AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Dancing on air

AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Dancing on air

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Non Sex, Snuff Play, Amazon, Shooting

Description: A special request from Elsullo finds Ildiko at the mercy of Susanne and Monica. It seems the local leader is spending too much time dreaming about the famous belly dancer, Ildiko, so his underlings decide to remove the distraction and get a bit of entertainment at the same time. They put Ildiko to the test by forcing her to dance on a stool with a rope around her neck. The dance is just what the leader would enjoy…..except the ending. Ildiko slips and it’s all over.

Fhc Dancing on air
Fhc Dancing on air.wmv

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