Wired For Sound [CORTEZ]

Wired For Sound

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Wired for Sound
by Cortez. All rights reserved.

She had been arrested that morning. The soldiers had burst in as she sunbathed beside the pool. Despite her struggles and flailing protests, seventeen-year-old Gina Morales had been bundled into a closed car and driven off through the city. Once they reached the remote, walled villa she was questioned for hours before being thrown into a small cell, still wearing nothing but a skimpy blue bikini.

The door had clanged shut before Gina realised there was another woman sitting on the bare planks of the bed. About twenty-six, she was dressed in what had once been an expensive silk blouse and an elegant soft linen skirt, obviously part of a smart suit. Now the blouse was stained and ripped, the skirt twisted and crumpled and her stockings showed ladders and tears up each leg. The woman looked up as Gina was pushed inside.

Gina gasped; in the dimness she had not recognised her friend from the next flat, Elena Farez!

СOh God, Gina, not you as well! They are beasts, animals! She shuddered, clutching her arms round her body. СThey will come for us soon, you know what they will do to us you must have heard the stories She burst into tears before trying to control herself. СThey wanted my husband but the bastard ran away so they took me instead… She sobbed as she looked at the terrified student. СThey want to know about the meetings, you know our womans group meetings. You mustnt tell them who else was there. Please, just say we talked about fashion and things like that Say you dont know anything

Before she could go on, the door smashed open and two guards, identically dressed in dark trousers, white polo shirts and black trainers rushed in, laughing at some private joke as they dragged Elena to her feet, ignoring her protests. СTime for your lessons, Mrs High and Mighty, one of them said as they dragged her out. СThe colonel wants another word with you

The door clanged shut and Gina was left crouching against the wall in the humid darkness, sweat beading on her body as she listened to the muffled sounds and faint cries. She trembled uncontrollably at the sound of every footstep along the corridor outside the battered iron door of her cell.

It was almost two hours later when, without warning, the door clanged open again. Gina flung her hands across her eyes, trying to adjust to the sudden glare of the corridor lights. СGet up, bitch, the colonel wants you downstairs. The same two men pushed into the cell and grabbed Ginas arms, pulling her to her feet. Gina started to shout out but a fist smashed casually into her belly, half winding her.

СSave your breath, Blondie youll need it soon enough. As Gina sobbed in shock at the blow, the one whod spoken reached out and casually bounced her left breast in his hand. СNice tits, perhaps the Colonel will let us have a bit of fun after hes finished.

The other guards hand cupped the barely concealed bulge of Ginas cunt. СHey, Carlos, shes damp already. God, I love these students. Gina struggled frantically only to be slammed back against the rough stonework. СYou can have it hard, or easy your choice, bitch! The guard stamped down with his heel on Ginas bare foot so that the nineteen-year-old jacknifed forwards with a scream of pain, vainly trying to clutch her bruised toes.

СCome on, Blondie, stop blubbering, be thankful Im not wearing boots today! The guards laughed as they dragged her along towards an archway at the end of the corridor. They dragged her down the steps, completely ignoring the way her toes scraped and stubbed on the rough concrete. At the bottom, another long, grey corridor stretched away. There was a heavy wooden door at the far end. Ginas struggles grew wilder as she was dragged along, realising that this it must be the door to the interrogation room. As it swung open she could see the heavy rubber flange round the edge. Oh God, its soundproof she thought in terror.

A man was waiting just inside. Slim, almost thin, of average height but with dark, unblinking eyes. He studied the blonde girls tanned body as though looking at a specimen in a lab; he was clearly enjoying the way her breasts strained against the thin material of the top as she tried to catch her breath. Gina shivered even more uncontrollably as she saw his gaze move downward, suddenly conscious of just how obviously her skimpy bikini bottom cupped and outlined the bulge of her sex.

Despite the heavy, sticky heat in the chamber, his white shirt was crisp and uncrumpled, dark trousers immaculately creased and his soft leather shoes gleaming with polish. He lifted one hand, beckoning her forward, smiling in satisfaction at Ginas ripe young body so clearly displayed in the grip of the two men.

