AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Rope toy

AnnesDreams/Annabelles Fantasy – Fhc Rope toy

Categories: Strangle, Bagging, Non Sex, Snuff Play, Amazon, Shooting

Description: Susanne leads Orsi out into the yard and asks her if she wants to play a little game. Seeing a rope in a tree, Orsi is hesitant but agrees. Susanne puts the noose around Orsi’s neck and tightens it a bit more than Orsi is comfortable with. Susanne smiles and then increases the tension on the rope. Orsi starts to choke, but Susanne is enjoying herself immensely. Orsi starts to resist more, and Susanne pulls on the rope until Orsi stops breathing.

Fhc Rope toy
Fhc Rope toy.wmv

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