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Welcome to The Institute

“Now, now miss Bracket,” said Dr. Gunther, as he began to remove the clothes from Coleen’s young body, “you did sign the waiver allowing us to conduct experiments on you.”

Coleen Bracket had been told that a new make-up product was going into the human testing phase and that there was good money to be made. She was a little wary but needed money badly to pay her rent. Now in the waiting room of a run down office-building on the bad side of town, Coleen found that the “experiments” were not about make-up at all.

“The limits of pain and humiliation that a woman can withstand before she breaks and goes insane,” Doctor said, “that is what we are studying here.”

With a ripping ripping sound, Coleen’s clothes were roughly torn from her body and soon lay in tatters around her on the floor. She heard a scream come from another room followed by a woman’s voice begging and pleading.

Seconds later, wearing nothing but tears, Coleen was thrown to the floor with the Doctor on top of her.

She landed on her stomach; her forehead bouncing painfully off the cold concrete floor. Zip-ties wrapped around her wrists and tightened painfully.

Through her haze of pain and terror, Coleen could now hear more feminine screams. Four, maybe five other women whose experiments were now fully underway.

The Doctor dry humped her ass through his pants. She could feel his throbbing hard-on pressing between her firm buttocks.

“Plenty of time I’ll spend with you Miss Bracket. Your body belongs to the institute now, and the institute belongs to me!”

The Doctor grabbed her by her left nipple and, pinching hard enough to make her yelp, pulled her out of the room and down the hallway. Each door they passed was in use. Weeping, pleading, shrieks of pain were very audible as Coleen was brought to her own room. Two other women, dressed like nurses in white latex stood waiting.

“Here is our latest volunteer ladies,” he said to the nurses, “shave her down, spread her open and make her ready for electroshock. I’m gonna make this cunt sing!”

Rebecca & Formula 917

Rebecca, with ankles tied behind her head, watched forlornly as Ms Marsha, the old nurse, prepared to conduct her experiments.

“Here at the Institute, we work hard to find the most beautiful girls to test,” she said casually, “here you are with your cunt stuck up in the air in a position that lets you watch the whole show.”

Although Rebecca knew she was unable to escape her stringent bondage, she pulled anyway when the needle neared her pussy.

“Good girl,” Marsha said smiling into Rebecca’s tear-filled eyes, “I love it when they struggle.”

Nurse Marsha watched her patient twitch and twist a little before she closed in. She gently began to stroke Rebecca’s cunt with a hand that had years of practice. Being a lesbian, the old Nurse knew what women liked.

Rebecca watched as the experienced fingers stroked her pussy lips. They sank gently inside her tight musky hole and came out wet and gleaming. Nurse Marsha licked her fingers hungrily.

“Mmmmm! I just love the way fresh young pussy tastes.”

Then the fingers were back. This time they parted her hood and began to massage Rebecca’s clitoris. Rebecca grunted softly the old dyke nurse skillfully masturbated her prisoner. Soon the tiny bud of flesh between Rebecca’s legs was thick and full. She wept with shame and revulsion that a woman was making her so wet, so hot.

“Go ahead baby,” whispered the nurse, “Just let go and enjoy the ride.”

Then, just as Rebecca started to cum, the hand holding the hypodermic needle came into view. Nurse Marsha quickly pushed the sharp lance deep into Rebecca’s throbbing clit.

“NNNNNNNGGG!!” Rebecca screamed around her gag as the nurse, wearing a sadistic smile, watched her helpless captive struggle madly.

But then, after the fluid inside the hypo was pumped into Rebecca, she began to feel an unnatural warmth spread through her shapely loins. Suddenly she longed for the old Nurse’s fingers to touch her again. She knew it was wrong but she wanted to cum; needed to cum. She began to pant like a dog, her nipples stood up hard and rigid. Nurse Marsha, leaned over the table between Rebecca’s legs and looked into her hazel eyes.

“Do you want to cum Rebecca? Just nod your head and I’ll make it happen…”

Without any hesitation Rebecca, covered with a fine sheen of sweat, nodded her head frantically.

Nurse Marsha leaned down and sucked Rebecca’s entire cunt into her mouth licking her steaming slit from end to end.

“NNNGGGGAAAAGGHHH!” Rebecca screamed as she began to squirt heavily into the old Nurse’s mouth. When her orgasm began to fade, Rebecca, to her dismay, realized that she still needed to cum. Nurse Marsha, her face and shirt smeared with Rebecca’s cream, stared into her desperate eyes once again. Rebecca nodded once more. Nurse Marsha began to push her entire fist and forearm slowly into the upturned cunt strapped to the table.

“UUUUNGH” Even though it hurt to have the nurse’s fist sliding into her pussy, Rebecca ignored the pain and tried to thrust up to meet it. As before, within seconds, her cunt spasmed wildly as she came again.

Breathing hard, Rebecca twisted her hips wildly trying to get the old nurse to lick her, suck her, fist her; anything to cum again. The little voice in Rebecca’s head that told her she was perverted for needing to cum so much, was drowned out by the raw animal urge to cream onto the nurse’s fist again.

But Nurse Marsha stood and turned away from the once prudish girl who was now nothing but a cum slave. She spoke into a microphone. “Formula 917 aphrodisiac is a complete success. Subject Rebecca Stern will experience multiple orgasms within seconds of each other if vagina is continuously stimulated.”

Then smiling cruelly down at Rebecca, the nurse spoke into the microphone once more… “Now the second half of the experiment begins: Orgasm Denial and it’s subsequent effects on Formula 917 patients.”

Rebecca, her cunt dripping heavily, still flowing from her previous orgasms, struggled and bucked more wildly than ever as Nurse Marsha turned to leave the room.

“Don’t worry sweetie,” she said opening the door to go, “I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check on you. But before I let you cum again, you nasty little trollop, you’ll have to earn it. I’m going to hike my skirt up and park my cunt on that pouty little mouth of yours. When you make me cum I’ll make you cum. Sound fair to you?”

Rebecca nodded hysterically, hoping Nurse Marsha would let her suck cunt right now, but it was not to be. The next two hours, as Rebecca slowly went insane, were all part of the experiment.

Cum for the Cure

It was obey or get a beating. Sometimes she was beaten and fucked anyway, but if she complied with their demented demands, if she followed orders, Shiela Darling might fare a little better.

So when D’mitry, yanked off her gag and held the vial up to her mouth, she drank. The green slimy liquid oozed it’s way down her throat much like the liters of cum she’d been forced to consume since her stay in this nightmarish hell began. It began to burn her stomach immediately. The gag went back in her mouth.

D’mitry produced another three vials and began to pour it over her face and breasts. He eventually made his way down to her stomach and thighs. He grabbed one ankle and pushed Shiela forward. She knelt there with her face and large breasts pressed onto the table surface; her unprotected ass and private parts stuck up in the air. She felt thick rubber-gloved hands spreading more of the fluid across her back and into the cleft between her firm buttocks. Then, as she’d expected, D’mitry spread her knees apart and pushed two fingers of the slime first into her asshole then into her cunt.

Shiela had been in pain many times here at the Institute, but this was something altogether different. The burning in her stomach and her skin made her feel like she was on fire. The sensitive skin in her cunt and ass positively sizzled. The pain was so intense that she fell onto one side and began to moan.

D’mitry opened the laboratory door and a group of men and women filed in.

“Here she is ladies and gentlemen. Shiela has voluntarily swallowed a full vial of Liquid-X and wears three more on every inch of her skin. You can tell by her writhing and moaning that the pain is quite intense.”

At this point, D’mitry and a beautiful blond latex-clad female nurse, began to untie the poor girl. Shiela immediately curled into a trembling fetal position of the dirty tile floor.

The young female nurse wrapped a hand in Shiela’s hair and pulled her head back sharply to get her attention.

“Listen closely Shiela. The only way to stop the burning is to drink and wear as much semen as you possibly can. Liquid-X becomes inert when it comes in contact with human sperm. All these fine young doctors have volunteered to supply you with quite enough cum to ease your pain. But first you must lick my twat and swallow my quim before the antidote will be administered. Are you finally ready to taste cunt?”

Sheila had been conditioned to suck and service cock during her captivity but had drawn the line at licking pussy. She refused to willingly service the women on staff. She’d been the object of abuse and severe whippings but still refused. She’d been shocked by metal strap-on dildos worn by the nurses. They fucked her and rode her like a horse in a rodeo. All the while the electrical current sizzled through her body. But now things were different. This pain was too much to bear.

Shiela got up onto her hands and knees. The Nurse lifted her latex dress and pulled Shiela into the cleft of her shaven pussy. Smelling the heady aroma of the blond nurse’s crotch made Shiela hesitate.

