Agasverus – Double Murder In The Sauna

Agasverus – Double Murder In The Sauna

Categories: Shooting, Strangle, Suffocation, Stabbing, Non Sex, Death Fetish

Description: A successful girl Marina decides to relax in a sauna. And her helper Tatiana experiences sexual interest to her. Tatiana decides to use the good moment to enjoy watching furtively for Marina. She masturbates and enjoys, she doesn’t see that a killer has come to the sauna. He shoots three times in the Tatiana’s chest and carries the body to the mini-pool, to seat her body. When Marina comes out of the sauna, she sees that her assistant is killed. She runs to Tatiana and at this moment she gets two bullets in the back and falls on the floor. After that she gets one more bullet in the chest.
Fetish elements: shooting two girls, nude, shots in the chest, shots in the back, lifting and carrying the body.

Double Murder in The Sauna screen
Double Murder in The Sauna.wmv

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