s good…very good…seems like the videos were right after all,’ he said, pulling his wet cock free and casually slapping the gasping, drooling figure astride the table across the bottom with one hand.

‘I agree Chang,’ Captain Raman said quietly from the darkness. ‘Now get dressed and let us see what this young lady still has to tell us. Nice work Tomas, those teats look ready to burst. I think our guest is still being stubborn so let’s give her a little shock to start with.’ As he spoke the captain walked into the pool of light carrying a plastic chair which he placed to one side of Anna’s quivering, bent figure.

He sat down, lit a cigarette and reached out his hand and raised her chin with one finger. ‘The time for games is over, Anna. Talk to me now or I will take you to hell… very slowly.’ He studied the hatred and defiance in her bloodshot eyes. ‘Oh no, no, we’re not going to kill you…although you’ll ask us too…no Anna, my men are experts. Look, look at the clips Sergeant Tomas is holding…guess where those are going…’

Anna Matuba reared away from the Captain’s finger, gobbling and dribbling in terror, her head shaking wildly as she saw the toothed crocodile clips dangling from the red electrical wires in one hand. He handed the first one to the captain who gently cupped Anna’s right breast in the palm of his left hand then stroked the toothed snout of the brass electrode along the swollen stub of her nipple.

He let her jerk once or twice then held up the clip for her to see, pressing forefinger and thumb together so the toothed jaws gaped wide. ‘Deep breath Anna…’ he chuckled as he positioned the open jaws over her teat, ‘there….’

BDSMarc05.jpg (272709 bytes)

There was a stifled moan and shivering jolt of pain from the pinioned woman as the jaws closed and the triangular teeth bit deep into the already swollen length of Anna’s nipple. Her breath hissed wetly as she tried to ride the throbbing ache of the clip without giving her torturers the satisfaction of screaming aloud again.

The Captain grinned at Tomas, enjoying the familiar reaction. It always happened like this where they put the clips on for the first time…the bravado of trying not to show how much it was hurting…they both knew such control would only last until the current was turned on for the first time!

The second clip brought another jolt of anguish and another dribbling, hissing gasp of controlled pain. Captain Raman lifted her chin once more. ‘Tomas will take the gag off now.’ He waited as the sodden ring gag was unstrapped and pulled free of the young woman’s mouth. ‘We want to hear you sing properly… and tell us all about your other work at the hotel.’

‘Noth…n-nothing goo t-tell you, Sir… it was just a little extra money…they p-paid me extra…Please, please don’t hurt me please…I haven’t done anything!’

Anna Matuba worked her jaws to and fro, tongue licking the sore edges of her lips, blood-blistered from the pressure of the gag and her own screaming spasms. Her eyes flicked from the captain’s hot, intent gaze to follow the thin red wires into the dimness where Chang sat at the table behind the humming box of the transformer, the red ‘on’ light gleaming like a malevolent eye in the darkness.

The captain smiled, sat back and let Anna’s head fell forwards. Just as he expected her eyes immediately moved down to the swaying cones of her breasts, her stare fixed on the brass clips gripping each nipple. ‘Now, Anna, let’s try a little reminder shall we…’ He looked across to where his assistant waited, ‘level three Chang,’ he said quietly. Chang’s hand moved and there was the sharp, metallic click of a switch.

For a moment it seemed as though nothing had happened, apart from a faint buzzing from the clips gripping the young African’s nipples, Sergeant Tomas and Captain Raman exchanged knowing looks as the pinioned figure slammed back in a muscle wrenching arc, tendons and sinews showing like wire beneath the skin as Anna was held in spasm, locked rigid by the current fizzing through her breasts. For a few moments longer her gaping mouth gave no sound then a wordless scream of pure agony ripped through the hot, still air.

Twenty seconds of agony passed then Chang cut the current. Anna Matuba flopped forwards against her bonds, chest heaving her mouth still gaping wide as she fought for breath. No words, just the rasping, shuddering aftermath of that first electric shock.



This time the scream was even more intense as the sweat-soaked figure slammed back in another rigid bow of agony.

Twelve more times Captain Raman signalled for the current to be applied before he let his victim rest. Waiting for her to recover just a little he brought another, shorter squeal from the shivering black woman as he touched the clip on her right breast. ‘Getting a little warm, Tomas… I think we’ll switch if she doesn’t talk now.’ Once more he lifted her head. ‘Anna, Anna…do you understand now? Tell me; tell me how you knew Selim…?’

‘He f-fucked me before…l-last month…said he would pay me… said the girl liked a bit of fun…g-gave me f-fifty dollars to p-play with her…hurts so much, please stop, please…I don’t know anything else…really’

The captain’s eyes narrowed. ‘So, what did he talk about after he’d fucked you?’ He asked quietly.