“Go ahead and suffer if you like,” the nurse warned sternly, “I’m offering you and end to the pain and I only want this one little favor in return. I won’t ask you again, bitch!”

Shiela pushed her face against the proffered pussy and began to lick. She felt her bile rising at the thought of servicing this hateful sadistic ‘nurse’ but dreaded more the possibility of being left alone to let Liquid-X run it’s course.

Desperately she began to lick. Her tongue found the nurse’s clit. She sucked and massaged it with her tongue and lips. Soon, the blond began to gyrate her hips and press her pussy against Shiela’s face as she pulled her head in closer. The men stripped down and got ready for their turn with Shiela. The nurse began to shake as her pelvis thrust against Shiela’s nose. Then she came, “Don’t… UUNGH… forget to… AAAAH… swallow it slut!”

Shiela, fully humbled and broken, sucked the nurse’s cunt dry swallowing every drop. The men gathered around as the nurse backed away. An hour later, glazed with the cum of 25 men, the pain began to wear off.

Shiela had proven Liquid-X a positive success.

D’mitry finished her off with a load in her ass. The pain was gone. The men left Shiela shivering on the cold floor.

“You’re not finished yet, baby,” said the nurse, “I’ve brought a few friends who wanna test your newly acquired taste for pussy.” Shiela looked up and saw four other nurses, each carried a vile of Liquid-X.

Shiela crawled like a dog to the nearest nurse, opened her mouth and extended her tongue…

Pole Dancer

Natalie had been Gunther’s target since the first time he’d seen her. For two months he’d waited for his chance. She was an aerobics instructor at the local gym. Her body was like a living sculpture, a Greek goddess.

All it took was a dark moonless night and a long walk down the alley to her car. Natalie had heard the car tires on the gravel beside her. She’d felt the dart like a hornet sting in the back of her neck. Then hands and cuffs as the world blacked out around her…

Now groggy from the tranquilizer, she stood bound and naked against the pole. Gunther, masked and dressed in his finest patent leather coroner’s apron, watched her first faint struggles. He felt his cock grow hard as she realized her predicament. The way her tits defied gravity, the way they jiggled and bobbed as she twisted in an attempt to free her hands.

No medical experiments for Natalie. This was Gunther’s day off, and Natalie was going to be his toy.

Blindfolded, she could see nothing. Although the room was well lit, it was dark to her. Silently Gunther stood by. He breathed softly against her neck. Natalie jerked. He reached out and grazed her right nipple ever so slightly.

“UNGH… GKK!” The cock gag she wore restricted her vocalizations to a minimum. Gunther didn’t like his women to speak. He had a bad reputation concerning a particular woman who had talked out of turn while spread and bound to table in his lab. He had forced her mouth open, reached in with pliers and pulled her tongue out by the roots. He liked his women to scream, yes. But like the animals they were. Not like humans. Natalie would be no different…

When the cattle prod was pressed against her cunt she knew this was no game.

“GHNNNNNNNGH!” her screech of pain rose in pitch as the current surged through her twitching bucking body. Then against her nipples, her inner thigh, her neck. After a few minutes of warming her up with the prod, Gunther decided it was time for something new.

“NNNGGGHHHHAAAAAGGHHH!” The whip landed with expert precision across both tits nearly severing one rigid nipple. Then again across her stomach. Gunther paused long enough to tie her ankles to steel rings in the floor and spread her legs wide.

Natalie knew what was next. Her muscles stood out strong and proud as she struggled against her bonds. She was even more beautiful than Gunther had hoped. Natalie heard the whip slice through the air just before it split her labia and ripped across her clit. Gunther was a real marksman with his whip and knew just how to inflict massive pain of his play-toys without marking them permanently.

Natalie was either screaming, grunting or sobbing aloud now and Gunther couldn’t hold out much longer. She drooled heavily around the gag leaving a trail of saliva that dripped from her chin and dribbled down her belly to her shaven cunt. Her tears soaked the leather band of the cock gag buried in her throat. A fine sheen of perspiration covered her quivering body. Gunther tore off his apron and, after untying her ankles, stood between her splayed legs. He spat on the whip handle and roughly shoved it past her protesting sphincter and deep into her rectum. Then he positioned his dripping cock between her whip-marked labia and, with one savage thrust, buried his cock inside her narrow pussy.

“Wrap those legs around me whore,” Gunther growled, “or I’ll rip your tits off and hang them from my rear view mirror.” To emphasize his threat, he grabbed both breasts around their base and squeezed like he was milking a cow.

Natalie raised her legs and did as she was told; crossing her ankles behind Gunther’s broad back.

“He’ll cum now,” Natalie thought desperately, “he’ll cum and then he’ll leave me alone… maybe let me go.”

But, though he was in full rut with his latest prize, he wouldn’t cum anytime soon. Gunther was no school boy. He knew how to savor his women…

Half an hour later, Gunther felt his balls begin to boil as his orgasm started to build. Natalie, despite her horror, pain and deep seated humiliation, had been forced to cum three different times by the huge granite-hard cock that rooted deep inside her brutalized cunt.

He finally shot off into her body, slamming against her harder than ever as he pumped her full with his seed. With the whip handle still firmly embedded deep inside her ass, Natalie was left standing tied to the pole.

She waited. What now? Natalie held out hope. Surely he’d let her go.

But then the door opened and she heard Gunther say, “She’s all yours. Enjoy her but don’t kill her. I’ll be back to fuck her fine ass later. Natalie felt her blindfold being removed.

“Hello Dear,” said the middle aged woman, “I’m Nurse Marsha. I get to know all the girls here at the Institute.”

She reached in her bag for the alligator clips. Halfway down the hall Gunther smiled as Natalie began to scream again…

Caves and Kibble

“MMMPH” Laura grunted as Rafael slapped her hard across her fine ass. She’d already endured heavy breast suction and hormones shots to induce milk production today, but now Rafael was going to perform one of his favorite things.

It wasn’t all work and no play here at the Institute. Extra freelance form of abuse and humiliation were actually encouraged. This wasn’t a spa resort. These women were human guinea-pigs and pleasure units and so would be treated as such.

From a large jar Rafael poured a thick lubricant into one cupped gloved hand. Placing the jar back on the table, he rubbed his hands together covering them with the clear slimy juice. He climbed up on the table behind Laura and spread much of the lube around her cunt and ass.

Then he began to insert a finger at a time into her body. Then two, then three. Wider and wider she felt her passages being spread. Laura had been fucked more in the four days she’d been here than in her whole life, but she wasn’t ready for this.

NNNNGH… NNNGHHHHH… GNHHMMMMMPH!!” Laura felt both hands turn into fists as they were pushed into her ass and cunt at the same time. Not too deep at first, but then farther and further the groping plunging fists went. Laura was screaming hoarsely around the gag. Grunting heavily with each painful thrust.

Rafael was breathing hard as he pummeled her holes. But he was enjoying himself immensely. Next he pulled his fists out of her gaping holes so quickly that the lining of Laura’s ass clung to the fist and made a loud popping sound as it jerked back past her ruined sphincter muscle.

One fist was covered by juice ala cunt and the other with Lauras feces. Rafael jumped down from the table and brought them around for her to see. Laura wept silently and closed her eyes.

“Open your eyes, bitch,” Rafael commanded, “Look at the mess you made on my nice black gloves.”

“GHNNN” He elbowed her hard in the ribs hard enough to make her cry out. She opened her eyes and stared at the gloves covered by the slime from her ruined holes.

“And keep them open, you gape-assed slut!” Rafael then rubbed the gloves over her face an into her hair. Laura grimaced trying not to vomit at the smell.

Rafael removed his gloves and slapped his victim smartly across the face then unzipped his pants.

“Now, you’re gonna be a good girl if I take that gag outta your mouth right?”

Laura was well broken by now. She would do anything to please her tormentors. She nodded weakly.

The gag came off, her mouth opened wide and the hard cock slid in. Laura massaged Rafael’s member with her tongue knowing just what he liked.


He grabbed the back of her head and began slamming into the back of her throat causing her to gag. When he came, he pulled out and shot off across her nose and into her eyes. He then began smearing the cum into the shit and cunt juice from earlier resulting in a light brown mixture that covered Laura’s face.

“Now lick my fingers clean, cumslut, it’s time for my dinner.”

He stuck his hands into her licking mouth a finger at a time until she had shined all ten with her lips and tongue.

“Oh yes. Speaking of dinner, my bitch,” Rafael said with a smile, “here’s yours.”

From a lab coat pocket, he produced a handful of dog food and laid it out where she could reach it with her tongue.

“A little kibble for my bitch. The other Doctors will be along presently to give you a little something to help you wash that down. Ha Ha Ha!”

