Belly Punching Serie – Subduing the Home Owner

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Belly Punching Serie – Subduing the Home Owner

Categories: Cunt Busting, Torture, Belly Punch, BDSM, Beating, Slapping, Pussy Kicking, Gagging, SubMissive, Trample

Description: During one innocent night, this lady laid on her bed wearing only her underwear, ready to end the day. However, she receives an unsuspecting visit from an unwanted person, though, before she could even react and make the necessary response, the man has already made his way on her side. Getting caught in a disadvantageous position, the woman gets forced to stay still, allowing the perpetrator to do his bidding. At first he drives his fingers across her stomach before having his thumb in her belly button. Though, his fingers were immediately turned to a that gets strongly pounded to her stomach. However, one was not enough for the man as he repeatedly released a few more, with some around the crotch of the half-naked lady. Immediately, after releasing his ravage, the man left her side, while she curls and holds her stomach in pain.

Subduing the Home Owner
Subduing the Home Owner.wmv

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