Prison Tales [HINES]


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The Estado Prison for Women didn’t see very many young Western women coming into its dank confines. And when they did arrive, they got more than the usual attention that regular new inmate would command. Today, it was a trio of young coeds from the States who had been unfortunately too naive to realize that those handsome male “tourists” that they had met and then traveled into the country’s interior with were not ordinary “tourists”, but instead were a group of neophyte drug-dealers. Stupid, careless and inexperienced, the men had soon gotten themselves – and their three innocent female companions – arrested and promptly marched before that stern trial judge (the one who had a particular dislike for Gringos) and sentenced to very long prison terms.

The girls’ protestations of their innocence didn’t move the judge. ‘You should be grateful that I’m only sentencing you all to 30 years’, the judge had said. And so it was that Estado Prison was welcoming three new frightened guests.

“Mmmm, this is a nice little morsel we have here, don’t you think, Sergeant? Her name’s Dorothy and she’s a filthy little Gringa drug dealer. Well, we know how to treat dirty, low-lives like her. Don’t we?”

“Si, indeed we do, Captain,” replied Sergeant Reyes as she absent-mindedly pinched one of her nipples through her blouse. ” I already have some ideas about how we should treat this one tonight.”

For another of the American inmates, the first evening at Estado was already beginning to be even more jarring than she had ever imagined it would be. Annette’s pleadings had not saved her from a long belt-flogging by Corporal Servetes. It was nothing that Annette had done – it was only a matter of Servetes’ desire to show this new Gringa her place and to immediately make plain to her that here at Estado, obedience and submission were her only choices.

Annette sore, sweaty body trembled as Corporal Servetes bent her over. With her arms bound behind her, she was helpless and completely open to his every sexual whim. And he was making his whim very clear now; the head of his big cock was pressing against her exposed pussy now.

“You’re gonna be my bitch for the rest of this evening and all through the night, you worthless cunt,” he laughed. I give you permission to cry and scream as loud as you want. This is where I bring all you bitches when I want to fuck. No one can hear anything that goes on here.”

His cock was digging its way into the depths of her pussy now; it was thick; it hurt. Annette let out a sob as Servetes hugeness pried her apart, rammed against her furthest wall….

“Uhhhhh,” the Corporal groaned as he shoved himself in all the way. ” So good…” He started fucking the girl hard right away. Soon he was settling into a rhythm, his balls now slapping against her butt cheeks. He held her tightly, held her in place so that she would take the full force of his attack. He would fuck her standing up like this for almost an hour; first cumming in her tight cunt, then cumming again in that even tighter asshole of hers. Then he would put her down on that dirty, cum-stained mattress for the rest of the night, taking everything that she had to give….

For Annette, as with her two friends, the fucking from Corporal Servetes would only signal the beginning of their ordeals at Estado Prison. There were no prisoners’ rights here. It was the guards who had all the rights and they never hesitated to exercise those rights whenever they felt the urge.

Annette’s second day at Estado Prison would serve as a lesson of what her fate would be for the rest of her days. The guards wanted to see for themselves if Gringa pussy was all that it was rumoured to be. So Annette was given the opportunity to show these brutes how much a pale American bitch would work to please them.

The other prisoners crowded to the windows of their crowded huts to watch and chuckle at the sight of that spoiled blond Gringa getting her holes battered by one swarthy guard after another out in the middle of the yard.

“Ain’t you a lucky cunt, bitch? You’ll get plenty of fuck here… Macho fuck… Feel ma prick, gringa? It’s big, uh… can’t go further, we’ll have to stretch you!”

Frannie was the prettiest of the three Americans and her beauty was well appreciated by her jailers – both male and female. Yes, they all admired Frannie’s good looks and they just couldn’t resist getting a piece of her and using her for all she was worth. Of course, there was always the big-cocked attention from Corporal Servetes, the man who seemed to be always hard and ready. But the female guards, although not quite as brutal as their male counterparts, had also developed a strong taste for the more attractive girls that they looked after (and over).

Sergeant Bonita was one of the more veteran guards at Estado. Cursed with bad looks, bad skin and a bad temperament, Bonita was one who tended to be avoided even the toughest Estado prisoners. But being a senior guard meant that she could have – and frequently did have – any girl that caught her fancy. And spotting the fair Frannie being dragged from her cell by Corporal Servetes, Bonita knew right away that this girl was definitely one she would fancy for some time.

