Mama’s Slave Ring [HINES]


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Big Mama Lyte was a very good businesswoman. And a very ruthless one. Her inner-city whorehouse operation was long-established and well-protected by the use of violence and bribery to the city’s highest officials. Mama oversaw every detail of her organization’s daily routine and everything had to meet with her personal approval.

The procuring of new female flesh for her business was an ongoing matter and she used her crime connections to import unwilling attractive slavegirls from all of the world. She insisted on personally meeting and interviewing each new captive before assigning her to a particular whorehouse duty. Each girl would be immediately judged by her attitude and aptitude as she was put to her knees and put to work eating Mama’s experienced black pussy and clit. This was an exhausting routine for Mama, as it usually resulting in her having to endure as many as a dozen orgasms in a single day. Yes, it was hard work for her – but someone had to do it.

Mama was assisted by her gang of ruthless henchmen, all whom ere extremely loyal, well-organized and disciplined. Other gangs and organizations had learned to hard way that it was not a good idea to try and intrude upon Mam’s business. Mama paid them well and also made sure that they had plenty of opportunity
to enjoy the perks of their trade, one of which was being in charge of sexually breaking-in many of the young ladies who were destined to serve as fuck-whores. After enduring the hard and relentless abuse of their holes by
those big cocks down in the basement, being put to work servicing Mama’s regular clientele would almost be a relief.

Mama’s younger sister, Elisa, served as her tusted assistant and bookkeeper. Elisa took a special interest in overseeing the slaves who were chosen to specialize in servicing Mama’s large number of female customers, who ranged from the lowest to the highest rungs of society. These customers demanded a lot of effort and pleasure from a slave, so one of Elisa’s responsilities was a girl’s sexual training.

Usually assisted by the longtime girlfriend, Managa, Elisa would spend an entire night with each chosen slavegirl, teaching her and preparing her for her duties. Many of the women who would be using Mama’s girls would be merely demanding good sex and satisfaction – while others would be coming for the pleasures derived from the giving of pain and abuse. And a good number of ladies would be demanding a combination of the two. No worry, though – Elisa and Managa would be teaching the girl how to it would be. All of it.

One of Mama’s long-time female customers was Miss Martha, a big, powerful woman who oversaw a gambling house located not far from Mam’s base of operations. Miss Martha usually reserved a slave for a session at the end of the month in order to work off the built-up stresses that resulted from the past weeks of her business dealings. She could afford to pay the higher prices for her time with a slavegirl, a higher price that was always the result of the fact that Miss Martha’s girl was usually dead or would bear deep scars and markings from Miss Marth’s short wooden cane.

Miss Martha really enjoyed the screams, the begging and the tears that her full-strength whippings always brought out. The poor slavegirl’s cries would fill the small basement cell, the loud sounds bouncing off the walls, thrilling Miss Martha and spurring her to even heavier efforts. This was how Miss Martha achieved her orgasms. After the first half-hour of beating, her large body would begin to shake and tremble in spasms of pleasure while her continued blows would be causing her victim’s young body to spasm in overwhelming agonies.

Not all of the customers insisted on the harder elements of sexual service. Some indeed came merely for the pleasure that came from fucking a submissive and cooperative shaven pussy or the satisfying release that came from compliant mouths that massaged their swollen cocks and milked every ounce of cum out of their balls.

Some of Mama’s customers came not to spend time with her girls, but instead came to buy them. These people usually preferred to keep their slaves at home; some came to purchase an additional girl for their own whorehouses or add to their existing stable of street prostitutes. Whatever their needs or motivations, they formed a steady and reliable side market for Mama and she made it a point to inform them concerning any arrivals of new captive cuntmeat that they might be interested in. Mama preferred to have her prospective buyers do their inspections in the mid-morning hours in order to have the time to more accurately record the transactions in her books and make any needed adjustments in the supply of girls for the regular customers.

Marie was originally destined to serve upstairs in Mama’s “Anal Room”, but one of the more important customers liked her rather virginal looks and had arranged to buy her instead. Part of the deal was that Marie be properly trained and ready, mentally, for her new personal duties. Of course, Mama’s staff would have her completely adjusted within a few weeks, then another two weeks for her markings and bruises to fade before her new owner returned to retrieve her.

One of the Orgy Rooms – “O No. 2″ – was located downstairs. Here the girls serviced the working-class clientele who tended to like their action hard and basic. No frills in this room, just relentless fucking and whipping and a lot of sperm; inside cunts, throats and assholes; on the floor; even some splattered on the walls.

At Mama’s brothel, one of the more interesting facets of the operation was the bringing together of different cultures; slavegirls and clients who often hailed from opposite ends of the social spectrum. With few exceptions, the preferred captives were white females snatched from their middle and upper class environments. And almost half of the brothel’s customers, both male and female, consisted of black and brown members from the city’s ghettos and barrios; hard-working citizens who badly needed the kind of full and complete sexual/sado release that Mama’s beautiful girls would surely give them.

