Kidnapped [HINES]


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Sheryl and sister Marilynn had finally reached the end of the crime organization’s white -slavery pipeline. The pipeline’s activity began in the States, where targeted females were first kidnapped and broken over a few months of time. Then, when deemed ready for sale, the unfortunate captives were put bound and gagged into special holding cells on cargo ships destined for South America. It was here in the tiny, isolated village of Yataben that the crime cartel sent it’s slaves to be put up for auction. The villagers of Yataben had no problem with this rather unsavory business that went on around them; the cartel made sure that the long – neglected citizens of Yataben were well rewarded for their taciturn cooperation in the form of money, food and electricity – things that were otherwise in short supply in this section of the world.

So it was here in the small, dusty little back-jungle village of Yataben that Sheryl and Marilynn would spend their last period of time in custody of their captors. Within a matter of a few days – or even a few hours – both of them would have been sold to new owners and then re-shipped to whatever final destination and fate that awaited them.

“Well, she’s a bit overpriced, don’t you think?” The bulky, tattooed female representative who bought slaves on behalf of Central American crime group was always brash and fishing for a bargain. “I mean, she’s pretty and all that, but….”

But the auctioneer knew her and knew his product. “This price is the lowest you’re going to get on this one, so don’t waste my time. If you don’t want to buy her fine, but you and I both know that she’ll bring in at least a third more money when the auction starts. But, tell ya what – I will consider giving you a slight discount if you buy both her and her sister…”

Pedro probed and squeezed slave Marilynn’s tender flesh with his brutish hands. He loved his job. So many pretty Euro and Yankee girls to be gathered and prepared for transporting to his bosses back in Central America. He liked it that his superiors always preferred to purchase blondes. Blondes always brought top rates for their services in the brothels that catered to the area’s Westernized social elite and in all the other venues of the sex trade. The forced-porn producers, the sex shows, the bdsm dens; all of them wanted blondes. Beautiful, foreign blondes. And except for a few cases, Pedro and his crew were free to fuck them all when they were under his control. This tall Americano bitch and her sister would be just the thing to help occupy the night. All together, there were almost a dozen slavegirls here who would be getting packed tomorrow in the big, guarded truck that would deliver them to their owners.

But until then, Pedro and Company would have such a grand time…

“This one’s mine,” Pedro warned a compatriot who had the same intent. “I get her first, then you guys can have your turn with her after I’m done.

If there was one thing besides thuggery that Pedro was good at, it was rape. He knew how to fuck a bitch in the most unpleasant of ways, to make it a very agonizing and humiliating experience for them. Even though Pedro had quite an oversized cock, he disdained the mere pounding of a slavegirl’s pusssy and ass. Instead, Pedro used his dick almost like a weapon when he rode his victim; deliberately aiming for the most tender spots, changing the angle of his slamming to cause the most discomfort. He liked to hear them beg him to please stop or to please not be so rough. Loved it when a slave winced as his cock again bullied it’s way against her fucked-raw insides.

As Pedro looked at it, he was doing the slaves a service by giving them some idea of what the rest of their lives would probably be like. Si, he was indeed doing them all a big favor. After all, after having to take the punishing fucks that Pedro gave them, those girls would better appreciate the smaller cocks that they would be entertaining when they were put to work. At least, that’s how Pedro thought about it…

Pedro held slave Sheryl firmly in place as he forced his dick in her ass. Sheryl whimpered from the pain as her tormentor pushed his thick shaft deeper into her.

“Be still and take it like the little bitch that you are ‘cause bitches like it up their crap-holes…. yeah… better get used to it… you sure gonna get plenty of it… I bet the old bastard who’s gonna buy you loves stuffing it into your tight shit-hole too… yeah… he sure gonna love the sexy way you cry…” Pedro grunted in her ear.

Marcy had been kidnapped from outside her office at the end of her workday. The following weeks had been full of cruel treatment and confusion. At no time was she able to know where she was and who was doing all this to her and the other kidnapped slaves who accompanied her. All she knew was of the painful whippings, the shouted orders and the forced sex. There was the dark interior of the cargo ship, the strange little village someplace in South America and now this run-down house somewhere in a foreign city. She had now idea where she was and she now knew better than to inquire in the least bit about it. Yes, there were the sounds of urban traffic and city noise that penetrated from outside, but what city? And worse yet, Marcy had the distinct impression that this would not be the final stop for her and the other white girls who had been taken with her. Somehow, she knew that their final destination would be a worse place.