СAh yes, the student, he said softly, Сbring her in Gina was instantly pushed forward into the underground room. She felt the coolness of tiles beneath her feet, but the details of the room were lost in the dazzling glare of a circle of spotlights. From the shuffling sounds and heavy rasp of breathing she knew that there were other figures, male uniformed figures, hidden in the darkness. The thin man smiled without warmth. СI am Colonel Marcos. Your neighbour, Mrs Farez was somewhatunwilling to help us with our enquiries initially but has since proved to be most talkative. Since I am sure she confided in you it is your chance to prove your loyalty to the State by telling me about Mrs Farezs so-called womans meetings.

СSo Gina, isnt it? Usually you would have my undivided attention but today we have a number of guests who are anxious to watch my persuasive techniques shall we say.С The words were quiet and soft, but full of cruel excitement at what was about to be done to the nubile young student. The Colonel was well aware that there were no Сanswers to be given but, as a demonstration subject for his torture techniques, Gina Morales was ideal. СNow, do you have anything to tell me or have you decided to go on being stubborn…? He gestured with his hand.

At last Gina could see what was in the circle of light. To one side was a low square platform She shuddered as she saw the heavy, leather straps that hung down from it, and the thick steel rings in the corners. Her breathing quickened as she also noticed the wetness on the platform and the floor tiles in front and caught the acrid tang of a womans juices. Instinctively, she knew that Elena Farez had somehow been strapped down on that platform only a few minutes before

СI dont know anything, anything at all. Its a mistake youve got the wrong person Please, youve got to believe me, please

The Colonel smiled again. СAh, the same old story, Gina I know that you have things to tell us so no more time wasting we will begin. He saw her eyes swivel to stare at the little platform and its ominous stains. СNo, no, not there Gina, come over here between the uprights please. My colleague, Lieutenant Perez, will be with you in a moment.

Gina gasped behind him, still in the shadows was another figure, slim, with close cut dark hair and wearing what looked like a short, white doctors coat. Gina couldnt see very well against the glare of the lights but her thoughts raced. The horror of being tortured hurt by another womanhow could she?

She looked into the lights again. To one side of the platform, two thick wooden posts rose from the floor. Just below shoulder height and set about three feet apart, each one had a series of matching holes running through it from side to side at the top. Gina quickly discovered what those holes were for as the guards twisted her round, pushing and pulling her until she was between the posts.

The one called Carlos, who had the build and muscles of a bodybuilder, muttered, СShes tall, use number two and there was a metallic noise behind her back. A hand pushed on her chest and she felt the shock of a metal bar touching her skin.

СArms back, bitch

The one whod stamped on Ginas toes earlier jerked the girls arms painfully back over the thick, polished bar theyd slipped through a pair of the holes at the top of the posts. The position forced her upright, hooked over the cold steel, the height of the bar forcing Gina up on tiptoe as it dug into the flesh between her back and the soft skin of her upper arms.

СCome on, apart, student bitch or do you want Jorges to stamp of those pretty toes again? Carlos, was kneeling beside her now, pulling one ankle outwards and then bending her leg back so he could fasten it to a fitting on the outside of the post. The other leg quickly followed, the straddled position forcing her to thrust her hips and chest forwards, opening her body completely to the gaze of the colonel and the hidden audience beyond. Any final remote chance of movement was denied her as the two men made doubly sure by taping each knee hard against the rough timber.

She was still trying to find some way of standing in even a little comfort when she felt more straps being tightened round each wrist. Another vicious jerk and her arms were pulled downward to be tied to the back of each post.

Now she was arched back even more strongly, her breasts curving out and up, jutting forwards proudly and jiggling slightly under the thin fabric of her costume as she trembled in her bonds. Gina was held in a taut, agonising curve, not just her chest, but also the splayed СV of her hips forced outwards, the minimal bikini briefs straining taut to cup the bulging swell of her cunt lips.