For her own good…

“AAUUGH!” Gunther hooked the battery clamps up to Savannah’s thick nipples but she didn’t really scream until he placed one strategically onto the fleshy hood that covered her clitoris.

“Time for your electro-therapy sweetheart. Just remember that it’s for your own good!”

Gunther turned the handle halfway up and stood back to watch…

“AGH… AAGHH… G-KAG… AHHHKK…” Savannah’s eyes flew open as every well-toned muscle in her 18 year old body contracted at once. She thrashed madly around the table as the current coursed through every fiber of her being.

“I’ll let you play with that for a moment while I get back to Natalie,” he said to the incoherent teenager.

Natalie, having survived her session with Nurse Marsha, now hung suspended by her wrists a few feet away. Gunther grabbed the whip and started in on the beautiful aerobics instructor.

“NGHAAAAAANNNGH!!” Natalie shrieked and bucked as each blow landed across her lithe body.

Nurse Marsha stood in a corner intently watching the show. She held a cigarette in one hand and massaged her wet dripping pussy with the other.

“Let me worry about Savannah, Doctor,” she said, “I know you want to stick your cock up Natalie’s ass. You said so yourself.”

Nurse Marsha walked past Savannah, turning up the voltage as she did. Savannah lost control of her bladder and shot a long powerful jet of urine across the room.

Marsha took no notice as she knelt down in front of the Doctor.

“I may be a lesbian at heart,” Marsha said, “but I don’t mind putting a little lube on a cock if I know it’s going up some pretty slave’s ass.”

Gunther dropped the whip as the Nurse licked him to a full erection. His cock was soon dripping with Saliva and pre-cum.

Seconds later, he was standing behind the suspended form of the beautiful Natalie. As Nurse Marsha spread the girl’s cheeks, Gunther grabbed her hips and pressed the purple head of his cock against her nether opening.

“NO… STOP… NNGHAAAA” Natalie twisted violently as the ivory shaft slid relentlessly into her rectum.

“Ride ’em cowboy.” Marsha said smiling, “I’ll tend to Savannah while you break in your favorite new filly.”

Savannah, meantime, had passed out, even though the electricity still stimulated her muscles. She flopped about on the metal examination table like a dying fish.

Marsha listened to Natalie grunt and shriek as Gunther settled into a steady fucking rhythm. Except for the wet sucking sound Natalie’s asshole made as the good doctor slammed in and out, it almost sounded like someone working over a punching bag at the gym. The rattling of the chains made Marsha’s pussy moist.

She turned off the electricity and nursed Savannah back to consciousness. The girl shook her head and, in a panic and began shaking and struggling furiously.


“Hush sweet girl,” cooed the older nurse to the eighteen year old beauty who now lay shivering on the examination table, “there’s always more for girls like you here at the Institute.”

With a twist of her wrist, Marsha flicked the switch and turned the electricity up all the way. Savannah heaved arching her back up off the table. Her huge tits rolling and flopping about on her chest. Marsha grabbed one last battery clamp and attached it to Savannah’s tongue which now protruded from her mouth in a soundless mindless scream. Lowering the voltage, raising the voltage then a moments pause, then repeat. Finally Marsha took the clamps off and climbed onto the table with Savannah.

“Be a good little whore now and show mommy how much you like pussy.”

Savannah wasted no time. She sucked and licked the moist folds of Marsha’s cunt fervently as the older woman ground her hips onto the younger girl’s upturned face.

“Move aside Marsha,” Gunther ordered, “you can finish your face dance in a moment, I have a little nourishment for your bitch!” Now out of Natalie’s ass, the doctor was about to cum. He stood over Savannah’s mouth which remained obediently open. Marsha jacked-off the doctor’s cock into the abused girl’s mouth. Sperm flew all over Savannah’s face and chest. Gunther only grunted like an animal while Marsha laughed and shouted “Bombs away!”

Gunther watched as Marsha went back to grinding her cunt and ass onto Savannah’s semen soaked face.

“Thank you Doctor,” Marsha said breathing heavily, “cum makes such a wonderful lubricant.”

Just then a buzzer sounded and a red light flashed overhead. The closed circuit monitor showed two more young girls at the loading dock. They were already naked and bound. They wore only hoods. They fought bravely, twisting and kicking, as three men hustled them into the back door.

Doctor Gunther, always dutiful and mindful of his priorities, exited the room to greet the latest guests to the Institute….

Nadine – Prepared

Nadine had finished high school in only two years and received her medical degree in five. She was considered a prodigy by her teachers. But her genius, coupled with the beauty of a goddess, had brought on a feeling of superiority and a very haughty demeanor that most found offensive.

Everyone seemed to know about this wonder-girl of the medical world including The Institute. After a little research, they contracted to “acquire” her. They viewed her not so much as a colleague but rather a very interesting test subject.

Soon the young 21 year old genius found herself naked and bound with a steel cap clamped onto her head.

“NGHMMMMFFFF,” Nadine bit down hard on the rubber gag when the electricity arced through her brain again. Doctor Devlin watched her young body thrash. “She suffers so beautifully”, he thought to himself.

Devlin spoke into a microphone that hung from the ceiling; “Subject 217-A ; Nadine Baker appears capable of withstanding extended electroshock treatments without loss of consciousness or permanent damage. We’re set to begin Phase 2; Libido mood alteration coupled with heightened neuro-sensitivity.”

Devlin looked down at his test subject appreciatively. Nadine was perfect. She was young and in superb physical condition. And, above all else, she was unable to stop him from what he was about to do next.

“Some might call this rape, Nadine, but it’s all really in the best interest of science and the betterment of all mankind.” Dr. Devlin pushed himself slowly into Nadine, her cunt contracting and spasming around the girth of his thick cock. She Grunted and looked at him threatingly. Her animosity toward Devlin and the way she thrashed about in an effort to thwart his vaginal invasion, only made him want her more. He smiled and slammed himself into her to the balls.

“NNNNNGGGFFFFFMM… MMMMFFF!” Nadine screamed around the gag as Devlin began to pummel her with all his considerable strength. “Damn your pussy is tight”, he said between grunts, “What’s your bag bitch, are you a dyke or just frigid?”

After ten minutes of mad thrusting, both the Doctor and Nadine were covered in sweat. She only wept now. She had accepted the fact that this pseudo-doctor was in charge and that she was helpless.

“I love your tears Nadine, but you needn’t be sad. The rather gentle fuck your getting is for your own good. I’m loosening you up for what your about to experience. Ungh.. .UNGH… UNGH!… AAAHHHH!!” Devlin began to slam into her harder than ever as he came, filling her womb with his thick warm sperm.

“Ordinarily, I would have cum in your mouth Nadine, but your gonna need all the lubrication you can get.”

Then she saw it. The thing was enormous. Nadine stared at the metal studded phallus in horror. It had to be at least fifteen inches long and five inches in diameter at it’s base. Devlin hefted it in one hand.

“No way out of this I’m afraid, sweet girl,” Devlin remarked as he positioned the tapered end of the immense stainless steel dildo at the dripping entrance to her vagina, “A lot of technology and study went into the creation and manufacture of this little device, and lucky you are the first to give it a test ride.”

“NNNN!… GGHHHHHNNNNMMMM!!…. NNNNNNMMGUUKKKMMMMM!!!” Nadine renewed her struggles as the tip of the monstrous steel beast was forced inside her. She felt her cunt stretching and her insides tear, but still it kept coming. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, the monster was fully inside her and strapped in place. The pain was almost too intense to comprehend. But the worst was yet to come.

Devlin plugged an electric cable into the bottom of the phallus and connected it to a brightly lit control panel.

“Get ready baby,” Devlin said with a sadistic smile, “your entire perception of reality is about to change.”

He made a few adjustments to the controls and, with cameras rolling, he flipped the switch. Nadine slammed back so quickly that she almost suffered a concussion, but she never felt it. The struggle in her mind was all that concerned her now. The pain had not faded, but intensified, while the real battle ground was in her head. Nadine thrummed and shook violently. Every muscle contracted and twitched uncontrollably; her tits swung and bounced in a lurid dance of pain. Chemicals shot into the walls of her cunt from hypos in the sides of the dildo. Devlin was giving her another cocktail of drugs from a needle in her arm. Her vision began to swim and fade. She began to feel an insatiable craving. She saw images of cocks sliding into cunts; oral and anal stimulation, mad orgies, and worst of all; she wanted it all. Her entire identity had changed. “Fuck Me” was now the primary phrase in her vocabulary.

Twenty minutes later, Nadine awoke to find herself on the concrete floor. She was naked but unbound. The doctor was watching her as he spoke into the audio recorder once again.

