Dungeon Of Ironmaster [MR. KANE’S]


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February 24th, 2005

Finally the imposing mass of Roveca castle rises up through the rain. Ferrallo’s horse picks its way up the track over the slippery stones. A stone cross set in a crossroads indicates the way up to the castle. On the other side of the cross is a grim testimony to the Baroness’s extreme cruelty: a lovely young woman has been mercilessly tortured and then crucified and impaled. She may be still alive, but Ferrallo scarcely glances at her as he moves up to the castle.

Baroness Hofendorf herself has chosen both the girl and the cruel punishment. Brutality excites her.

Ferrallo spurs his horse on, anxious to see the dungeons of Raveca, where, no doubt, another unfortunate servant girl awaits punishment in fear and trembling. Perhaps Angelica herself is in the dungeons too?

The Baroness is not alone in her admiration of the girl’s beauty. Ferrallo would love to get his hands on the lovely Angelica too, and is only waiting for proof of her guilt. He hopes that the Baroness has not tortured her first. That would be very rash on her part, he reflects. After all, Angelica is the Duce’s niece.

Things have to be done properly…

Hanna von Hofendorf has been informed of the arrival of the Duce’s envoy.

“Take him to the guards’ quarters and attend to him and his horse,” she orders. “Has he said why he has come?”

“He has given us this letter for you, my Lady.”

The Baroness snatches the letter and breaks the Duce’s wax seal. Her face flushes with anger as she reads it.

“Someone has a long tongue! How does he know of this?”

She picks up whips designed for the expiation of penitents’ sins and walks down the stone steps into the courtyard. She opens the door and looks out. At least it has stopped raining…

“On your feet, you harlots! If you’re cold, this news will warm you! The official torturer has come all the way from Venice to see you!”

The four servant girls, all accused of the Governor’s death, stand to attention before the Baroness. The unhappy girls are terrified. They have been kept in the cold yard for several days now, half undressed, shivering in the cold. They have had to bear not only the cold and rain, but also the insults and the contemptuous gobs of spit coming down on them from the guards.

Suddenly the gate opens and the impressive figure of the Ironmaster himself strides into the courtyard. Water runs from his cloak as he removes it. The powerful figure of Ferrallo stands in front of the suspects and their cruel mistress.

“Buon Giorno Madonna Hanna, io sono qui!”

“We were not informed of your visit.”

The servant girls look on in fear and fascination. Fear of torture mixes with strange attraction towards the torturer…

The Baroness ushers Ferrallo into the Great Hall to discuss the Duce’s wishes. Ferrallo turns his head for a last look at the servant girls, who are strangely attractive to him in their rough, animal way…

“These sluts are under suspicion for the Count’s murder? Or are they receiving some kind of discipline”

“These sluts know something. They don’t want to talk. I’ve kept them here for several days but they’re still not talking. You may have more efficient methods!”

“Stand to attention, you whores!” says Ferrallo. “And lift your smocks. I want to see your cunts!”

March 3rd, 2005

Ferrallo has finally reached the castle of Raveca, with a difficult mission ahead of him. It has been a hard ride and he pauses to feast his eyes on the lovely, half-naked bodies of the unfortunate servant girls who stand shivering in the cold, half-naked. In his capacity as official torturer he orders them to lift their rain-soaked smocks and present him their vaginas.


1. My… my name is Aurina. I’m the Governor’s private chambermaid,” says the first maid, shivering, as she shows him her hairy cunt. “I served him his meals. I’m innocent, I swear it! I did not poison him!”

2. Ferrallo grunts non-committally. He moves cautiously over to the next girl. He is not happy with all this. He knows how complex poisoning trials can be, how easily they can turn against the accuser. If the Duce’s niece really is involved, the Republic itself is at risk.

What about you, cunt? What’s you alibi?

“My name is Simona, my Lord… I served the Governor in the dressing room and also in the bath.”
“And under the table, you dirty slut!” says the next servant, Carlota, the cook.
“Shut up, you bitches,” shouts the Baroness. “You’re all whores, all of you! That’s why you served my late husband. You filthy sluts! You poisoned him between you! You’re all lying cocksuckers!”

3. The last girl shudders as Ferrallo moves close to her.
“I am Marcela, I was responsible for his bed. I prepared it and warmed it for him.” The girl’s voice shook as she spoke. “Warmed it?” he asked. “I warmed it… with my body. I helped him with his bodily needs too. My Lady is not given to the pleasures of the body and I…”
“Silence, you shameless hussies! The Baroness screams, shocked at the servant’s insolence. “You will soon be opening your well-stretched cunt to a sharp stake!”