The woman the Colonel had called СLieutenant Perez moved soundlessly to her side. Gina tried looking her in the eye, but the Lieutenants calmness, and the obvious sexual excitement in her eyes, made Gina flush and look away. The young student trembled violently at the first feather touch as the woman untied the strings of her bikini top.

СOh yes, pretty breasts very pretty, she whispered as her fingers teased across the high, taut mounds. СCome on, stand up now, and stand up for Anna One nail on either hand flickered to and fro, scraping and teasing the crinkled buds of Ginas nipples and making the young blonde wriggle and gasp as she felt herself hardening despite the awful situation she was in. Beyond the lights she heard a low growl from the watchers.

СP-please, no, no, please, ah, ah, n-no, please yyyyyiiiiigh!

She squealed as the young female lieutenant carefully tightened her grip, using just her thumbs and forefingers like pincers to twist the rigid nipples viciously. СThats just the taster, well look elsewhere later the woman said, giving Ginas breasts a final tweak. СShes ready for you now, Colonel

Colonel Marcos looked at Ginas strutted pose and ran one finger down the smooth curve of her belly to the swell of her mound. He smiled, feeling the strong muscles flexing and writhing under the caress. His hand moved lower, making Gina pant with dread as he cupped the soft blue triangle. He shook his head. СSoon, very soon but I think well begin at the top

He looked out into the darkness. СGentlemen, as you know electricity is such a simple and effective interrogation tool. Especially in the hands of a skilled operator The rattle of metal instruments in a tray made Gina look away to the side. When she saw what was on the little glass-topped table that the lieutenant was wheeling into position beside her, the colonels soft voice was drowned out. The young students gabbled, frantic protests filling the hot, sticky air of the Intelligence Centres interrogation chamber.

СI havent done anything, anything at all, please, please dont touch me, not with those horrible things, please, pleeeassse

Anna smiled knowingly at the arched figure of the young student between the posts as she handed the black power cable to one of the guards. Gina couldnt see where he went but, in a sudden silence, she heard the distinctive Сclick of a switch and, on the lower shelf, a squat, black transformer hummed into life.

Ginas eyes widened as she followed the transformers connecting lead up to the other black box, the one beside the tray of needles, clamps and wires on the glass top. Oh it looked so simple, so innocent just a dial, a large silver button and a single warning bulb, now glowing red against the matt black finish of the casing. Her eyes widened, fixed with a horrid fascination on Annas hands, watching her attaching the bared copper cores of two wires to brass terminals at the side of the unit. Thin, red wires that curled back to a pair of shiny crocodile clips with long jaws and viciously sharpened teeth; clips that clattered and clinked as they moved against the glass top.

СNow gentlemen, youve seen the use of the cane and one or two other helpful techniques. I think you will enjoy watching Anna as she plays with young Gina here. Notice the stance, how available she is for our attentions. A scream interrupted the colonel in full flow. СAh yes, gentlemen, also notice how Lieutenant Perez ensures that the subject is fully aroused so the clip can be applied to the whole engorged length of the nipple.

Gina bit her lip, head threshing from side to side as she tried to ignore the sudden, agonising pain of the clips sharp teeth biting along the thick, rubbery stub of her left nipple.

СAh, ah, no, no, ah, ah haaaaah!

A second cry was forced from her as Anna Perez pinched and rolled the other peak, her fingers deliberately rough as she forced the long brown stub to rouse and stiffen despite Ginas best efforts to prevent her bodys automatic responses. Then she dipped her head, her tongue flickering round the jutting peak so it gleamed wetly in the lights. Slowly and carefully the Lieutenant brought the gaping jaws of the second clip into position and let her fingers relax.


As the echo of Ginas muffled gasps of pain died away, silence fell in the hot, humid chamber. The colonel turned and looked over at the young student, her body wet with sweat and trembling under the spotlights. Behind him in the shadows he could hear the soft, excited noises from the watchers, aroused by anticipation and the erotic sight of the girls helpless body, breasts jutting out so firmly each tip now crowned by the little silver jaws; the dangling red wires curving back to the controller on the table. As Gina quivered and shook in fright, so her breasts jiggled and moved, setting the clips and wires linking her to the electrical torture machine dancing and trembling in the humid air.