“Hey, Servetes, what are you doing with that sweet thing?” She and the Corporal were fast friends, sharing the same sexual tendencies and often sharing the same captive girls.

“Well, I’m horny and was gonna take her downstairs to the boiler room and fuck her..”

“The hell you are! That bitch is mine! You’ll just have to wait ’till I’m done with her.”

“Ah, c’mon, Sarge! I really want to put the shaft to this one! Maybe we could share…..”

Sergeant Bonita was glad that she had agreed to share the lovely Frannie’s favors with Corporal Servetes in the privacy of her small quarters located at the rear of the prison. Not only was it fun to watch him when it was his turn, but he was also handy, helping hand. Like now, as he again held Frannie in place as Bonita prepared for yet another go at Frannie’s cunt with her trusty strap-on. From much experience, Bonita knew that fucking the girl from a straight-on angle would hit areas inside that captive cunt that would cause Frannie to suffer the most intense pain-orgasms. It was such pleasure for Bonita to not only see the agony on Frannie’s face, to feel her body twitch and jerk as the long dildo bruised her insides; it was also the enjoyment of watching Frannie’s shame after her body had experienced yet another intense spasm of pain/pleasure.

Frannie’s good looks allowed her no rest. The guards all wanted her. They wanted her – and had her all the time. They wanted to fuck her, use her, and degrade her. There was nothing that she could do to resist. She had learned the hard way that a day of being fucked was still better that a night of being hung up and whipped.

Her mouth tasted of cum from women’s pussies and men’s cocks. She was beginning to lose her pride, her hope. And her hopelessness only served to excite them more…..

“Ugggghhh……that’s it, jerk it all out, Gringa! Swallow it all! Keep looking at me! You like eating cum, don’t you, you little cunt? You want me to wash my cum down your throat with my piss, don’t you? Tell me! Beg for my piss!”

Frannie’s self-esteem was gone now. At Estado, Frannie had been nicknamed ” Fran the Whore”. She was popular now; she had been taught not only to suck cock and eat pussy, she had also been forced to become an expert at eating ass. There was nowhere that she could hide, no privacy that she could find. There was just the next hand of a guard or one of the other female prisoners grasping her arm or pulling her by her hair. Pulling her to a bed or forcing her to the bare floor. Putting her to her knees….

Freda had been a guard for some time and she had spotted the signs of potential suicide in Frannie’s manner now. But that worked to excite her more than it did to concern her. She was enthralled at the prospect of being the one who would finally strip the very last vestige of a willingness to live from this beautiful Gringa.

Freda had bribed for the rights keep Frannie for the entire weekend. She began things by subjecting Frannie to a most severe whipping, then having an night of pleasure from Frannie’s obedient lips and pussy. And now she invited one female prisoner after another, to take their turns pissing down Frannie’s throat, having her eat their assholes.

“No need to wipe your asses after taking a shit,” Freda had yelled down the hall to any guards or prisoners who could hear. “Just come on in here and let Fran the Whore lick your ass clean for you.”

The prisoner named Yolanda had been the first to take Freda up on her offer. She gave out a throaty groan as Frannie’s obedient, wet tongue started to lick her ass clean. ” God, you’re even lower than the whore that they call you. MMmmmmm…… I’ve never met anyone as nasty as you…..mmmmmmmm. Since you like it so much, why don’t you suck my asshole – I’m sure that there’s still some shit inside that you can suck out and eat, since you like it so much.

“Si, ohhhhh…. suck gently, now…I can feel it coming out…Ummmmmmmmm. I love you eating my shit, whore. I promise you that from now on, me and my girlfriends are gonna just come to you and have you swallow our turds instead of using the toilet…”

Sometimes it is more advisable for a female prisoner to forsake any kind of mental or physical resistance to her incarceration. This is especially true in the case of political prisoners. And it was even more so in the case of the four young Western aid workers who made the mistake of getting too involved in their mission in the isolated Asian country that had already viewed them with suspicion from the moment that they first arrived there. The military dictatorship that ran the impoverished country wasn’t the kind that had any sort of patience with outsiders who sought to stir things up in the name of human rights and therefore was only a matter of a very short time before the quartet of naive do-gooders were arrested. The charge was of “conspiring against the interests of the State” and the secret trial was swift and pre-ordained.

