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Some vintage snuff clips from russian fetish site at various studios

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121 Fantasies – Fight To Live

121 Fantasies – Fight To Live

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: This is a very well done fight and choreographed wrestling and submission fight. It is brutal to the core with real wrestling moves, takedowns, punches, kicks, scissor holds, figure four choke holds, pinning, and breaking holds. The ladies did a fantastic job and we are impressed with Jasper’s wrestling champion choreography.


A detention center that holds beautiful, fit, and fighting women against their will. Each woman has to fight to be able to leave and go home to their families. The loser stays, the winner goes home. But the rules have been changing as of late with the new administration. Now it is a fight to the death, but the women don’t find out until they are already fighting. They are thrown into it from off screen and forced to fight to live. First round Coco gets the upper hand and quickly gets Dani in a choke hold from behind. Dani fights hard, trying to break the hold, but she fades out and is knocked out cold. The jailer throws a jug of water out and Coco dives for the water, slamming a good bit. Dani comes to and snatches the jug out of Coco’s hand and takes a swig. They round each other again, slapping hands away trying to break free from each others grasp. Coco gets Dani in another choke hold, despite her fighting back hard, she fades out and is KO’d again. This time Coco rolls and rag dolls her body, removing Dani’s tank top. She flops her around the ring and straddles her, telling her to wake up as she twists her nipples hard. Dani surprises Coco and springs up grabbing her head and and headbutting Coco off of her. Dani is mad and punches Coco, taking her down, straddling her and punching lefts and rights to her face. Coco dodges one punch and Coco bucks her off giving Dani a great lead into a scissor hold on Coco’s neck. Coco is so surprised that Dani got her in a hold quickly and effectively, Coco trying to breathe but she is cut off, gasping and trying to fight, but Dani has her hair in one hand and her wrist in the other pulling, making Coco incapacitated. Coco fades out to nothing, K.O.’d Dani Rag dolls Coco around the ring, rolling her over and over, then removing her shirt after sitting her up and flopping her. She grabs a swig of water then she starts to kick Coco in the front, then the back over and over again. Coco is not done and gets up to face her opponent. As they grapple, Coco flips Dani to the ground and gets her in a guard, before reversing to a scissor hold on Dani’s neck. She squeezes her off with the scissor hold until she is out cold. Coco is exhausted and falls back to the floor breathing heavily. She doesn’t notice Dani stirring and jumping up to grab Coco and throw her against the wall a few times, bashing her head in the wall. She punches Coco with combinations, then in the gut a few times making Coco stammer and lose control. Dani gets behind her in a bear hug, right under Coco’s breasts, tightening over and over again. She grunts hard as she breaks Coco’s back in a few places, and Coco is a drooling mess, still alive but pretty much paralyzed. Dani is still mad and wants to go home right away. She lets Coco flop to the ground in a pile, but Dani scoops her up into a final choke hold from behind and is putting her all into it. She goes so hard she breaks neck bones in the end, but Coco twitches and chokes out until she is dead and still. Dani releases her hold when she knows she has done the deed. She asks twice if she can go home but the Jailer has other plans.

Proud of these ladies and their fighting capabilities. Girl power forever! I think we do a great job entertaining you! Irma

Fight To Live.mp4

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121 Fantasies – Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight

121 Fantasies – Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Coco is very pissed off because a fighter she has gone rounds with before is screwing her man behind her back. Coco has hired a videographer to document her beat down of Belle, she is naked aside from a thong, and her hands are well taped. She tells him to record it all and that she is going to destroy her. When Belle shows arrives her hands are taped and ready, Belle does not bother to undress but just gets in Cocos face saying, “Are you ready because I am fucking your man later”.Coco swings at Belle several times but Belle blocks her punches and then gets to work on kicking her ass. Belle starts with her heavy right hand with a cross, then a left knocking her to the wall, and a barrage of combinations many of them and knocking her to the floor with a big right cross. Coco is stunned and already bleeding from the nose and some redness and bruises showing up. Her eye is slightly closed from a big shot to the right side of the temple. She coughs a bit and tries to sit up but Belle straddles her and punches her face left and right as she sits on her.Coco is getting the snot beat out of her and blood comes from her mouth and nose. After a big right hand Coco is knocked out cold. Belle stands up and slaps her awake telling her she wants her to be awake for the beat down. Belle stands up and starts kicking Coco in the ribs.She kicks Coco over and over in the side, stomach and in the back. Coco is hurting bad but Belle isn’t close to done. She pulls her up by her hair and Gets her up against the wall Punching her a couple of times before she looks at the camera man and says she is glad everyone will see this and winks at the camera. Belle starts working her body, punching her in the stomach, ribs, and kidneys over and over until she is coughing up blood on to her tits. She punches her again and again as more blood darker blood comes from her mouth. Belle grabs her by the face and decks her in the face to the floor, knocked out. She goes to Coco’s twitching body, battered bruised and bloody from the beat-down. Belle stands over her getting Coco’s legs up and stomps her pussy with her foot. Stomping over and over as Coco grunts with pain and moans from being pussy stomped repeatedly, her pussy bleeds from the trauma. After repeated pussy stomps and Coco is ready to submit, Belle makes Coco say, “I submit” over and over as she is about to get pussy stomped. As Coco lays there grabbing at her bloody swollen pussy she rolls over and crawls toward the camera guy and says, “please help me, please” Belle pulls her up by her hair again and stands Coco up, Belle stands behind her and knees Coco in the pussy over and over again until the pain and trauma cause Coco to collapse to the floor and pass out cold. Belle stands over her and says she can’t wait to post the video online, but she needs to clean up and grab something to finish the job..

