Choke Chamber – 3 strangling clips in 1

Choke Chamber – 3 strangling clips in 1

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: It’s SPECIAL OFFER! 3 MOVIES IN ONE WITH SUPER PRICE: Crazy Doctor, Coach and Bitch and Pizza Delivery in one clip: 3 DEAD GAMES CRAZY DOCTOR One of the best emotional fetish strangling scenes we have ever seen! NEW MODEL: JENNY! Please watch her talent in new choking thriller. «Crazy Doctor». Jenny plays a young girl home alone. She is ill and calls doctor for help. Doctor comes to her place but unknown to her, he has split personality! His second side is a terrible maniac-choker. He puts scary masks to become a killer and he brutally strangles poor girls! Jenny makes a perfect choking victim – body kicking, sexy face reaction, death stare. When the doctor comes back to his normal side he says that his colleague has already been here and decides to play with dead body! Fetish elements: Medicine examination, home alone, innocent girl, doctor and patient, underwear, young girls. Strangling, fighting for life, legs kicking, agony, super sexy agony faces, surprise, death stare with tongue out, touching dead body. COACH & BITCH If you like strangling look like real don’t miss this one! Our new model Jenny makes super realistic, funny, erotic and sexy show for you again! Lana is young rich bitch, a businessman’s girlfriend and rich dad’s daughter. She has a glamorous lifestyle: privilege clubs, sport cars and healthy fitness classes. Her personal coach, a young man from poor family, visits her place every day. Lana likes to tease her coach – by making sexy provocation situations. One day he couldn’t stand her teasing any more, he gets too exited: he grabs her sexy ass! She gets angry – it was only teasing, not invitation to the bed! She is very rude. “How could you touch me, dirty bastard?!” she screams “I will file a lawsuit against you”, “Do you know who is my dad?” and goes on and on. Her coach loses control and catches her lovely tender neck! He chokes her very strongly! She hadn’t been so helpless ever before. Now rich bitch is just a choking helpless girl who can only pitifully kick, try to escape and wheeze “chhhh”… He pulls her to the sofa and after long, sexy strangulation scene with classic tongue out and fighting she is dead! Stupid girl found her end at her own place, in pink fitness micro shorts and home socks. The coach decides to play with her dead body. He puts off her clothes, and carries her to the training apparatus. He makes her corpse move on the training machine, playing with her legs. He slaps her ass laughing. After different sexy manipulations with her lifeless still warm body he puts her in a vulgar pose. We can see her corpse in different positions. Fetish elements Sexy fitness rich girl, male – female conflict situation, attach, manual strangulation, trying to escape, surprised face, fighting for life, gagging, kicking, tongue, slow strangulation scene, death stare (very emotional and super sexy), dead body, playing with dead body, necro stripping, postmortem games. PIZZA DELIVERY: She was a young girl. We can see her last day. How she was sleeping, brushing her teeth, taking last shower, talking by phone, chatting on social webs. And she then received pizza-club delivery for lunch. But the pizza-guy was a cruel maniac and robber. He choked her with plastic bag, then striped her body and put pizza on her corpse. Ok, but why did detective coroner eat pizza from her cold nude corpse during CSI investigation? Fetish element: casual murder situation, home alone situation, bagging, dead body, CSI, dead play, eating pizza at dead girl’s body BONUS: BLOOPERS FROM SHOOTINGS

3 strangling clips in 1
3 strangling clips in 1.mp4

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