“Patient is awake. She seems disoriented but muscle skills are improving. I’ll let the cameras record the rest…”

Nadine found Devlin’s cock, still sticky with her juices, and plunged it into her mouth. She pumped on it furiously and with wild abandon until it was thick and erect once again. She pushed him onto his back and looking down at Devlin, impaled herself on his prick. She screamed once with pure animal pleasure as it filled her again. In the few minutes it took Devlin to orgasm, Nadine had cum three times. He pushed her off.

“Open your mouth, slave” Nadine, on her knees, opened wide as Devlin filled her willing mouth with cum. “Come Get her Nurse Marsha,” Devlin called out, “Little Nadine is ready to play…”


Nadine – The Field Test

Nadine had been through all the experiments Doctor Devlin had required and with so many new and beautiful “lab rats” arriving each day, he decided that Nadine was ready to be used by someone else. She had been a very feisty, rude and prudish young lady only a week ago when she was brought to the institute, but the skilled Doctor Devlin had seen to Nadine’s attitude adjustment in short order.

Nadine had undergone a newer experimental procedure meant to drastically enhance a woman’s sex drive, but in the process it had also heightened her sensitivity to pain.

Ralph was the janitor at the institute. Every night when the doctors were finished with their work, he would make his rounds emptying trash cans, dusting, mopping floors and scrubbing toilets, sinks and examination tables. Ralph was also responsible for slave maintenance to prepare them for the next day. The female experimental subjects needed to be cleaned and shaven. They were always tied to the wash-rack and waiting when he started his rounds. He loved the way they struggled and squealed when he hosed them down. The way their bodies twisted as they tried to avoid his sponge and wash-cloth. He polished and shaved every soft crack and fold. He especially liked Nadine and always spent extra time lathering her up.

One morning, Ralph had just finished his work when Nurse Marsha approached him. “Ralph, come with me. I have a little special work for you to finish.”

Even though she was a lesbian, Nurse Marsha had made Ralph happy on more than one occasion. He worked hard and always left the examination rooms in perfect condition. Marsha knew the importance of job satisfaction. She had rewarded him a few times by bringing him off with her hands while allowing him to feel her large tits. Ralph fantasized about Nurse Marsha often, so when she beckoned, he followed.

She unzipped his trousers and grabbed his partially erect penis like a master leading a dog on a leash.

“Right this way big fella,” she said with a wicked little grin, “I got somethin’ special for you today.”

She opened the door to the boiler room and there was Nadine. She was stretched standing in a severe spread-eagle position. She was completely and utterly defenseless. She wore only a thong and a black bra.

At first Ralph thought that Nurse Marsha wanted Nadine cleaned or maybe shaven.

He looked at Marsha questioningly. She still held his dick pumping it gently then nodded toward Nadine.

“She’s all yours Ralph. She literally belongs to you. Your very own slut. You can beat her, fuck her, whip her, brand her; whatever you like Ralph. Nasty little fuck-bitch Nadine belongs to you.”

Nurse Marsha left Ralph standing there with his workpants undone and his fully erect 10″ cock standing up and dripping. She went to Nadia and ripped off her thong exposing her wet shaven pussy. Then she squatted down and began licking Nadine’s moist cunt. Ralph watched as though hypnotized as the formerly frigid Nadine pushed her hips onto Marsha’s mouth. She moaned slightly, her eyes rolling back in her head.

“Ahhhh… thank you Mistress, thank you,” Nadia whispered in her flowery southern drawl.

It was obvious by the look on her face that Nadine was disappointed when Nurse Marsha stood up and walked away. “Go ahead Ralph,” she said, “sweet Nadine loves sex now. Because of her procedure, the whore would fuck a fire hydrant if given the chance. She’s all revved up and ready to play.”

Marsha backed away to watch. Ralph circled Nadine slowly taking in every angle of her perfect form. He caressed her heart-shaped ass. Nadine flexed and pushed back against him. He released her bra and squeezed one firm responsive breast. Nadine moaned and shivered; her nipples grew rigid and full.

Nurse Marsha stood off to one side with her uniform unzipped caressing herself casually. That was when Ralph saw the table. Marsha noted the direction of his gaze and smiled her wicked smile. An assortment of terrible toys were there. Whips, dildos, cuffs, clips, not to mention plenty of shiny stainless steel surgical implements. Nurse Marsha pushed the table with one muscular leg. It rolled to a stop next to Ralph.

Nadine was fully attentive now watching closely as Ralph uncoiled the long supple leather of the bull-whip.

Down the deserted halls, screams echoed as Ralph did what he’d wanted to do for so long. Nadine, more sensitive to pain because of Devlin’s procedure, twisted, bucked and screeched madly as Ralph perfected his whip technique. She was soon a study in pain; red welts criss-crossed her sweat-soaked body. Ralph danced and capered with glee. Nurse Marsha had stepped out of her uniform, wearing nothing but a sadistic grin and her little white nurse’s cap. One hand was busy on her breasts while the other was buried between her legs. Glancing back at the table, Ralph noticed the generator on the lower shelf with all it’s alligator clips and wires. Nadine screamed as the clips bit into her nipples, her earlobes and of course her clit. But the real show started when Ralph began to rev the handle. The slave kennels were three doors down. All the women there huddled together and listened with horror as Nadine rode the lightening screaming like a wild animal. She peed as her bladder let go. Marsha grunted and began to cum.

Ralph couldn’t hold out any longer. He wondered if Nadine would like it if he fucked her ass or would it hurt too much for her to enjoy. He decided to find out. He lubed his cock, spread her cheeks and pushed his prick past her tight sphincter. “NNGGGHAAAA… FUCK ME… OH SHIT… AAAIIEEE!” Nadine couldn’t decide either. It was the perfect mixture of perverted pleasure and torturous pain…


Breath for Brenda

The small loop of rope drew tighter and tighter as Brenda struggled for breath. She was a tough one to train; a real fighter, but Doctor Eric Geoutier was happy to deal with the hardest cases.

“Let’s see just how long it takes for you to pass out, Brenda. I don’t care if you live or die. I’ll fuck your pretty ass either way.”

Brenda, who had been teetering precariously on her toes, was lifted off the floor by the electric wench. Her throat constricted horribly as all her 108 pounds was hung from her pretty neck.

“G… NKK… NNNGUKK” was all Brenda could manage as her tongue stuck out and her eyes bulged.

Then she felt, almost from far away, something cool and slick being smeared around and even inside her anal passage.

“Let’s see just how bad you want to live, whore,” Eric said in Brenda’s ear. She felt his cock press against her ass. The pain was exquisite. The man’s prick; hard, large and very persistent, spread open her rectum and bored inside. Brenda kicked and fought like a fish on a hook.

“I just love the spasms of a dying woman as she rides a cock for the last time. Will you try to save your life or will you simply give in to death? It’s really up to you, cunt! Like I said, I’ll fuck you either way.”

Brenda understood what she had to do. Her will to live was too great to ignore. The spark of self preservation caused her to do what happened next with very little conscious will.

Brenda pulled her legs up and wrapped them around the waist of the doctor who buggered her from behind. Using his body to support part of her weight, Brenda was able to draw a short gasp of air each time he slammed into her bowels.

“Ah yes, so you want to live my sweet.” Eric laughed as he stretched her ass. He reached around and grabbed her luscious tits and began to squeeze. He gripped and twisted them as though he were kneading dough to make bread.

Brenda, a slave to her fear, a slave now to this man, wept partly from pain, but mostly from the horror of her shame and humiliation.

Soon, Eric began to slam into her harder and harder as he neared ejaculation. Then with a final brutal thrust, Brenda felt her bowels fill with his hot sticky seed. He held her there until his balls were drained.

She felt him slide back out. She tried desperately to grip him with her legs and even with her ass as he pulled away. He laughed and slapped her ass causing her to sway across the room.

‘Now, since he’s had his fun, he’ll leave me to choke to death’, Brenda thought in panic. But Eric had more plans for pretty Brenda.

She felt herself being lowered onto the floor as the cord around her neck loosened and allowed her to breath.

“Do you promise to be more responsive to the sexual demands of the staff in future, do you swear to be a good slave or shall I raise the wench and leave you there to choke slowly?”

“Guhh… I… I promise I’ll be good,” Brenda pleaded, “I’ll do anything. Please don’t k-kill me…please!”

“Stupid whore,” Eric responded jovially, “I never had any intention of killing such a perfect slab of female meat. I just needed to scare the living shit out of you so you’d know who’s in charge. Besides, you suffer so beautifully. But disobey me, and you’ll wish for death, that I can promise you.”

Brenda, her ass now leaking cum, heard the door open behind her.

“She’s ready,” Eric said; the jovial lilt never leaving his voice.

Brenda, still on her toes with the rope around her neck, turned to look at three doctors and two pretty young nurses who had already started to undress.