4. Finally, the Baroness pulls Ferrallo into the castle. They sit by the large fireplace. She offers him a drink and begins to tell him the circumstances of her husband’s death. Ferrallo interrupts.
“The Duce is concerned, My Lady. You must understand that you cannot accuse his niece without evidence.”
“I have proof of what I say, Ferrallo.”
“The night of my husband’s death I heard shouting and footsteps in the corridor outside his room. I was not with him. He did not require me that night. I am sorry to have to admit that he had not required my presence in his chambers for some time. As you will soon discover, my husband was much governed by his lust. I can assure you that each and every woman in this castle has warmed his bed, and so have many of the most beautiful women in the region. You have seen his servants: four cocksuckers…”
“Come to the point, My Lady!”
“I am unused to such insolence, Ferrallo”, says the Baroness. A brief flash of anger in Ferrallo’s eyes stops her. She continues.
“I went to his bedchamber. I went straight in. There was no guard. He was lying lifeless on the bed. The whites of his eyes were showing. He had been sick. His member was half-erect. It was covered in pestilent boils. He had ejaculated blood. I thought, God has punished you for your unbridled lust. Then I saw something in his hand. A kind of love-token, a crystal heart. It contained some liquid. I recognized it. He had given it to Angelica, his niece!”

5. “I picked up the token and concealed it in my robes. Then I called the servants and gave orders for the news to be made public. It was already common knowledge in the castle that he had eaten and drunk too much that night. But no one knew how many women had lain with him. Or who they were…
“At dawn, my loyal servants helped me clean the corpse and lay it out for the funeral. It lies in the family crypt now. My husband died victim of his own excesses. I never participated in any of his vile acts. But that is beside the point, you will say. Ferrallo, someone killed my husband. These four sluts know something, I am sure. And the crystal token points to Angelica.”
Ferrallo stands up. “I trust you have not been so foolhardy as to submit her to interrogation yourself?” he asked, his voice dark with anger.

6. The Baroness shrinks back in her chair. The Ironmaster is a dangerous enemy. She will look for some way of calming him.
“Rest assured, Ferrallo, that the lady has not been taken down to the torture chamber.”
“Where is she now?”
“Alive and well,” says the Baroness, with a mysterious smile. “But let me continue. After the funeral I had her brought before me. She was proud and haughty as always. She is a woman who always lets you know how illustrious her lineage is… “Be silent, My Lady,” I said. “You will speak loud enough when the time comes. You are under arrest for the poisoning of my late husband.”

July7th, 2005

Baroness Hofendorf gives Ferrallo her own version of what happened in the sinister castle after the death in mysterious circumstances of the Governor.

Ferrallo soon suspects that, for some unknown reason, the Baroness is anxious to pin the crime on the GovernorТs niece, Angelica. Ferrallo remains un convinced when the Baroness tells him that she found a love-token belonging to Angelica in the GovernorТs hand.


1. It was a crystal heart, containing some liquid. I knew that he had given to Angelica. I confronted her about it, but she denied all knowledge of it, the Baroness said. That is typical of such a proud, haughty woman. But when I placed the heart round her neck she burst into tears. Her pride did not let her speak, but I saw the guilt in her eyes. DonТt deny it! I shouted at her. You were fornicating with my husband, your own uncle! You are an adulterous, incestuous filthy-cunted harlot! You fucked your own fatherТs brother! She refused to confess, Ferrallo. Believe me, I had no choice. I had to punish her. I have to maintain discipline in my own house.

2. You have no authority to punish her, my Lady, said Ferrallo.

The maiden was under my husbandТs guardianship, the Baroness replied. And I was responsible for training her in the everyday business of the court. A lady has to learn how to behave. She has to know how to submit to discipline if necessary. You yourself are well aware of that, I understand…


I removed all her privileges, hers and her maidservantТs. I took away all her sumptuous robes, her daily comforts, her banquets… I placed her in the charge of the court Guard, and the stable hands looked after her servant, Chiara.

3. There are rooms set aside in the GuardsТ quarters for prisoners of noble lineage. They are austere and simple, it is true, but they are comfortable enough and have all the essential furniture. I told her that she would return to her own rooms as soon as she told me the true circumstances of my husbandТs death.

It is clear to Ferrallo that the Baroness has handed Angelica over to the Guard to be raped and subjected to abuse and humiliating treatment in order to obtain a confession.