Mary, Rhonda, Patty and Denise were given life sentences and immediately brutalized upon their arrival at Pangung Prison. These were not the tougher and more experienced activists who could stand up under all the pain that was inflicted upon them or maintain their faith and optimism in facing the possibility of spending the rest of their lives locked up in the dark, dank depths of Pangung; this was all too much for them to withstand. They would not resist. It was no use. They would instead meekly submit and obey.

Denise had told her captors all they had demanded to know from her. The floggings, beatings and threats of worse to come were more than she could endure. She had betrayed the names of her contacts and their plans, she had held nothing back. Miss Li and Miss Han-Suk had done all the questioning; making Denise confess all under their expert application of punishment and abuse. These were two very experienced interrogators who enjoyed their work. Part of that enjoyment was derived from the pleasures that many of their more comely female captives were compelled to provide the both of them after they had been so thoroughly broken.

Now this sweet young political prisoner named Denise, so far removed from her Western roots, was now ready to show her new devotion to Miss Han-Suk and Miss Li. Being a political prisoner, she would not be housed with the other female inmates in the general population. No, Denise would instead be kept in a special, insolated cell to which only the Miss Li and Miss Han-Suk had a key…..

“You are very nice girl,” purred Miss Han-Suk as she gently stroked Denise’s soft but bruised skin. ” You have been bad, but now you will be good, yes? You want us treat you nice, yes?”

Denise could only mutter a soft, tearful, “Yes.”

“Good, good. We have good fun tonight, I promise. Now look at Miss Li, she all excited. She want kiss from you. You Western girl like kissing, I know. You all use tongue so good when you kiss, yes? You start kissing Miss Li now while I watch. Make me get all hot for you. Then I sit on your face and you use tongue on my pussy while Miss Li watch, yes? We play hot games all night. We teach you nasty stuff, okay? We all do nasty sex all night…..”

Rhonda had lost her last vestiges of self-worth. She no longer possessed the will to adhere to the principles which had led her and her three friends to embark upon their self-appointed humanitarian mission. Her values had been beaten out of her in the first few weeks in custody. Rhonda would do anything now to avoid the displeasure of her prison Masters and Mistresses.

The guard had let himself into Rhonda’s cell and had curtly informed her that he was going to fuck her.

“I going to teach you some respect, Western bitch,” the guard had growled at her. ” You are no – good bitch, good only for fucking. You spoiled, so I show you how to suck my cock like whore. Then I going spend night here fucking your cunt and ass. And if I not pleased with you, I will use my belt on you very hard.

I know you nothing but Western whore – so get down on knees and lick my shoes. You lick them clean to show me you are whore. Then I fuck you long time…”

The regime’s treatment of politcal prisoners was very simple: political prisoners were usually sentenced to life terms. Their presence was never acknowledged; the regime’s official explanation was that they had no knowledge of any such prisoner, that the person in question had simply disappeared.

To all intents and purposes, the four Western aid workers had simply “disappeared”. They would never be seen or have any outside contact for the rest of their lives. For the remainder of their time on earth, they would be kept in seperate cells in a seperate section of Pangung Prison. They were considered merely pieces of meat now, living meat to be used by their guards.

Miss Jung fingered herself as she watched Mary’s mouth scream and her body jerk as another one of the guards applied the white-hot brand to her buttock and arm. At the regime’s orders, all life-sentenced political prisoners would be branded with a number. Once branded, that prisoner would be referred to by that number. Mary, from this moment on, would be called “Number Seven” and she would answer to that number.

Number Seven had a fairly nice looks and a very nice body, Miss Jung noted. Guards Ji and
Chun had fucked Number Seven last night and they had good things to say concerning her compliant attitude and willingness to please. Miss Jung, a guard in the political section for over a decade, had tried out many a girl; her standards were high. She would judge for herself just how much of a pleaser Number Seven could be…

Indeed, Number Thirteen had lived up to the expectations of all the guards who had spent time with her. Number Thirteen was someone who would be kept very busy during her remaining years. The girl had shown plenty of promise. She may not have been quite as good-looking as her three companions, but what she lacked in beauty, she more than made up with by her impressive ability to do just what was needed to provide her guard or guards with the most enjoyable of orgasms. Number Thirteen, formally known as Patty, was so in demand that the guards had taken the unusual step of actually making a schedule to avoid conflicts among them concerning who would have rights to her favors.