“Let her down onto her hands and knees,” said one of the naked doctors, “let’s see just how tame this young bitch really is.”

Brenda spent the rest of the night either screaming from the multiple piercings of her tender flesh or swallowing the hot cum of the cruel men and women who broke her in for service.

“Pop that whore’s cherry sir,” one a nurse to one of the doctors, “Doctor Eric only fucked her ass. I want to hear her whimper as her tight little pussy is stretched open for the first time. Make the bitch bleed!”


Vanessa – Treatment Completed – All Sales Final

No more school, no higher education, no promising career. All this was in the past. Her’s was now a slave’s life of total and complete submission.

She had no idea what day it was or even how long she’d been here. There was no window, no clock and the lights were always off unless someone decided to come in and use her.

She could reach the bathroom and the shower but the chain around her ankle kept her from reaching the light switch.

Each time she was fucked and beaten Vanessa had to bath then wait in a dark corner on a stained mattress until her next master or mistress felt a need to make use of her sweet attentive mouth. Her ass and cunt ached from the different objects that had been stuffed inside her squirming body. Cocks, fists and various dildos made up part of the long list, but vegetables like corn and cucumbers had often found a home in the dark moist tunnels between her hips. A police baton had even been used to beat her and fuck her the first day she’d been brought here. That had been her most brutal session and it had taken several days for the bruises to fade.

She would wait as the hours stretched on endlessly and her stomach grew empty. Her room was soundproof. Even the screams of the other women would have been a comfort if, for no other reason, just to assure Vanessa that she was not alone in the darkness.

Tonight, Bruno had received an order from a buyer for a young, well broken compliant slut and Vanessa fit the bill perfectly. The doctors had done their work with her quickly and efficiently and she was ready for market. Slaves had to be sold to make room for the new women who streamed in from all over the country.

Vanessa had been alone in the dark room alone now for two days and had nothing but toilet water to drink when the door handle creaked and light flooded into the room. She cringed back and squinted her eyes as the glare from the overhead fluorescents flashed on. She saw the feared Bruno and another middle-aged man she did not recognize. He looked rich and was well dressed.

“Up whore,” Bruno shouted, “Get to you feet. This gentleman wants to meet you.”

She needed no further urging. She was well broken now and would do anything to please anyone who gave her an order.

Vanessa leapt to her feet and stood there at attention; naked, beautiful and ready to obey. She waited for another order, any command to follow without hesitation.

Bruno walked over to her and reached out to caress her pretty face. Vanessa cringed slightly but dared not pull away. She leaned in against the rough hand that brushed against her face to show submission. She even kissed the hand as it paused in front of her mouth.

Then came the slap that she’d expected “GHUUUUH…” knocking her to the floor.

She gathered her legs under herself and tried to stand, but with her hands cuffed behind her back and her head spinning from the force of the savage blow, she fell over twice before Bruno grabbed a handful of her short hair and pulled Vanessa painfully to her feet.

“My name is Petrol Sandoval,” said the man, “I’m looking for a fresh young whore to warm my bed and slather my cock anytime I desire. You look the part, but are you willing to perform on command?”

“Yes master,” Vanessa replied with eyes on the floor, “please give this slut any order. I will do as you ask.”

“Let us see how well you are trained,” said Petrol, “I need a slave who doesn’t need to be given an order; a slave who knows what is expected of her. Give me a good show and I may take you out of here for myself.”

Vanessa dropped to her knees and crawled forward. Unable to use her cuffed hands, she used her teeth to unzip Petrol’s trousers. She paused only momentarily when she saw the length of the man’s cock. He would want every inch in her mouth; they always do. The Doctors had eradicated her gag reflex, but would it fit?

She took the head of the limp penis into her mouth and began to massage it with her tongue. She felt it grow and lengthen almost at once. She’d been trained well.

The man stood completely still just watching her as her magical mouth made him stiff and hard. He loved the way her firm tan tits stood up proud and full as they swayed from side to side. The muscles of her jaws and long slender neck worked hard to swallow him down. Soon, to her surprise, Vanessa felt his cool balls resting against her chin. She withdrew and then swallowed him down again. She heard the man moan once softly.

“This bitch’s throat feels better than any cunt I’ve ever fucked,” Petrol remarked. “Finish me off little whore; it’s a long way to my ranch where you’ll join the rest of my slaves.”

Vanessa worked hard to please her new master. Thick gobs of saliva and pre-cum drooled from her mouth and onto her chest as she bobbed up and down on his cock. Soon he grunted and slammed into her face with all his considerable strength. His cock began to spasm as Vanessa sucked his cum down her throat.

Moments later, still naked and with her hands still cuffed behind her back, Vanessa was leashed and led outside to Petrol’s truck where she was laid on the floor. During the 7 hour trip, she alternated between being a footrest and a cum bucket.

“Don’t get too comfortable, cunt. There’s plenty of time to use your talented tongue between now and sunrise tomorrow. My brand will look good burned into your hard ass.”

Chemical Lobotomy

Eva was completely untrained and was about to written off as a total loss. None of the Doctor’s had been successful in breaking her to serve. Both cunt and ass had been forcefully taken on numerous occasions, but her mouth was far too dangerous a place for a cock. Regardless of the pain and torment she had to endure, Eva refused to carry out the simplest of commands.

Now tied to a chair in Doctor Manuela’s office, Eva still fought the bonds and screamed around the gag that held her in place.

Doctor Manuela was a very pretty woman of about 35 years. She was Hispanic and loved the fact that she was able to subvert and subjugate white whores into slaves here at the institute. Making a white woman scream was what made her cum the hardest.

She was very friendly with Nurse Marsha. It was generally known around the institute that the two were lovers. It was here, to Doctor Manuela’s office, that only the most incorrigible slaves were brought as a last resort. If this failed, the girl was immediately sold to one of the black brothels in the inner city. But Manuela had come up with a new method of dealing with women like Eva.

Eva saw the needle in Doctor Manuela’s hand. She began twisting around in hysterics as the needle grew closer. Every finely toned muscle twisted and contracted. The wood of the chair began to splinter with a cracking sound. That was when Nurse Marsha moved in and punched Eva hard in the stomach, then again along a high cheek-bone.

Eva, a little more than dazed by Marsha’s brutal assault, stared around trying to get her bearings. Nurse Marsha locked Eva’s head up in a choke hold to keep her still. Manuela moved in. The needle was inserted deeply into Eva’s right nostril up through her sinus cavity and into her brain. Eva shrieked unbearably loud. It was her last scream. Manuela pushed the plunger on the hypo and the chemicals inside were delivered to Eva’s prefrontal lobe. Eva’s scream dwindled into a plaintive mewl and then dropped off completely.

Marsha stepped away as Eva’s head slumped forward on her chest with eyes open but unfocused.

They checked Eva’s vitals. Heart rate and respiration were both normal. Eva was untied and her gag was removed. From now on the girl would follow any command without the danger of her biting. She was nothing more than a meat puppet now.

As a last resort, the chemical lobotomy had proven successful. Slaves were more valuable and more fun to their owners when they were still sentient. It was a good slave that could be broken yet still take initiative to please their masters without being guided every step of the way. In rare cases like Eva’s however, more drastic measures had to be employed.

Manuela was the first to test the quiet Eva. Pulling her out of the chair and onto the floor by the leash, Manuela led Eva on hands and knees across the room and back again.

“Motor skills are not impaired. Now for the final test.” Manuela sat down in the chair where Eva had just received her treatment. She pulled up her short skirt and drew Eva close to her tanned hairless cunt. Marsha stood nearby watching closely.

“Lick me, Eva,” she told the quiet brunette, “lick my slit. Find my clitoris and make me cum.”

Eva leaned in and opened her mouth. She had to be guided and reminded of her task from time to time. She was somewhat lackluster but was now trainable.

Manuela and Marsha introduced the new-and-improved Eva to the rest of the staff. By the end of the day, Eva, face and chest shiny with semen, was paraded before the other slaves. Eva was commanded to drink Marsha’s urine and lick her to orgasm while the other girls watched dumbfounded.

“Beg me to whip you Eva,” Marsha cooed to the listless brunette.


Then, addressing the slaves, “this will happen to you if you fail to accept training. Little Eva forgets to find a toilet when she needs to take a shit. She forgets a lot of things now, but she licks cunt like a lesbian hooker.”


Diana Modified

Doctor Riley did a good job breaking his assigned tarts to be willing cum slaves. His reputation for cruelty was well known throughout the Institute. The slaves had heard all about him and hoped that they would never meet him in person. Poor Diana was not so lucky.

