SolarPlexusFilms – MY CATGIRL


SolarPlexusFilms – MY CATGIRL

Categories: Belly Punching, FLV, LQ, BDSM, Lesbian Domunation, Brasil Slut, MFX, Belly Fetish

Description: Igor “The Ninja” and Catgirl will doing a secret sexual fantasy of her: take punches in the stomach. The Catgirl really wishes to belly punches experience before having sex. The Catgirl is a beautiful green-eyed blonde, 23 years old, tall and slightly overweight, medium breasts and a sexy butt. Your white soft belly, deep navel is a very inviting target for punches. She could takes soft to medium punches because she gained weight lately so her belly are soft and weak then it is hard for her to support hard punches. And some belly punches from Igor really knocked the air out of her lungs. This video was taped in low light conditions to enhance the special moments for her but contains no nudity or sex scenes. One part was shot with Catgirl against a wall and she was punched in the belly a lot of times. Igor punched her with one hand while the other hand holds the camera so the angles showing as if you were punching the belly of the girl.


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