Anna Perez picked up the innocent looking control box. The only sounds to break the silence were the hum of the transformer and the shallow racing pants of Ginas breathing as she braced herself for the imagined pain to come. Then, Annas finger moved and a low buzzing filled the air, each clip vibrating gently as the current flowed into the nerve-rich bundle of the nipples tip.


For a heartbeat there was silence from the girl; just the horribly soft buzzing from the clips and the low hum of the machine, then one single high note of agony tore the air apart. The watchers saw Gina jerked back against the straps in an arch of pain, every sinew wire-tight as the current convulsed her muscles. Thirty seconds of screaming and the Lieutenants finger lifted, letting the girl slump forward, the sweat beading in droplets across her body as her chest heaved with the effort of catching her breath.

СNuh, nuh, n-n-no, no Oh p-p-please dont hurt me. Pleas AAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHH!

Another scream ripped into the hot, thick air of the torture chamber as Annas finger touched the silver button once more and the young student was flung back in another wrenching arc as the current fizzed and scalded through her breasts.

Six more times in the next ten minutes, the lieutenants finger pressed down to send Gina into another screaming frenzy under the searing kiss of the electrodes clamped to her nipples. Then, as she hung against the bars holding her body spread for the torture, the colonel lifted one finger.

СUnclip her, lets take a look

There was softer crying wail as Anna Perez released the clips and Gina felt the agony of returning circulation thudding through the tender, scorched peaks. The colonel brought another series of harsh, mewing cries from the pinioned girl as he fingered the reddened, swollen tips of each breast.

СNow Gina that was just the start, well come back to these delightful places later but now His voice fell to a whisper as he leaned close to her ear. СCan you guess where were going to play with you next? Or do you have some names for me?

СOh p-p-p-please. I dont know anything. It was just a social group. We didnt discuss politics or anything J-j-j-just clothes and m-m-men. Elenas my friend, she hasnt done anything Gina stopped, and then wailed in torment and despair as she felt Anna Perezs fingers on the side ties of her bikini briefs.

The colonel continued to stroke the young students swollen nipples as his expert assistant carefully eased the soft, elastic fabric away from the girls sweat-soaked loins. Once more, there was a low, soft growl from the darkness as the lighter coloured СV of the girls sex was revealed. Gina was clearly a natural blonde and someone who took her personal grooming seriously. A single, trimmed strip of golden fur lined the centre of her mound, a strip that touched the dark pink lips and the inrolling slit of her sex

Her position between the posts forced her hips forwards and the strutted splay of her thighs meant that her cunt was wide open. The plump lips hung unprotected and just parted a little, so that everyone could see the little folds and soft leaves leading back to the most sensitive openings of her body. Despite her earlier torture, Ginas cunt glistened with the moist, sticky secretions of arousal.

The seventeen year old jerked as though another electric shock had been applied when Anna Perez squeezed her labia together, quite gently, moving her fingers to make the outer lips slide and slither against each other. СAh, ah, p-p-please aaaaaah. The sounds of protest were mixed with the involuntary cries of pleasure as the lieutenants expert fondling worked the soft folds of flesh to and fro. Her hand moved more firmly and Gina arched back again as her clit was rolled and pressed by the pressure on her own flesh.

СOh, oh, oh, y-y-yesss p-please. D-d-d-dont d-d-do that p-p-p-pleaseah, ah, aaaaaah!

СDo you want me to make her come, Colonel? Shes wet already

The colonel nodded, knowing that this was exactly the kind of extra entertainment his audience wanted, as he whispered into the young students ear. СYou like what Lieutenant Perez is doing dont you Gina? Well shes going to make you come now well see how many times you manage the last girl on this frame came four times in a row. Then well let you make love to my little generator again…

Gina moaned as Anna continued to press and roll the sensitive lips together. She strained her head sideways towards the colonel; mouth and eyes wide open in pleading anguish. Just as she was about to say something, Ann Perez slipped one finger between the wet lips of her body, eased the hood aside and scraped her nail across the bulb of the girls clitoris in a slow, deliberate movement.

