SolarPlexusFilms – GRIM REALITY


SolarPlexusFilms – GRIM REALITY

Categories: Belly Punching, FLV, LQ, BDSM, Lesbian Domunation, Brasil Slut, MFX, Belly Fetish

Description: Monica is a lazy girl. She hates doing chores, she hates to exercise, so she is out of shape now, she gained weight recently. Monica loves to eat, and this habit appears in your body because your belly is getting soft and big. Sabrina lives with Monica, the two share the household expenses. One day Sabrina asks Monica where’s the apple pie that Sabrina’s aunt made for her. Monica mind she does not know where it is. Sabrina is smart and knows that Monica ate the whole pie. Sabrina is furious and gives to Monica a hard lesson. She gives strong punches in the stomach of Monica, she have a white belly and soft that is her weak point. Sabrina beats hard in the soft belly of Monica. The MILF woman is so angry that she wants to beat the soft belly of the greedy white girl as hard as her can. Sabrina wants Monica puking the whole pie that she eaten. This is what Monica should do after receiving this hard belly beating. Does the stomach of Monica support this hard lesson?.


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