4. Ferrallo looks the Baroness in the eye.

My Lady, I trust you have not been disrespectful to the DuceТs niece, either to her name or to her body. If that is not so, be assured that I will take you and all your servants to the Square of Saint Marcos, where I shall take pleasure in severing your heads from your necks. For you, there will be a very special punishment, You will be suspended over the canal by two butcherТs hooks, one through each of your breasts!

Hanna of Hofendorf turns pale. No man has ever spoken to her so cruelly. But she lifts her head and replies in an icy tone:

You are supposing that she has been abused in some way, Ferrallo. You further suppose that is has happened at my instigation. That will need to be proven. And bear one thing in mind. We are dealing with a poisoner. A poisoner, and an incestuous adulterer. Diabolical forces are at work in the walls of this castle, even as we speak.

Ferrallo, so long as you are here you are in my charge. I possess all the power and authority of my late husband. My duty is to defend the border. To that end I have power of life and death over all citizens and guests.

You have orders to carry out. The first is to place yourself at my service. The second is to investigate a terrible crime. The facts point at Angelica. She was my husbandТs lover and the recipient of the love-token.

I shall not tolerate any more of your threats. Do your job. Interrogate the servants.

5. Ferrallo spins round suddenly and storms out of the chamber. The servants will suffer the consequences of his fury.

The Baroness smiles. She remembers the GuardТs report: The prisoner was dispossessed of her rich attire and taken in a peasantТs smock to a punishment cell…

6. Firstly, it was established that the prisoner was not a maiden. Her smock was then removed and she was subjected to a session of physical abuse. She was flogged on the naked breasts and then raped by two guards

August 21st, 2005

Baroness Hofendorf reads the guards’ detailed report of the terrible treatment meted out to Angelica…

The Baroness became aroused every time she read the report… Especially when she came to the part that said…

The Baroness herself had often entertained fantasies about being taken by the castle guards, being raped by a whole group of horny, sweaty men. But she had never dared put such unconfessable thoughts into practice. As she read the report, she grew deeply aroused imagining the muscular, sweaty, drunken guards possessing her niece again and again in every conceivable way…

The Baroness smiled and returned to her favorite paragraph. She could see it all. Angelica was stuffed full of semen and flogged and beaten on the tits and cunt. She was forced to drink cheap liquor as well as salty spunk…

November 15th, 2005

Baroness Hofendorf reads the thugs’ reports. They tell of how Angelica was systematically abused and humiliated. They also detail the brutality of the interrogation sessions to which her maid, Chiara, was subjected at the hands of the stable grooms.

“We took the bitch to the stables and hoisted up her skirt. Holfer gave her a thorough examination right inside while old Piert talked to her and urged her to confess the crime. The harlot would not speak. She just screamed and screamed and asked them to show more respect, but they said they would not respect a servant’s unwashed cunt.”

“Then we said we would all show respect for it, clean or dirty, and we all went in there. We did not ask any questions then because we were busy! Ha! ha! ha! And then we were greatly fatigued.”

“Old Piert, the dirty sod, had not had a hard-on like that for years, he said, and he made the girl suck it lest he should overdo it and meet his Maker. He made the slut hold her hands behind her head while she sucked him and he marked her tits with his riding crop. He said ‘I ain’t never seen a cow in the stables before. This ain’t no place for cows. When i’ve finished with you, you can take your red udders to the cowshed where they belong!’ We laughed greatly at this, but the slut did not!”

“Then Holfer said, if she’s a cow where’s her mark? And he tied her to a ladder and heated irons in the fire. We shaved her slit with a knife and she cried in fear, but would still not speak. Holfer burnt her cunt and her udders with his big blacksmith’s hands and still she would not speak except to say “My Mistress is innocent! She’s innocent!”

“He pierced her udder with long nails and still she would not speak! She went crazy and nearly lost her senses when Holfer showed her the hooks. He hooked her and pulled on the hooks. She screamed like a cut pig and said she was to blame herself!”

“Holfer hooked her again and shouted and asked her how she had done this thing. But not a word could he get out of her but “I’m guilty! I’m guilty!” It made him angry and pierced her tongue and the girl died. She died well because she protected her Mistress and was a faithful servant to the end.”

The Baroness grew angrier and angrier as she read the report. She threw it to the ground and stormed out of her chamber. She summoned the Captain of the Guard and gave orders in her own terrible, brutal way. Holfer’s daughter was seized and tortured and finally crucified. Holfer himself was forced to nail his daughter to the cross or be castrated himself. It was the daughter’s body on a cross that Ferrallo had seen on his arrival at the castle. The Baroness then sold the smith’s wife to Turkish merchants, and sent him to the mines of Hofendagen, in the north of Raveca, to end his days there.

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