Guard Chun laughed as he again inspected Number Thirteen’s asshole. ” It’s amazing,” he said to a leering Miss Lunaluung. ” This bitch’s asshole is still so damn tight! You’d think after all the times that me and the others have fucked this ass, it’d be stretched all to hell! But it’s still as tight as the first time that I rammed my cock in it! Look, I stretch it and it snaps tight again!”

Never let it be said that the guards were an unthinking lot. Of course, they might be somewhat strict and always sexually demanding, but that didn’t mean that they lacked interest in some of their prisoner’s special needs. Being ever alert and vigilant, they took every opportunity to demonstrate that nothing concerning their captive wards was too unimportant for them to notice and appreciate.

One such occasion was the birthday of Number Seven. Number Seven might have forgotten about her twenty – first birthday, but not her guards…..

“Happy Birthday, you foreign whore,” grunted the muscular guard Ji as he guided his cock into Number Seven’s cum-filled pussy. Number Seven was sore now; she had been servicing both the male and female guards for over six hours. They had awakened her early, the men fucking her pussy and ass; the women brutally using their fists in her.

“Uhhhhh….” Ji sighed as he jammed his dick in to the hilt. This was his third turn on her. Number Seven, on her birthday, started to weep in despair. But that didn’t matter to Ji.

“Wrap those legs around me, cunt. This time I really fuck you real hard….”

It was night again for Number Seven. The birthday celebration was finally over; she had been returned to her cell. It had been such a painful and tiring orgy that had been forced upon her, but it was finally over for her that day; they had agreed to let her rest at least until morning. She wobbled to her bed, desperate for the relief that sleep could provide her. It might had been over for her, but she could hear that the guards had not quite gotten their fill of sex yet. From down the cellblock corridor, she could hear the sound of Number Thirteen’s voice as she was being fucked.

“Oh, ohhhh, ohhhh….”

Then another sound. The cell door was opening. Miss Jung. Naked.

“You are birthday today. You lonely now,” said Miss Jung. ” I spend night here with you. Make sure you have good time….”

Miss Jung liked how Number Seven was working so hard at eating her cunt. “Don’t stop or I get angry, yes? You keep going, I almost cumming now.”

Miss Jung squirmed, adjusting her pussy to give her prisoner a better angle at her moist, swollen clit. This would be her third orgasm of the night. Number Seven’s tongue licked feverishly; she knew that Miss Jung was almost there…..She wrapped her lips around Jung’s clit and sucked. That did it for Miss Jung. The Asian woman groan loudly as her hips began to jerk madly.

“Aaaaggghhhh……!” Miss Jung pushed her pussy hard against the girl’s face now. ” Uhhhhhhh…!”

Miss Jung jammed a clinched fist hard into the girl’s cunt. With her other hand, she grabbed the girl’s clit between strong fingers, pinching and then twisting rudely. ” Don’t stop sucking my clit,” Jung warned.

Miss Jung dug her sharp nails into Number Seven’s clitoris as she pulled and twisted it.

“You like I hurt you. You want me hurt you, yes? You no good. You cheap whore. So bad, so bad you are. You bad girl, making me cum like that. I punish you now….”

At that, Miss Jung shifted again, this time to allow herself to force her fist deeper into the girl. Up to the elbow.

“Nooooo! Noooo! Oh, God! Aaaiieeeeeee!”

“You bad girl….”

Yegori Prison 1959

Yegori Prison was smaller than the other prisons because of the type of prisons that inhabited it. This was a prison exclusively reserved for female political prisoners. Here, within the high, gray stone walls and inside it’s myriad of dank, dark cellblocks, the business of interrogation and punishment of those females deemed as opponents ( or would-be opponents ) of the State was carried on in a resolute and determined manner. Outside the confines of Yegori Prison, the ordinary citizens went on with the tasks and joys of their lives, happily unaware of the rather unpleasant fates of those once-visible malcontents who had strangely disappeared suddenly from their midst. Rumor had it that those loud-mouth and troublesome agitators had most probably defected or otherwise relocated outside the country. But a few non-governmental people knew that the true situation was not so innocent….

