Choke Chamber – Assassins Creed

Choke Chamber – Assassins Creed

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: The assailant is once again barely heard and never seen. There is no music or extra sound effects, just the natural sounds, gun shots, and Brit’s voice. This movie which was inspired by the popular custom “Hit woman Hits Back” highlights her acting and sensuality. No blood effects are needed at all in this erotic video. After a successful heist, Bordeaux is $10 million richer, but at the cost of her partner in crime’s life. She double crosses her co-conspirator to collect the entire bounty. Little does she realize that there’s a code of conduct that even the most notorious of assassins live by… traitors don’t have a place in their world. After betraying her friend and partner, another assassin from their same agency decides to pay her an unexpected visit, and teach her a lesson she won’t forget. The killer comes to her home, and points his gun point blank at Bordeaux. Tough as nails, she doesn’t lose her cool. Proud and arrogant as the day she stole the cash, she hold her head up high. The assailant pulls the trigger, penetrating her half naked, firm, body right in the chest. Her back arches from the impact, and she writhes in agonizing pain. He shoots her repeatedly. She falls and crawls on the floor arching, and writhing, moaning in pain. The bullets are agonizing but each bullet slug brings about an erotic moan that sounds almost orgasmic. Within moments, the blonde vixen expires. That’ll teach the next agent not to double cross their own.

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