But now Marcy’s thoughts were rudely interrupted by another of the guards who was readying himself for his turn at her. All her holes were sore and sloshing with the mixed cum of the men who had already fucked her. Marcy now knew that none of these Masters would be gentle or care about how much it hurt when they raped her.

She had no choice but to obey and grit her teeth as she would once again be assaulted long and hard on the filth, stained mattress in the corner of the room.

This guard was one of the younger ones; virile and eager for some more slave pussy. He understood English and ordered Marcy look him in the eyes as she told him what a big cock he had and how much she wanted him to fuck her like the whore that she was. His dick hardened and swelled in Marcy’s hands as she did as she was told.

When the latest shipment of new slaves reached it’s final destination, there would be little time wasted in getting each of them thoroughly orientated in their new surroundings and indoctrinated in the ways of white slavery. The crime cartel’s bosses might have been rough, cruel men but they were also smart businessmen. They had no interest in hurting their white slavegirls; no, those girls were a valuable product and as long as they did as they were told, there would be little physical abuse. This, of course, did not extend to those slaves who would be chosen to serve in the cartel’s very established underground network of bdsm clubs and porn video production – the girls who picked out for those ‘entertainment venues’ tended not to last very long. However, as far as the cartel’s booming business of brothels and whorehouses was concerned, three-quarters of the white slaves usually were reserved for service in the special brothels that catered to the upperclass. The elite and powerful tended to prefer white Western girls for sexual use. “Don’t give me anything with black or brown skin, ” they would say. ” I want to fuck white pussy!”

The new slaves would be first entrusted into the care of a trusted group of seasoned local whores for indoctrination into the proper mental state for their new lives. These whores had worked for the cartel for a long time as ordinary street prostitutes and whorehouse workers; they had long since proven their worth and loyalty. There was no one qualified than they to ‘educate’ the slaves in the ways of obedience and humility and make sure their assigned slavegirls stayed that way. For the whores, it was nice work keeping those white gals in line….

Estella believed this slave would be one of her best charges. She and her girlfriend Miranda oversaw an assigned ‘harem’ of six white slaves who lived under their control when not servicing clients. Always alert for the slightest signs of willfulness or resistance, she was very pleased with this petite slave’s obedience and desire to satisfy.

“Si, you’re such a good little puta, aren’t you? You are quick to learn the proper ways of respect to those above you and how to show it.” Fingering her ass, Estella shifted her big ass so that her assigned slave could kiss it. “You see, you knew just what I wanted! Ahhhhhhh, such nice lips on that pretty face….”

Of course there would be instances in which a slavegirl exhibited some kind of behavior which was judged to be unacceptable to her overseer. In those cases, the whore overseer would move to quickly correct the situation and show the slave the errors of her ways. This was the case with the white slave Yvette. Yvette had been so ungrateful when whore Teresa had informed her that since Yvette had been granted a week off from any work due to the last-minute cancellation of an expected client, that Yvette somehow must be at fault. Yvette must be spanked for her failure, Teresa had declared – even though Yvette had never met or talked to this particular client.

“No, please, Senora! It’s not my fault,” Yvette had protested.

Teresa had been incensed at the slave’s daring to contradict anything that had been said to her! It was not important that the situation was not really Yvette’s fault – it was only important that Teresa had said it was her fault! Such a lack of respect would not be tolerated. Instead of a couple dozen spanks, Yvette would now endure a session of hard whipping by Teresa and her partner.

Yvette had been so contrite and had cried and screamed so loudly as Teresa and girlfriend Nada corrected her way of thinking….

Yvette’s ‘bad’ behavior had been whipped out of her and now she was the sweet bitch of slave that her black Mistresses expected her to be.

“Thank you for hurting me, Senora Teresa,” Yvette sobbed. ” I deserved it and promise never to do it again.”

Teresa was pleased. “And you want me to whip you some more, don’t you? Later, when I feel like it. You want that, don’t you?”

“Yes, anything to make you happy. Please hurt me more….”

“Oh, my sweet girl,” Teresa sighed as she brought her mouth down hard against Yvette’s, her thick tongue probing the slave’s throat…..

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