AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Bullets are cheap

AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Bullets are cheap

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Non Sex, Snuff Play, Amazon, Shooting

Description: Orsi is sneaking up to the mansion when she hears a shot. She runs in to find what appears to be a gut-shot Monica about to be hanged. When she rushes up to help Monica, the presumed injured one pulls a pistol and puts 2 slugs in Orsi’s chest. It seems Monica had staged an elaborate trap to allow her to complete a hit on Orsi. But as Monica relishes her victory, the not quite dead Orsi kicks the stool out from under Monica and the assassin is left to hang. In the end, both meet their maker.

Fhc Bullets are cheap
Fhc Bullets are cheap.wmv

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