Although the official explanation had been that 20 year-old Yelena Penza had given up on her incessant political agitating at the University and had instead opted pursue her studies overseas, the truth was that she had actually been detained and delivered to waiting hands at Yegori. In fact, one of those hands, with very strong fingers, was firmly clasping Yelena’s neck. That hand belonged to the big female guard Polina, and she used it now to squeeze Yelena’s throat just a bit harder as she lifted the girl up on her toes.

“Now I know that you’re a frisky young thing who’s used to defying authority and doing what you please, but that’s going to change – immediately. My name’s Polina. And this other wonderful lady here beside me is Sabina. We are the senior guards of this cellblock and you are now about to learn why you are going to be very, very anxious to make us happy with you. There’s no other way to put this, my pretty one – we are going to start hurting you now. I like slapping a girl silly and Sabina here enjoys using those big fist of hers. All the questions and confessions can come later; all we’re interested in now is having our fun by beating you to a pulp. It’s just our own little way of saying ‘hello’ and also showing you your place around here. But don’t worry, girl, we’re not going to disfigure that cute face of yours. You’ll heal up just fine by the time you’re ready to be assigned a permanent cell.”

“Da,” the unsmiling Sabina added in her low voice. “We like our girls to keep their good looks. To stay pretty for us. After all, it is very hard here for we guards. We need our girls to stay attractive as they comfort us….”

Nataliya had long recovered first from her beating/initiation by Sabina and Polina and then after the even more painful period of interrogation/punishment designed to extract every bit of possible information concerning her subversive activities against the State. She had given them all the information, all the secrets that she had concerning her own ‘crimes’ and those of her friends. In the end, she had begged them to let her confess to anything that they had in mind and eventually they were satisfied that she had nothing more to give them – in terms of information, that is. It had taken over a month for her to recover enough to be assigned to her small cell.

Now that Nataliya had satisfied the Authorities by giving them all the information that she had, it was now her turn to provide a different sort of satisfaction. Her good looks and now-healed and flawless body was a irresistible lure to the assortment of female guards who patrolled the halls of her cellblock. The guards were the State and the State was to be obeyed and served.

Tonight it was the swarthy guard Nelli who had come to spend the night with Nataliya. Nelli, who sucked hard and noisily on the Nataliya’s breasts while she also explored her shaven pussy; first with two fingers, then three, then four. Nelli grunted and bit down harder on Nataliya’s sore nipple in her approval at finding that pussy to still be so snug and tight around her thick fingers. Nataliya cringed and let out a small cry at the pain from the guard’s teeth sinking into her breast. Then her cries got louder , intensifying along with the increased grunting from Nelli as she had worked in all five fingers and now had closed them into a fist.

“Oh, God! Nyet! Please!!” Nataliya shrank from the pain, but she dared not resist.

“Ummmm….” The guard let out a groan of pleasure as she slowly push her big fist further into the girl. Nelli loved how the girls always screamed and begged for mercy as she burrowed and twisted deeper inside them.
And this cute blond Nataliya would shake and scream with the best of them as Nelli took her time, savoring this prisoner’s agony.

“There, there, dear. Mmmmmmm….you see, I’ve only got half my forearm in you now. You’ll love it when I’m up to my elbow…”

Since these Yegori Prison inmates had cost the State so much with all the trouble that they had caused by way of their misguided ways, it was only fair and appropriate they be required to make amends of some kind. Prisoner Yelena, now in the sixth month of her thirty-year sentence, was finally deemed as cooperate and repentant for her political sins. But that was not enough to for her to avoid being required to further atone for the errors of her ways.

Life for those who occupied the upper echelon of the State could be very demanding and stressful. Responsibility for the country’s economic and social future and the ceaseless struggle to ensure it’s security sometimes was so overwhelming that some enjoyable diversions were needed. Prisoner Yelena was now providing that diversion for Major and Missus Gurov along with a close female friend. These important visitors were frequent guests at Yegori Prison; the staff there knew of the Gurovs’ particular tastes and knew the right sort of girl that they liked to spend time with: petite, pretty and brunette. Yelena fit the bill.