СUh oh, oh, p-p-p-please, p-p-p-p-p aaaaah

Her body surged and jerked as though she had received another electric shock. Anything she had wanted to say to Colonel Marcos was lost in her sudden gabbling convulsions as Anna Perez continued to work the sharp nail under the girls hood with a delicate, almost unbearable stroking caress that just feathered the very tip of her clit.

СThats it Gina, isnt it shall I go faster? Like this. The single finger vibrated more rapidly as Anna smiled up at the shuddering figure stretched so tautly against the posts. СAh yes, nearly there so lets just. She moved her free hand and caressed the wet cleft between her victims buttocks. A moment of searching then Gina Morales bucked forwards once again this time goosed by the entry of Annas other forefinger into the tight ring of her anus.

Anna Perez knew exactly how near to coming Gina was. Her fingers moved faster and faster, whipping the girl into a shivering frenzy. A frenzy that suddenly dissolved into a series of gasping cries as Ginas orgasm overtook her.

СAh-ah y-yes, Im coming, Im coming, ah, ah no, Im there Im, there Im there Yeeeeesss! IM THEEEERRREEE!

Lieutenant Perez looked up at the panting girl and slowly pulled her glistening fingers free. She licked each on in turn making sure that Gina could see what see what she was doing, before slowly undoing the bottom button of her short, white coat. Slowly moving her legs apart, Anna kept her eyes on Ginas face she slipped one wet finger under the silk thong that cupped her own cunt sliding it into the thick, juicy wetness.

Anna stroked herself for a few moments before rising gracefully to her feet. She placed her sodden finger on Ginas lips. СGo on taste both of us She pressed, smiling in a shared secret as her finger sank into the girls mouth. СThere nowall ready to come again for me

Gina made unintelligible noises around the gag of Annas finger. СNo, no, silly girlof course I wont stop just because you want me to.

Anna stepped back and moved over to the little table with the electrical equipment on it. СThis time you can try my little electric finger Sharing a grin of complicity with the Colonel, she picked up a red plastic object. The base formed a short handgrip that tapered down into a slim, curved neck, a neck that ended in a little bulb about the size and shape of a grape and covered with small, soft rubber nodules.

Anna licked the bulbous head of the vibrator as she teased the lips of the girls cunt with the other hand. СDont try and fight it this little toy will make you climax whether you want to or not. So, get ready to come for me Gina She pressed the base of the vibrator and a fierce humming filled the chamber. Everyone could hear the young students sudden racing breaths as she braced herself for the vibrators first touch.

Anna moved the buzzing head closer and closer.


Ginas squeal ripped through the darkness as the rubber nodules finally buzzed against the soft split between her labia. The lieutenant worked the vibrating head up and down, letting the fierce vibrations sensitise the whole inner surface of her victims cunt as well as the delicate skin of her vagina. As she moved the head around, Anna knew that every touch was arousing the girl once more preparing her for that delicious moment when the vibrating nodules began to work on her clitoris bringing her unstoppably to orgasm over and over again.

СNow Gina anything else to tell the colonel before I let my little toy touch that special spot of yours? Gina shook her head violently. She felt the coolness as Anna parted the lips of her cunt Everything was a horrible nightmare but this woman was not going to get anything


This time, the cry was louder, more intense; the watchers saw the girl, pinned against the uprights like an insect on display, throw her head back as every muscle responded to that first kiss of the waspishly buzzing bulb against the little nub of flesh. Ecstasy and agony surged through Ginas body at the unbearable stimulation of a spot already so tender from her torturers scraping nails.

С No, no, noooooo. D-d-d-d-d-dont, oh dont! Ah uh uuuh Mummmfh, nooo, no yes. Yessss! Im there Im there stop! S-s-s-t-top Ive come, Ive cuuummm!

