DOOMED [Quoom]


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Part 1: The Birth of a Vampire

Trembling from cold and fear Catherine watched the mob that had brought her here in the forest. She knew all of them – citizens of the small town, where she was living with her parents, who were away for some weeks for business. And in this icy night they had kidnapped her from the mansion, and brought her here. Why? She didn’t know it yet. Was it a bad joke? Or just a nightmare and she would wake up in some moments laughing about herself?

“Your damned lover has escaped – not without killing half a dozen of us, you damned whore. But you will pay for him!”

“Lover? I don’t have a…”

“Don’t tell fairytales,” his rough hand pressed her face painfully. “We have seen how he visited you often enough. To good for us, the Lady, but the devil she wants to fuck, hmm?”

“You mean Jean?” She still was confused and felt her heartbeat thinking at this attractive and charming stranger who she met some weeks ago the first time. Indeed he was something else than those stupid and rude fellows here in the small town. “We only talked and…”

“Shut up, bitch, now you will talk with the whip first.” Before she realized his words, the thin garment of her nightgown was torn at the back and moments later the lashes hit her bare skin with cruel force. The shock of pain run from her spine through all of her body and seemed to paralyze even her voice. Catherine has never been beaten before and a gentle fate helped her to avoid any disease and any accident, so she couldn’t remember any painful experience in her life, until this moment, when the cruel lashes shredded the soft skin of her back.

She heard herself scream and yell, pleading and beseeching, begging for mercy, but the lash hit her until she hang limb in her bounds, sobbing and even to weak to move the toes away from the icy snow. The burning heat from her ravaged back even felt worse compared with the cold elsewhere, and through veils of tears she saw the angry and greedy faces, without understanding what they were saying.

She felt how her she head an chest was bent backwards as far as the chains and ropes allowed that hold her straight, and then suddenly a new pain awaked her, a pain that made her forget the whipping at once, that raised from her chest with the smell of burnt flesh and skin, as the branding iron was pressed there for some endless moments.


Posted November 1st, 2004

Shall we give her a good last fuck? The devil shouldn’t be the only man in her life!”

Her nightgown was torn further, lips pressed on hers, she was too weak and terrified to avoid the greedy tongue between her lips, and with the sudden cruel push from behind she was impaled, the humiliation even worse than the pain, gave even back her voice, made her scream again loudly and she pulled in vain at the heavy iron shackles that hold her firmly in position.

“Hey, she really was a virgin, the devil must be impotent.”

“Not at all, the devil prefers the other hole here.” Paralyzed in terror and shame Catherine felt fingers examining her anus, quickly followed by a hard penis, that seemed to split her in pieces. She shrieked out like a wounded animal, but couldn’t do anything to avoid this further even worse humiliation, not this one, and not the countless following abuses.

When they were done with her she was more dead than alive, didn’t notice how they brought straw and branches and placed it around the wooden frame.

The heat of the torch brought her back, that was hold near enough to her abused body, that the flames flickered painfully over her skin trembling and almost blue from the cold.

“Time to go to hell now, devil’s whore… there you can wait for your lover who will follow you soon.”

“NO… NOT… YOU CANNOT…” Her begging ended in a howling shrieking when he set the straw on fire, when the flames slowly rose up and licked at her skin with the flesh eating heat. She shrieked and yelled, as her legs were burnt from feet upwards to her hip, the wet wood didn’t allow higher flames, but fortunately for her at least it produced at lot of smoke, enough to make her glide into the darkness after a rather short time…

… but this was not the end, it was the beginning. Catherine died in this night, but she was reborn as Selena. She remembered as it would have been yesterday, when she woke up, bathed in pain, looking upwards in the eyes of Jean. Out of the corners of her eyes she saw some corpses lying in shimmering blood.

“I didn’t want to do this to you, but now I have to take your life to safe it,” the man whispered, before he kissed softly her neck. A sharp pain there, then she fainted again, and when she woke up the next time, she was fully healed, and filled with new, inhuman forces and powers, she has become a creature of the night.

Slowly Selena woke up finally, the feeling of cold steel at her ankles wrists she followed her from the nightmare that was indeed a never forgotten memory. She groaned and pulled at the chains, ignoring the pain in arms and neck that told her, that she was hanging here certainly for several hours already. But the chains and shackles easily resisted her efforts. Whoever they were, her captors obviously knew too well what was in need to keep a creature of her kind in caught. Who had caught her and what they did have in mind?

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