Cocos Raze Part 1 – Fight.mp4

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Casualties of Horror – Pretty

Casualties of Horror – Pretty

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Starring: Paris Kennedy

Contains: death by hanging, body pans, and plenty of close ups!


This one’s for all the hanging fans! After her boyfriend breaks up with her over the phone, Paris has no choice but to leave her ex with the ultimate visual he’ll never forget. What better scene to walk into than your ex-girlfriend swinging from the garage ceiling… If she can’t have him, at least she can haunt him… for eternity.


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Roadkill Studio – One Bad Turn Part 2

Roadkill Studio – One Bad Turn Part 2

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Candle Boxx, Mallory Page, Wednesday Harrington, Jethro, Natalia Chaplin, Ryanne Rhodes, Ada Johnson, Morris Baer

A group of cheerleaders and their coach are headed for a Cheerleader Camp in Oregon. They aren’t well prepared for the trip and become lost. The run out of gas near an encampment of hillbillys. Sadly for them, the hillbillys are flesh eaters -and they prefer girl meat. In Part 2,
The miscreant hillbillies go hunting for Mallory at night. She runs through the woods clad only in her panties. While running from Jethro, she runs into Mo and is impaled on his sword. She is stripped and carried to the smokehouse where her body is placed on the cutting table and butchered.

Ada wakes up in the van and seeks refuge in an isolated monastery, only to find that the resident Monk is one of the cannibals. She tries to flee, but he brings her down with a crossbow. Parts of Ada end up on hooks in the smokehouse with the carcasses of Mallory, Natalia, and Candle.

Ryanne goes searching for her friends and chances upon the smokehouse while the hillbillies are having a drunken feast on her friends. She discovers the bodies and body parts of her friends and escapes, screaming, into the forest….. Look for a sequel coming soon.

One Bad Turn Part 2.mp4

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Truly Rough Productions – Halloween Night

Truly Rough Productions – Halloween Night

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Starring Hanababy Doll, Rod Rammit

It is Halloween night. Hana is handing out candy to trick or treaters. A small group comes by and she enthusiastically gives them their candy. Noticing she’s down to two pieces of candy, she decides to eat one when the doorbell rings again.

She goes to the door and a solitary man dressed in black is quietly waiting for her. She notes that he has no kids with him and that she’d rather give her last piece of candy to a child. He stares at her in silence and holds out his bag. She relents and cautiously gives him her last piece of candy.

She is creeped out by him, but tries to put the incident behind her. She is done handing out candy for the night, and decides to undress for bed. She looks at her reflection in the TV when she hears the doorbell ring again. Thinking it’s more trick or treaters, she goes to the peephole and sees nobody is there. She announces she’s out of candy hoping to discourage whoever came by.

As she’s walking away, the doorbell suddenly rings again startling Hana! Trembling, she reaches out to the door handle and quickly opens the door. She peeks outside, nobody is there.

Hana closes the door and tries to talk herself into calming down. It’s only Halloween. It’s just trick or treaters playing a prank on her. Suddenly a loud banging comes from her bedroom, and she screams bloody murder! She creeps into the bedroom and searches for the source of the sound, but finds nothing. She hears the sound of running water, and leaves the bedroom. As she walks away, the face of her evil trick or treater is in the window!

Hana goes into the kitchen and finds the source of the noise: her kitchen faucet. She is quite freaked out now, but decides to take action. She turns out all the lights in the apartment and huddles on the floor next to a Halloween decoration. She scans the room and freezes in fear when she sees a shadow moving across the floor in the bedroom.