When Doctor Riley came into his examination room early one morning, he found Diana already spread out, tied and gagged. The orderlies always did a fantastic job getting the fresh new guinea pigs well prepared for their daily experiments. He slowly pulled away the sheet to expose the beautiful brunette’s glorious naked body. Even lying on her back, Diana’s all natural tits were still firm with the nipples pointing up toward the ceiling.

“MMMFFF,” Diana tried to talk around her thick rubber gag. She twisted against her bonds in a futile attempt to break free and escape the evil leer of the Doctor she’d heard so much about. Now her tits were moving; undulating from side to side. The doctor licked his lips.

“Got a wonderful pair of knockers, girl, gonna have a lot of fun with them…”

Doctor Riley was always very careful to conduct his experiments with the utmost care and overall professionalism and precision, so when a beautiful new girl like Diana wound up on his table, he just had to clear his head before the sharp and shiny stainless steel instruments could be brought out.

So, in the interest of medical science, Doctor Riley decided that the best way to take care of Diana’s treatment on the table was to, simply put, fuck her first. “This is the only thing you may enjoy laying on this table… and perhaps not even this….”

Doctor Riley dropped his trousers and rubbed his prick against her shaven vagina ~ smooth as china silk. Drops of pre-cum began to form around the tip of his straining cock. He grabbed her breasts and twisted them hard just to see her twist around a little more.

“MMMMNNNGGGHHHFFFF!!” Diana’s breasts had never been mauled like this before. Her face screwed up in a mask of pain as she began to weep hopelessly.

“Plenty of time for screaming and crying later, dear girl,” Riley said in a calm clinical voice, “this is just the preamble where I get to know you better before the real fun begins.”

With no warning at all, Doctor Riley aimed with his hips and pushed forward. His prick slammed against Diana’s virgin cunt and thrust inside. Diana howled like a wolf caught in a trap. She felt her precious maidenhead torn asunder by the brutal assault. She heaved and bucked even more wildly now as the large cock thrust in and out of her cum-box like a piston. Her head flailed crazily about from side to side as if to say “NO… NO… NOOOOO!”

“My, you are tight aren’t you Diana. Your little fuck tunnel is gripping me like a vise. Don’t worry though; it will be quite a lot larger before we part ways this evening.”

After an eternity of pain and helpless rage for Diana, doctor Riley finally began to cum. The last few thrusts before he spewed deeply inside her belly, were truly savage and cruel. Then with one last harsh push, he felt the world explode as her cunt milked his balls dry.

Still inside her cunt, he lay down on top of her. Both slave and slaver were panting heavily; both were slick with sweat. Presently, Doctor Riley composed himself, pulled on his trousers and soon looked like your typical general practitioner.

He pulled a rolling table over into Diana’s sight. There were tools there. All were bright metal and all looked very sharp. She saw cotton swabs and alcohol, she saw needles and thread. Diana’s eyes grew wide as the good doctor picked up a scalpel.

“Thank you for the use of your pretty pussy Diana. Now I can perform your alterations with a steady hand.” Doctor Riley slowly circled Diana and began to apply and tighten more straps to keep her completely immobilized.

“You see, we have a buyer for you when I have finished modifying your cunt. He is from the middle east. The women from his country are not allowed to keep their labia nor their clitoris. And, since you are to be a simple fuck-slave and not a breeder, I’ll be taking out a bit of your internal plumbing as well. So I hope that you enjoyed your last, fully intact fuck. You did thrash around quite a bit which rather made me think you weren’t having much fun until I realized that, like all whoring tarts, you were just putting on a good show for my benefit. How very sweet of you. And now we begin. Feel free to scream if you like but do try not to fight the bonds too terribly much. I might slip and cut something important…”

“NNNGGGGAAAAAAAMMMFFFFF!!” A glint of steel in the harsh lights, the first slice and the screaming begins0.


Melissa – The Volunteer

Melissa had been sitting in the baseball dugout at the community college. It had been late; the sun was well down and the neighborhood was dark. Melissa sat in the darkest corner hidden by shadows. Her hand was busy beneath her skirt. She masturbated slowly with her eyes closed imagining that the baseball team was taking turns with her. In her fantasy, she could smell their sweat and cum as they fucked her roughly one after another. After each man had screwed her and cum dripped from every hole, she fantasized that the team captain approached wearing a wide grin. He held an aluminum baseball bat in one hand. He ordered her tied spread eagle to the fence behind home plate. Then, slowly he began to force the bat into her cum-soaked pussy. Her fantasies were so vivid that Melissa could almost feel the bat as it was pushed into her defenseless hole. Her fingers were wet and sticky. She slid a dripping finger into her mouth and sucked it like a cock licking it clean of her juices.

That’s when she heard it. The vehicle stopping suddenly. A girl’s short scream quickly silenced…

Melissa peeked around the corner of the cinder-block dugout and forgot all about her gang-bang fantasy. She saw a girl she knew. It was Diane from her chemistry class. She was being pulled into a van.

Melissa ran to her car just as the van disappeared around the corner. She saw a shoe on the street and stopped to pick it up. It was one of Diane’s jogging shoes. Driving quickly now, with her headlights off, she turned the corner and sped after the van. At first she didn’t know why, but she followed anyway.

An hour later the van, with Melissa just behind, came to an old industrial factory. It looked abandoned but the huge wrought-iron fence looked new. The van stopped and the gate slid open.

Melissa’s heart began to beat fast. The van vanished inside past a row of buildings. Melissa licked her lips and made the decision that would change her life forever. She hit the gas and drove inside as the gate rolled shut.

She parked her car out of sight, got out and looked around the corner. A door opened and subdued light shone on a sight she would never forget. The van door opened and four men grabbed Diane who was now blindfolded, tied and gagged. She fought wildly as she was carried inside the large building. Before the sound-proof door closed, Melissa thought she heard a woman’s scream of pain.

“What are you doing here, you stupid idiot,” Melissa whispered to herself, “are you gonna go for the cops now?”

She knew the answer to that already. Her heart raced and adrenalin began to flow as she approached the door where Diane had disappeared. She raised her hand, made a fist and, before she could lose her courage, she knocked…

She waited for a few seconds and was about to turn and run when a panel in the center of the door about 4 inches wide opened. She could see a man’s eyes looking out at her.

“Who the fuck are you and what do you want,” said a gruff voice.

“I… uhm … I… saw the men take Diane… I decided to follow… She… Diane… lost a shoe…” Melissa stammered nervously but continued on, “I heard a scream and…I wanted to see…I want to come inside…please.”

The door opened and 3 men grabbed her and pulled her inside. No turning back now. The men held her as another man looked her over. The frequent screams and shrieks of pain were easy to hear now. Melissa felt hornier than she’d felt in a long long time. With a free hand, she lifted her plaid skirt and touched herself.

The men smiled. They’d found a kindred spirit, or rather, she’d found them.

“Give our little slut a guided tour then we’ll see how she feels.” In the first room Melissa saw Diane tied spread and naked. She was being fucked hard by a man in a doctor’s coat. In the next room was a woman, naked and slick with sweat. She hung by her ankles as wires shot heavy electric charges through her convulsing body.

“UUNNNGH!” Melissa moaned, but not out of fear. She had begun to cum just as the other woman who hung upside-down in the throes of electrically induced anguish, lost control of her bladder. The stream of urine flowed down her body, across her stomach, between her jerking breasts and into her face and hair. Melissa would have collapsed from the sheer force of her orgasm if the men hadn’t held her up. They showed her the slave pens where at least 50 other naked women were chained by their necks to individual rings set in the concrete. Even though they were dirty and disheveled, Melissa could tell they were all beautiful. A woman dressed like a nurse was being licked to orgasm by a submissive girl who kneeled before her like a dog with her face buried in the nurse’s crotch.

She saw another naked woman wearing a leash with her hands cuffed behind her back. Being pulled toward a nearby exit door. “Come along Vanessa,” said the middle aged man who yanked on her leash, “It’s a long way to my ranch and I’m ready to feel that golden tongue of yours wrapped around my cock again.”

‘Slaves’, Melissa thought, ‘they’re brought here to satisfy the sadistic desires of these men and women.’

“Me next.” Melissa blurted out without even thinking, “Do me next…Please”

Five minutes she was hanging by her wrists as a sharp scalpel carved a crescent moon in her breast.

“This mark will let the staff know that you’re an intern here,” said the young doctor, “we all bear this scar somewhere on our bodies.” They kissed as Melissa listened to the constant screaming…and came again…


Monica – Cocktail

Blindfolded and gagged, Monica had been tied face down on the dirty examination table. She was bound with her ass and cunt up, open and exposed. She’d been laying here for hours and had cried herself to sleep.

“Fuck, I need a drink” she thought miserably to herself just before she passed out. “When will they come for me?”