Everyone in the chamber could the heard the rhythmic chants and cries of ecstasy as Ginas body shuddered and twitched uncontrollably. The hidden watchers also saw the sudden flush of redness sweep up the strutted body of the student as her orgasm reached its peak. Lieutenant Perez moved the buzzing probe away from caressing the girls clitoris but continued to tease it across the puffed outer lips and the soft, intimate creases at the top of each thigh.

Ginas relief was short-lived.

Anna was an expert in this kind of pleasure torture and she was only waiting for the young students climax to subside a little before touching the little buzzing tormentor against Ginas clitoris once more forcing her to yet another peak and wringing another series of gasping, wailing cries from her.

In the darkness there was the sound of snuffling, heavy breathing. The sound of male excitement as the watchers listened to the cycle of arousal; pleading, frantic words, the racing breaths then the creaking of the posts and ties followed by the final screaming pleasure chant as the girl was forced to come yet again. And underneath all the noises the insistent, high-pitched buzz of the vibrator stroking and caressing that single point high within the girls open cleft.

Fifteen minutes later, as the Lieutenant brought her young victim to a fifth screaming climax, Colonel Marcos held up one finger. СGentleman, as you can see, Lieutenant Perez could easily take the girl to the point of total collapse just using the vibrator. However, we have found it much more effective to vary the treatments we apply. Now we let he get her breath back before continuing with electricity. This time Lieutenant Perez will concentrate on young Ginas cunt After all, it will be so much more sensitive after all that excitement

Gina, slumped against the posts, her chest heaving with the effort of getting her breathing back under control, scarcely listened to the Colonels quiet words. All that mattered was that the buzzing had stopped and that dreadful little bulb was not torturing her clit any longer. Anna Perez stroked the girls face, moving the sodden strands of hair away from the glazed, exhausted features of the young student.

СThere, there Gina six times. Not the record Im afraid but an excellent effort. Now we must get back to business what do you have to tell the Colonel anything, anything at all? The lieutenant waited patiently for Gina to bring herself round. The sweat-soaked young student looked into the Lieutenants hot, eager eyes as she felt her hands caressing the wet curves of her flanks. Her voice, harsh from screaming was barely a whisper

СNothing, I dont know anything. She was a friend, just a friend. We used to meet each month, all of us just to talk, to exchange ideas it was just a womans group

СAh, Gina, but thats the point isnt it who was we? The Colonel needs the names otherwise we must try the little crabs again, after all I did promise, didnt I

The girl twisted and screamed as Annas quiet words sank in. СNo names, I dont know the names, they were just friends, please, please Oh no, no, no! OH NOOOOOOOO!

Ginas pleas became a scream of anguish as she saw Anna Perez untangling the thin red wires, the wires that ended in the toothed clips that had brought such agony to her nipples half an hour before. Two gulping breaths then she screamed again as the lieutenant tickled the peaks of her red, swollen teats. СOf course these are nearly ready for me again. If I put my little crabs back here youll really feel it this time! Playfully, she touched one of the clips to the very tip of Ginas right nipple.

She left it there for a moment, enjoying the frantic noises and movements as the girl tried to avoid the touch of the little silver jaws. СBut no, not there, well, not just yet Gina I can think of somewhere that will hurt you much, much more than that Colonel Marcos smiled as he listened to the Lieutenants soft coaxing words followed by the sudden racing panting from the girl. He watched her head threshing to and fro, the mewing, panicking cries of awful realisation as Anna Perez gently parted the puffed, sticky lips of her labia.

He brushed the young students cheek as she arched forward, watching as the lieutenant spread her cunt open with her fingers. СNow, my dear youve had quite enough chances this time the Lieutenant is going to put one of those clips just inside your vagina and the other well, I expect you can guess where I want her to put the other one He paused as Gina clamped her teeth o her lower lip, half stifling a gasp of pain. СOh, did you feel that? Thats the one just up inside you wheres its all nice and wet. Yes, yes I know those teeth are sharp but the effect is so much stronger inside and we dont want it to come loose do we? Now, watch carefully you can see her placing this last one if you look down

СIh ih ihyyyyyiiiiigh!!