‘Nothing, he told me nothing…I don’t take part in politics, it’s a mistake…I didn’t know he was wanted…please, I don’t know anything, anything at all…’ There was panic, panic and real terror in the young woman’s voice as she babbled frantically trying to convince the cruel, softly spoken officer of her innocence.

‘Oh yes you made mistake indeed Anna… one that is going to be most painful for you… Sergeant, unclip her then bend her over…’ He paused and thought for a moment… backwards I think this time it’ll make that juicy pink cunt a little more accessible…there are things Miss Matuba has yet to tell us.’

He gripped the young African’s jaw, fingers digging into her cheeks to hold her still as the Sergeant casually ripped the toothed clips free of her nipples. She squealed in agony as the teeth scratched deep lines along the sensitive stubs. The squeals gave way to a series of gasping cries as Chang undid the wrist rope and let her arms fall against her back.

Her cries became shriller as Chang fed the rope through the legs of the table from back to front, leading it out and through a ring set in the floor some three feet in front of the table. Sergeant Tomas pushed her shoulders back forcing her down and guiding her bound wrists under the table while Chang enthusiastically hauled the thin cord tighter and tighter.

Off balance and still held by the straps and curved notches in each side of the tabletop, Anna Matuba’s legs bent at the knees, her upper body arching back and down until her head and shoulders touched the floor behind the table. The straining upwards thrust of her hips exposed the pink, split oval of her cunt, splayed open by her agonising position so the outer lips gaped wide to display the moist inner folds, the openings of her urethra and vagina and the prominent little bulb of her clitoris.

Captain Raman ran his finger round the outer rim of her labia then stroked the taut flesh of her mound and lower belly. He smiled, watching how her skin twitched and fluttered at his caress. ‘A different kind of connection this time,’ he held up the bulbous egg-shaped copper electrode they’d used on Linda Martin earlier that morning. Leaning close to the young chambermaid’s splayed thighs he pushed the smooth copper bulb deep between her buttocks, probing for the still swollen ring of her anus.

‘Ah no, no…No don’t do…naaaaah, NOOOOOO!’

Anna’s protests ended in another squeal of outrage and pain as she felt the wide copper head of the electrode stretching her abused anal ring once more. The screams became a series of panting grunts as the bulb suddenly passed the point of no return and slid inside her body, the slim tapered neck letting her anus close round the shaft like a sucking mouth; her own body traitorously holding the torture bulb firmly in place.

‘This comes next, nothing special really… just an electrical wire with the end bared and the strands spread out a little. It’s all nice and clean and shiny, Chang has cut the end especially for you.’ Once again the captain smiled down at the shivering figure. Anna jerked uncontrollably as he let the bared wire drop across her left breast and he chuckled at her panic followed by a look of anguish as she realised that the current wasn’t turned on and he’d only let the wire go to pull on a pair of white latex gloves.

‘Now,’ he said letting the thin rubber snap against his wrist and retrieving the red wire. He held it so Anna could watch him teasing the fine copper strands into a stiff fan shape…, ‘what else did Selim talk about?’

‘Nothing, there was nothing, oh God, there was nothing Sir, please, please don’t hurt me…please, not again…’

Captain Raman shook his head and bent over the wide vee of her exposed genitals. Being careful not to touch the arched black flesh he waited for the metallic click from the darkness and then brought the single red wire down to stroke the fan of gleaming copper strands very delicately along the outer rim of the young woman’s outthrust labia.

She was tied so tightly there was hardly any movement this time, just a quivering tension of her muscles as they contracted against the restraints. From the floor Anna’s scream rose in a wavering crescendo as the sadistic captain continued to stroke the fine strands to and fro across the moist inner flesh of her cunt.

‘Nothing to say… perhaps a taste of level four will help your memory…’ In the dimness, Chang smiled at the hidden instruction and gently turned the controller up to the figure 4 on the dial. Back under the lights the screams from the pinioned black woman became even more intense as the current surged through her most sensitive places.

BDSMarc06.jpg (256189 bytes)


‘No, no…just tell me about Selim…’ The captain’s soft words were repeated each time he lifted the wire away to allow Anna Matuba to catch her breath and recover, just a little, before the burning, fizzing agony started all over again.

‘Tol you…don’t know anything else…please…please…’

‘Oh dear…still being stubborn… very well, let me show you another interesting way of using a simple wire like this Anna…’ Having checked the current was safely turned off; Captain Raman leaned over the table and showed the sobbing woman the end of the wire once more. This time he’d twisted the bare strands into a single copper point jutting out of the red plastic insulation. ‘Let’s try some other special places, Anna…’

‘Aaaaaah! Nuh…nuh…nuh….Yaaaaah!’