They liked the tenor of Yelena’s voice as she screamed every time Missus Gurov threw the switch that sent the strong electric currents racing through the thick metal pins that had been impaled in Yelena’s breasts. They like how her trim form thrashed in it’s spasms as the jolts traveled to every inch of her body. This fun would last for a couple of hours before they would finally relent and take her over to the bed in order to watch her body move in a much different way as Major Gurov abuse all her openings with his cock.

In Cellblock No. 5, Guard Titiana had decided to celebrate her birthday at the Prison. After all, the place did offer some amenities that would be very popular with the friends that she had invited from her old army unit. Those friends were a crude, rough and hard-drinking sort; just the type to really appreciate the sort of birthday entertainment that she had in mind for them. She chose with great care the two female prisoners allotted to her for her party. They had to be ones who would appeal to her guests.

The party was one of which the guard Titiana could be proud. Her invited guests stayed throughout the night, thoroughly enjoying the vodka and having a fine time indulging themselves with the two prison girls that Titiana has so thoughtfully supplied. The prisoners provided great entertainment moments with their sucking, fucking and suffering.

At night, when the majority of the Prison staff and guard contingent went home, there was another presence that the female prisoners would have to deal with; a presence that an outsider would surely overlook. The old Babuskas came to the prison at night to sweep, mop and dust away at the various human debris that any prison like Yegori tends to accumulate during the day. The old women were ususally without men in their lives – and here, away from eyes and awareness of outsiders, the prettiest girl captives were tempting morsels who awoke long-forgotten stirrings between old legs and caused the nipples of sagging breasts to harden.

There was also the matter that most of the Babuskas who worked in the Prison had gotten those jobs because they were related in some way to a guard or staff member. Therefore, no matter how repulsed an inmate might be by the prospect of servicing the rancid old pussy of one of these elderly women, she dared not refuse one of them. Such a refusal carried the real possibility of some extremely unpleasant , perhaps fatal consequences.

Sveta sometimes liked to enliven her guard night duties by providing herself with a little amusement now and then. Tonight she chuckled as she watched the fat babuska named Galya introduce herself to one of the new prisoners while the other old ladies also looked on with very interested eyes. It was especially amusing to watch because that prisoner was the 18 year-old daughter of a banned and now-imprisoned leader of the underground Church that had caused the State some level of discomfort before being infiltrated and broken up. Now that pious trouble-maker’s beautiful daughter cried as her pretty mouth was invaded by the Galya’s thick tongue. The girl knew that she had no choice but to cooperate by kissing the old woman back. She desperately tried to keep herself from retching as Galya foul saliva pushed into her mouth, so much of it delivered on that old tongue as it thrashed itself at the back of the girl’s throat.

Galya’s big hand now dug impatiently at the girl’s pussy. “You pretty little deviant! You’re not only traitor but you’re also such a shameless bitch, aren’t you? Well, I’m going to enjoy having you eat this old pussy of mine until I get tired of it. Now spread that cunt wide so I can get all my fingers in there! Now give me so more of that good kissing that you do so well, bitch!”

The other old women were fidgeting now, enjoying the show before moving to the second prisoner and putting her into service….

Such was life at Yegori that it was understood that these female political prisoners could only guarantee their right to live by totally surrendering all their own will and self-esteem to anyone who demanded of them. There was only the fact that any non-prisoner, not matter how lowly their position, having full and complete rights to the body and service of any prisoner. The State had decreed these prisoners as being unworthy of being able to make any decision of their own. They could only survive by doing as they were told, without hesitance and without question.

Prisoner Raisa had been a willful and defiant university professor before her refusals to confine her teachings to official policies finally brought her to Yegori Prison. It’s a wonder what a year of prison ‘reeducation’ can do to thoroughly tame a once-difficult mind. Raisa was not that same careless, antisocial creature who had caused everyone so much trouble. Now there was nothing demanded of her that that she would not immediately try her very best to fulfill. She was now so eager to please and serve…

At this moment, Raisa was again exhibiting her sincerity by eagerly using her servile lips and tongue to bring an old babuska named Olgana closer to her deserved orgasm as yet another elder cleaning lady observed, waiting for her turn.

