Choke Chamber – Babysitter


Choke Chamber – Babysitter

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: Plot:

Juliana acts as a bad lazy girl. She works as a babysitter and misses watching over her client’s little son. He drowns. The bitch just runs away. Later her lawyers make a case that it was just an accident. Father decides to seek revenge. He finds a contract killer (Hass). She is a young girl, the daughter of ex-GKB agent. She is cruel, murder is her job and hobby. She should kill Juliana by drowning to make her suffer like the poor son. Juliana was doing her morning exercises when Hass enters her place. Just looks at this bitch – no guilt, no depression, she is doing fitness to keep her body young and sexy. Hass chloroforms her, then bonds her and put her away and waits for her to wake up. Juliana is in panic. Hass explains her fatal situation and after some enjoyment of Juliana’s pleas for mercy, slowly drowns her in aquarium. We see all her agony under water, her frightened look, bubble from month, eyes wide opened and her death stare in the end of execution. Hass checks dead Juliana’s pulse. Dead. She takes photos of the corpse to send them to the father. After her job it’s time for fun. She strips body and has some sexual games with dead victim, touching her feet, legs and breast…

Fetish Elements:

Chloroform, bondage, panic, begging for life, dialog between victim and killer before executions (with subtitles), drowning in aquarium, death stare, Miniskirt, black sexy suit, high heels, red lipstick, glasses sport microshorts, T-shirt, socks, crosses, Playing with dead body, Necro stripping, Necro lesbian games, foot fetish (much)


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