Her buttocks slapped up and down on the table top with a sound of someone hitting wet leather as Anna Matuba jerked and surged against the agony of the shocks…this time even more painful as the captain touched the point of the wire delicately against the swollen bulb of her clitoris. Little stabbing touches that sent pain lancing through the tortured nerves of her clit again, and again, and again.

‘Nothing…there was nothing else, no…no…NOOOOOOO!’

Ten minutes later Anna’s voice was broken and hoarse from constant screaming and she was on semi-conscious, her head lolling to one side and her body running with sweat. She was breathing as hard as if she’d done flat out sprint and her breasts bounced and joggled as she fought to breathe in her horrible backwards arch.

‘Nothing… she’s got nothing to tell us, sir.’ Chang said quietly from the dimness.

‘I know that, idiot… but the General will expect every effort.’ The captain let her rest for a few moments longer, easing the bulge of his own erection inside his briefs with a careful adjustment. ‘I’ll take the wire up inside…take her to the limit then we’ll give up. Move up to five, Chang let’s make her wriggle properly this time.

The whimpering chambermaid was brought back to jerking, squealing consciousness as the Captain teased the rough point of the wire against the ultra-sensitive opening of her urethra. The screams and bucking spasms increased as he rolled the wire to and fro, gently pushing it deeper and deeper, each movement scratching and flaying the delicate lining of the nerve-laden tube.

‘Alright Chang, turn it on…’ he murmured, holding the wire in place with finger and thumb.

‘Yeeeeearrrggggghhh!’ Nooooooooo!’

Beside the Captain’s feet, Anna Matuba’s hands beat a wild tattoo on the floor tiles as the pure blazing agony ripped through her body. Unable even to scream at first she shuddered and writhed so hard that it seemed she was about to break her own limbs with the convulsions of the shock.

Captain Raman moved the wire very gently, listening to the wild ululation of her screams, playing on her nerves to find the most agonising point deep inside her body. With a master’s skill he kept her at a screaming peak of nearly two minutes before pulling the now bloody wire free and allowing the young chambermaid to slam down, barely conscious against her bonds.

He signalled for the current to be cut and threw the wire down in disgust

‘You know, Sergeant, I think she’s telling us the truth…a quick fuck in the firm’s time to earn a few dollars is about it I suspect.’

The brutish sergeant grinned back, ‘waste of time then, sir?’

‘Not if you enjoy the work, besides…think of the perks. Right, that’s it for now, I’ll wait here until the general gets back. He’ll want a report anyway. No need for you and Chang to stay…’ He stood up and stretched. ‘We’ll leave her on the table in case the general wants a word. Once he’s been you can put her back in the cells until he decides what to do with her.’

Captain Raman waited until Chang and the Sergeant had left the room, slipped off his shoes and removed his trousers. Pulling off his shirt, he walked round the torture table until he stood astride Anna Mutuba’s head. ‘Since you’re responsible for this,’ he pulled the cup of his tanga briefs aside to let the maid look up at heavy sac of his testicles with the thick curving length of his penis jutting out and fully erect once more ‘I think you should be the one to do something about it for me…’

He walked back round the table to stand between her achingly spread thighs then moved forwards until the table edge touched his shins. He leaned over the arched and gleaming figure splayed out on the tabletop until he was staring down at her pain-wracked features on the floor below. ‘All ready for me too…’ he chuckled as he let the gleaming crest of his glans slither against the wet, sticky folds of her recently tortured cunt.

She screamed at the touch, twisting in vain as she tried to prevent any contact with the raw, swollen flesh of her labia. All she succeeded in doing was to guide the domed head more quickly into the opening of her vagina.

Anak Raman waited; watching for her eyes to widen with the realisation of what he was going to do to her. Then, as she drew a long, shuddering breath, he thrust forwards very slowly and deliberately, sighing with pleasure as the warm, wetness of he vagina gripped his cock in a velvet embrace. He waited, relishing the sound of her gasping cries of pain and protest before pulling back until the whole, glistening shaft was free. He paused again and then thrust smoothly forward once more. Under the added pain of his weight on her stretched and twisted joints, Anna Matuba writhed and struggled uselessly.

‘Oh yes, yes that’s good,’ the captain murmured as he felt the additional pressure of the bulbous electrode still embedded in Anna’s anus against the sensitive underside of his cock. ‘You’re very good, front and back…’

With his arms braced rigidly and gripping the table top on either side of Anna’s flanks Captain Raman moved his hips in a slow, steady rhythm, fucking the pinioned figure of the chambermaid with long, deep strokes.

For once, the interrogation room was almost silent; the only sound the rhythmic, wet noises of the captain’s movements…and the broken, gasping sobs and whimpers from the young black woman strapped to the torture table beneath him.

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