“Uhhhh….This one is the dirty whore that they say she is! The bitch can’t get enough of this old cunt of mine! She’s such a whore that I think I’m going pee down her throat when I start cumming. Saves me the trouble of hurrying out to the toilet!”

19- The rebellion and revolution that erupted so suddenly in the tiny African nation of Tibashi was the result of more than 50 years of harsh and unfair rule by it’s French Colonial masters over it’s black African majority. That rebellion was also over just as quickly; within a matter of days, the small ruling elite of white army officers, settlers and administrators had been brutally overwhelmed by a combination of mutinous African soldiers and a groundswell of composed of nearly all sectors of the nation’s general black population. The fate of the French males was sealed, of course; their bodies were now rotting where they had fallen. But their womenfolk were spared. Many of these French women were now being regularly raped and abused or sold into slavery.

The more comely-looking wives and adult daughters of the former French Colonial army officers and ranking administrators were spared the more severe fates being imposed on the majority of the white female victims at the hands of a vengeful African populace. These women might have value as possible bargaining chips against any re-invasion by the nation’s ousted French rulers. To this end, this group of women were taken and incarcerated at the old Obutu Women’s Prison in order that they be readily available if the situation ever arose in which they could be useful.

In the meantime, their African guards were making sure that these French captives were made useful in more immediate ways. Nothing like a pair of pampered European lips moving tightly over a long, thick African cock to help deal with all the heat and stress. Michelle was the first girl pressed into cocksucking duty. Her black guard gave her the choice of swallowing his huge meat or being taken down into the caverns below and being beaten and hung up by her thumbs. Frightened and intimidated, Michelle parted her lips to accept the large shaft of her guard. She would be a quick learner and before too long, she would be managing to take all those black cocks being shoved to the back of her delicate pale throat; obediently gulping down those thick sperm loads..

The prison’s resident population of African women had heard of the arrival of all those French hostages and they were quite anxious to meet them and get to know them better. “When are you going to put those white devil bitches in with the rest of us? It’s not fair that you stupid men get to keep them to yourselves and have all the faun,” was the common refrain. ” Let us have our time with them so that we can show them that it is we black women who run things here. Give them to us and we’ll have them crawling like dogs before we’re through with them….”

The guards were not selfish men, nor without understanding. They knew that their African women would be natural trainers for the French female hostages. Putting the white captives in with the ordinary African female prisoners would not only provide much entertainment but also serve to help break them of any residual haughtiness or imperial spirit. After all, the black prisoners were comprised of many hard and desperate women; thieves, drunks, troublemakers and even murderers. In the humid, sweltering and crowded confines of Obutu Prison, there was little use for clothing or mercy. There was only time for fighting or sex. And once the guards had enjoyed their first days and nights of the most intense and delightful fuckings of their French prisoners, it was into the teeming cellblocks that they happily delivered their cowed and traumatized ‘gifts’.

Sergeant Huuto had taken just fucked white Joilette against the wall right outside the cellblock into which he was now assigning her. ” Here, you’ll like this pretty Frenchie. She’s been a really nice piece of ass over the last couple of days. Remember, my sisters: You’re free to use them all you want and in any way that you want. Only thing is that none of them is to be injured in any way! If one of them doesn’t cooperate, tell me and me and my men will take care of any punishment. Any harm comes to them and we’re going to take a dozen of you and hang you from the prison walls!”

“You needn’t worry, Sergeant,” one black prisoner known as ‘Teta’ assured the guard as she reached for Joilette. ” We will take very good care of these foreigners, you can be sure. See how that other white bitch is already doing such a nice job over there? Only a few hours and she’s learned so much!”

Teta pulled the trembling Joilette to her and began leading her toward the thin, dirty mat in the far corner of the cell. “Come now, girl. You haven’t had a chance to eat African pussy before, have you? Well, I’m sure that you’re going to do just fine, just like your little friend over there…..”

Dibiti’s guard duties were primarily the late-night shift but he was not complaining. Generally, there was not too much to do or be concerned about. Perhaps the occasional fight steaming between two African prison dykes over whose turn it was next with a white girl or over how much time each of them spent with her. Otherwise, to Dibiti way of thinking, everything was perfect.

