AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Couch potato 2

AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Couch potato 2

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Non Sex, Snuff Play, Amazon, Shooting

Description: Orsi and Susanne are making out on the sofa when Orsi decides to rub Susanne down with a new lotion. First she rubs it into Susanne’s legs and then her breasts and belly. Susanne enjoys the attention she is getting, but Orsi is the one who can’t keep her hands off another beautiful lady. Susanne’s pleasure turns to confusion when she starts feeling dizzy then to horror when pain explodes in her sexy belly. The lotion has been dosed with poison, and it is rapidly absorbed through the skin. Orsi can only watch in terror as Susanne dies a horrible death. Suddenly, Orsi starts feeling the same symptoms as the poison has passed through her fingers and hands. When it’s over, both are dead and pleasure has slipped into darkness.

Couch potato 2
Couch potato 2.wmv

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