Colonel Marcos ignored the scream of agony as the copper jaws of the second crocodile clip bit into the swollen, abused stub of Ginas clitoris. Instead, he waited until Anna Perez had moved back to the table then leaned forwards, tugging the thin red wire to check that the clip was quite secure. He grinned suddenly as he saw Gina doing what he had suggested, craning forwards, and trying to look down over her heaving breasts at the fork of her body. Funny how they all do that, he thought, almost as though they wanted to watch their own torture

СDont worry my dear, the clips are quite secure see He traced his finger up the wire to where they could both see the end of the silver electrode jutting out from between the lips of her cunt. Casually flicking the clip to and fro with his nail he listened with amusement to the half stifled cries as the girl twitched and bucked at each movement of the jaws against the nerve rich stub of flesh.

Tiring of his sport, the colonel turned back to sit down once more on the edge of the shadow line. СAll yours, Lieutenant start on three I think then take it up very slowly. Let our foolish little friend understand the real penalty of saying СI dont remember to Colonel Marcos

Silence fell and in the darkness there was a soft creaking and shuffling the sounds of sexually aroused men craning forward to get the closest view of the young girl strapped to the torture frame before them. Moist tanned flesh spread wide, a body held open and helpless by dark stained leather straps; toned young muscles still quivering and twitching from the tortures already so lovingly applied.

In the thick, heavy atmosphere of the interrogation room, all was still apart from the girls anguished movements; her head twisting and turning ceaselessly so that limp wet strands of hair whipped to and fro, some pasted across the tear-stained cheeks. Every jerk set the heavy globes of the girls breasts swaying and bouncing, their swollen, scorched tips jiggling and flicking droplets of sweat onto the concrete floor below.

The hot, eager gaze of the watchers was fixed lower, on the painful splay of Ginas thighs, the bulging V of her mound and the soft slit of her cunt. The thin red wires curved innocuously across from the control box to the connections clamped to the young students sex; one deep in her vagina, the other wire trailing across the open slit of her cunt to where, peeping between the slippery, glistening labia, the electrode gripping her clitoris winked and glittered in the glare of the spotlights.

Lieutenant Perez lifted the control box so that Gina could see it, smiled and pressed the red button. Once again a faint low buzzing overrode the shuffling noises of the watchers. Ginas muscles jerked in spasm, rocking her against the straps and forcing her head back in an agonising arch her mouth gaping wide as the shock fizzed though her genitals. Silence, then.


Gina squealed like an animal as the blazing agony of the current surged through her. Spittle dribbled from her mouth and nose as every muscle was wrenched bar-taut by the electric shock. The lieutenants finger lifted and Gina was thrown forwards by the sudden relaxation of her muscles. No words now, just mindless babbling cries as the girl fought to drag enough air into her rasping lungs.

In the shadows Colonel Marcos flicked one finger in an unmistakable command. Ginas gasping cries were cut off instantly as Anna Perez pressed the control button once more. This time the screams of agony were overlaid by the sound of liquid splashing onto the concrete floor as Gina lost control of her bladder. СSilly girl, the Lieutenant chided as she released the switch to allow Gina to slump forwards once more. СWetting yourself only makes a better contact for the electrodes, see


For ten, interminable minutes the Lieutenant used her fiendish skill to keep Gina bucking and squealing like a demented puppet as the shocks fizzed and burned through the copper electrodes biting into the most sensitive places in the young students cunt. Each time she turned the control knob up a fraction, allowing the blazing agony of the electric current to build and build, driving the girl to the screaming edge of madness. At last Gina collapsed, her voice harsh and broken from continual screaming, her sweat-drenched body hanging limp against her bonds as unconsciousness claimed her.

СGentlemen, we will take a break for lunch at this point. With a few hours to recover and to allow the tenderness and sensitivity in her nipples and cunt to reach maximum young Gina will provide an even more exciting performance later this afternoon and perhaps Mrs Farez can join her.

Colonel Marcos gently stroked the matted blonde hair and smiled at Anna Perez over the noise of people moving in the dimness. СYes, Im sure we can find some delightful ways to persuade both of them to perform even more vigorously, he said softly


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