Choke Chamber – Behind The Scenes

Choke Chamber – Behind The Scenes

Categories: Strangling, Shooting, Rape, Lesbian, Snuff Fetish, Bagging

Description: What appeared to be just another modeling gig for the brunette, beauty, turned into something far more disturbing, and unforgettable. Pretty, exotic vixen Portia Cruz takes on a fashion shoot with a prestigious L.A. photographer. Assuming all will be standard, she arrives on time, starts make-up, and follows the photographer onto the set. At first, everything seems normal. He starts to take shots, and she poses accordingly. As the the shoot progresses, he starts to instruct her to do sexual things, beyond the call of duty. It starts with a simple, “lower your zipper and pout” to the ever intrusive “take off your panties and spread ’em.” It isn’t until the photographer instructs her to take off her panties, and then sniffs her pantyhose, does she decide enough is enough. She tries to leave, but the photographer blocks her from the door. She slaps him, but that only angers him more. Now infuriated, he grabs her, pushes her down the floor, and punches her a few times. Now dizzy, he takes her pantyhose, and wraps it around her soft neck. He squeezes tightly until she loses all breath. He strangles her until she expires. Now that the disobedient model is dead, she’s now free for the photographer to do with as he sees fit. He strips her of her underwear, and plays with her warm, supple, dead corpse to his heart’s delight. He poses her like a doll, moving her in various positions… moves he couldn’t achieve when she was alive. He is now the artist… Now he can get the pictures he so hoped for!

Behind the scenes
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