Suddenly she was was rocked rudely and fully awake when she felt the shaft of the plunger pressed against her backdoor.

“MMGGGHHNNN…!!!” She cried out as well as she could around the gag that distended her jaws painfully wide apart. Her ass wiggled alluringly as she tried to expel the thick plastic rod. It was no use. It pressed past her sphincter with little trouble. Although it hurt, she knew it was the “drink” she’d been hoping for; yearning for…

Monica’s anal passage had been fucked and probed many times in the eight weeks she’d spent here. She was literally in no position to avoid this torment devised by the staff here at the institute.

She moaned as she felt the first solution pumped into her bowels. Almost immediately Monica began to feel woozy.

“Finally,” Monica thought as reality grew fuzzy around the edges, “it’s happy hour again…”

“Yes Monica,” the all too familiar voice of Nurse Marsha cooed, “just a little something to help you get into the mood. We know you like to drink. Remember the bar where we first found you. You were quite inebriated and very easy to take. You passed out on your own and didn’t put up a fight at all. Taking a cocktail up your pretty little ass just avoids the hassle of having to drink it. Just a little is all it takes. Too much back here would kill you and we don’t want to damage the merchandise. Besides, your mouth can be used for other things…”

Monica knew what Marsha meant by this. She couldn’t seem to be left alone long enough to get the taste of cock nor cunt out of her mouth.

Monica actually giggled once as she thought about asking for a breath-mint.

“Our little lush is quite drunk, and ready for lube. Shall I proceed Mr. Davies?”

“Pump the bitch full” said a male voice. He sounded like a black man.

Another plastic plunger pressed against Monica’s asshole. It went inside without any struggle this time.

“Lubri-cunt” thought Monica. She giggled again, amused by her pun. Her head was swimming from the effects of the anal cocktail.

Nurse Marsha, nymphomaniac that she was, asked the man, “Even though this little bitch is now fully your property, I hope you don’t mind if I let her say goodbye.”

“I be all up in dis bitch’s ass, Nurse,” said Mr. Davies, “You can use the slut’s mouth for anything you like…”

“MMMFFF…!!!”, Monica, awake and aware, felt the head of a rather large and uncomfortable cock press against her lubricated asshole. “Too big… Cock’s too big.. .GHUMFF!” Monica grunted as the huge black cock stretched her ass further than ever before. Still she pushed back against it doing as she’d been trained. Then she smelled the familiar stench of Marsha’s crotch as it pressed against her face one last time.

Without hesitation, Monica lifted her face and tongue as Marsha pressed her pussy against her mouth.

“You see how well she’s trained,” commented Nurse Marsha as she gyrated against Monica’s lapping tongue, “Just a little small drink and our formerly rich little socialite is ready to lick and fuck anything that moves. She’ll be a wonderful addition to your nightclub and whorehouse.”

It was true. Monica liked to drink once in awhile. But after a constant barrage of anally induced beverages, she had become an alcoholic. She’d do anything at all if the promise of getting drunk was attached to the task. Monica had lost all sense of pride and self-respect. Every time she was whipped, tied up, beaten down, sucked a cock, reamed out an asshole or licked a cunt, she knew she’d get the drink she needed so badly.

“You be dancing and fuckin’ lots of cock from now on white whore. Your lily white ass belongs to me!”

Monica – Put to Work

1 – Branded…

Monica was being dressed now. She was leaving the institute for her new life as a white whore in her Master’s dungeon/nightclub. She just had one more process to endure before her new life began as a pleasure whore. The sadistic men and women who frequented Master’s Palace of Pain had seen pictures of Monica and were waiting to make her acquaintance. But the scars and the whippings that would soon mark her creamy flawless flesh would never go deeper than the brand of her master.

“Hold this white cunt still, Marsha,” said the black pimp as he held the white-hot iron up in front of Monica’s face and savoring the look of terror on her pretty face, “I don’t want her shake that ass and ruin the mark. She have plenty of chance to swing that booty for the paying customers later on. But all my bitches gotta wear my tramp stamp first.”

Nurse Marsha grabbed a thick handful of Monica’s black hair and pulled it back sharply. “Hold her boys, this filly is bound to buck when she feels the iron.”

Two orderlies grasped Monica’s ass and hips and held her tight. Her black master wasted no time. He pressed the glowing metal against the flesh at the base of Monica’s back just where the top of her ass jutted proudly out of her pants.

“GHAAAAARRGHHMMMFFFFF…!” She shrieked around her gag. Every well defined muscle twisted and contracted as Monica struggled hard to pull away. Her eyes filled with tears and her tits swung wildly as the room reverberated with her desperate screams.

Monica thought she would pass out from the pain. Even after the iron was removed, the pain continued. One orderly applied a little salve to the brand. Not for the pain, (for a slave’s comfort is of no consequence), but to help the brand heal faster so that Monica could be put to work right away.

2 – Trip & Arrival…

She arrived after a day’s ride in the back of master’s limousine. Her mouth had been full of black cock for most of the ride. First the master then the driver, the slave handler and a couple of bouncers who had come along to act as security. Her belly was full of negro cum. But the day was young and the party was a 24/7 thing at master’s Palace of Pain.

Monica was ushered inside and pushed up onto the stage. Black men and women leered at her with open contempt and lust as she was commanded to strip.

Naked now, Monica turned around so that everyone present could see her creamy white flesh which bore no mark except the red brand. Her master’s tramp stamp. The mark of a whore.

3 – Taken…

The bidding started briskly. The winner would have an hour with the new white girl. Soon Monica found herself tied to a rack which stretched her into a tight spread-eagle. It was here that the winning bidder had wanted her. His name was “Monster” and Monica would soon understand why.

Her last vestige of civilization was about to be taken away. Even though her ass and mouth had been brutally and savagely abused, her cunt had been left alone. The doctor’s at the institute knew a cash cow when they saw one. They’d sold Monica with her virginity intact.

Monica had never seen anyone as big as the black man who stood before her holding the whip. The audience watched cheering as each slashing blow of the whip sent the white girl into a paroxysm of pain.

Then the real horror began. He dropped the whip and his pants. Monica stared with horror at the largest human cock she would ever see. A pretty black woman dropped to her knees to lick and stroke the huge member to life. Even with both hands, she couldn’t wrap fully around it.

Now fully erect and dripping copious streams of pre-cum, the huge black man mounted the rack where Monica lay tightly spread and defenseless. The crowd grew silent, transfixed as the black woman guided the immense black cock to the entrance of Monica’s shaven cunt.

“Go ahead Monster,” said the smiling black girl, “make this white bitch suffer hard.”

The huge muscles that rippled along the black man’s body tensed. Monica felt the huge head of the cock press against her virgin pussy. Then, like a battering ram against a castle door where the maiden lies in wait, Monster slammed into Monica’s body.

“GHAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEE…!!” The crowd laughed, cheered and hooted as Monica’s scream of unbearable pain sounded and resounded. Her twisting and futile bucking body only increased Monster’s pleasure, but she couldn’t remain still; the splitting pain was just too great.

When he finally came into Monica’s body the girl had passed out. But even though unconscious, it was still a treat to watch her limp body slammed up and back as Monster rode her.

When he finally dismounted, Monica was given smelling salts and escorted to the second runner-up. A line of people waited for their turn with the latest whore supplied by the mad doctors of the Institute.


Lita Accentuated

She was the most beautiful girl he’d ever purchased. They were all world class beauties of course. The Institute only dealt with the finest skin on the planet. But Lita was something more. All the hair on her body, everywhere, had been lasser treated, it would never grow back. Only her head had been spared. The thick mane of brunette strands were plenty long enough for a man to grab as he rode her from behind like a stallion fucks a mare.

Not a single blemish, perfect symmetry and a face that just begged to swallow cock. Lita, of course, wanted nothing to do with Murdock’s cock. In fact, Lita was quite certain of her desire to be with women only. This little factoid only turned Murdock on more. Fucking her would be so much more fun since all Lita wanted was cunt.

He pressed a button on the intercom and called for Nurse Marsha.

When Marsha entered the room, she literally gasped when she saw Lita all stretched out and oiled up on the operating table.

“My goodness she is perfect isn’t she? Lita, dear Lita, if only you were mine… But alas, little cunt, our paths must part. You’ve already been spoken for.”

Murdock stood with the chain that would shortly go around Lita’s slender neck.

“Almost perfect. Everything is finished except the final procedure. Go ahead Marsha. You know what I want.”

“Of course Mr. Murdock,” Marsha replied, “It will be my pleasure…”

The flex-tube lay on the table. It was hooked up to the super-vac. It was another little invention by the Institute.

Lita looked imploringly up at Nurse Marsha’s face. “Please help me,” Lita’s green eyes said, “You’re a woman, please don’t let this happen.”