She slowly gets up to investigate, cautiously creeps to the bedroom and sees nothing. She tries to return to her hiding place when the masked trick or treater suddenly grabs her from behind and viciously stabs her in the back! He rips her shirt open, exposing her breasts and drops her to the floor. She frantically crawls to get away, but he grabs her by her hair and slams her against the wall!

The killer crouches down, pulls out his bloody knife and shows it to her. She cries out in fear as he slams the knife into her chest! She gurgles blood while he saws away with the knife, cutting around her breast. More blood spurts from her mouth as he reaches inside her chest and rips her heart out! She looks up at him, and then to her still beating heart and goes still.

The killer drops the heart, and it settles next to Hana’s body, and he leaves to go find more victims.

Halloween Night.mp4

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RoboMeats – Time-Stop Massage

RoboMeats – Time-Stop Massage

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: STARRING: Ivy Aura and MaX CoXXX

Ivy is getting a massage. Little does she know, the masseuse has a time-stop device. He keeps stopping time and giving her “special” massage treatment..

Eventually, he fucks this little hottie until he fills her up with cum. Then he puts her back the way she was, starts time, and finishes her massage like nothing happened.

Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Timestop, Freeze, Posing, Nudity, Unfreeze, Confuse, Pussy Fucking, Foot Job, Doggystyle, Cumming.


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Mandragora Video Production – Four Missions

Mandragora Video Production – Four Missions

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Starring: Irina, Foxy and Agneta Korolevskaya.


In this clip we present to your attention 4 different stories with the *****-spies. They perform different tasks, but in all these stories the missions were failed and the spies were killed.Fetish elements: Two shooting scenes – with quick death and with long agony, one injection scene and one ********** scene; sniper’s rifle, gun, gun with silencer, nurse’s uniform, dress, black mini skirt, topless, stockings, heels.


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Grey Panther Films – Roadkill Studio – Id Love To Kill You

Grey Panther Films – Roadkill Studio – Id Love To Kill You

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: Starring RyAnne Redd and Hannah Perez A Grey Panthers re-release in case you missed it.

Hannah and RyAnne are competing hitwomen. RyAnne’s just come back from a job, but the boss doesn’t trust her any more. He sends Hannah out to punish RyAnne in a permanent manner. The result is a fast-paced shootout between two busty and lovely ladies, with both of them dead on the kitchen floor. Great reactions and acting as they go down.

Then two detectives are called to the scene and check out the bodies with a few breast rubs. “Yup, they’re dead!” Off to the morgue, where the naked bodies are examined, providing more lovely views…

elements: pistols, naked, morgue scenes, body manipulation, shooting, belly buttons, navel, multiple deaths, bloody wounds, high heels, lipstick, large breasts, innocent looks


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Casualties of Horror – Opportunity Comes Once

Casualties of Horror – Opportunity Comes Once

Categories: RolePlay, SuperGirl, Snuff Fetish, Strangle, Bagging, Suffocation, Teen, Rape, Other Studios

Description: The only girl in a house full of college guys, Mary has her pick of whomever she wants and she knows it. Matt does not fall into this category and unfortunately, he’s been eyeing Mary since their Freshman year. He’s used to the silent rejection and he respects her strength. It’s what makes her so desirable of a catch. The strong ones are way more fun to conquer and defeat. After a night of partying, intoxicated Mary is not as aware of her surroundings as usual, so Matt decides to sneak into her room and watch her sleep; even study her. The timing is perfect and it appears that Mary is a light sleeper with a tendency to masturbate. As Matt’s taking this in, his foot bumps something on the closet floor and Mary instantly knows someone is there. They’ve been friends for awhile and Mary can’t blame him for wanting to watch. She even takes pity on Matt and suggests that he touch her – maybe get some of it out of his system. She knows Matt is honorable and won’t violate her. It’s hard to say which it was… It could have been the fact that Mary was just a little too condescending and “allowed” Matt to touch her, or it simply could have been that Matt just finally lost control. Mary just doesn’t see it coming and before long, one touch turns Matt into a raving madman. He can’t think straight and puts her in a sleeper hold, just to quiet her struggling. It works! Unfortunately, her gorgeous body lying limp on the bed is far too much for Matt to resist and he has to remove her clothing. The rush is electrifying and this new found power is heady. Even Mary coming around and waking up in the middle of all this doesn’t take Matt back to reality. His instincts kick in and he realizes he’s already crossed a line with her and has but no choice than to kill her. Plus, it would be the ultimate lesson for her. As they say, once you’ve crossed over, it doesn’t matter, and he figures he’s got nothing to lose, so he fucks her beautiful, naked, limp body until he’s finally satisfied his demons, only to leave her to her quiet rest.


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