As a guard, Dibiti had the right to fuck any female prisoner when he wished. And more and more, he was spending a lot of his shift hours jamming his cock in the cute redheaded French gal who had caught his attention upon her arrival. He was attracted by that strange hair color at first, but now he had grown enamored with her tight, shallow cunt and the way that it hugged his shaft and also how he only had to ram half of his cock in before it started hitting against the back of her pussy wall. He liked how she squirmed painfully and sobbed beneath him at first, pleading that she couldn’t take all of him. She couldn’t at first, but his frequent assaults were beginning to stretch her; now he was plunging three-quarters of his cock in her pale pussy…….

As promised, Sergeant Huuto did have to administer some harsh discipline to a French hostage. The schoolteacher Marie had rebelled at having to lick and suck an African bitch’s asshole. She had forced herself to accept having to eat one black cunt after another throughout the days and nights. To Marie, it seemed as though the demand for her mouth and lips would never cease. Sometimes she licked as many as four black pussies in an hour. And as soon as one African bitch as satisfied, there was another ready for her turn. Marie’s lips and tongue were raw and sore from constant use. Finally, one particular elderly African dyke named Nagi had spread her buttocks and demanded that Marie “eat my ass and taste my shit!” At that, Marie rebelled, refusing to indulge in this ultimate act of degradation.

Marie’s punishment was a bit more severe than originally planned, but she had brought that upon herself by refusing to cooperate even in the face of Sergeant Huuto’s very stern and heavy ship. She had experienced a quick change of mind, however, when the Sergeant directed for sharpened metal rods to be driven through her thighs. It would require months for Marie to heal but it was a lesson well learned and never forgotten….

When Marie had partially recovered from her attitude-adjustment at the hands of Sergeant Huuto, she was returned to her old cellblock, there to be greeted back by all those black ladies who her tongue had gotten to know so well. They met her as she stepped inside the big cell and immediately began to walk her to the rear.

“We have all been looking forward to your return, whore,” chuckled one prisoner. ” We know that you have learned your lesson and now want to show us that you have decided to be good from now on. Do you remember Nagi? You hurt her feelings when you refused to eat her ass. You will show her that you are sorry and you want to make it right for her.”

Marie’s heart sank as the African women began to escort her back in to the interior of the cell. She knew that she would soon be forced to her knees to begin her first experience at rimming another woman’s asshole. She knew that soon, the little pride and self-respect that she still retained would be gone.

“After you eat Nagi’s ass, you will do the same for us, won’t you? We know you learn to like it, since all you European girls are no better than dogs, anyway. I know we will enjoy all your efforts…..”

Nagi was waiting for Maria. With a word, the older African woman turned and bent over, pulling her cheeks wide to expose her neglected anus.

“Go and kneel,” ordered another prisoner. Our Nagi’s asshole is ready for that cute tongue of yours. Don’t make her wait, show her how sorry you are and how much you want her to forgive you.”

And Marie obeyed, she had no choice but to obey. Nagi’s puckered anus at first resisted Marie’s tongue, but then relented and slowly allowed entry. Fighting back her tears and the urge to retch, Marie strained to shove her tongue ass deep as possible inside Nagi’s ass. “Mmmm….Uhhhhh,” the black woman grunted at the wet sensation in her behind and started to gently gyrate her hips in a rhythm. “Deeper, deeper……Unnn…”

Nagi was very pleased with the effort that Marie had put into sucking her asshole. Say what they may about white girls, they really did a good job once they put their minds ( and tongues) to it, she thought to herself. She would have had the girl take another tongue-journey up her behind, but she could plainly see that as watching the girl’s first venture into analingus, that the other ladies were anxious to have their asshole thrilled in the same way. But the night was just beginning, Nagi thought. She’d get at least one more turn tonight and there would be so many more days and nights….

“You’ve been a very good girl this time. It was worth waiting for you. I know that it will take you some time to get used to the taste of an asshole, but I promise I will help you by giving you plenty of practice. You want that, don’t you? Here, before you service the others, put your head back and open your mouth wide. I have to pee now.”

Marie stretched her lips open as Nagi squatted close and directed a steady stream of her piss into her mouth. Strong-tasting piss that mingled with and then washed down the more musky favors from the interior of Nagi’s rectum.

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