Marsha brought the tube down between Lita’s legs. She spread the 18 year old virgin pussy open with gentle hands. Lita, under other circumstances, would have fully enjoyed the tender caress of the older woman. But here she was very nervous and more than a little frightened.

Lita bucked a little when Marsha’s thumb found her clitoris. This was where the last procedure would take place before she forever became the cum box for the wealthy Mr. Murdock.

Marsha leaned down and wrapped her lips around Lita’s growing clit. She sucked it hard into her mouth and nipped in lightly between her teeth. Lita moaned in spite of her fear. She was growing quite wet. This was exactly what was needed for the procedure to work: just enough moisture to form a perfect seal.

Marsha stepped on a remote control button on the floor and the super-vac whooshed on loudly. Slowly Marsha brought the flex-tube down toward the beautiful girl’s perfect cunt. Lita, eyes alight with fear, strained to see. But when the tube sucked in the tiny bud of flesh, Lita’s head banged back against the metal table with a thud.


“Take off her gag, Murdock asked, “I want to hear her scream without it.”

The gag came off and Lita didn’t let them owner down…


Murdock and Nurse Marsha exchanged smiles.

“It should take about an hour to stretch her clit out to the desired length you’ve requested Mr. Murdock. In the meantime, I hope I can interest you in a few of our newer slaves. They are free to use any way you wish while you wait for little Lita’s modification.

“Of course, Nurse Marsha,” Murdock replied, “I don’t mind if I do. You had a pretty blond bitch in examination room 3 earlier today. Please hang her by her heels in The Pit and spread her open wide. I want to see if I can entice her to scream as loudly as Lita is now. I will need a bullwhip and a cattle prod as well.”

Nurse Marsha looked back at Lita one last time as she left the room. She shook madly from side to side still screaming. Her tiny udders bounced and shuddered as the super-vac stretched the tiny clit. It would be about an inch longer before the process was complete. Murdock had a fetish for large clits on his slaves. A longer clit was much more fun to pull and pierce.


“We’ll be back in awhile Lita,” Nurse Marsha said with a smile. ” after all, your nipples are next…”


Shaving Michelle

Cheryl and Michelle had been out for a bicycle ride when the tranquilizer rifles on either side of the trail went off at once. Their bikes were found hours later but no sign of either girl was evident. By the time a full scale search was mounted, the girls were already being mounted in their new home at the Institute.

The two girls arrived late at night and were greeted by two orderlies. These men were responsible for processing and placing the new arrivals. First the two were separated into different rooms. Their frantic struggles and threats were of no consequence for the men were professionals and went about their work very efficiently. A few slaps and light punches reduced the girls to silence and tears.

Both were fully inspected for blemishes. Blood samples were drawn for analysis in the morning.

Another prerequisite for all the girls at the institute was to remain fully shorn of all hair below the head. It was just more sanitary this way. It also removed the last small hint of modesty. With a cleanly shaven cunt, a girl was totally naked and exposed; nothing was hidden from view.

Cheryl was always shaven, she liked the clean feeling. But Michelle was had a thick woolen bush. One orderly was busy introducing Cheryl to the rigors of forced orgasms and sexual servitude but the other man had to get Michelle shaved down before he could have his fun. Michelle, although naked, tied and collared, was being difficult; she refused to open her legs.

The orderly was totally naked as was Michelle. She knew what to expect from the man. She could also hear her friend Cheryl in the next room crying and cumming against her will.

“Open your legs, whore, or you’ll get to experience pain a few hours earlier than planned. All I want to do is shave that hairy pussy and then fuck it. So be a good girl and spread ’em!”

Michelle stared up at the man defiantly and kept her knees tightly clamped together.

“Alright,” said the orderly, “that was your only warning. Here comes the hurt.”

First tight metal clamps were fastened onto Michelle’s sensitive nipples. She whimpered slightly as the sharp metal teeth bit into her soft flesh. The orderly flicked them back and forth a few times smiling at her added discomfort. He cupped his hand and began slapping her. Soon her face, breasts, and hips bore the red mark of his slaps. Michelle put on a brave show at first but quickly crumpled when the orderly wheeled the generator over and connected the electrodes to the metal clamps on her nipples.

Lowering her head and weeping aloud, she opened her legs.

“That’s a good girl,” the orderly said to his humiliated ward, “listen to your friend next door.” Cheryl was grunting heavily from the second orgasm forced on her by the other man. “You’ll be having just as much fun as she is as soon as we get rid of this pesky hair.”

She clippers came on. Their steady humming vibration was not lost on the bound girl’s cunt. It stimulated her enough to make her traitorous body respond. Her cunt grew damp…

“See, little tramp, you’re having fun already.”

Next the straight razor with hot shaving cream was applied to take care of the stubble. The orderly watched Michelle’s face as he spread the hot lather onto, and even inside her pussy.

“Hold still baby, or I might cut something off.” He gave the hood that covered her clit a little squeeze to make his point. Now with a fully compliant girl laying before him with her legs spread wide, the orderly was able to shave her clean and smooth. He washed off the remaining lather with a damp towel and applied lotion to the shaved area. He applied something else too that Michelle hadn’t seen. He had another metal alligator clip hidden. He softly massaged the new-shaven cunt that winked up at him from between the girl’s legs. Soon, her clit was standing up and out from underneath it’s hood. He slid the open clamp up close and snapped it shut on the very center of Michelle’s sex.

“HHHUUUNNNGHH.. .MMMMFFFFF…!!” The pain on her nipples was bad enough, but this new pain was horrendous. She screamed loud enough to be heard by all the slaves in the holding pen and especially by Cheryl next door who was busy being crushed underneath the rutting body of her orderly.

“Guess what bitch, I lied about you having fun like your little cocksucker friend in the next room. I’ll be the only one having fun here.”

Smiling at her fear; at her pain, the orderly rolled the table mounted generator back to the bed where Michelle lay. He hooked the electrodes to the three metal clamps and flicked the switch.


Cheryl heard another series of horrible sound from the room next door as the lights dimmed slightly. She heard the horrible garbled screeching of her friend Michelle as the lightening raced through her body.

Michelle’s eyes opened wide as every beautiful muscle in her athletic body strained and contorted. The orderly began to jack off leisurely over her face. Without pity he eventually spewed thick hot streams of semen to cover her face.

“I’ll leave you alone for awhile while I look in on your friend. Next time someone tells you to spread your legs, I bet you’ll do it a little quicker. And just remember, the pain only gets worse from here…”


Warm Welcome

Cheryl had been forced to cum twice before the orderly decided he couldn’t hold out any longer.

She wept bitter tears of shame remembering the grunting, hip grinding orgasms that had torn through her young body. But the man knew too much about the female form and Cheryl was spread wide open and unable to keep him from doing whatever he pleased. She couldn’t even plead with the man because of the cock gag strapped across her ruby red lips.

Her vibrant green eyes shut tightly when she felt the man’s cock begin to rut around in her soaked pussy.

Cheryl, like Michelle, was new here. They had both been delivered here very late in the evening when most of the staff had retired for the evening. She could still hear the occasional scream or see the lights dim and flicker as the electricity was applied to another pretty young cunt. But for the most part, the orderly had the run of the place. So Cheryl soon found herself naked, bound, spread and at the center of the young man’s attention.

“You think you’re here just to fuck,” the nameless orderly snarled, “you’ll get plenty of that for sure, but the experiments start tomorrow and fresh bitches like you always get the worst treatment. That’s why I wait for whores like you to show up. I like my meat fresh and feisty and your tight little box is just perfect.”

He pounded around in her pussy for quite some time. Cheryl, much to her chagrin, came a third time while this man violated her. She found her hips pushing up to meet his thrusts as she came. Right in the middle of her third orgasm, Cheryl heard a loud extended shriek coming from the exam room next door where Michelle lay. But she was too consumed in her own pleasure/pain to care much about her friend.

“Ha, ha! Just another slut like all the rest of these fucking whores. You won’t be so quick to cum this time tomorrow after a day with the Doctors, so enjoy it while you can.”

After a few more moments, the young man pulled out of her wet box and straddled Cheryl’s chest. He used her firm breasts as pillows, squashing them flat with his ass. He jacked off madly until cum flew in thick hot liquid ropes onto her upturned face. She looked up just in time to catch an eyeful of salty semen. Her face was soaked.

The orderly slapped her hard across one cum covered cheek as he got up to make his rounds.

“Back to business bitch,” he said over his shoulder as he left the room, “gotta go to the pens and get some lucky young whore to lick your pussy juice off my dick. In the meantime, listen to the other women scream and beg. Imagine yourself in their position, because in just a few hours, by the time my cum dries on that pretty face of yours, you will be.”

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