Maurice and his wife, Nolene, for example were steady customers. Maurice was one of the city’s more established gangsters, his woman Nolene oversaw a vast drug ring and dealt daily with pimps, streetwalkers and other members of the street’s sleazy underclass. When they arrived at the brothel, they both needed to work off quite a bit of pent-up energy and workday stress and they wanted to do it their way. Nolene was a strong, mean woman who liked to do some asskicking on whatever unfortunate girl was provided for them before settling down for long night of forceful sex. Maurice enjoyed watching the show as his wife went about her routine of hard slapping and punching her girl to really show who was boss and who was just a piece of pussyeating, ass-eating meat.

In this case, it was a 20 year-old, former upper-class college student who now, battered and bleeding, trembled visibly as she dutifully began sucking on Nolenes’s big tits while the big woman enjoyed sternly telling her what would be cumming in the rest of their session.

” Mmmmmm…Ooooo….Yeah, keep on suckin’ that nipple, cunt – I’ll tell ya when to stop. You enjoyin’ the show, Maurice? Gal, you better not let up on my tit, if you know what’s good for ya. I’m one of those ladies who can cum by havin’ her tits suckled for a long time. Then I’m gonna go back to beatin’ on ya for a while. After that you are gonna thank me by tonguing out my pussy, then tonguing out my ass before I make ya eat my shit… yeah, you my bitch for the rest of tonight.”

But sometimes, if Maurice got bored or impatient to take car of his won needs, he would leave Nolene to her joys and choose another girl for himself. Maurice liked the more petite slaves who had smaller cunts that he would stretch and abuse with his long, oversized cock. He also liked the look of the girl’s face when she first saw his menacing presence and immediately realized that this night would be an ordeal. Tonight, it was a girl named Karen, short, trim and a delicious 18. Her fearful tears and her cowering nature in the face of Maurice’s stern lust only made him more determined to show her every bit of the magnitude of his sexual powers.

“C’mere and give your Maurice some sweet kissin’ so that his dick gets hard! Ain’t no need to do any cocksuckin’ with Maurice, girl. Maurice is just gonna go ’bout FUCKIN’ ya all night. You are gonna be screamin’ – but that’s all right, they all do when my cock starts it’s work! Hmmm, you know how to kiss good – put your hand on my dick and see how you’re gettin’ it all swollen up. Look, you can’t even wrap your fingers ’round it, you got it so big. Yeah, Maurice is gonna show how long and how hard a fuck can be! I promise that you ain’t gonna ever forget Maurice!”

And Karen, even in her last days, would never forget….

Although Mama’s more upscale and monied clientele may not have been as sexually adept as her ‘street’ – oriented customers, but they were ever bit as demanding and intent on enjoying the full extent of what their slavesluts had to offer them. These users were more apt to experiment with the many different aspects of sexuality and sensual torment. But in the end, so to speak, their slaves found themselves obligated to give their bodies and their minds as totally to these demanding members just as much as they did to those from the lower stratas of society. A cock is a cock and belting was just as painful when applied by a barrister as by a pimp.

But Mama’s slavecunts were always in demand – and in use – because they always gave Mama’s many customers exactly what they wanted. Ol’ Zeke, for example, liked in remain standing while he indulged in his passion for ass-fucking. This position allowed him to more leverage, allowed him to put the added momentum of his bodyweight behind his forward thrusts. As a result, his deep and powerful ramming served to practically wreck the asshhole of whatever slave he was using. Zeke usually was charged a twenty percent add-on to the normal fee in light of the fact that the slave would most likely need almost a week to recover from his anal assaults.

Mama had devised a special elevated sitting stand designed to offer the slave’s ass more readily to Zeke’s standing position. Tonight Mama given him the use of a special girl on whom to practice his destructive instincts. Annette had been one of those rare girls who lacked the good sense to accept her new slavewhore status. Zeke would not be charged extra for her use; to the contrary, he had been informed that his rate for this bitch also included the right to come back for more of her ass for the next five days in a row – at no further charge. Too late did Annette realize her mistake in judgment. Too late to avoid the prospect of literally being fucked to death. If she survived Zeke’s relentless attentions, she would most likely be sold to one of the area’s lower-echelon street pimps to end her days as a crack-addicted junkie whore working 18 hours days in the back alleys of the red-light district.

And now Annette was wincing at the sharp pain from Zeke’s hard cock as he slowly – but rudely – pressed it against her pucker.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Zeke groaned as his swollen cockhead barged it’s way past her outer anal wall and into her inner rectum. ” So good. So tight……”

Annette’s gurgled moans of agony found their way past her ring gag. Her world was now so far removed from her diamonds and country clubs. Her haughtiness was just a memory. Her life now would be of ghetto dicks and ghetto semen.

“You make so good sounds, baby. You sure do turn me on.”

His balls were now slapping against her buttocks as he started to settle into a rhythm. Deep. Relentless…..

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